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We provide a full restoration and repair service for all types of clocks,barometers, and barographs including movements, dials, cases, cabinet work, plating, polishing and lacquers.

If you are looking to buy a clock, barometer or barograph by a specific maker we provide a sourcing service to find exactly what you are looking for please contact us for further details.  

For any enquiry from a simple repair or major restoration we are happy to help and waiting for you call.


Clock & Watchmaker Research Service 

We provide information on clock and watch makers, the information we can provide is not guaranteed to be all there is to know about the maker, but it is a summary of all the information found in research, that is updated regularly.

The charge for this service is £5.99. If you wish to order a clock or watchmaker research report please click the "Buy Now" button below. You will then be asked to proceed and submit your makers name and payment.


This Service Is Curentley Unavailable


clock repairs manchester 

Once your payment has been made an email with your report will be sent to your email address within 48 hrs.


Baab, John Martin of London

Babb, Thomas of London

Bach, Albert of London    

Bach, Anton of London    

Bach, Thomas & Co of Hull    

Back, F W of Dagenham    

Back, Robert of Peterborough    

Bacon, Charles of London    

Bacon, J of Chertsey    

Bacon, James of Chertsey    

Bader, Jacob of Sheffield    

Bader, Joseph of Bangor    

Bader, Joseph of Holyhead    

Badley, James G of Liverpool    

Badollet, John M & Co of London    

Baggs, Samuel of London    

Bagley, M of Llandudno    

Bagley, Martha of Llandudno    

Bagnall, Robert of Penkridge  

Bagnall, William Henry of London    

Bagnell, G of Newcastle    

Bagshaw, David of London    

Bailie, Samuel of Drome

Bailes, John George of Heaton, Newcastle    

Bailey, Basil W of Brighton    

Bailey, Charles of Manchester    

Bailey, Edward R of London    

Bailey, Edwin James of Surrey

Bailey, George of Luton    

Bailey, H of Lancaster    

Bailey, Henry Richard of Folkestone    

Bailey, Henry of Widnes    

Bailey, JP of Southampton    

Bailey, James A of Soham    

Bailey, John H of Northampton    

Bailey, John Henry of Berkhamstead    

Bailey, John Henry of Great Berkhamstead    

Bailey, John Simpson of Louth    

Bailey, John of Bingley    

Bailey, John of Brixton    

Bailey, John of Egham    

Bailey, John of Henfield    

Bailey, John of Horncastle    

Bailey, John of London    

Bailey, John of Salford    

Bailey, Junius of London    

Bailey, Junius of Wood Green    

Bailey, Samuel of Newcastle-on-Tyne

Bailey, W H & Co of Salford

Bailey, William of London    

Bailey, William of Soham    

Baillie, William of Glasgow

Baines, DH & Co of Sheffield    

Baines, DH of Sheffield    

Baines, Thomas of Hyams Park, Chingford, Walthamstow    

Baines, Thomas of North mesby, Middlesborourgh    

Baines, Thomas of Preston    

Baird, Eli of Ashton-under-Lyne    

Baird, George of Carlisle    

Baird, W & J of London    

Bairstow, John of Wakefield    

Baker Brothers Jewellers Ltd of Bedford    

Baker Brothers of Hythe & Dymchurch    

Baker, A of Faversham    

Baker, A of Finchley    

Baker, Alfred of Liverpool    

Baker, Ann of Tamworth

Baker, Charles Frederick of London    

Baker, Charles of London    

Baker, Claude J of Cuckfield, Haywards Heath    

Baker, David of Billinshurst & Horsham

Baker, E of Gravesend    

Baker, Edward of London

Baker, F J of Hounslow    

Baker, Frederick of Liverpool    

Baker, Frederick of Twyford    

Baker, George Jnr of Montacute    

Baker, George John of Wigan    

Baker, George of Holborn    

Baker, H E of Warwick    

Baker, Henry of Great Appleby and Appleby Magna

Baker, Hubert of Horsham    

Baker, J of Banbury    

Baker, J of Preston    

Baker, JC of Torquay    

Baker, J F of Hounslow    

Baker, James of Prescot    

Baker, John of Stafford and Barry

Baker, Joseph of Appleby Magna

Baker, Joseph of Hounslow    

Baker, Joseph of Warwick    

Baker, Richard of Tamworth    

Baker, Samuel of Birmingham

Baker, T W of Ledbury    

Baker, Thomas W of London    

Baker, W of Horsham

Baker, W of Chipping Norton    

Baker, W of Newcastle    

Baker, William D of Hesham

Baker, William of Liverpool    

Baker, William of London    

Baker, William of Newcastle    

Bakers of Southampton    

Balchin, H & Son of Sutton     

Baldock Brothers of Brighton    

Baldock, John C of Clacton    

Baldock, Sarah, of London    

Baldrey, James of Southwold    

Baldwin Joseph of Burton-Upon-Trent    

Baldwin, Henry H of Manchester    

Baldwin, Henry H of Southport    

Baldwin, Henry Holmes of Chorlton on Medlock    

Baldwin, J of Hornsey    

Baldwin, James M of Huddersfield    

Baldwin, James of Burton-Upon-Trent    

Baldwin, Jeremiah of Andover    

Baldwin, John of Stowmarket    

Baldwin, Joseph of Burton-Upon-Trent    

Baldwin, Thomas of London    

Baldwin, William of Keighley, Yorkshire

 Bale, Henry of Upper Clapton    

Balfe, T of Potton    

Balfe, Thomas of Potton    

Ball, Benjamin of Utoxetter    

Ball, George Henry of March    

Ball, Joseph of Liverpool    

Ball, Samuel of High Wycombe

Ball, Thomas of Rotherham    

Ball, William of Manchester    

Ball, William of Rainhill    

Ball, William of Truro    

Ball, William of Wycombe    

Ballantyne, William of Edinburgh

Ballantyne, William of London    

Ballantyne, William of Musselborurgh

Ballard & Son of Frome    

Ballard George of Reading    

Ballard, H of Upper Edmonton    

Ballard, J of Hurst Green    

Ballard, John of Leytonstone    

Ballard, W of Cranbrook    

Ballard, William of Cranbrooke    

Ballard, William of Leominster    

Ballinger, Arthur of Southend    

Balmer, Thomas of Liverpool    

Balsom, W Austin of Reading    

Bamber, Abraham of Preston

Bamber, John of Liverpool    

Bamber, Samuel of Blackpool    

Bamfield, Samuel of Wednesbury    

Bancroft & Co of Darlington    

Bancroft of Stockport

Bancroft, Isaac of Derby    

Bancroft, James of Stockport

Bandon, Frederick of Bedford    

Banister, John of Newport, Isle of Wight    

Banister, Joseph of Colchester

Banister, Joseph of Colchester    

Bank, J & Son of Pt Dorinwic    

Bank, John of Llangefni    

Bank, John of Pt Dorinwic    

Banks, Charles G of Birkenhead    

Banks, Charles R of Sheffield    

Banks, George of Darlaston, Staffdshire

Banks, James of Ormskirk    

Banks, John of Liverpool    

Banks, John of Ormskirk    

Banks, John of Pt Dorinwic    

Banks, Miss Francis of Sheffield    

Banner, Frank Edgar of Peacehaven, Newhaven    

Banning, William of Liverpool    

Bannister, E C of Midhurst    

Bannister, Henry of London    

Bannister, Henry of Soho    

Bannister, James of London    

Bannock, B of Braintree    

Banting & Gardiner of London    

Banyard, Charles of Upwell    

Barber, Abram of London    

Barber, Aquila of Bristol

Barber, Benjamin of Cullompton    

Barber, Charles of Nottingham    

Barber, E of Lowerstoft    

Barber, Harry James of Hadleigh, Suffolk    

Barber, John of Droitwich, Worcestershire

Barber, Jonas of Winster

Barber, R of Carnarvon    

Barber, RG of Carnarvon    

Barber, Richard of Sheffield    

Barber, W C of Carshalton    

Barber, William of Aylsham    

Barber, William of Eye    

Barcham, Asher of Tonbridge    

Barclay, James of London    

Barclay, Maurice of Brighton    

Bard, Emil of London    

Bardett, Joseph W of Llandudno    

Barfoot Brothers of Hove    

Barfoot, Cnelius Henry of London, Bournemouth and Huntingdon

Barfoot, R E of South Petherton    

Barfoot, R T & Co of Brighton    

Barfoot, W of Brighton    

Barfoot, William of Brighton    

Barfoot, William of London    

Barham, Arthur John of Dunmow   

Barham, Arthur John of Felstead    

Barham, G & Son of Robertsbridge    

Barham, G of Hawkhurst    

Barham, H & Son of Hawkhurst    

Barham, H M of Colchester    

Barham, Henry Matson of Witham   

Barham, Hace John of Tonbridge    

Bark, William of Kidderminster    

Barker & Sons of Southport    

Barker, B B of Croydon    

Barker, Charles of Manchester    

Barker, Charles of Man Park    

Barker, Edward James of Folkestone    

Barker, Frank of Easingwold    

Barker, J H of Southport    

Barker, James of London    

Barker, James of Southport    

Barker, John of Chichester

Barker, John & Son of Harlow    

Barker, Joseph of Liverpool    

Barker, Samuel Keer of Framlingham, Suffolk

Barker, W of Sheffield    

