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We provide a full restoration and repair service for all types of clocks barometers, and barographs including movements, dials, cases, cabinet work, plating, polishing and lacquers.

 If you are looking to buy a clock, barometer or barograph by a specific maker we provide a sourcing service to find exactly what you are looking for please contact us for further details.  

For any enquiry from a simple repair or major restoration we are happy to help and waiting for you call.

Clock & Watchmaker Research Service 

We provide information on clock and watch makers, the information we can provide is not guaranteed to be all there is to know about the maker, but it is a summary of all the information found in research, that is updated regularly.


The charge for this service is £5.99. If you wish to order a clock or watchmaker research report please click the "Buy Now" button below. You will then be asked to proceed and submit your makers name and payment.


This Service Is Curentley Unavailable


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Once your payment has been made an email with your report will be sent to your email address within 48 hrs.


Cabrier, Charles of London

Cachard, Gaspard of London    

Cackett, William & Thomas of Cranbrook, Kent

Caddick, Richard of Liverpool    

Cade, GW of Colchester    

Cade, Robert of Ipswich

Cain, Charles William of Hallifax    

Cain, Henry Charles of Hallifax    

Cairns Bros of Brampton 

Cairns Family of Berwick-on-Tweed

Cairns, Alexander of Liverpool    

Caldwell, John of Appleton

Calcott Callcott, John, of Cotton

Calderwood, Andrew of London

Calender, Aubrey George of Chatham    

 Callcott, John of Wembley    

Caltenbach, Carl of Hulme    

Caltenbach, Carl of Manchester    

Calver, John of Woodbridge

Calvert, R of Uttoxeter

Calvert, John T of Croydon    

Calvert, Joseph Henry of Hallifax    

Cambridge, Robert of Bath    

Camera & Fuller & Co

Camera Kuss & Tritschler & Co 

Camera, Andrew & Co

Camera, Joseph 

Camera, Lawerence & Co

Camera, Ropp & Co 

Camerer Cuss & Co

Camerer Kuss 

Cameron & Son 

Cameron, Alexander of London

Cameron, Angus of London

Cameron, John Russell of Liverpool    

Cameron, John of Kilmarnock

Camfield, Thomas of Tonbridge-Wells    

Camm, Richard of Stroud    

Cammack, Robert & Son of mskirk    

Cammack, Robert & Son of Skelmersdale    

Cammerer, M of London    

Camozzi, C of Bicester    

Camozzi, E & Son of Bicester    

Campbell & Lumby of Liverpool    

Campbell, Andrew of London    

Campbell, Charlotte, of Leeds     

Campbell, D of Alnwick    

Campbell, Francis of Oswestry

Campbell, John of Glasgow, Scotland

Campbell, John of Birkenhead and Liverpool

Campbell, John of Liverpool    

Campbell, Joseph mcgreg of London    

Campbell, Thomas of Amble,Acklington

Campbell, William of London    

Canadine, Joseph of Stourbridge

Canadine, William of Rotherham    

Candwell, James of Liverpool    

Caney, William of Market Rasen    

Canham, E of Watford    

Canham, William of Hull    

Cannon, Frederick Thomas of Hastings    

Cannon, Robert of London    

Cannon, William of London    

Cannon, William of Wallingford    

Canova, John of Haleswth and Southwold, Suffolk

Canova, RJ of Lowerstoft    

Cansdale, Solomon of Ipswich    

Cant, E Jnr of Canning Town    

Cant, Edward & Son of Canning Town    

Cant, Edward & Son of London    

Cant, Edward of Canning Town    

Cant, Thomas Edward of Canning Town    

Cantoni, Biassio of Horsham    

Cant, George Harry of Sheffield    

Cant, Jacob of London    

Canty, G W of Barton-on-Humber    

Canty, George W of Barton-upon-Humber    

Capeling, Raymond of Haverhill    

Capes, James of Hull    


Capitain and Wehrle of London

Caplan, Solomon of Sheffield   

Capon, George of Leeds    

Caps, Richard of Liverpool    

Capt, Henry (Geneva) of London    

Card, Joseph of London    

Cardwell, Thomas B of Liverpool    

Cardwell, Thomas Bryham of Liverpool    

Cargill, William D of Chesterfield    

Carless, E of Hounslow    

Carley, George& Co of London    

Carley, George of Diss    

Carley, George of London    

Carley, Jonathan of Thetford    

Carley, Richard of Bungay    

Carlhian & Cbiere of London    

Carlin, Issac of Hull    

Carlos, Sidney Jnr of Man Park    

Carman of Tiverton

Carman, Samuel of Harleston ( Redenhall)    

