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We provide a full restoration and repair service for all types of clocks,barometers, barographs including movements dials, cases, cabinet work, plating, polishing and lacquers.

If you are looking to buy a clock, barometer or barograph by a specific maker we provide a sourcing service to find exactly what you are looking for please contact us for further details.  

For any enquiry from a simple repair or major restoration we are happy to help and waiting for you call.


Clock & Watchmaker Research Service 

We provide information on clock and watch makers, the information we can provide is not guaranteed to be all there is to know about the maker, but it is a summary of all the information found in research, that is updated regularly.


The charge for this service is £5.99. If you wish to order a clock or watchmaker research report please click the "Buy Now" button below. You will then be asked to proceed and submit your makers name and payment.



This Service Is Curentley Unavailable



clock repairs manchester 


Once your payment has been made an email with your report will be sent to your email address within 48 hrs.


D F & Co 

D'Hunty's Patent Electric Watch of Liverpool    



Dabine, William Cox of London

Daddon, William of Modbury    

Dagg, James of Liverpool    

Daglish, Robert P of Liverpool    

Daglish, Robert P of St Helens    

Dagnall, Henry of Prescot    

Dakin, H of Llangollen    

Dalby, Arthur H & Son of Manchester    

Dalby, Arthur Henry of Chorlton on Medlock    

Daldph, Adolph of London    

Daldph, John Adolph of Croydon    

Dale, Edmund of Fordingbridge

Dale, Edmund of Fordingbridge    

Dale, George U of Horsham    

Dale, J of Reading    

Dale, Joseph of Reading    

Dale, William S of West Hartlepool    

Dales, JW of Bridlington Quay    

Dalgety, A of Peckham    

Dalgety, Alex of Peckham    

Dallaway, Thomas of Bexhill

Dalrymple, Robert of Gateshead    

Dalrymple, William of Kilmarnock

Dalton & Garner of West Hartlepool    

Dalton, Daniel of Church Lawford

Dalton, J of London    

Dalton, John of London    

Dalton, P of Llandudno    

Dalton, Thomas of Sheffield    

Dalton, WJ of Coventry    

Daltrey, HJ of Rhyl    

Dalzell, WR of Gravesend    

Damp, John Alfred of Tarring, Worthing    

Damper, W of Tunbridge Wells    

Danby, George of London    

Danby, George of Nortwich    

Dance, F of Ipswich    

Dance, Joseph of Ipswich    

Dando, Thomas of London    

Dane, Thomas of London    

Danell, Joseph of London    

Danels, Thomas of Chelmsford    

Daniel Nicholas of Penzance    

Daniel, FH of Leigh    

Daniel, George of Liverpool    

Daniel, Henry & John of Liverpool   

Daniel, Henry and John of Liverpool     

Daniel, Henry of Bristol    

Daniel, Henry of Faringdon    

Daniel, Henry of London    

Daniel, J & H of Liverpool    

Daniel, Richard Thomas of Penzance    

Danielli, James of London    

Daniels, H & J of Liverpool    

Daniels, John H of Bolton

Daniels, John Thomas of London    

Dann, Charles W of Wisbech    

Dann, Harry of Wisbech    

Dann, Henry of Wisbech    

Dann, James E of Farnham    

Dann, James Edward of Farnham     

Dann, James of Littleport    

Dann, James of Wisbech   

Dann, W of Maidstone    

Darby, Horace of Blackburn    

Darby, John of London    

Dare, Clarence of Guildford    

Dargie, JL of Ramsgate    

Darke, John of London, Holsworthy & Barnstaple

Darling, Charles C of Sheffield    

Darlington of Liverpool

Darlington, John of Burslem    

Darnton, Frederick of Benwell, Newcastle    

Darracott, Claude R of Deal    

Darrell, J of Waterloo, Blyth    

Dart, Henry of London    

Darvill, Walter of Sheffield    

Davall, S & Son Ltd

Davenpt, JW of Manchester    

Davenpt, James of Macclesfield    

Davenpt, John Watson of Liverpool    

Davenpt, Samuel of Wigan 

Davey, Boyd E of Sible Hedingham    

Davey, Daniel B of Great Bardfield, Braintree   

Davey, Daniel of Great Bardfield    