Barker, William Keer of Beccles, Suffolk

Barker, William of Seaham Harbour    

Barkshire, James of Reading    

Barling, J of Maidstone    

Barlow Benjamin of Ashton & Oldham

Barlow, James of Northwich    

Barlow, Richard of Manchester   

Barlow, Robert of Liverpool    

Barlow, Samuel of Stockport    

Barlte, James of Alford    

Barnaby, Samuel Bishop of Derby    

Barnacle, David of Preston    

Barnacle, James of Blackpool    

Barnard, Alfred of Maldon    

Barnard, F of Sheerness    

Barnard, Franz John of London    

Barnard, Franz of London    

Barnard, J of Erith    

Barnard, J of Eton, Winds    

Barnard, James T of London    

Barnard, James Thompson of London    

Barnard, James of Sittingbourne    

Barnard, John of Ipswich    

Barnard, RJ of Middlesbough    

Barnard, William of Newark

Barnby & Rust of Hull

Barnby & Son of Hull

Barnby, Bishop of Hull

Barnby, Samuel Bishop of Hull

Barned, Israel & Co, of Liverpool    

Barnes & Son of Gainsbough    

Barnes, CM of Haverhill, Suffolk    

Barnes, Charles Frederick of Manchester    

Barnes, F of Epping    

Barnes, F of Romford    

Barnes, Frederick of Epping    

Barnes, G of Acton    

Barnes, G I of Gainsbough    

Barnes, George of Acton    

Barnes, George of Lincoln    

Barnes, George of Sandhurst    

Barnes, J G of London    

Barnes, John of London    

Barnes, Joseph of Alford    

Barnes, Richard of Manchester    

Barnes, Thomas of Gainsbourgh    

Barnes, Thomas of Grimsby     

Barnes, Thomas of London    

Barnett & Scott of Hull    

Barnett, B Ltd of Leyton    

Barnett, Barney of Hull    

Barnett, I of Ramsgate    

Barnett, J of London    

Barnett, John of Tavistock

Barnett, Michael of London    

Barnett, OJ of Aberdovey    

Barnett, OJ of Llangefni    

Barnett, OJ of Towyn    

Barnett, Owen J of Towyn    

Barnett, Peter of Salford    

Barnett, Philip of Liverpool    

Barnett, Samuel of Spalding    

Barnett, Thomas H of Grimsby    

Barnett, Thomas Henry of Winterton, Brigg    

Barnett, W of Llangefni    

Barnett, William of Llangefni   

Barnfather, H of Newcastle    

Barnfather, Henry of Newcastle    

Barnish, William of Rochdale

Barnitt, Joseph of Birmingham

Barns, George P of Leytonstone    

Barnsbery, Thomas of Battersea    

Barnsby, William Walter of Sheerness, Kent

Barnsby, John Hubert of, Somerset

Barnsby, T of Battersea    

Barnsby, WJ of Chelmsford    

Barnsby, William James of Chelmsford    

Barnsdale, John of Norwich    

Barnsdale, William of London    

Barnys, The Jewellers of Guildford    

Baroda Gems of Paington    

Baron, Job H of Sheffield    

Barr & Son of Alford    

Barr, Fidele of Newcastle and Edinburgh

 Barr, John of Houston, Renfrewshire, Scotland

 Barr, John of Port

Barr, William (& Son) of Hamilton

Barr, William of Paisley

Barraclogh, Thomas of Haworth    

Barrat, Peter of St Day, Redruth    

Barratt, C W of Taunton    

Barratt, F N of Sheffield    

Barratt, George of Norwich    

Barratt, Henry W of London    

Barratt, W H & Son of Sheffield    

Barratt, Walter H of Sheffield    

Barraud & Lund of London    

Barraud & Lunds of London    

Barraud, James of London

Barraud, John of London

Barraud, Frederick Joseph of London

Barraud, Frederick of London    

Barraud, Hilton P of London    

Barraud, Paul Philip of London

Barrauds' & Lund of London    

Barrell, G of Woolwich    

Barrett, E of Blandford    

Barrett, Edmund of Northampton    

Barrett, Harry of London    

Barrett, Henry William of London    

Barrett, Isaac of London    

Barrett, James of Oldham    

Barrett, John of London    

Barrett, John of Westminster    

Barrett, Percy Reginald of Walthamstow   

Barrett, R of Ipswich     

Barrett, Thomas of Lewes, Sussex

Barrett, Thomas of Little Waltham    

Barrett, William E of Epping    

Barrett, William of London    

Barrie of Edinburgh, Scotland

Barrie, Andrew of Edinburgh 

Barrington, Isaac of Liverpool    

Barron, Charles H of Hull    

Barron, J of Conway    

Barron, John of Leeds    

Barron, William Alfred of Islington    

Barron, William of London

Barrow, Benjamin Francis of London    

Barrow, David of Prescot    

Barrow, J of Ross    

Barrow, John of Bradford    

Barrow, John of London

Barrow, John of Ross    

Barrow, Nathaniel of London

Barrow, Robert of Farnworth    

Barrow, William H of Lancaster    

Barrow, William of Bradford

Barrow, William of Liverpool    

Barrs, Herbert A of Reading    

Barrs, S of Winds    

Barrs, Samuel of Winds    

Barry, Edward of Man Park    

Barry, Frederick William of Beckenham    

Barry, James of London    

Barry, John Prittard of Bath    

Barry, Thomas of Bolton    

Barter, George Gannaway of London    

Barter, J of Dorchester    

Barthelemy, Lewis Charles of London    

Bartholomew, J of London    

Bartholomew, Josiah of London    

Bartholomew, Josiah of Sherborne

Bartle, Chas of Wellingbough    

Bartle, George of Brigg, Caist and Scunthorpe, Lincolnshire

Bartle, W G of Northampton    

Bartle, William of Market Rasen    

Bartlett, S J of Maidstone    

Bartlett, Samuel of Maidstone    

Bartlett, William of Plymouth    

Bartley & Eggert of Bristol

Bartley, Andrew of Bristol

Bartley, Mark of Bristol

Bartley, Sylvia of Bristol

Bartman, George of London    

Barton William of Colchester    

Barton, Alfred of Mortlake    

Barton, C of Maidstone    

Barton, Henry of Preston

Barton, Hudson of Liverpool    

Barton, J of Newcastle    

Barton, James of Newcastle    

Barton, John of Manchester

Barton, Joseph of Liverpool

Barton, R of Oxford    

Barton, R of Witney    

Barton, R H of Chertsey    

Barton, R H of Weybridge    

Barton, Rix of Brinton    

Barton, Robert Henry of Addlestone    

Barton, Robert Henry of Walton    

Barton, Thomas of Blackpool    

Barton, Thomas of Hanley    

Barton, Thomas of London    

Barton, Thomas of Manchester

Barton, W of Braintree    

Barton, William of Braintree    

Barwell, John T of Whittlesey    

Barwell, John Thomas of Whittlesey    

Barwick Brothers of Keighley    

Barwick Brothers of Skipton    

Barwick, Samuel of Boston    

Barwick, Samuel of Spalding    

Barwise, John of London

Barwise, Lot of Cockermouth

Bascom & Brother of Liverpool

Basham, David of Boston, Lincolnshire

Baskow, Charles Oscar of Howden    

Basnett, James of Liverpool    

Bass, G of Northampton    

Bassett, William of Oakhampton    

Bassnett & Son of Liverpool    

Bassold, Edward of London    

Bastable & Witham  

Bastow, Thomas of Plymouth    

Bate, Louis of Baldock    

Bateman, Andrew of London    

Bateman, John & Sons of London    

Bateman, John of Mold, Nth Wales

Bateman, T of Cambridge    

Bateman, Teresa of London    

Bates, C of Deganwy    

Bates, Edward of Cuckfield    

Bates, Harry Claude of Sheffield    

Bates, J of Cuckfield    

Bates, J of Kettering    

Bates, J of New Hampton    

Bates, James of New Hampton    

Bates, James of Stanley    

Bates, Robert George of London    

Bates, Thomas of London    

Bates, Walter J of Luton    

Bates, William of Rugby    

Bath, James of Walcot, Bath, Somerset

Batt, E A of Upton Park    

Batt, John of Petersfield    

Battam & Co of London    

Battens, B of London    

Batterbee, John of Llanfair   

Batton, Arthur Edward of Ipswich    

Batty, John of Halifax

Batty, John of Stockport    

Batty, William & Sons of Manchester & Liverpool

Bauerle, A of Edinburgh

Baum, J of Brighton    

Baum, Maurice, of Sheffield    

Baume & Co of London

Baume & Lezard of London    

Baumeyer & demeyer of London    

Baumeyer & Mayer of London    

Baumgart, Charles of London

   Baumgart, Charles    

Joseph of Almondbury

Baur, James of London    

Bausch, F of Newcastle    

Bawden, Edward of London    

Bawden, William of Weston-super-Mare    

Bawden, William of Westonzoyland

Bax, F of Old Brentford    

Bax, Frank S of Old Brentford    

Baxendine, R of Romford, Essex

Baxter Brothers of Gravesend    

Baxter Family of Conderton

Baxter, James of Liverpool    

Baxter, John 

Baxter, John of Shrewsbury    

Baxter, T of Bury St Edmunds    

Baxter, Thomas

Baxton, William of Bishop Auckland    

Bayer, Mathias of London    

Bayfield, EL of Lowerstoft    

Bayley Brothers of Peckham    

Bayley, Bernard & Son of London    

Bayley, Charles of London    

Bayley, F of Uttoxeter

Bayley, Joseph of Newcastle-Under-Lyme   

Bayley, Richard of London    

Bayley, T of Weybridge    

Bayley, W & A of Peckham    

Bayley, W of East Dulwich    

Bayley, William of Newcastle-under-Lyme    

Baylie, Barnard of London