Carmcross, C of Babbacombe, Torquay    

Carmichael, George F of Cullercoats, Whitley Bay    

Carmichael, R of Newcastle    

Carmichael, William of Houghton-le-Spring    

Carmichael, William of Newcastle    

Carmichael, William of Whitley    

Carne & Co of Liverpool    

Carne, SJ of Ipswich    

Carne, Sidney James of Ipswich    

Carnegie, James of Manchester    

Carnes, John of Liverpool    

Carpenter Brothers of Charshalton    

Carpenter, David of London    

Carpenter, Felix E of Walthamstow    

Carpenter, George of Wanstead    

Carpenter, Thomas of London    

Carpenter, Thomas of New Barnet    

Carpenter, W of Banbury    

Carpenter, William of London    

Carpenter, William of Manchester    

Carpenter, William of Salterton, Exmouth    

Carr, Charles James of Liverpool    

Carr, D of Maidstone    

Carr, H of Penge    

Carr, Henry of Penge    

Carr, James of Chipping, Clitheroe    

Carr, James of Chorley    

Carr, James of Garstang    

Carr, John E of Swaffham    

Carr, John of London    

Carr, Joseph of Newcastle    

Carr, Samuel of Birmingham    

Carr, Thomas of Preston    

Carr, W & J of Garstang    

Carr, Wilfred of Stockton

Carr, William H of Liverpool    

Carr, William Henry of Bedford    


Carrick, William of Paisley

Carrington, Thomas of London    

Carroll & Cotton of Rhos    

Carroll, H of Hnsey    

Carroll, Henry of London    

Carroll, James of Widnes    

Carri, B of High Wycombe    

Carri, Benjamin of Wycombe    

Carruthers of Longtown    

Carruthers of Pershe

Carruthers, George of Langholm

Carson & Muter of Manchester    

Carson, Alexander of Manchester    

Carson, David of Chlton on Medlock    

Carson, James of Manchester     

Carson, Samuel of Manchester    

Carswell, George of London    

Carter, AG of Haverhill    

Carter, Albert George of Haverhill    

Carter, Charles of Rochford    

Carter, E of Walton-on-Thames    

Carter, Elizabeth, of Warrington    

Carter, Ernest Letherby of Shoeburyness    

Carter, G of Hitchin    

Carter, George O of Long Melford    

Carter, George of Cambridge    

Carter, George of Cavendish, Sudbury    

Carter, George of Hackney    

Carter, George of London    

Carter, George of Reading    

Carter, George of South Shields and Seaham Harbour

Carter, Harry R of Linton, Cambridge    

Carter, Henry of Long Melford    

Carter, Henry of Rochford    

Carter, Henry of Romford    

Carter, J of Liverpool

Carter, J F of Southminster    

Carter, Jaazaniah of Denston, Newmarket    

Carter, Jaazaniah of Haverhill    

Carter, James R of Hitchin    

Carter, James of Blackpool    

Carter, James of Oldham    

Carter, James of Warrington    

Carter, Jane F of Southminster    

Carter, John of Cnhill, London

Carter, John of Dovercourt   

Carter, John of Harwich   

Carter, Jonathan of Faversham and Herne Bay, Kent

Carter, M of London    

Carter, Mris of Leigh    

Carter, Mris of Rochford    

Carter, Nathaniel of Rayleigh   

Carter, Nathaniel of Rochford   

Carter, Nman of Maidstone    

Carter, Philip of Huntingdon

Carter, Samuel of Stansfield, Clare    

Carter, Samuel of Warrington    

Carter, Stephen of Southminster, Maldon    

Carter, Thomas of Bishop Auckland

Carter, Thomas of London    

Carter, W of Stansfield, Clare    

Carter, William & Son of Andover    

Carter, William & Son of Salisbury    

Carter, William Edward of London    

Carter, William of Exmouth    

Carter, William of Ingatestone    

Carter, William of London    

Carter, William of Reading    

Carters & Cox of Goodmays    

Cartier & Amez-Droz of London    

Cartier, Charles of Liverpool    

Cartmell, John of Kirkham    

Cartwright Family of Chertsey

Cartwright Family of Silverdale, Staffdshire

Cartwright, A of Liversedge    

Cartwright, EM of Maldon    

Cartwright, James of Chertsey

Cartwright, John of Guildford    

Cartwright, John of Horncastle

Carved Longcase cases

Carvell, Ernest of Leytonstone    

Carver, William of Eye    

Cary, George A of Farnworth    

Caryl, John of Crewe    

Casben, Henry of Guildford    

Case, Charles J of London    

Cashme, J of London    

Cashme, John of London    

Cashme, William of Coventry    

Casper, Ellis & Co of London    

Casper, Nathan of London    

Cass, Jacob of Manchester    

Castle, George M of Manchester    

Castle, John Thomas of Stanley, Durham

Castle, Robert of Bath    

Castleberb, M of London    

Catchpole, AO of Brandon    

Catchpole, G of Bishops Stortford    

Catchpool, William of London    

Cater, William of Bury St Edmunds    


Catford, Wiliam of Wellington    

Catherwood, Joseph of London    

Catherwood, Thomas of London    

Catherwood, William of London    

Cathro, G & R of London    

Cathro, George and Robert of London    

Catley, R of Hoole, Chester    

Catlow, Alice, of Clitheroe    

Catlow, William H of Blackburn    

Cato & Co of Manchester    

Caton, Charles of London

Caton, Cyril H of Ely    

Caton, Walter of Springfield, Chelmsford    

Cattaneo, J of Folkestone    

Cattaneo, P of Croydon    

Cattaneo, Peter of Croydon    

Cattauen & Co of Stockton    

Catterall, Jos of Bolton    

Catterall, Peter of Liverpool    

Cattermole, B of Sittingbourne    

Cattermole, BH of Chatham    

Cattlin, Henry of London    

Cattlin, James of London    

Catton, William of London

Cave, Herbert of Boston    

Cave, William H of Winds    

Cave, William John of Eastry and Dover, Kent

Cavell, William of Sevenoaks    

Caven, Robert of Liverpool    

Cawdle, William of Torquay    

Cawley, Robert of Chester    

Cawse, Richard JC of Wimbledon    

Cawson, Elean of Liverpool    

Cawson, James of Liverpool    

Cawson, Mary of Liverpool    

Cawson, William of Liverpool    

Cawthn, John of Lincoln    

Cealey, William of Market Deeping    

Cetti, J of Buckingham    

Cetti, John of Buckingham    

Chadwick, Benjamin of Liverpool    

Chadwick, J of Bury    

Chadwick, James of St Helens    

Chadwick, John of Liverpool    

Chadwick, Joseph of London    

Chalfen, B of Reading    

Chalfern, B of Reading    

Chalfont, John William of London    

Chalfont, Walter William of London    

Chalk, Frederick of Ipswich    

Chalker, J of Dchester    

Chalker, Thomas of London    

Challen, W of Brighton    

Challin, Thomas of Rochdale    

Chalmers, Robert of Yetholm, Roxburghshire

Chalmers, Robert of Yetholm, Roxburghshire

Chambera, Frederick Lovall of Stratford    

