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fortin barometer  
Fortin Barometer By F Darton Watford
A Precision Mercury Barometer
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Darton are regarded as one of the worlds finest sientific instrument makers, Darton fortin barometers are fine quality and incredibly accurate and sought after barometers today. Unfortunately F Darton are no longer in business, however they are still made and sold by Russell Scientific Instruments. The cost of a Fortin today is £1500.00, our Darton Fortin Barometer is in excellent condition and full working order.
The scale reads in inches from 27" to 32" and 670 mmHg to 830 mmHg with a fine reading vernier. The barometer also  has a celcius mercury thermometer with a scale from 10 c to 50 c.    
Delivery can be arranged if required.
How it works
In the Fortin barometer, the level of mercury in the glass at the bottom of the barometer cistern is adjusted to a scale zero, known as the fiducial point, each time a reading is to be taken. The level of mercury in the column is then read against the scale, using a vernier adjustment for extra accuracy. Air is evacuated from the top of the tube of mercury and the lower end is fixed in the cistern containing the reservoir of mercury. The Fortin barometer is simple to use as it has a clear easy-to-read linear scale.