Baylis, H J of Shepton Mallet    

Baylis, Henry John of Reading    

Baylis, William George of Glastonbury    

Baylis, William of Bristol    

Bayliss, Edmund Frank of Brighton    

Bayliss, JP of Barrow-in-Furness    

Bayliss, Maria, of Stockport    

Bayly, John Philip of London    

Bayman, Harry of Sheffield    

Bayne, Arthur of Lowerstoft    

Bayne, John of Stirling

Bayne, WJ Ltd of Guildford    

Bayne, William of Alstone    

Bayne, William of Alston    

Baynes, Richard of Bolton    

Bazley, KA of Bournmouth    

Beach Novelty Co of Felixstowe    

Beach's of Wrexham    

Beadwell, Edward of Penge    

Beal, J of Oundle    

Beal, John of Fairford    

Beal, Michael of Sheffield    

Beal, R of Sheerness     

Beale, Joseph of Twickenham

Beale, Joshua of Twickenham

Beall, M of St Ives    

Beamish, S of Croydon    

Beamont, Edmund Wegg of Hull

Bean, Thomas of Hayling

Bear, Robert of Hertford

Beard's of Cheltenham    

Beard, Philip of Needham Market      

Beard, Robert of Halstead    

Beard, William Henry of London    

Beardme, Joseph of Bristol    

Beardsall's of Rhos-on-Sea    

Beardsworth, W of Liverpool    

Bearman, John of Bristol    

Bearn & Son of Wellingbough    

Beasley, James W of Liverpool    

Beaumont, Allen & Son of New Malden    

Beaumont, C J of Gravesend    

Beaumont, James of Bingley    

Beaumont, Samuel of Manchester    

Beaumont, William of Saffron Walden

Beaven, E of Tottenham    

Beaven, Ebenezer of Tottenham    

Beaven, G of Farnham    

Beaven, J of Enfield, Middlesex

Beaver, Jas of Coventry    

Beaver, Louis of Manchester

Beaver, Marcus of Manchester

Beavington, Charles of Stourbridge    

Beazley, Frederick William of London    

Beazley, Raymond of Sheffield    

Bebbington, Creasey of Burslem    

Bebbington, James of Burslem    

Bebington, John of Audley    

Bebington, John of Liverpool    

Beck, Charles Edward of Llanfairfechain    

Beck, Charles of Llanfairfechan    

Beck, George of March    

Beck, Richard of Bradford    

Beck, T A of Wimbledon    

Beck, W of Battersea    

Beck, William E of South Shields    

Becker, Edward of London    

Beckett & Co of Whitley Bay    

Beckett, Frederick of New Barnet    

Beckett, JF of Lowerstoft    

Beckett, Watson & Son of Gateshead    

Becton, John of Bury StEdmunds    

Beddows, James of Wolverhampton    

Bedford, Henry Edward of Hallifax    

Bedford, Henry William of London    

Bedford, Stephen of Harborne    

Bedford, William Thomas of Hallifax    

Bedford, William of Hingham    

Bedward, T W of Richmond    

Bedward, TW of Mortlake    

Bedwell, J R of Colchester    

Bedwell, John Robert of Colchester   

Bee, J of St John's Chapel    

Bee, Joseph of Stanhope    

Beech, Charles of Ipswich    

Beecroft, Edward of Leeds    

Beefield, George of London

Beeland, John of Newcastle-Under-Lyme    

Beeley, Thoms of Sheffield    

Beeney & Son of Parkstone    

Beer, John R of Plymouth    

Beesley, Edward of Prescot    

Beesley, Eli Samuel of Coventry    

Beesley, George & Robert of Liverpool    

Beesley, James of London

Beesley, James of Manchester

Beesley, John of Liverpool

Beesley, John of Prescot    

Beesley, Joseph of Liverpool    

Beesley, Richard and George of Liverpool

Beesley, Thomas of Liverpool    

Beesley, William of Appleton    

Beeton, John of Stilton    

Beha, Richard of Sutton    

Beha, Thadeus of Nottingham    

Behrens, Jacob of Nottingham    

Beifield, George of London

Beiger, Michael of London    

Beirne, W of Wrexham    

Beisly, W R of Wallingford    

Belcher, A of Wantage    

Belcher, Albert of Wantage    

Belcher, J of Faringdon    

Belcher, James of Faringdon    

Belcher, Jesse of Reading    

Belfield, F W of Canterbury    

Belk, Albert of Sheffield    

Bell Brothers of Sheffield    

Bell William of Lancaster

Bell and Atkinson of Lancaster

Bell of Boscombe of Bournmouth    

Bell, A of Man Park    

Bell, Adam of Accrington    

Bell, Alfred of Wisbech    

Bell, Benjamin of Tunstall    

Bell, Benjamin of Uttoxeter

Bell, Edward & Son of Uttoxeter    

Bell, Edward of Ashbourn    

Bell, Edward of Uttoxeter    

Bell, G H of Winchester    

Bell, James of Newcastle    

Bell, John of Burnley    

Bell, John of Kirkby-Longsdale    

Bell, John of London    

Bell, John of Manchester    

Bell, John of South Shields    

Bell, Joseph W of Leeds    

Bell, Joseph of Accrington    

Bell, Joseph of Blackburn    

Bell, Joseph of Norwich     

Bell, Robert of Liverpool    

Bell, Thomas F of Leeds    

Bell, Walter of London    

Bell, William of Darwen    

Bell, William of Sowerby, Thirsk    

Bell, William of Sunderland

Bellamy, G of Wisbech    

Bellamy, Joseph of Grimsby    

Bellatti, Louis Lawrence of Lincoln    

Bellatti, Louis of Lincoln    

Bellemy, G of Wisbech    

Belling, John of Bodmin    

Bellion, Charles of Chester    

Bellion, Charles of Kington    

Bellion, Charles of Liverpool    

Bellion, Edward of Liverpool   

Bellion, Frederick of Kington    

Bellman, Daniel of Broughton-in-Furness    

Bellman, Thomas of Ulverston    

Bellman, William of Broughton-in-Furness and Kendal

Belloni, F of Shaftsbury    

Belloni, Frederick of Shaftesbury    

Bellringer, Fraser of London    

Belsey, John of London    

Belsham, Walter of Sunderland    

Belton, Frederick H of Southport    

Bendon, George& Co of London    

Benedict, Elias of Liverpool    

Benfd, John & George of London    

Benfd, John of London    

Bengeman & Aaron of London    

Benham, John of Bradninch, Cullompton    

Benham, John of Cullompton    

Benjamin, Joel of London    

Benjamin, Michael of London    

Benkel, Louis of London    

Bennet, George of Liverpool    

Bennet, John of Liverpool    

Bennet, Thomas of Liverpool    

Bennett Brothers of Liverpool    

Bennett's Ltd of Torquay    

Bennett, E of London    

Bennett, Edward of Liverpool    

Bennett, G W of Blackheath    

Bennett, G of Bexley Heath    

Bennett, George of Ipswich    

Bennett, Giles of Malmesbury

Bennett, Henry B of Liverpool    

Bennett, James A of Ipswich    

Bennett, James Kirby of Biggleswade    

Bennett, James of Coggeshall    

Bennett, James of Kingsbridge    

Bennett, James of Liverpool    

Bennett, John & Henry of London    

Bennett, John E of Ealing    

Bennett, John of Grays, Thurrock    

Bennett, John of Liverpool    

Bennett, John of London    

Bennett, John of Saint Austell    

Bennett, John, Edmond of London    

Bennett, Joseph of Plymouth    

Bennett, Joseph of Stockport    

Bennett, Joseph of Totnes    

Bennett, Leonard of Hull    

Bennett, E S of Greenwich    

Bennett, Robert of Warrington    

Bennett, Sir John of Greenwich and Cheapside, London

Bennett, Thomas of Liverpool    

Bennett, Thomas of Preston    

Bennett, WG of Waltham Abbey   

Bennett, William of Liverpool    

Bennion, Randal of Liverpool    

Benniwth Bennewth, Thomas of St Albans

Benniwth Bennewth, William of St Albans

Benson SS & JW

Benson, George of St Helens    

Benson, JW

Benson, Richard of Liverpool    

Benson, Thomas of Liverpool    

Bent, John of Garboldisham    

Bent, William of London

Bent-Lynes, Samuel of Billericay    


Bentley, John of London    

Bentley, Joseph James of Liverpool    

Benton, William of Liverpool    


Berendt, Theode of London    

Beres, Samuel of Brighton    

Beresford Brothers of Eckington, Sheffield    

Beresford, H of Welshpool    

Beresford, Samuel of Eckington    

Berger, Michael of London    

Bergna Bros of Sunderland    

Bergna, L & D of Newcastle    

Bergna, Lewis of Newcastle    

Bergstien, Sulam of London    

Berguer, John of London    

Beri and Delard of Leek    

Beringer & Schwerer of Falmouth, Penzance , Redruth and Truro

Beringer and sons of Helston and Falmouth

Beringer, Christiana of Falmouth

Beringer, Fedele of Redruth

Beringer, Frederick of Helston

Beringer, George of Helston

Beringer, Jacob of Helston and Camborne

Beringer, Joseph of Redruth and Helston

Beringer, family of Helston

Berkley, Charles Lucas of Ledbury    

Berkley, L of Ledbury    

Berkley, Lucas of Kington    

Berkley, Lucas of Ledbury    

Berlin & Heckscher of Windsor    

Berlin, J of Winds     

Berlin, Joseph of Winds    

Berman, Charles of London    

Berman, Jacob of London    

Bernascone, Innocent of Wycombe    

Bernfield Bros Ltd of Winchester   

Bernhart, Ullerich & Co of London    

Bernstein, H of Manchester

Bernstein, John Maurice of Man Park    

Bernstein, Mris of Liverpool    

Bernstone, Joseph of Newcastle    

Berquez, F of London    