Chamberlain, James of Manchester    

Chamberlain, Mary Ann, of Manchester    

Chamberlain, Septimus of Stockport    

Chambers, Den J of Ruckle-Church

Chambers, Frederick William of Epsom    

Chambers, Frederick of Epsom     

Chambers, G & Sons of Colchester   

Chambers, GC of Romford   

Chambers, George Charles of Romford    

Chambers, George of Colchester   

Chambers, J of Highgate    

Chambers, James of Liverpool    

Chambers, John B of Liverpool    

Chambers, John Benjamin of Liverpool    

Chambers, John Thomas of Gateshead    

Chambers, John of Liverpool

Chambers, Octavius Bertram of Warminster    

Chambers, R of Luton    

Chambers, Robert of Little Bolton    

Chambers, W & J of Ruabon    

Chambers, William Henry of Chipping Ongar   

Chambers, William Henry of Ongar    

Chambers, William of London    

Chambley, Edward of Wolverhampton    

Chambley, Francis of Newcastle-Under-Lyme    

Chambley, John of Wolverhampton

 Chambley, William of Tamwth   

Champion, George of London    

Champness, T of Bury St Edmunds    

Chance, John of Chepstow

Chance, John of Stepney

Chandler, Edward of Leamington    

Chandler, GT of Margate    

Chandler, WG of Sudbury    

Chant, James of Brigg    

Chaplin, Robert John H of London

Chaplin, Thomas and William of London, Bury St Edmunds and Lavenham

Chapman & Son of Belvedere    

Chapman's of Ilford    

Chapman, D of Oxford    

Chapman, Daniel of Chatham    

Chapman, E of Chatham    

Chapman, E of Leigh    

Chapman, Elizabeth of Lincoln    

Chapman, George of Lincoln    

Chapman, H & Co  of Chelmsford    

Chapman, H & Co of Chelmsford   

Chapman, Herbert of Chelmsford   

Chapman, J of London

Chapman, J of Llanidloes    

Chapman, J of Watford    

Chapman, JW of Llanidloes    

Chapman, James of Lincoln and Salford

Chapman, James of Liverpool    

Chapman, James of Royston   

Chapman, Jane of Bristol    

Chapman, John of Loughbourogh

Chapman, Josiah of London    

Chapman, LJ of Brighton    

Chapman, Moses of Liverpool    

Chapman, R of Barton-on-Humber

Chapman, Robert of Stockport    

Chapman, Thomas of Gravesend    

Chapman, William Robert of Bath    

Chapman, William of Lincoln

Chapman, William of Metheringham, Kirton Lindsey    

Chapman, William of Sleaford    

Chappuzeau, John Christopher of London

Chappuzeau, Laurent of London

Charle, George of London    

Charles & Co of Liverpool    

Charles & Co of Newcastle    

Charles A Kleiser of Reading 

Charles, Edward & Co of Liverpool    

Charles, John of London    

Charlton, Charles of Canning Town    

Charlton, Edward of West Auckland    

Charlton, James of London    

Charlton, Jesse of Staindrop    

Charlwood, James Samuel & Sons of Eastbourne     

Charman, Peter of London    

Charman, W of Epsom    

Charman, William of Epsom    

Charpentier & Sons of London    

Charter, John William of Hull    

Chartia, Issac of London    

Chartres, Charles of London    

Chase Continuous Cloche Ltd of Bedford    

Chasty, Robert of Hatherleigh    

Chasty, William of Teignmouth    

Chatelain, Elmond of London    

Chater, Jonathan of Watford    

Chater, Richard of London    

Chater, William of London

Chatfield, AW of Wrentham, Lowestoft    

Chatfield, Edward of Longton    

Chatfield, Edwin M of Barrow-in-Furness    

Chatfield, Edwin of Liverpool    

Chatfield, Edwin of Longton    

Chatfield, Ira AD of Woodbridge    

Chatfield, Samuel of Uttoxeter, Staffordshire

Chatfield, W of Wrentham, Beccles    

Chatfield, WA of Kessingham, Lowestoft    

Chatfield, William of Dunmow    

Chauney, Jerome of Birkenhead    

Chawner, Benjamin of Colchester   

Cheeseman, Herbert Francis of Leyton    

Chenery, Frederick of Bungay    

Cheney, J of Thame    

Cherici, Frank of Stockton    

Chesarkie, Arthur of Edinburgh

Chessell, Rodney Gordon of Worthing    

Chester, Cyril Edward of Chislehurst    

Chester, George of Leamington    

Chester, W of London    

Chester, William H of Manchester    

Chester, William of London    

Chesterton, A of Kettering    

Chesterton, J of Wrexham    

Cheswth, John of Prescot    

Chettle, William of London    

Chick, RH of South Wimbledon    

Chick, Revett H of Wimbledon    

Chicks, Samuel of Weymouth    

Chiesman, Benjamin of Altringham    

Child, B of Great Missenden, Berkhampstead    

Child, Benjamin of Missenden    

Child, Henry of Chelmsford    

Child, Robert William of London    

Ching, GC of Ipswich    

Ching, William of Devonport    

Chinn, Edward William of Huddersfield    

Chipping, CJ of Lower Norwood    

Chipping, CJ of Streatham    

Chissell, GB & Son of Bexhill    

Chittock, AR of Ipswich    

Chitty, Caleb of London    

Chivers, J & Son of Marlborough    

Chivers, Samuel of Bath    

Chopping, John of Thnton Heath    

Christian, John of Gosport    

Christian, John of Liverpool    

Christie, George of Wallingford    

Christie, Henry of London    

Christie, James of Bechin, Angus

Christie, Robert Livingston of Leith and Edinburgh

 Christie, William of London   

Christmas, James of Yarmouth    

Christmas, Robert of Walthamstow    

Christmas, W of Plaistow    


Chumbley, Joseph of Sheffield    

Chumbley, William of Retford    

Church, CH of Winchester    

Church, G of Bedford    

Church, Thomas of Gainsbough, Lincolnshire


Churchill, George Joseph of Wooton Bassett    

Churton, Joseph of Whitchurch    

Chuter, E of Farnham    

Chuter, W of Farnham    

Chuter, William of Farnham    

Ciro Pearls Ltd at Robinson & Cleever Ltd of Bournmouth    

Ciro Pearls Ltd of Sheffield    

City Clock Co of London    

City Souvenier Stes of Chester    

Clack, William of Colchester    

Clamp, George of Leamington    

Clamp, James Hill of Colchester    

Clamp, Walter R of Bedford    

Clapham & Nman of Coggeshall   

Clapson, Frederick of Bexley Heath    

Clapson, Frederick of Welling    

Clapson, Lomas of Attercliffe, Sheffield    

Clapson, Lomas of Sheffield    

Clarance, Frederick of Smethwick    

Clare Family of Bedford

Clare, Alfred Howard of Bedford

Clare, Charles Thomas of Bedford

Clare, Daniel of Bedford

Clare, Henry James of London    

Clare, Hugh of Leigh    

Clare, James of Bedford

Clare, Joseph of Bedford and Kimbolton 

Clare, Peter of Manchester

Clare, Samuel of Warrington

Clare, Thomas Pinkerd of Bedford

Clare, Thomas of Bedford

Claridge, George of Chepstow

Claridge, William of Bristol    

Clark, Alan Charles of Bournmouth    

