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clock case restoration



We offer a full restoration service for all types of clocks and

barometers we are literally a one stop shop

With the expertise in all disciplines required along with the

necessary skills and training to guarantee first class workmanship along with

 unparalleled customer service. 




Below are a small selection of before and after pictures of clock



Long Case Clock (Grandfather) Clock Restoration


                                clock restorations                                       rochdale clock repair


Mantle Clock Restoration


     clock case for repair               all clocks


Wall Clock Restoration


         restored clock        table clock 



Vienna Wall Clock Reatoration


              vienna wall clock repair             vienna clock restoration



Mantle Clock Restoration


  mantle clock restoration     clock repairs



From the smallest blemish to a large

restoration please phone us on 0800 211 8925 to

arrange a home visit at your convenience to discuss

 your requirements 



clock case restoration


Bespoke Clock cabinet work and commissions are a specialty. 


clock case restoration



We have the experience and wealth of expertise to restore every kind of antique

clock case from the simplest to the most complex we provide our customers with

the highest possible standard of service.


Please don't hesitate to contact us with any specific requirements you may have.