Berrick, Bernard of Liverpool    

Berrick, Lewin of Liverpool    

Berridge, J of Ramsey    

Berridge, W of London    

Berridge, William of London    

Berrill, George of Stony Stratford    

Berringer, John of Penzance    

Berrington, James of Bolton Bolton-le-Mos and St Helens

Berrington, John Johnson of Bolton Bolton-le-Mos

Berrisford, James of Manchester    

Berrollas, JA of London    

Berry, Arthur of Liverpool    

Berry, Charles T of Marks Tey    

Berry, Edward of Liverpool    

Berry, Frederick of London    

Berry, Josiah of Manchester    

Berry, Richard Edward of London    

Berry, Thomas of Stowmarket    

Berry, William H of Kingston    

Bertand, William of London    

Berwick, John of Shipley    

Berwick, Thomas of Shipley    

Besley, Henry of Croydon    

Bessant, Frederick Robert of Eastbourne    

Besse, Jeremy of London    

Best, George Christopher Henry of Cardiff

Best, Henry of Shipston upon Stour    

Best, Richard of London    

Best, Robert of London    

Best, William of Ballymena, Ireland

Bethell, Chas of Colchester    

Bethell, John of Warrington    

Betsworth, AWS of Southampton    

Betsworth, W & Son of Southampton    

Betts Ipswich Ltd of Ipswich    

Betts Brothers of London

Betts, FS of Ipswich    

Betts, Frederick S of Ipswich    

Bevan, Edward of Birkenhead    

Bevan, Thomas of Stratton    

Beves, S of Dorking    

Beves, Samuel of Dorking    

Bezant, A W of Abingdon    

Bezant, Aaron Walter of Abingdon    

Bianchi, B of Tunbridge Wells    

Bianchi, J of Winds    

Bibby, A of Newcastle    

Bibby, John of Manchester    

Bibby, Maria, of Chorley    

Bibby, SJ of Carnarvon   

Bibby, Samuel J of Carnarvon   

Bibby, Thomas of Liverpool   

Bick of Cheltenham    

Bickell, J L of Chelmsford    

Bickell, John Lyddon of Caterham Valley    

Bickell, Richard John of Molton    

Bickell, Richard John of South Molton    

Bickerstaffe, Edward of Liverpool    

Bickerstaffe, Peter of Liverpool    

Bickerstaffe, Robert of Liverpool    

Bickerstaffe, William of Liverpool    

Bickerton, George of Kidderminster    

Bickerton, William of Stourport    

Bickley, Henry of London    

Bickley, John of London    

Bickley, Joseph of London    

Biddle, George& Co of London    

Biddle, George of Birmingham    

Bidgood, George of Cullompton    

Bidlake, J & JH of London    

Bidlake, James H of London     

Bidlake, John of London    

Biggerstaff, James of Stratford upon Avon    

Biggs, ET of Maidenhead    

Biggs, Herbert of Devizes    

Biggs, Richard of Rumsey    

Bigme, Albert of Ramsey, Huntingdon    

Biles, G & Co of Bury St Edmunds    

Biles, George of Bury St Edmunds    

Billiard & Gay of London    

Billiet, Vict of London    

Billington, John of Bletchley    

Billington, John of Woburn    

Bills, J of Dover    

Bindley, Joseph of London    

Bindley, William of London    

Binks, Anthony of Darlington

Binks, Arnold of Hillsbough, Sheffield    

Binks, John of Manchester    

Binks, Joseph of Worksop    

Binks, Thomas of Bolton     

Binning Bros Ltd of Southampton    

Binns, James Robert of Byker, Newcastle    

Binns, Robinson of Wilsden    

Bins, Charles L of Whitby    

Birch & Gaydon of Fenchurch Street London

Birch, James of Liverpool    

Birch, Richard of Heywood    

Birch, Thomas William of London    

Birch, William of Bradford    

Birch, William of Derby    

Birch, William of London    

Birch, William of Tenterden    

Birchall, Charles of Liverpool    

Birchall, Peter of London    

Birchall, Robert of Pendleton, Manchester    

Birchall, Robert of Salford    

Birchall, Thomas of Derby    

Birchall, Thomas of Nantwich    

Birchall, William of London    

Birchall, William of Manchester    

Birckley, Frederick of Manchester    

Birckley, John B of Bolton     

Bird, Charles Stanley of Lowerstoft    

Bird, Charles of Liverpool   

Bird, Henry of Liverpool    

Bird, John M of Bacup    

Bird, John of Coventry    

Bird, John of Liverpool    

Bird, John of London    

Bird, Joseph H of Liverpool    

Bird, Joseph Henry of Liverpool    

Bird, Reginald G of Reigate    

Bird, Robert of Yeldham

Bird, William of Liverpool    

Bird, William of London

Birdlake, James of Ewell, Epsom    

Birehall, Thomas of Derby    

Birkett & Hall of Stratford East    

Birkett & Hall of Stratford East    

Birkett, John J of Stratford East   

Birkle Brothers & Co of London    

Birkle Brothers of Croydon    

Birkle Brothers of London    

Birkle, B and Co of Croydon    

Birley, Samuel of Birmingham

Birmingham Watch Company

Birnstein, Richard of London    

Birtles, Thomas of Edge Hill    

Bish, Amelia, of Hemel Hempstead    

Bish, William of Great Berkhamstead    

Bish, William of Hemel Hempstead    

Bishop George of Lincoln   

Bishop James of Halesworth    

Bishop, Bert Charles of Benfleet    

Bishop, George of Redmile

Bishop, Herbert of Bromyard    

Bishop, Herbert of Ledbury    

Bishop, J of Cerrigy-Druidion    

Bishop, J of Towyn    

Bishop, James G of London    

Bishop, John William of Raynes Park    

Bishop, John of Ledbury    

Bishop, John of Sherborne    

Bishop, Leman of London    

Bishop, R William of Bungay    

Bishop, RW of Halesworth    

Bishop, Samuel Robert of London    

Bishop, William & Son of Trowbridge    

Bishop, William of Southampton    

Bishopp, James of London    

Bissett, James of London

Bitten, Lee of Warboys, Huntingdon    

Bittern, Frans of Harlow    

Bittner, William of London    

Biven, Edward of London    

Black and Murray Company of London and Calcutta

Black, George of Brechin

Black, JN of Nuneaton    

Black, James of Brechin

Black, John of Brechin

Black, Samuel of Brechin

Black, Thomas of Sheffield    

Blackburn, David of Horncastle    

Blackburn, David of Lincoln    

Blackburn, John of Liverpool    

Blackburn, Richard of Wigan    

Blackburn, Stephen of Oakham

Blackburn, Thomas of Liverpool    

Blackburn, William of Liverpool    

Blackford, F of Portsmouth

Blackhurst, G of Warrington, Lancashire

Blackhurst, James of Over    

Blackhurst, Joseph of Weaverham    

Blackie, George of London    

Blackie, George of Musselburgh

Blacklock, R H of Sunderland    

Blacklock, Robert & Co of Sunderland    

Blackme, James of Sidmouth    

Blackme, John of London    

Blackme, John of Woking    

Blackme, Thomas of Liverpool    

Blackwall, William of Liverpool    

Blackwell, William S of Holywell     

Blackwell, William of London    

Blackwood, of North and South Shields

Blades, James of Bradford    

Blades, William of Horncastle    

Bladon, Thomas of Uttoxeter    

Bladwell & Son of Newhaven    

Blagburn, J of Gateshead    

Blagburn, John of Gateshead    

Blagden, George of Chichester

Blagrove, E & Son of Lewes    

Blair, George H of Southport    

Blake, Alfred Henry of Biggleswade    

Blakebough, Henry of Leyburn and Burnley

Blakebough, John M of Bacup    

Blakebough, Jonathan of Leeds    

Blakebough, Richard of Pateley Bridge and Otley

Blakebough, Richard of Ripon

Blakebough, William R of Heywood    

Blakeley, John of Manchester    

Blakeway, John of Rushbury

Blakeway, Thomas of Broseley    

Blakeway, Thomas of Kinfare, Staffordshire

Blakeway, Thomas of Rushbury

Blakey, F W of Sunderland    

Blakey, George of Gainsbough    

Blanchard, Abraham of London

Blanchard, Albert William of Lincoln    

Blanchard, E of Camberwell    

Blanfd, George of London    

Blankensee, Joel of Birmingham, England

Blankensee, Solomon Blankensee, of Birmingham, England

Blankensee, of Birmingham, England

Blaylock Family of Longtown and Carlisle

Bleak, Robert of Newport, Isle of Wight    

Blezard, Charles of St Helens    

Blight, Walter of London     

Bliss, John of Newport    

Bliss, Thomas E of Ross    

Blissett, Isaac of London    

Block, PJ of Hastings    

Blockley, Herbert of London 

Blog, William of South Shields    

Blomfield, Ernest Alfred of Stratford    

Blomgren, Bernard of London    

Blomgren, C of Reading    

Blomgren, Charles of Reading    

Blond, Bernard of Hull    

Blondell , Nicholas, of Guernsey 

Blonder, Robin of London    

Blood, Alfred of Crowland, Peterbough    

Blood, H of Southend    

Bloom & Co of Leyton    

Bloom, R J W of Sunderland    

Bloomfield John of Norwich

Bloomfield, Ernest Albert of Woodford Green    

Bloomfield, Samuel of Fest gate   

Bloomfield, Samuel of Ilford    

Bloomfield, W V of Maidenhead    

Bloomfield, William Valentine of Maidenhead    

Blo, John of Newcastle-under-Lyme

Blow, Joshua of Tamwth    

Blowes, James of Fyfield, Ongar   

Blowes, James of Ongar    