Clark, Barron of Peterbough    

Clark, C of St Ives    

Clark, Charles of Epworth

Clark, E of Man Park    

Clark, EC of Snodland    

Clark, EJ of Melcombe Regis    

Clark, Ebenezer Charles of Egham    

Clark, Edward of Swaffam Pri    

Clark, Edwin of Weymouth    

Clark, Elizabeth,  of London    

Clark, Frank of Montgomery    

Clark, Frederick of Liverpool    

Clark, Frederick of Reading    

Clark, George of London    

Clark, George of Tring    

Clark, Isaac of Peckham    

Clark, J of Farnham    

Clark, James Henry Edward of London    

Clark, James of Bath    

Clark, James of Edinburgh

Clark, James of Frome

Clark, John F & Son of Holbeach    

Clark, John of Caterham    

Clark, John of London

Clark, John of Newcastle    

Clark, Matthew of Roryston    

Clark, Matthew of Swaffam Pri   

Clark, Nathaniel of Crewkrne    

Clark, Peter of Romfod   

Clark, R of Dchester    

Clark, Richard of Horncastle    

Clark, Richard of Spennymo    

Clark, Robert Henry of Royston    

Clark, Robert of Cerne Abbas    

Clark, Robert of Kilmarnock

Clark, Robert of Norwich    

Clark, Theode of Ulverston    

Clark, Thomas of Burton-upon-Trent    

Clark, Thomas of Crawcrook

Clark, Thomas of Epworth    

Clark, WL of Canterbury    

Clark, William R of Lower Norwood    

Clark, William R of Newbury    

Clark, William of Liverpool    

Clarke, Alfred of Chorlton on Medlock    

Clarke, Alfred of Manchester    

Clarke, Arthur John of Luton    

Clarke, CFC & Son of Rochester    

Clarke, Charles of Daventry    

Clarke, Charles of Liverpool    

Clarke, Charles of Lowestoft    

Clarke, EJ of Melcombe Regis    

Clarke, Edwin of London    

Clarke, F of South Norwood    

Clarke, FH of Armagh

Clarke, Frederick of Liverpool    

Clarke, George& Henry of Huddersfield    

Clarke, George W of Oundle    

Clarke, George of London

Clarke, H of Reading    

Clarke, Harry of Bishops Sorttford    

Clarke, J of St Ives    

Clarke, JB Ltd of Bedford    

Clarke, James William of London    

Clarke, James Z of London    

Clarke, John T of Mexbough, Rotherham    

Clarke, John T of London    

Clarke, John of St Helens    

Clarke, Joseph William of Clapham    

Clarke, RB Ltd of Southampton    

Clarke, Rosina, of London    

Clarke, T of Beaumaris    

Clarke, Thomas J of Norwood     

Clarke, W of Daventry    

Clarke, W of Oundle    

Clarke, William & Sons of London    

Clarke, William Staffart & Son of Chatteris    

Clarke, William Staffart of Chatteris    

Clarke, William W of Ampthill    

Clarke, William of Ashton-under-Lyne    

Clarke, William of Coventry    

Clarke, William of St Ives    

Clarkson, George Finlay of Northallerton    

Clarkson, Hewet of Stockport    

Clarkson, John of Liverpool    

Clarkson, Thomas of Beverly, Yorks

Claus, Henry of London    

Claxton, Richard Charles of Brentwood   

Clay Family of Gainsbough and Messingham, Lincolnshire

Clay, Alfred of Boston    

Clay, Thomas of Liverpool   

Claypoole, H & Sons of Boston    

Clayson & Son of Canterbury    

Clayson, Edward Percy of London     

Clayson, F of Canterbury    

Clayson, JW of Ramsgate    

Clayton, Henry A of Blackburn    

Clayton, Henry of Ware    

Clayton, J Bland of Bradford    

Clayton, J H of Darlington    

Clayton, Martin of Manchester    

Cleak, Adam of Bridpt, Dorset

Cleaver, Harold Thomas of Belvedere    

Cleaver, J Thomas of Coventry    

Cleeve, H

Clegg, Benjamin of Salford    

Clegg, Daniel of Manchester

Clegg, Daniel of Manchester    

Clegg, Harry E of Oldham    

Clegg, James of Manchester    

Clegg, Samuel James of London    

Clegg, William of Manchester    

Clemence Freres of London    

Clement, J of Manchester    

Clement, JT & T of Tring    

Clement, JT of Tring    

Clement, John T of Tring    

Clement, John of Manchester    

Clement, Robert Albert of Consett    

Clement, T & J of Tring    

Clements, Arthur Edwin of Northampton    

Clements, E of Hungerford    

Clements, ES of Brighton    

Clements, G of Hammersmith    

Clements, H of Halstead    

Clements, Handley & Co of London    

Clements, Herbert of Halstead    

Clements, James Thomas of Walsall

Clements, John of Oxford

Clements, Robert of London

Clementson, Edward Walter of Leytonstone    

Clementson, Edward Walter of Walthamstow    

Clementson, Edwin of Fest gate    

Cleminson, W of Ovingham    

Clemson, John of Reading

Clerke, Frederick James of London

Clerke, Frederick William of London

Clerke, Frederick of London

Clerke, George of London

Cleverley, Albert Edward & Co of Cambridge    

Cleverley, Albert of Cambridge    

Clewer, William Henry & Son of Todmden    

Clewer, William Henry of Todmorden    

Clewley, Alfred of London    

Clidsdale Clysdale, Robert of Edinburgh

Cliff, Frederick of Liverpool    

Cliff, George of Tutbury    

Cliffd, Francis of Salisbury    

Clifton, J of London    

Clifton, Walter of Walthamstow    

Clifton, William of London    

Cliftonville Goldsmiths Co Ltd of Margate    

Clinton, Richard of Eccleshall   

Clish, Matthew of Durham    

Clitherow, Robert of Chorley    

Clitherow, Thomas of Liverpool    

Cloake, Thomas of London    

Clode, Herbert R of Croydon    

Close, Henry of Liverpool    

Closon, Peter of London

 Clothier, James of London    

Clough, Frank H of Maldon    

Clough, John Arthur of Manchester    

Clough, John J of Bolton     

Clough, John of Bolton     

Clough, Jos of Oldham    

Clowes, F of Bishop Auckland    

Clowes, John of Liverpool    

Clowes, John of London

Clows, John of Liverpool    

Cluley, A of Leytonstone    

Clunes, Robert of Airdrie and Motherwell

Clymer, Marmaduke of Bristol    

Clysdale, Robert of Edinburgh

Coales, CJ of Luton    

Coales, WP & D of Newport Pagnnell    

Coales, William Peck of Newport Pagnell    

Coastguard Watch, John Neve Ltd, of Rye

Coates , James of Horncastle

Coates, Giles of Chedworth

Coates, J & Son of Hereford   

Coates, James H of London    

Coates, James of Middleham    

Coates, John of Cirencester and Tetbury in Gloucestershire

Coates, Richard of Droitwich    

Coates, Richard of Dudley    

Coates, WP & D of Newport    

Coatswk, G of London

Coatswth, Joseph of Middleton-in-Teesdale    

Cobb, George of Ollerton    

Cobb, James L of Liverpool    

Cobb, James of Liverpool    

Cobden, George of leyton    

Cochran & Shaw of Belfast 

Cochran, J And Son of Paisley

Cochran, W of Brighton    

Cochran, William of London    

Cochrane Family of Lurgan, New Ross, Belfast, Ptadown and Tanderagee

Cochrane, George of Ptadown 

Cochrane, Hugh of New Ross 

Cochrane, Samuel of New Ross 

Cochrane, Edward of Belfast

Cochrane, Hugh Hall of Lurgan, New Ross Co Wexfd, Ptadown and Tanderagee 

Cock, Richard of London    

Cockburn, Adam of Haddington

Cockburn, J R of Brighton    

Cockburn, John of Richmond, Surrey

Cockburn, William of Haddington

Cocker, James of Oldham    

Cocker, Robert of Preston    

Cockings, Spencer R of Bridgwater    

Cockshoot, Charles of Liverpool    

Cockshoot, Thomas of Liverpool    

Cockshoot, William of Liverpool    

Cockshut, William of Liverpool    

Cogdon, Thomas Samuel and Son of London

Cogger, Thomas of Hastings

Coghill, H W of Chatham    

Cohan, Asher & Sons of Liverpool    

Cohan, John of Liverpool    

Cohen & Samuel of London    

Cohen, A of Manchester

Cohen, C of Flintshire    

Cohen, D of Newcastle    

Cohen, Daniel of Lincoln    

Cohen, Daniel of Sheerness    

Cohen, David of Sheffield    

Cohen, Ely Joseph of Oldham    

Cohen, Emanuel of Redruth    

Cohen, George of Wigan    

Cohen, H of Wisbech    

Cohen, H of Sunderland    

Cohen, Henrietta, of Salford    

Cohen, Henry of London    

Cohen, Isaac of Hastings    

Cohen, Isaac of Leeds    

Cohen, Jacob of Manchester    

Cohen, Joel of Manchester    

Cohen, John of Manchester    

Cohen, Louis of Newcastle    

Cohen, Mayer of Liverpool    

Cohen, Meyer of Manchester    

Cohen, Meyer of Salford    

Cohen, Mris of Liverpool    

Cohen, Moses of Sheffield    

Cohen, of Connah's Quay    

Cohen, Priscilla of Liverpool    

Cohen, RL of Dover    

Cohen, Samuel of Canning Town

Cohen, Simeon of Liverpool    

Cohen, Solomon of Manchester    

Cohen, Solomon of Norwich    

Coigley, James of Liverpool    

Coiley, James Joseph of London    

Colbeck, William of Louth    

Colbeck, William of Market Rasen    

Colbourne, Walt of Plaistow    

Coldwell, Bertram of Sheffield    

Cole of Devizes

Cole, Lucy, & Frederick of Cambridge    

Cole, Albert - see Cole of Devizes

Cole, Albert J of Tunbridge Wells    

Cole, Frederick & Co of Cambridge    

Cole, Frederick of Newcastle    

Cole, George of Liverpool    

Cole, Harry of Ipswich    

Cole, J & Sons Ltd of Poole    

Cole, J of Sherbne    

Cole, James Ferguson of London    

Cole, John of Sherbne    

Cole, L & F Ltd of Cambridge    

Cole, Richard Stinton of Ipswich    

Cole, Richard of Ipswich    

Cole, Robert & Son of Staplehurst    

Cole, Robert William of Cambridge    

Cole, Thomas of Devizes

Cole, Thomas of London    

Cole, William of Devizes 

Cole, William of Mpeth    

Coleman & Chapman of Liverpool    

Coleman, GA of Oldham    

Coleman, H S of Sandwich    

Coleman, of Manchester    

Coleman, TH of Kington    

Coleman, Thomas H of Kington    

Coleman, Thomas Hall of Kington    

Coleman, Thomas of London    

Colen, Maurice A of Witham    

Coles TC of Southam    

Coles, R of Buckingham    

Coles, Richard of Buckingham    

Colinwood, J of London

Collard, Daniel of London

Collbran, John of London    

Collbran, T of Hailsham    

Colledge Richard of West Ham    

Collett, E of London    

Collett, Jonas of Fakenham    

Collier Benjamin of London

Collier, Archibald of London    

Collier, David of Gatley 

Collier, Osmond Henry of Paulington, Bristol    

Collier, Robert of Blackburn    

Collier, Samual William of Swindon    

Collier, Samuel of Cheadle Bulkeley    

Collier, Samuel of Gatley 

Collier, Thomas of Glossop    

Collier, Thomas of Howard's Town    

Collingridge, John of London    

Collingridge, Thomas of London    

Collings & Tyrer of London    

Collings, Alfred of Thonbury    

Collings, Edward Fras of Bath    

Collings, Harris of Coleford    

Collings, Joseph of Thonbury    

Collings, TG of Dunstable    

Collings, Thomas George of Dunstable    

Collingwood & Co of London

Collingwood & Co of West Hartlepool    

Collingwood & Rainton of Rochdale    

Collingwood & Son Ltd of Sheffield    

Collingwood & Son Ltd of Colwyn Bay    

Collingwood & Son of Middlesbough    

Collingwood, C of Streatham, London

Collingwood, Henry Nelson & Son of Coatham, Redcar    

Collingwood, Matt of Alnwick, Nthumberland

Collingwoods of Torquay    

Collins, Bradley of Herne Bay    

Collins, Charles Alfred of Stanford-le-Hope   

Collins, D of Plaistow    

Collins, James of Stratford    

Collins, John of Chipping Sodbury

Collins, Samuel of Thnbury, Malmesbury and Chipping Sodbury

Collins, Thomas of Botesdale

Collins, Thomas of London

Collins, William of Herne Hill    

Collinson, Benjamin of Kendal    

Collinson, Edward of Butlerknowle, Nthumberland

Collis & Russell of Ipswich    

Collis of Romfd and Brentwood

Collis, WH & Son Ltd of Bury St Edmunds    

Collis, William & Son of Bury St Edmunds    

Collis, William Humphrey of Bury St Edmunds     

Collis, William Robert of Ipswich    

Collyer Benjamin of London 

Collyer, Thomas Robert of Highbridge, Somerset

Collyer, Thomas of Barnet    

Collyer, William of Glastonbury    

Colpman, William A of Wellingbough and Kings Lynn

Coltman, William of Dewsbury    

Colyer, Allen & Son of Guildford    

Colyer, Allen of Witham

Colyer, William of Hertford    

Coman, William Frederick of Seven Kings    

Comber, Joseph of Woking   

Comber, Percy John of Croydon    

Comberbach, ES & Sons of London    

Combernbuch, Edward Stephen of Blackburn    

Combs, Thomas of London    

Comeli and Son of Dudley    

Commander, Samuel of London    

Compagnie, Generale des Hloges Pneumatiques of London    


Comper, Walter Augustus of Hsham     

Compigne, D of Winchester

Compton of Newcastle

Conconi, L of Margate    

Conde, Edward Jacques of Bristol    

Condliff, James of Liverpool   

Condliff, Thomas of Liverpool

Conduit, Harry of Haslemere    

Conen, George of London    

Coneybear, James of Ashburton    

Conles, George of Winds    

Conn, James of Frinton-on-Sea    

Connard, A & Son of Southport    

Connell, R M of Blyth    

Connell, William George of London    

Connell, William of London    

Conner, PO of Dublin

Conneybear, James of Ashburton    

Connold, Thomas of Aylsham    

Connolly, John of London    

Conroy Couch Ltd of Tquay, Devon

 Consitt, Robert of Whitby    

Constable & Tookey of London    

Constadt, Thomas of Trowbridge    

Constantine, William Albert of London    