Blumfield Bloomfield, John of Norwich

Blundell & Burgess of Liverpool    

Blundell, Henry of Liverpool    

Blundell, Henry of London    

Blundell, Thomas & Sons of Liverpool    

Blundell, Thomas E of Liverpool    

Blundell, Thomas of Liverpool

Blundell, William S of Liverpool    

Blunden, James of Fishborn

Blunt, A of Coleshill, Birmingham    

Blunt, Deleni of Northampton

Blurton, John of Stourbridge    

Blyth, A of Llanfairfechain    

Blyth, Ernest of Walthamstow    

Blyth, Frederick William of Epping   

Blythe, Bernard of Grimsby    

Blythe, Frederick William of Epping    

Boatman & Harrison of Grays    

Boatman Ltd of Grays    

Boatman, AW of Grays   

Boatman, James of sett    

Boatsman, Arthur Wilson of Grays, Thurrock    

Boby & Jannings of Ipswich 

Boby & Jannings of Ipswich    

Boby, William of Ipswich 

Boddington, Emma of Rhyl    

Boddington, Henry Charles of Manchester    

Boddington, William of Altringham    

Boddington, William of Birmingham    

Boddington, William of Rhyl   

Boddy, John Thomas of Newington, Hull    

Bodsworth, Walter T CMBHI of Ipswich    

Bohrer, John of Liverpool    

Bold, Calab S of Liverpool    

Bold, Caleb of Liverpool    

Bold, George of Liverpool    

Bold, John of Liverpool   

Bold, John of Warrington

Bold, Sarah of Liverpool    

Bold, William of Liverpool   

Bolingbroke, Arthur of East Ham    

Bollen Bach, PF Co

Bolliter, J of Carnarvonshire    

Bolloten, J of Upper Bang    

Bolt, A & Co of Wimbledon    

Bolt, James John of Croydon    

Bolt, Richard of Teignmouth    

Bolt, Thomas & Co of Liverpool    

Bolt, William of Dawlish    

Bolton family of Chester-le-Street

Bolton, E of Egremont

Bolton, Henry of Liverpool    

Bolton, John of Chester-le-Street and Durham 

Bolton, John of Durham

Bolton, Lancelot of Chester-le-Street 

Bolton, Richard of Belford    

Bolton, T of Bradford    

Bolton, TE of Mold    

Bolton, William Jn of Grays    

Bond & Kedge of Putney    

Bond, A A of Waltham Abbey   

Bond, Arthur of Waltham Abbey    

Bond, Henry Charles of Reading    

Bond, James Charles of London    

Bond, Lewis of London

Bond, Ralph of Morecambe    

Bond, William of Liverpool    

Bond, Wordley of Lincoln    

Bond,Charles of North Tawton, Okehampton, Devon

Bone, Samuel of London    

Bone, William Lee of Burwell, Cambridge    

Bonetto, Peter A of London    

Boney, John of Padstow    

Bonhote Brothers of London    

Bonie, William of Gorbals

Boniface, Alfred William of Southend    

Bonner & Sons of Colchester   

Bonner, Arthur of Southend    

Bonner, T of Brighton    

Bonner, Thomas of Portmadoc     

Bons, Simon Peter of London    

Bonsall's of Lowerstoft    

Bonsall, John of Lowerstoft    

Bonsalls' of Lowerstoft    

Boodle and Dunthorpe of Liverpool    

Booker, Neville C of Ticehurst, Tunbridge Wells, Kent    

Boone, Alfred of London    

Boman & Son Ltd of Gravesend    

Boman, J L of Gravesend    

Boosey, N of Great Yeldham    

Boosey, Nathaniel of Great Yeldham    

Boosey, William of Great Yeldham   

Boot, John of Sutton in Ashfield

Bootes, Walter F of Luton    

Booth, George of Manchester

Booth, JB of Manchester    

Booth, James of Accrington    

Booth, James of Auchinblae

Booth, James of Dublin

Booth, Joseph of Bridpt, Dorset

Booth, Peter of Duckinfield    

Booth, WT of South Norwood    

Booth, William of Blackburn    

Booth, William of Congleton    

Booth, William of Reeth

Boothby, G of Scarbough    

Boothroyd, Frederick William of Loftus    

Boothroyd, George of Reeth, Richmond    

Boothroyd, Herbert of Guisbough    

Bootle, Richard of Liverpool    

Bootle, Thomas of Wigan    

Boots, Albert of Leytonstone    

Booz, Joseph of Liverpool    

Border, George of Sleaford    

Border, Mary Ann, of Sleaford    

Beham, Samuel of London    

Beli, Domenic of Stonehouse    

Belli, C & Sons of Farnham    

Belli, C of Camberwell    

Belli, Charles & Sons of Farnham     

Belli, Charles of Farnham    

Belli, G of Reading    

Belli, Gaetano of Reading    

Bley, John henry of London    

Breli, Dominick of Plymouth    

Brell, Henry of London    

Brell, Louis Howe of London    

Brell, Maximilian John of London    

Brell, Maximillian J of London    

Btner, Alexander H of Sheffield    

Btner, Alexander Henry of Sheffield    

Boss, Maurice of Louth    

Bostock Thomas of Sandbach, Cheshire

 Bostock, Charles of Clay Cross, Chesterfield    

Bostock, John of Middlewich    

Bostock, Thomas of Oldham    

Boswell, F P of Ipswich    

Boswth, Reuben of Nottingham    

Bothamley, Benjamin of Boston    

Bothamley, Henry of Boston    

Bothamley, Parkinson Jarkinson of Boston

Bothamley, William of Kirton-in-Holland & Spalding

Botley & Lewis of Reading    

Botley, George of Reading   

Botly & Lewis of Reading    

Botly, G of Reading    

Bott, Alfred T of Birkenhead    

Bott, Alfred Thomas of Birkenhead    

Bott, Edward H of Leicester

Bott, Frederick of Liverpool 

Bott, John of Redditch    

Bott, Samuel of Melbourn    

Bott, Thomas and Co of Liverpool

Botta, Charles of Poole    

Botten, Charles of Colchester    

Botten, Jabez Henry of London    

Botten, Josiah of London    

Bottger, Gustavus Adolph of London    

Botting, Ebenezer of London    

Bottomley, J of Halstead    

Bottomley, James Cocker of Manchester    

Bottomley, W & Son of Sheffield    

Boucly, Edward of London    

Boudry, Gustavus of London    

Bough, Jane of Peckham    

Boughey, Arthur of Manchester    

Boult, Thomas Griffith of Oakingham    

Boult, Thomas of Wokingham    

Boulter, S of London    

Boulton, Henry of Egremont    

Boulton, Henry of London    

Boundry, G of London    

Boundry, G of London    

Bouquet Bouquett, Solomon of London

Bourchier, William of London    

Bourdelot, Edward L of London    

Bourne, F R of Brighton    

Bourne, Frederick A of Bexhill    

Bourne, Henry of Rye    

Bournemouth Goldsmiths & Silversmiths of Bournmouth    

Bourns, George of Kirkby

Bouwer, William of London    

Bovet Freres & Co of London    

Bowder, CA of Chesterton, Cambridge    

Bowell, Alfred of Croydon    

Bowen and Holt of London    

Bowen, John of London   

Bowen, Samuel of London    

Bowen, Thomas of London    

Bower, David of Alfreton    

Bower, George of Buxton    

Bower, John of Falkirk 

Bower, John of Kirriemuir

Bower, Joseph F of Liverpool    

Bower, Peter of Redlynch, Redlench Redlinch, Wiltshire

Bower, Samuel of Chesterfield    

Bower, William of Chesterfield    

Bowers, Robert of Chester    

Bowers, Thomas of Oldham    

Bowes, James of Bradford    

Bowie, J of South Shields    

Bowker, James A of Huddersfield    

Bowler, J of Thame    

Bowler, Joseph of Manchester    

Bowles, H Carter FRSA FRMS FRH Inst of Cheltenham    

Bowles, John of Dunstable   

Bowles, W G of Beccles    

Bowlzer, William of Chesterfield    

Bowman, Arthur Hart of London    

Bowman, Edward Charles of London    

Bowman, Edward of London    

Bowman, Johnston of Carrickfergus

Bowman, Robert Thomas of London    

Bowman, William of Reading    

Bowness, George of Lancaster    

Bowra family of Sevenoaks, Kent

Bowra, James of Sevenoaks Kent

Bowra, John of London    

Box, John of Dursley    

Box, John of Launceston    

Box, William B of London    

Boxall, T of Brighton    

Boxell, F of Cuckfield, Sussex

Boxer, John of Folkstone    

Boxer, Walter of Brighton    

Boxtall, T of Hurstpierpoint    

Boyall, Joseph of Spilsby    

Boyall, Ellen of Louth    

Boyall, Richard of Louth    

Boyce of East Derham

Boyce, Ernest P of Clacton    

Boyce, Ernest of Clacton    

Boyce, James of London

Boyce, John of Teignmouth    

Boyce, Joseph Alfred of London    

Boyce, Peter of Wangford and Beccles

Boyce, Samuel H of East Dereham    

Boyce, Thomas of London

Boyce, William of Stockport    

Boyd, John & Co of Manchester    

Boyde, James of Thrapston    

Boyes, CFG of Blaenau Festiniog    

Boyfield, Richard of Dalby Magna, Melton Mowbray

Boyle, William of London    

Brabrook, Arthur of Bury St Edmunds    

Brace, Thomas of Leicester    

Bracebridge of London

Bracebridge, Edward of London - see Bracebridge of London

Bracebridge, James of London - see Bracebridge of London

Bracewell, FW of Upton Park    

Bracewell, Henry of Scarbough    

Bracewell, L of Scarbough    

Bracey, CW of Westcliff    

Bracher & Sydenham of Reading   

Bracher, R of Reading    

Brackenridge, James Charles of Manchester    

Bradbourne, John of Westerham, Kent

Bradbury, Albert of Malton    

Bradbury, William of Bolton     