Continental Jewels of Tquay    

Conway, Andrew & Co of London    

Conway, James of Stockport    

Conway, John of Sturminster    

Conyers, Arthur of Clacton    

Coochey, Charles of Kingston, Surrey

Cook & Burchett of Geneva and London

Cook Brothers of London    

Cook, Bert of Debenham, Stowmarket    

Cook, Charles of Blackburn    

Cook, George of London    

Cook, Isaac of Newcastle-under-Lyme    

Cook, JE of Lancing    

Cook, John Thomas of Hull    

Cook, John of London    

Cook, John of London    

Cook, Joshua of London    

Cook, Matthew of Manchester    

Cook, Richard W of Dunstable    

Cook, Richard Walter of Dunstable    

Cook, T of Newcastle    

Cook, Thomas of London    

Cook, William of Sheffield    

Cooke, Charles of London    

Cooke, Ernest of Sheffield    

Cooke, Frederick D of London    

Cooke, Hannah A, of Southport    

Cooke, Henry W of Walsall    

Cooke, Henry of Manchester    

Cooke, Hace Wilfred of Sheffield    

Cooke, John of Hexham    

Cooke, Lewis H of Croydon     

Cooke, Michael of Jeynsham    

Cooke, Robert of London    

Cooke, William Wilfred of Sheffield    

Cooke, William of Liverpool    

Cookson Brothers of Oldham    

Cookson, Alice, of Liverpool    

Cookson, William of Drypool, Hull    

Cooley, William of Haywards Heath    

Cooling, Alfred of Redhill Surrey

Coombes, Cyril Bernard of Tunbridge Wells    

Cooper Brothers & Sons Ltd of Sheffield    

Cooper Thomas T of London

Cooper, Augustus of New Barnet    

Cooper, Brothers of Leytonstone    

Cooper, Brothers of Walthamstow    

Cooper, Charles Robert of Maidenhead    

Cooper, Charles of Whitchurch, Shropshire

Cooper, E of Manchester

Cooper, Edward of Long Sutton, Wisbech    

Cooper, Edwin James of Ross    

Cooper, Emile of Bath

Cooper, FH of London

Cooper, Frederick R & Son of Colchester    

Cooper, Frederick R of Colchester   

Cooper, Frederick Ryle of Colchester    

Cooper, Frederick of Sheffield    

Cooper, G of Thnaby-on-Tees    

Cooper, George of Great Wakering  

Cooper, Henry of Sheffield    

Cooper, Hace of Leyton    

Cooper, Isaac Dan of Reigate    

Cooper, Isaac Daniel of Colchester    

Cooper, Isaac Daniel of Reigate    

Cooper, James of Croydon    

Cooper, James of Wolverhampton   

Cooper, John Albert of Walthamstow    

Cooper, John T of Leytonstone    

Cooper, John of South Benfleet    

Cooper, Joseph of Eccles    

Cooper, Joseph of Malpas and Whitchurch

Cooper, Richard of Wolverhampton    

Cooper, S of Leiston    

Cooper, Samuel of Preston    

Cooper, Stephen of Wolverhampton    

Cooper, T of New Barnet    

Cooper, Thomas Frederic of London

Cooper, Thomas S of Liverpool    

Cooper, Thomas William of London    

Cooper, Thomas of Derby    

Cooper, Thomas of London    

Cooper, Thomas of Newton-le-Willows    

Cooper, Thomas of Tamwth

Cooper, W of Leytonstone    

Cooper, William G of Burnley    

Cooper, William H of Sheffield    

Cooper, William of Filey    

Cooper, William of Hull    

Cooper, William of London    

Cooper, William of Sheffield    

Cope & Molyneux 

Cope Thomas of Nottingham

Cope, Charles John of London    

Cope, Francis of Radfd, Notts

Cope, G & W of Radfd, Notts

Cope, George& Francis of Nottingham

Cope, George of Radfd, Notts

Cope, Joseph of Nottingham

Cope, Thomas of Nottingham    

Cope, William of Radfd, Notts

Copeland, Robert of Manchester    

Copeland, Samuel H of Stoke    

Copeslake, Henry of London    

Coppel, Zallel of Liverpool

Copple, William & John of Prescot    

Corbet, Brothers of Southend   

Corbet, E of Leigh    

Corbett, Alfred James of Spennymo    

Corbett, Samuel of Coventry    

Corby, Charles of London    

Corby, Thomas of London    

Cordall, Walter of Alcester    

Cordell, M A of Brigton    

Cdingley, William of Leeds    

Cordner, William Henry of Newry, Ireland

Cfield's of Carno    

Corfield, AT of Carno    

Corfield, William of Lichfield    

Corke, William of Wolverhampton    

Corker, D of London    

Corker, DS of Lower Tooting    

Corker, DS of Tooting Graveney    

Corker, Daniel of London    

Cker, John of Newcastle-Under-Lyme   

Corker, John of Stafford    

Corker, Nathaniel of London    

Corker, Thomas of Eccleshall    

Corker, Thomas of Stafford   

Corless, Richard of Stockport

Cornah, James of Lancaster

Cornelius, William Henry of Brighton    

Cornell, Alfred Edmund of Tonbridge    

Cornell, BW of Braintree   

Cornell, Bertie William of Braintree    

Cornell, C M of Royston    

Cornell, EW of Braintree    

Cornell, G & Sons Ltd of Maidstone    

Cornell, G & Sons of Maidstone    

Corner, Benjamin of Richmond    

Cner, Nicholas of South Shields    

Corney,  of Rhyl    

Corney, Harold Austin of Leigh    

Corney, JE of Rhyl   

Corney, Robert of Bourne    

Cornfth, William Barber of Macclesfield

 Cornish, A of Taunton    

Cnish, Alfred of Horley     

Cornu, Leon & Co of London    

Cornwall, James of Liverpool    

Corrall, Francis of Lutterwth

Corrall, William of Lutterwth

Corrie, James of London    

Crie, Philip of Langholm, Dumfries

Corringham, R of Canterbury    

Corsan, Thomas of London    

Corson, James of Liverpool    

Corson, Joseph of Keswick    

Corthn, John of Lincoln    


Coross, William C of London    

Costello, Thomas of Oldham    

Costen, Adam of Kirkham

Costen, William of Kirkham

Costenoble, E of bo

Coster, C of Henley-upon-Thames    

Coster, J of Stoney Stratford    

Coster, James of Maidenhead    

Coster, James of Marlow    

Coston, Edward of Wimbledon    

Cottebrune, Charles & Son of London    

Cottell Brothers of Swindon, Wiltshire

Cottell, Charles of Swindon     

Cotterell, Francis of Belper    

Cotterill, Joshua of Bakewell, Bosnall, Cromford and Wirksworth

Cottingham, Edwin of Thrapston    

Cotton, Joseph William of Barmouth    

Cotton, Richard of Pocklington    

Cotton, William Browne of Yarmouth    

Cottrell & Co of Reading    

Cottrell, FC of Stratford East    

Cottrell, Henry of Stratford     

Couch, Richard of Brixham, Devon

Coughiu, James of Manchester    

Coulebourne, Henry of Liverpool    

Coules, GG of Windsor    

Couls, George of Windsor    

Coulson, Matthew of Gateshead    

Coulten , John of York

Coulter, Arthur William of Woking    

Coulter, Thomas of Alford

Coulton family of Sheffield

Coulton, Francis of York

Coulton, John of Ulverston    

Coulton, John of York

Coulton, Thomas of Ulverston    

Coulton, William of York

Counsell, E of Faringdon    

Counsell, Edwin of Faringdon    

Counsell, Henry of Faringdon    

Counsell, John Webb Francis of Ross    

Counsell, John of Ross    

Count, EL of Ashington    

Count, John Clarke of Sleaford    

County Goldsmiths Ltd of Bedford    

Coupe, Thomas of Manchester    

Coupe Frederick of Harwich    

Courlander, L Ltd of Croydon     

Courlander, Louis of Kingston    

Courlander, N of Richmond    

Courlander, Nton of Richmond     

Court & Co of Leytonstone    

Court, Charles E of Grange-over-Sands    

Court, Cnelius of Leamington    

Court, J of Southwold    

Court, J of Brightlingsea    

Court, Joseph of Bromsgrove    

Courti, Paul jun of Exeter    

Courvoisier Freres of London    

Cousens, Frederick Henry of Hull    

Cousens, Frederick of London    

Cousens, Henry John of London    

Cousins & Sons of Bath    

Couttz, L of Hamilton

Coventry, Henry of London    

Covington, James of Wimbourne, Southampton

Cowan & Burgess of St Helens    

Cowan, Isaac of Birkenhead     

Coward, James of Royston    

Cowburn, Henry of Kirkham    

Cowburn, John of Preston    

Cowderoy, RF of London

Cowderoy, Richard F of London    

Cowderoy, William of London    

Cowdrey, Christopher of Oxted, New Oxted    

Cowell, John of London

Cowen, David of Manchester    

Cowen, M & Co of Manchester    

Cowen, WM & Co of Manchester    

Cowles, Alfred of London    

Cowley, Edwin of Stockton    

Cowley, John Q of Manchester    

Cowlin & Hawkins of Ilford    

Cowlin, H of Ilford    

Cowpe, Jesse of Blackburn    

Cowper, C of Cork

Cox, A of Reading    

Cox, Adam of Reading    

Cox, Adrian of Reading    

Cox, Alfred of London    

Cox, Charles Edwin of Trowbridge    

Cox, Charles Humphrey of Wallingfd, Leamington, Coventry and Northampton

Cox, Edward of Cuckfield    

Cox, Edward of Nottingham    

Cox, F Ltd of Luton    

Cox, Frederick D of Norwood    

Cox, Frederick J of Langport    

Cox, Frederick of Bath    

Cox, Frederick of London    

Cox, Henry of Walthamstow    

Cox, Jason of Long Acre, London

Cox, Joseph of Ilford    

Cox, Martha of Kidderminster    

Cox, Nathaniel of London    

Cox, Richard Wkman of Bristol    

Cox, Robert of Christchurch    

Cox, Stephen of Kidderminster

 Cox, T of London    

Cox, Thomas of London     

Cox, Thomas of Shoeburyness    

Cox, W C of Devonport

Cox, W of Walker, Newcastle    

Cox, William of London    

Coxall, Samuel of Royston

Coxhead, W & Son of Reading    

Coxhead, W of Reading    

Coxhead, William of Reading   

Coxon, E of Alnwick    

Coxon, John L of Liverpool    

Cozens & Son of London    

Cozens, Matthew & Thorpe of London    

Cozens, RL & Sons Ltd of Taunton    

Cozens, Robert Lionel of Taunton    

Cozens, William & Co of London    

Cozens, William & Son of London    

Cozens, William of Enfield Wash    

Crack, Walter of Bury St Edmunds    

Cracknell, John of St Mary Cray    

Cradock, Edward of London    

Crafter, Edward John of London    

Cragg, E N of Colchester    

Cragg, G of London    

Cragg, John of London    

Cragg, William of Sculcoates, Hull    

Cragie, Arthur of Southwold    

Craig, Joseph of Maryport

Craig, James of Johnstone

Craig, John Stuart of Liverpool    

Craig, John of Maryport

Craig, John of Morpeth    

Craig, R M of Newcastle    

Craig, RA of Conway    

Craig, Robert M of Newcastle    

Craig, William of Haltwhistle    

Craighead & Webb of London    

Craigmyle, John of London    

Crake, E of Lowestoft    

Crake, EF of Lowerstoft    

Crake, Edmund Fisher of Lowerstoft    

Crake, Edmund of Loddon    

Crake, John of Surlingham    

Crambrook, William of Deal    

Crambrook, William of Deal    

Cramp, Edward CD of Byfield    

Cramp, J Ltd of Horsham    

Crampton, John of Dublin

Cranage, Alfred of Southport    

Cranage, F of Montgomery    

Cranage, F of Newtown    

Cranage, John of Liverpool   

Cranage, Joseph of Liverpool    

Cranage, Thomas Stokes of Liverpool    

Cranage, Thomas of Liverpool    

Crane, Charles of Bacup    

Crane, George of Worcester    

Craney, George of London    

Cranshaw, Esther of Bolton     

Cranshaw Crawshaw, Andrew of Rotherham

Cranstoun, W of Brighton    

Crapper, Walter of Sheffield    

Crapper, William of Hull    

Crate, George of New Barnet    

Craven, H N of Clacton    

Craw, Alexander of Arbroath

Crawfd, Walton of Pickering    

Crawley, G of Southend    

Crawshaw, Thomas of Retford

Creak, William of London

Creasey, Joseph of Barking    

Creddas, John & Co of Durham    

Creek, David of whittlesfd, Cambridge    

Creek, William of Sawston, Cambridge    

Creek, William of whittlesfd, Cambridge    

Crees, TS of Lyme Regis    

Creighton, John of Broughshane and Ballymena

Cresswell, Edmund of Manchester


Creswick, Richard of Sleaford    

Crewe, Cyrus of Tetbury    

Crewe, Henry of Ledbury, Herefdshire

Crews, Charles F of Plymouth    

Crews, Charles Frederick of Plymouth    

Cribb, T J of Kilburn    

Cribb, William E of London    

Cribb, William of London    

Crick, Christopher Thomas V of Woodfd Green   

Crick, Francis Richard of Newmarket    

Crickmer, PS of Ipswich    

Crickmer, Percy S of Ipswich    

Criggall, W T & Son Ltd of Torquay    

Cripps, ES of Lewes    

Cripps, F of Oxford    

Crisp Brothers of London    

Crisp, William Baker of London    

Crispe, Stedman Sruhbsole of London    

Crispe, Thomas of London    

Critchey, Robert of Liverpool    

Critchley, Joseph of Hyde    

Critchley, Joseph of Liverpool    

Critchley, William of Liverpool   

Critchley, William of St Helens    

Crittenden, Charles of London    

Crittenden, G of Chatham    

Croall Croal, Robert of Alyth, Perthshire

Croasdale, Thomas Roscoe of Bury    

Crocker Brothers of Kingston    

Crocker, J of London    

Crocker, James of Dunster    

Crocker, James of Kingston    

Crocker, LT of Greenwich    

Crocker, Samuel of Kingston    

Crocker, William Henry of London    

Croft, George of Etchingham    

Croft, George of Robertsbridge    

Crofts, James John of London    

Crofts, James of Stratford-on-Avon    

Cromer, Conrad of Basset

Crompton, John William of Wigan    

Croneen, Hace George of Gillingham    


Cronney, Henry of Manchester    

Crook, Albert of London    

Crook, Thomas of Chorley    

Cropper, H of Crowle, Doncaster    

Cropper, Samuel of Nottingham

Crosby, Charles of Colshill    

Cross of London

Cross, AN of Llandudno    