Braddock, George of Martham    

Braddock, James of Cheadle    

Braddock, James of Colchester    

Braddock, John of Manchester    

Braddy, Alfred of Colchester   

Bradford, Edward of Stockport    

Bradford, Edward of Teignmouth    

Bradford, Henry of London    

Bradford, James of Newton-Abbotts    

Bradford, James of Tquay    

Bradford, James of Totnes    

Bradford, Philip of London    

Bradford, Philip of Molton    

Bradford, Thomas of Nottingham

Bradford, William of Exeter    

Bradley, Alfred of Somerton    

Bradley, C of Stratford East    

Bradley, Charles of Waltham Abbey    

Bradley, Charles of Walthamstow    

Bradley, Charles of Woodford    

Bradley, George& Sons of Sheffield 

Bradley, George of Sheffield

Bradley, Harry Bridges of Manchester    

Bradley, James Gibson of Liverpool

Bradley, Jeremiah of Long Sutton    

Bradley, John of Louth    

Bradley, John H of London    

Bradley, John of Manchester    

Bradley, Joseph of Hanley and Shelton    

Bradley, Joseph of Shelton    

Bradley, Langley of London

Bradley, Nathaniel of Braintree    

Bradley, Robert G of Wantage    

Bradley, Robert of Lambourn    

Bradley, Thomas of Newent    

Bradley, William of Manchester    

Bradley John of Manchester    

Bradshaw, Augustus of Liverpool    

Bradshaw, George of Ellesmere    

Bradshaw, George of Whitchurch    

Bradshaw, H of Bracknell    

Bradshaw, Henry Charles of Bracknell, Binfield    

Bradshaw, James of Blackburn    

Bradshaw, John of Liverpool    

Bradshaw, John of Manchester    

Bradshaw, Matthew of Liverpool    

Bradshaw, S of Reading    

Bradshaw, Samuel of Berkhamstead    

Bradshaw, Samuel of Great Berkhamstead    

Bradshaw, Samuel of Reading    

Bradshaw, T of St Albans    

Bradshaw, Thomas & William of Bolton    

Bradshaw, W & J of Rochdale    

Bradshaw, William S of Preston    

Bradshaw, William of Blackburn    

Bradshaw, William of Bracknell    

Bradshaw, William of Liverpool    

Bradshaw, William of Wigan    

Brady & Adams of London    

Brady, D H of Chatham    

Bragg, E & Son of Winds    

Bragg, Edward of Winds    

Bragg, William John of London    

Braham, James of Torquay    

Braham, Joseph John of London    

Braham, William T of Manchester    

Braitch, A of Midhurst    

Braithwaite, James Walter of Great Driffield    

Braithwaite, William of Carnforth, Lancashire and Dartmouth, Devon  

Braithwaite, William of Dartmouth

Braithwaite, William of Hawkshead

Braitling, Christian F of Biggleswade    

Brake Arthur Richard of Kettering    

Brake Arthur Richard of Northampton    

Bramble, B of London    

Bramble, Joseph of London    

Bramble, William & Edward of London

Bramble, William of London

Brambles, Robert of Leeds    

Brame, Philip & Co of London    

Bramhall, Isabella of Manchester    

Bramley, William of Barnsley    

Bramley, William of Newbury    

Brams, S of Stratford    

Bramwell & Harbron of Darlington

Bramwell, Richard of Grimsby    

Brand, Edward of London    

Brand, Edward of Longbenton, Newcastle    

Brand, Edward of North Shields    

Brandon, Frederick William of Bedford    

Brandreth, Obadiah of Middlewich

Brandt, Charles of London    

Brandt, Laurent of London    

Branfd, Charles of East Grinstead    

Branfd, HV & Son of Beccles    

Branfd, HV of Beccles    

Branksey, Ellis of Newcastle    

Branskey, E of Newcastle    

Branton, J F of Bolton     

Brash, Isaac of Manchester 

Bratt, Nathan of Manchester    

Bratt, William of Manchester    

Braun, Ferdinand Barnard of London    

Braund, John of Hatherleigh    

Braund, W of Dartford    

Braund, William of Dartford    


Bray, AE of Sheffield    

Bray, Arthur Edward of Sheffield    

Bray, T of London    

Bray, William James of Stevenage    

Bray, William T of London    

Brayley, Joseph of Islington, London    

Brayley, William of London    

Brearley Brothers of Manchester    

Brearley, Lewis of Manchester    

Brecknell, Job of Peckham    

Brecknell, T and Son of Wolverhampton    

Breeden, William Henry of Widnes    

Breese, James of Wisbech    

Brehon, Collins of Limerick

Brenchley, George of London    

Brenchley, Harold Edward of Snodland    

Brenchley, JE of London    

Brener, William of Yeadon, Yorkshire

Brentnall, Thomas of Sutton Coldfield

Brentnall, William of Mold    

Brentnall, William of Sutton Coldfield    

Brereton, William Henry of Liverpool    

Bretherton, Joseph of Liverpool    

Brevet Brevet SGDG 

Brewer, Albert Arthur of Leigh    

Brewer, Arthur G of Liverpool    

Brewer, J of London    

Brewer, Thomas of Preston    

Brewer, William of Blackburn    

Brewin, George of March   

Brewin, George of Wisbech    

Brewin, Thomas of Scarbough    

Brewster, Thomas of Durham    

Briant, Robert of London    

Brice of Wigton

Brice, Stephen of London    

Brice, WL of Taunton    

Brice, William of Sandwich

Bridge, FI of Broadstairs    

Bridge, John of East Dulwich    

Bridge, Thomas of London

Bridgeman, James of Liverpool    

Bridger, Richard of Godstone    

Bridges, John of Ipswich    

Bridgman, WH of London    

Brierley, John of Oldham    

Brierley, John of Saddleworth-cum quick    

Briggs, A of Kington    

Briggs, Arthur William of Kington    

Briggs, Charles of Wisbech    

Briggs, Edward H of Southend

Briggs, Edward Hugh of Norwich 

Briggs, Jonathan T of Spalding    

Briggs, Luke of Wisbech    

Briggs, Stephen of London    

Briggs, William of Manchester    

Briggs, William of Thirsk    

Bright & Sons of Scarbough

Bright, E of Brighton    

Bright, H of Brentwood    

Bright, Hace of South Weald, Brentwood    

Bright, Isaac & Sons of Buxton    

Bright, Isaac of Leamington    

Bright, Jerome of Saxmundham

Bright, Samuel of Caterham    

Brightme & Co of Stockport    

Brighton Watch Co of Brighton    

Brightwell & Co of Man Park    

Brignall, W H of St Leonards    

Brignell, Cecil Charles of Braintree    

Brillman of London

Brindle of Lancashire

Brindle, James of Liverpool

Brindle, Ralph of Liverpool

Brindle, William of Prescot    

Brindley, A of Wimbledon    

Brindley, James of Newcastle-under-Lyme

Brindley, John Beavis of Newcastle-under-Lyme    

Brindley, Joseph George of Leeds    

Brine, J of Blandford    

Brinkman, G of London    

Brinkman, George of London    

Brinkman, Henry of London    

Brinton, R N of Brighton    

Brislane, JH of Bournmouth    

Brissington, W of Stonehouse    

Bristol Goldsmiths' Alliance

Bristow, John of Low Hill    

Bristow, Richard G of Bromley    

Briten, Robert Richard of Chertsey 

British Supply Cpation Ltd of London

British United Clock Company

Brittain, Arthur S of Rotherham    

Brittain, J of Docking    

Brittan, John of London    

Brittan, Meshach of Devizes

Britten, James William of Woodford    

Britton, GL of Sheffield    

Britton, George E of Sheffield    

Britton, George E of Sheffield    

Britton, John James of Stockton    

Britton, John of Stamford    

Britton, John of Willenhall    

Britton, Lawrence of Sheffield    

Broad, C of Burnham    

Broad, John of Bodmin

Broad, W of East Dulwich    

Broad, William of London    

Broad, William of Lostwithiel    

Broadbent, George of Newcastle    

Broadbent, Sarah of Ashton-under-Lyne    

Broadbridge, Alfred Ernest of Maidstone    

Broadbridge, Alfred Ernest of Rochester    

Broadbridge, R of Rhyl    

Broadhead, Edward of Belper    

Broadhurst, James of Liverpool    

Broadhurst, Thomas of Duckinfield    

Broadhurst, William of Birkenhead    

Broadhurst, William of Liverpool    

Broadridge, Henry of Lower Mitcham    

Broadway, Edward of Upton upon Severn    

Broady, Jacob of West Hartlepool    

Broatman, S of Farnbough Station    

Brock, James of London    

Brock, John of London    

Brock, W of Chapletown,Sheffield

Brockbank & Grove 

Brockbank Atkins & Moe 

Brockbank & Atkins

Brockbank, John Gilbert of Laindon    

Brockbank, John of Corney    

Brockbank, John of London 

Brockbank, William of London    

Brocklebank and Son of Coventry 

Brocklebank, Henry of Coventry

Brocot, Archille & Son of London    

Broderick, Francis of Whittlesey    

Broderick, Thomas of Holbeach, Peterbough and Spalding

Broderick, William of Boston    

Broderick, William of Swineshead    

Brodie, G of Hertford    

Brodie, J of Amble, Acklington    

Brodie, John of Wooler, Northumberland

Bromby, Samuel of Cottingham, Hull    

Bromley, E H of Bexley Heath    

Bromley, J & Son of Horsham    

Bromley, John of Horsham    

Bromley, T of Woolwich    

Bromley, William & Edward of Hallifax    

Bromwich H of Coventry    

Bromwich, John of Dudley    

Bronn, Peter of Birmingham  

Brook, FJ of Peterbough    

Brook, Thomas Harvey of London    

Brook, William and Son of Edinburgh

 Brooke, John of London    

Brooke, Sarah of Coventry    

Brooke, William of London

Brooker, Arthur James of Croydon     

Brooker, John of Lingfield    

Brooker, John of Lingfleld    

Brooker, R of East Grinstead    

Brooker, Thomas of Colchester    

Brooker, William N of Addlestone    

Brooker, William N of New Malden    

Brookes, John of Stratford upon Avon

Brookes, William of Stow    

Brookhouse & Tunnicliffe of Derby    

Brookhouse of Sheffield  

Brookhouse, Joseph & John of Derby    

Brookhouse, Richard Burton of Newcastle-under-Lyme    

Brookhouse, Robert of Easingwold    

Brooks, E of Sevenoaks    

Brooks, F of Sheffield    

Brooks, H of Chester    

Brooks, HF of Ilford    

Brooks, J of London    

Brooks, William of Dursley    

Brooks, William of Grimsby    

Brooksbank, William of Bradford, Yorkshire

Broom, Henry Edwin of Liverpool    

Broom, John & Anthony of Exeter    

Broom, John of Exeter    

Broome, J of Rhyl    

Broome, John of Rhyl    

Broomfield, Joseph of Coventry    

Brotherson & Mackay of Dalkeith

Brotherton, George of London    

Broughton, J of Sheffield    

Broughton, Miss Elean of Benwell, Newcastle    

Brounlee, Henry of Hamilton

Brow, Robert of Prescot    

Brown & Co of Islington, London    

Brown & Son of Chester    

Brown Albert, Edward of Chelmsford   

Brown Cliffd of Sheffield    

Brown Browne, Edward of Norwich

Brown Browne, Joshua of Liverpool

Brown, James of Oxford

Brown, A of East Ham    

Brown, A of Rayleigh    

Brown, Alexander of Bradford on Avon    

Brown, Archibold C of Bungay    

Brown, Augustine of Southend    

Brown, Brothers of Chester

Brown, C W & Son of Bungay    

Brown, Catherine, of Liverpool    

Brown, Charles George of Newbury    

Brown, Charles of Bungay    

Brown, Charles of Eccleshall    

Brown, Charles of London    

Brown, Clifford of Sheffield    

Brown, David of Grimsby    

Brown, EB of Cambridge    

Brown, EB of Hornsey    

Brown, Edward B of Cambridge    

Brown, Edward F of Sheffield    

Brown, Edward of Manchester    

Brown, Ernest of Ware    

Brown, Frederick of Balham    

Brown, Frederick of Clacton    

Brown, G of Bang    

Brown, George Henry of Bradford    

Brown, George of Bang    

Brown, George of Chester

Brown, George of London    

Brown, George of Minehead    

Brown, George of Wooler    

Brown, George of Wrexham    

Brown, H L & Son of London, Sheffield, Derby, Leeds & Doncaster

Brown, H of Melcombe Regis    

Brown, Henry Thomas of London    

Brown, Henry of Burnley    

Brown, Henry of Liverpool    

Brown, Ilisha of Chester

Brown, J and Sons of Kilmarnock

 Brown, J of Colchester    

Brown, J of Haltwhistle    

Brown, J of London    

Brown, James of Liverpool   

Brown, James of London    

Brown, James of Matclock    

Brown, James of Prescot    

Brown, John of Exeter    

Brown, John C of Walthamstow    

Brown, John Charles of Gillingham    

Brown, John Joseph of Islington, London    

Brown, John Joshua of London    

Brown, John of Harleston Redenhall    

Brown, John of Mauchline

 Brown, John of Modbury    

Brown, John of Wellington    

Brown, Joseph of Walthamstow    

Brown, Mathias of Exeter    

Brown, Mris of Leeds    

Brown, JD of Cheltenham    

Brown, Nicholas of Kingsbridge    

Brown, Percy Romanus of Hadleigh, Suffolk    

Brown, R of Enfield    

Brown, R of London    

Brown, Robert of Attercliffe, Sheffield    

Brown, Robert of Cheltenham    

Brown, Robert of Colne    

Brown, Robert of Gloucester    

Brown, Robert of Newtown    

Brown, Robert of Sheffield    

Brown, Roger of London    

Brown, Romanus of Stowmarket    

Brown, Samuel of Bingham    

Brown, T of Maidstone    

Brown, Thomas of Birmingham

Brown, Thomas of Chester and Stockport

Brown, Thomas of Litchbough

Brown, Thomas of Liverpool   

Brown, Thomas of Manchester, Lancashire    

Brown, William of Bradford    

Brown, William of Bungay    

Brown, William of Everton, Liverpool, Lancashire

Brown, William of Prescot    

Brown, William of Preston    

Brown, William of Sheffield    

Brown,Nathaniel of Manchester

 Bownbill, James of Liverpool   

Brownbill, James of Poulton-le-Fylde    

Brownbill, John of Leeds    

Brownbill, John of Liverpool   

Brownbill, Robert of Fleetwood    

Brownbill, Robert of Liverpool    

Browne, Edward Charles of Brighton    

Browne, Jermiah

Browne, Joseph of Manchester    

Browne, Robert of Bottisdale, Suffolk

Browne, Seymour of Canterbury    

Browning, Frederick of London    

Browning, Joseph of Street    

Brownlee  William of Hamilton, Scotland

Brownless, J F of Newcastle    

Brownless, John F of Newcastle    

Brownless, John of Staindrop    

Brownridge, FW of Ampthill    

Brownridge, Henry Joseph of London    

Brownswd, John of Nottingham    

Brownswd, Peter of Derby

Brownsword, Peter of Derby    

Broxup, James of Burnley    

Bruce & Co of Sheffield   

Bruce & Hart of Seaford    

Bruce, Alexander of Manchester

Bruce, George of Emsworth, Hants    

Bruce, George of Sheffield    

Bruce, John Hale of Clare    

Brugger & Straub of London    

Brugger, A of London    

Brugger, Andrew & Co of Islington    

Brugger, Barnard of London    

Brugger, Beck & Co of London    

Brugger, E of Northampton    

Brugger, L & A of London    

Brugger, M & L of Newcastle    

Brugger, Marther Elizabeth of Kings Lynn    

Brugger, Robert of Canning Town    

Brugger, Robert of Fest gate    

Brugman, William J C of Man Park    

Brumbley, Clarence of Lowerstoft    

Brumhead, John of London and Stamford 

Brumhead, John of Stamford

Brumpton, T of Swaby, Alford    

Brundell, William of Blofield    

Brundreth, Ob of Middlewich    

Brunfd, William & Son Ltd of Eastbourne    

Brunger, Ernest William of Maidstone    

Brunner, Englebert of Hull

Brunner, Ignatius of Birmingham    

Brunton, John of London

Bryan, Mark of Luton    

Bryan, Martin of Luton    

Bryan, R of Deddington    

Bryan, Robert H off of Lincoln    

Bryan, Robert of Lincoln    

Bryan, William Henry of Great Driffield    

Bryan, William of Liverpool    

Bryant, E of Shotton    

Bryant, Felix of Manningtree    

Bryant, John of Liverpool    

Bryant, WG of Shotton    

Bryant, William of South Benfleet    

Bryce, David of Stockport    

Bryce, William of Southport    

Bryer, John of London

Bryer, John of London   

Bryer, TJ & Son of London

Bryers, Arthur of Chester    

Bryne, John of Liverpool    

Bryson family of Dalkeith

Bryson, James of Dalkeith 

Bryson, John of Dalkeith 

Buchan, Henry of London    

Buchan, James of Sheffield    

Buchanan, Alfred Daniel of Boston    

Buchanan, Alfred Daniel of Coningsby Tattershall    

Buchanan, Allan of Deal    

Buchanan, Archibald of Dublin

Buchanan, John of Ashton-under-Line    

Buck & Roberts of Romford    

Buck, T of Dorking

Buckenham, John Charles of Norwich    

Buckingham, J of Annfield Plain    

Buckingham, J of Haltwhistle    

Buckingham, James of Chester-le-Street    

Buckland, George of London    

Buckley, James Hampshire of Saddleworth-cum quick    

Buckley, William of Liverpool    

Buckmaster, George of Royston    

Buckmaster, S of Royston    

Bucknall, William of Stoke    

Bucknell, William of London    

Buckney, Daniel of London    

Bucksher, J of London    

Buckwell, Edward of Brighton    

Budds, CA & Son of Huntingdon    

Budge, W of Callington, Cornwall

Budgen, John of Croydon    

Budgen, John of Sevenoaks    

Budgeon, Thomas of Croydon, London

Buequet, David A of London    

Buffham, Reuben of Spalding    

Bugby, Joseph of Arlesford

 Bugden David of London    

Buhrer, Abraham of London    

Bulford, John of London    

Bull John & Co, (Bedford) Ltd of Bedford    

Bull, J of Ashford    

Bull, J of Bedford    

Bull, John

Bull, John & Co of Bedford   

Bull, John & Sons of Bedford    

Bull, John of Bedford    

Bull, Thomas of Bristol    

Bull, William of Walthamstow    

Bullen, Benjamin of Hempnall    

Bullen, Joseph of Pulham    

Bulley, A J of Paington    

Bullingfd of London

Bullingford, Benjamin of Liverpool

Bullingford, C of London

Bullingford, F of London

Bullingford, J of London

Bullingford, R M of London

Bullock, Benjamin of Ayford and Marshfield

Bullock, George H of Richmond    

Bullock, J Jnr of Felixstowe    

Bullock, J of Felixstowe    

Bullock, J N of Ipswich    

Bullock, James of Prescot    

Bullock, John N of Ipswich    