Cross, Charles of Exeter

Cross, Charman of Newcastle    

Cross, Ernest of Sheffield    

Cross, Herbert of Manchester    

Cross, John Henry of Brigg    

Cross, John of London

Cross, Joseph of London    

Cross, M of Walthamstow    

Cross, Percy of Brigg    

Cross, Ralph HB of Rainham, Gillingham, Kent

Cross, Richard of Wallingford    

Cross, Walter of Harwich, Essex

Cross, William Henry of Sheffield    

Cross, William of London    

Cross, William of Manchester    

Crossland, James of London    

Crossley, Catherine of Manchester    

Crossley, Frank of Lincoln    

Crossley, Henry of Manchester    

Crossley, James of Oldham    

Crossman, Frederick of Newton-Abbotts    

Crouch, A of St Albans    

Crouch, AD of Reading    

Crouch, Ben of Cambridge    

Crouch, Charles of St Albans    

Crouch, D of Dover    

Crouch, E & Son of Streatham    

Crouch, E of Brixton    

Crouch, Edmund of Clapham    

Crouch, Edmund of London    

Crouch, George of St Albans    

Crouch, Henry of Glastonbury    

Crouch, J of St Albans    

Crouch, W of Aylesbury    

Crouch, WH of Cambridge    

Crouch, William H of Cambridge

Croudace, John of Durham    

Crout, TF of Leytonstone    

Crow, Edward of Faversham    

Crow, Francis of Margate    

Crow, Henry of Liverpool    

Crow, William of Stratford East, London

Crowdell, Thomas of London    

Crowe, John of Liverpool    

Crowfoot, HJ of London    

Crown, Harry of East Ham    

Crowther, Daniel of Leeds    

Crowther, GT of Coventry    

Crowther, Hannah, of Sheffield    

Crowther, James Walter of Manchester    

Crowther, Joseph of Manchester    

Crowther, Joseph of Sheffield    

Croxall, George of Cambridge    

Croxall, T of Leytonstone    

Croydon & Co of Felixstowe    

Croydon & Sons of Ipswich   

Croydon, CW of Felixstowe    

Croydon, Charles Henry of Ipswich    

Croydon, Charles of Devonport

 Croydon, Frederick George Harry of Colchester   

Croydon, Frederick of Colchester    

Crozier, William Edward of Bexhill    

Cruickshanks, Alex of Liverpool    

Crump, George of Brighton    

Crump, Robert W of Machynlleth    

Crundell, AB of Edenbridge    

Crundwell, J of Edenbridge    

Crundwell, J of Hadlow    

Crundwell, S S of Tunbridge Wells    

Crundwell, S of Tunbridge    

Crundwell, Stephen of Tonbridge-Wells    

Cruttenden, J & G of Burgess Hill    

Cruttenden, Sawyers & Co of East Grinstead    

Cubbin, Richard of Liverpool    

Cubbin, Thomas of Liverpool    

Cuff, William of Shepton Mallet

Cufflin, Robert Stephen & Arthur St Patrick of Nwood    

Cufflin, Robert Stephens of London    

Cull, William B of Dorking    

Cullen, Wm Thos of Guildford    

Culley, George Arthur of Sheffield    

Cullingfd, Percy of Ipswich    

Cullwick, B of Hereford    

Cullwick, Benjamin of Hereford    

Culverwell, Richard, Major of Liverpool    

Culyer, Alfred of Halstead    

Culyer, George of Halstead    

Culyer, S of Halstead   

Cumberbirch & Dutton of Manchester    

Cumberbirch, James of Manchester    

Cumming, James of Falmouth    

Cumming, John & Son of London    

Cumming, John of London    

Cummings, George Wilmer of Middlesbough    

Cummings, J of Battersea    

Cummings, Robert Daniel of London    

Cummins, Thomas of London

 Cummins, AJ of Woodfd Green    

Cummins, Charles of London    

Cummins, Thomas of Stockton, Darlington

Cumpsty, Thomas & Co of Liverpool    

Cundall, JT of London    

Cunditt, R & F of Brighton, Sussex

Cundy, George Albert of London    

Cunningham, F of Luton    

Cunningham, JM of Manchester    

Cunningham, John M of Burnley    

Cunningham, Mary of Wrexham    

Cunningham, R of Liverpool

Cunningham, Robert W of Manchester    

Cunningham, Robert William of Manchester    

Cunningham, VR of Camberley     

Cunningham, VR of Camberley    

Cunningham, William Frederick & Son of Lowerstoft    

Cunningham, William Frederick of Lowerstoft    

Cunningham, William of Lowerstoft    

Cunningham, William of Sanquhar, Scotland

Curle, John of Kelso

Curphey, John of Liverpool    

Curr, George L of Sheffield    

Curr, William of Sheffield    

Curr, William & Son of Sheffield    

Curran, Thomas of Liverpool    

Currer, Robert of Falkirk

Currey, W of Spennymore    

Curreyer, William Barratt of London    

Currie, M of Greenock, Scotland

Currier, William Thomas of Mexbough, Rotherham    

Curry, T & Co of Hexham    

Curry, Thompson of Hexham    

Curryer, T of Brixton    

Curryer, Thomas of Camberwell    

Curryer, Thomas of Clapham    

Curson, Matthew of Wells    

Curtis, Albert Richard

Curtis, F of Dchester    

Curtis, Joseph of Chatteris    

Curtis, William of Battersea    

Curtis, William of Exeter    

Curwen, Thomas of Liverpool    

Curzon, C of London    

Curzon, John of Coventry    

Cushine, John Herbert Archibold of Lowerstoft    

Cutcliffe, Robert of London    

Cuthbert, William of Whitchurch

Cuthburt, RC of Grays    

Cutler, Richard of Blackburn    

Cutme, John of London    

Cutting, Sidney H of Margate    

Cuttler, WH of Brighton    

Cuzner, Henry Lionel of Alcester    

Cuzner, J of Shepton Mallet    




 We offer the highest possible quality service in a friendly and highly efficient manner.  

Our customer's clocks are fully insured whilst in our keeping and all of our work is fully guaranteed.  

We have the experience and wealth of expertise to restore every kind of antique clock and barometer from the simplest to the most complex, we provide our customers with the highest possible standard of service. 

All our work is carried out within an agreed timescale and at the price quoted keeping you informed every step of the way. 

Customers clocks are personally collected, delivered and set up in any part of the UK and overseas. 

Having restored many hundreds of clocks we are fully conversant with making and replacing missing or damaged parts in the appropriate style and material. 

We work to a strict code of practice and ethics, ensuring that our customers have total peace of mind whilst their clock is in our care. 

We provide a locating or finding service for any type of Clock by a specific named maker or ancestor, we hold a database of hundreds of clocks for sale by maker and type of clock, in addition to receiving notification from worldwide auction houses, dealers and collectors.  

Please don't hesitate to contact us with any specific requirements you may have. 

Please call 0800 211 8925 for further details.