Bullock, John W of London    

Bullock, John of Bishops Waltham    

Bullock, John of Bradford    

Bullock, John of St Helens    

Bullock, P of Ipswich    

Bullock, Robert of Beccles

Bullock, Robert of Haleswth     

Bullock, Thomas of Bath

Bullock, Tom of Chippenham    

Bullock, William of Trowbridge    

Bulman, William John of Fest gate     

Bulmer, Thomas of Liverpool    

Bundock, Arthur Samuel of Hadleigh, Essex    

Bunker, Edward of Holbeach    

Bunn & Dick, of Newcastle    

Bunn, A & Co of Newcastle    

Bunn, Jack Cecil of Ipswich    

Bunston, Thomas of Chard    

Bunton's of Winton    

Bunyan & Gardner of Salford    

Bunyan, Thomas & James of Chorlton on Medlock    

Bunyan, Thomas of Manchester    

Bunyan, Thomas of Salford    

Burbidge Ward & Co Ltd of Chelmsford    

Burbidge, Elizabeth of Manchester    

Burbidge, Henry of Sturminster    

Burbidge, Joseph of Manchester    

Burbridge, H of Sturminster Newton    

Burbridge, H of Melcombe Regis    

Burch, E of West Southbourne    

Burch, R of Maidstone    

Burch, W of Maidstone    

Burch, William of Maidstone    

Burchall, James of St Helens    

Burcham, Percival Henry of Colchester   

Burdall, Annie, Miss of Canterbury    

Burdall, John of Market Deeping    

Burdess, Adam of Coventry

Burditt, John G of Liverpool    

Burditt, John George of Liverpool    

Burdon, Edward of London    

Burdon, George of Gravesend    

Burfield, Robert of Arundel

 Burfield, Sidney H of Bildeston    

Burge, PN of London    

Burger, Adolphus of London    

Burger, Frederick Joseph of Maidstone    

Burgess & Son of Hatfield 

Burgess, Bezeliel of Liverpool    

Burgess, Charles Smith of Ipswich    

Burgess, Charlotte, of Hatfield

Burgess, Daniel of Tilbrook, Huntingdon    

Burgess, E of Wandswth    

Burgess, Edgar H of Rochester    

Burgess, Edward of Bidgwater    

Burgess, Frank A of Cranleigh, Guildford    

Burgess, George of Poole    

Burgess, Henry of Boston    

Burgess, Henry of South Norwood    

Burgess, John of Hatfield 

Burgess, Mary Ann, of Barrow-in-Furness    

Burgess, Richard of Liverpool    

Burgess, Thomas of Hatfield 

Burgess, William of Hatfield

Burgess, William of London    

Burghart, Augustine of Salford    

Burgoyne, T of Lower Tottenham    

Burley, George of London    

Burling, William M of Linton, Cambridge    

Burlingham, J S of Peterbough    

Burlingham, John of Kings Lynn, Norfolk

Burlington, Elizabeth & Co of Kings Lynn    

Burlington, John of Durham    

Burlock, Edward of London

Burman, Samuel of Manchester    

Burn, A of Blyth    

Burn, G of Newcastle    

Burn, Leonard V of Devizes    

Burn, Robert T of Newcastle

 Burnes, Joseph of Barnes    

Burnet, Thomas of Bolton     

Burnett, Arthur L of Frest Row    

Burnett, Charles H of Chiddingford, Godalming    

Burnett, Harold W of Tunbridge Wells    

Burnett, J R of Durham    

Burnett, John Henry of Lincoln    

Burnett, Thomas of Jarrow    

Burnett, William R of Newcastle    

Burnett, William Robert of Newcastle    

Burnett, William of Durham    

Burnish, John of Rochdale    

Burns, Ella, Miss of Southwold

Burns, James of London

Burns, John R of Mold, Flintshire, Wales

Burns, R D of Ashington, Northumberland

Burns, Robert of Melrose, Renfrewshire, Scotland

Burr, John of Bedford

Burr, RJ of Bedford    

Burr, Robert of Rye    

Burr, T of Leighton Buzzard    

Burr, Thomas of Leighton Buzzard    

Burrell Brothers, of West Auckland    

Burrell, AG & Co Ltd of Sheffield, Yorkshire

Burrell, Benjamin of London

Burrell, Benjamin of North Frodlingham

Burrell, George of Sheffield

Burrell, H R of Chertsey    

Burrell, J E of Stockton    

Burrell, John Campbell

Burrell, John of Beverley

Burrell, John of Gateshead    

Burrell, M & Louis of London

Burrell, Mary of Wiston & Lewes

Burrell, Thomas of North Collingham

Burrell, William of London

Burrington, John of Exeter    

Burroughs Burrows, William James of Barbican London

Burroughs, J of Montgomery    

Burroughs, James of Ironbridge and Dawley

Burroughs, John of Newtown    

Burroughs, John of Welshpool    

Burroughs, Joseph of Montgomery   

Burroughs, Rowland K of Dawley

Burrow, Henry of Manchester    

Burrows, A of Wickham Market    

Burrows, Edward of London    

Burrows, Henry of Chorlton on Medlock    

Burrows, James of Ironbridge and Dawley

Burrows, James of London    

Burrows, Peter of St Helens    

Burrows, R & Co of London    

Burrows, R of Prittlewell    

Burrows, Rachael of St Helens    

Burrows, Richard of Liverpool    

Burrows, Robert of London    

Burrows, Thomas of Liverpool    

Burtenshaw, G of Brighton    

Burton and Avenell of Battersea Park    

Burton, A of Hackney    

Burton, Alfred Arthur of Bracknell    

Burton, Alfred of Bury St Edmunds    

Burton, Alfred of Surbiton    

Burton, Emanuel of Kendal

 Burton, Frederick of Louth    

Burton, George of Uttoxeter   

Burton, Henry of Penge    

Burton, Henry of Tquay    

Burton, Isaac of Ulverston    

Burton, James of London    

Burton, John of Great Bardfield    

Burton, S of London    

Burton, S of Peckham    

Burton, Samuel of London    

Burton, Thomas of Hanley    

Burton, W of Grimsby

Burton, William of South Shields    

Burton F of Lewisham    

Burtt, Charles Miller of London    

Burwash, Thomas of London    

Busby & Baxter of Guildford    

Busby and Baxter of Guildford    

Busfield, John Thomas of Torhnley    

Bush, James of London    

Bush, Joseph of Hull    

Bushell, Matthew of Aston by Budworth, Cheshire

 Bushfield, George H of Colne    

Bushman, John of London

Bushman, Joseph of London

 Busley, Daniel of Morecambe    

Bussey, James of Bristol    

Buston, Robert of London

Butcher Brothers of Ross    

Butcher, Benjamin N of Bedford    

Butcher, Fred of Egham    

Butcher, George& William of Ross    

Butcher, H S of Wellingbough    

Butcher, Henry, of Wellingbough    

Butler's of Cheltenham    

Butler, Abraham of Northwich    

Butler, Caleb of Christchurch    

Butler, Charles Cyril of Oulton Broad, Lowerstoft    

Butler, Cuthbert of Blackburn    

Butler, Edward H of Ilford    

Butler, Edward of Tutbury    

Butler, J of Reading    

Butler, Jacob of Bolton 

Butler, James & John of London    

Butler, James of Bolton 

 Butler, W of Chatham    

Butler, William of St Helens    

Butt & Co Ltd of Wrexham   

Butt, Alfred W of Wrexham    

Butt, Francis of Chester

Butt, James of London

Butt, John of Liverpool    

Buttall, John of Plymouth

Butterfield, Fredericik of Liverpool    

Butterfield, Frederick T of Liverpool    

Butterfield, John of Rotherham    

Butterfield, John of Toddmden

Butterfield, Thomas of Liverpool    

Butterill, Harry Bradley of Sheffield    

Butterwth, Samuel of Rochdale

Buttifant, James of Reigate    

Button, A of Wakefield

Button, James of London    

Buxton & Son of Romford    

Buxton, F & Son of Romford    

Buxton, Frederick William of London    

Buxton, George Samuel of Colchester    

Buxton, George W of Manningtree    

Buxton, Henry of West Carnforth    

Buxton, William of Bishop Auckland, Northumberland

Buy, John of Sutton Benger    

Byrne, John of Liverpool

Byrne, John of Liverpool    

Byrne, Thomas Patrick of London    

Byworth, Mary, of London    

Byworth, Thomas J of Uxbridge, London

Byworth, Thomas of London



 We offer the highest possible quality service in a friendly and highly efficient manner.  

Our customer's clocks are fully insured whilst in our keeping and all of our work is fully guaranteed.  

We have the experience and wealth of expertise to restore every kind of antique clock and barometer from the simplest to the most complex, we provide our customers with the highest possible standard of service. 

All our work is carried out within an agreed timescale and at the price quoted keeping you informed every step of the way. 

Customers clocks are personally collected, delivered and set up in any part of the UK and overseas. 

Having restored many hundreds of clocks we are fully conversant with making and replacing missing or damaged parts in the appropriate style and material. 

We work to a strict code of practice and ethics, ensuring that our customers have total peace of mind whilst their clock is in our care. 

We provide a locating or finding service for any type of Clock by a specific named maker or ancestor, we hold a database of hundreds of clocks for sale by maker and type of clock, in addition to receiving notification from worldwide auction houses, dealers and collectors.  

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