Davey, Daniel of Wethersfield    

Davey, EL of Lewes    

Davey, Edward of Norwich    

Davey, JM of Fakenham    

Davey, James of Liverpool    

Davey, James of Manchester    

Davey, John of Ipswich and Needham Market, Suffolk

Davey, Robert of Kenninghall    

Davey, Thomas of Bradford    

Davey, William of Burnham Market    

David, William of Wellington College Station    

David, William of Wokingham    

Davidson & Essex of London    

Davidson, Adam of London    

Davidson, Edward of Wetwang, York    

Davidson, FH of Manchester    

Davidson, J A of Newcastle    

Davidson, James of Airdrie and Coatbridge, Lanarkshire, Scotland

Davidson, Matthew of Chester-le-Street    

Davidson, Robert of Newcastle    

Davidson, William of Beaumaris    

Davidson, Willima Mris of London    

Davie, Christopher of Linlithgow

Davie, Joseph of London    

Davie, Joshua of London    

Davies Davis, George of Todmorden

Davies, A of Penaenmawr    

Davies, AL of Caergwle    

Davies, Alfred A of Brandon    

Davies, C of Newcastle    

Davies, CW of London    

Davies, Charles William of London    

Davies, Charles of Burnley    

Davies, Charles of Madley    

Davies, Charles of Newcastle    

Davies, Daniel of Cheltenham    

Davies, David of Machynlleth   

Davies, David of St Asaph    

Davies, E of Llanfair Caereinion    

Davies, Edward Snr Ltd of Gilwern, Abergavenny

Davies, Edward & Sons of Colwyn Bay    

Davies, Edward A of Liverpool    

Davies, Edward George of Hereford    

Davies, Edward of Ellesmere    

Davies, Edward of Old Colwyn    

Davies, Emanuel of Salford    

Davies, Ephraim of Mexbough, Rotherham    

Davies, FA of Littlept    

Davies, Francis of Wrexham    

Davies, G of Hereford    

Davies, G of Jarrow    

Davies, George Alfred of Holywell    

Davies, George of Hereford    

Davies, George of Holywell    

Davies, Griffith of Dolgellau Dolgelley, Wales

Davies, H of Coedpoeth    

Davies, Harris of Sheffield    

Davies, Howell of Dolgelley    

Davies, Hugh of Abergele    

Davies, J of South Petherton     

Davies, James of London    

Davies, John of Becon

Davies, John of Chester    

Davies, John of Manchester    

Davies, Owen of Llanidloes   

Davies, P of Abergele    

Davies, Peter of Torquay    

Davies, Pierce of Abergele   

Davies, R & Son of Blaenau Festiniog    

Davies, R Saunders of Penmaenan    

Davies, R of Llandaniel    

Davies, R of Newtown    

Davies, RP of Blaenau Festiniog    

Davies, RS of Abergele    

Davies, Robert & Son of Blaenau Festiniog    

Davies, Robert of Festiniog    

Davies, Robert of Llandaniel Fab    

Davies, Theophilus of Llanrwor   

Davies, Thomas of Liverpool    

Davies, U of Hereford    

Davies, Uvedale of Weobley    

Davies, William J of Harlech

Davies, William of Shiffnall    

Davis, A of Oxford    

Davis, A of Clapham    

Davis, Aaron D of London    

Davis, Albert C of Stamfod    

Davis, Albert of Sheffield    

Davis, Alexander of Chichester

Davis, Ann of Leominster    

Davis, Arthur James of Cambridge    

Davis, D & Co of Woolwich, London

Davis, David Aaron of London    

Davis, David of London    

Davis, E of Worthing    

Davis, Edwin of Bradford    

Davis, Elias of Sheffield    

Davis, Evan of Runcorn    

Davis, H & A of East Ham    

Davis, Henry & Co of London, Canada

Davis, JP of Boston    

Davis, James of Cambridge    

Davis, James of London    

Davis, John Frederick of London    

Davis, John of Chesterfield    

Davis, John of Dublin

Davis, John of Wolverhampton    

Davis, John, of Peterbouorgh    

Davis, Joseph, of Chesterfield    

Davis, Leslie of Bournmouth    

Davis, N of Brighton    

Davis, Rosa, of London    

Davis, S H & Son of Westcliff   

Davis, Stanley Harold of Westcliff    

Davis, T of Gateshead    

Davis, Thomas of Bath    

Davis, Thomas of London    

Davis, Thomas of Worcester    

Davis, W & J of London

Davis, William & Son of Birmingham

Davis, William Clifford of Swindon    

Davis, William Henry of London    

Davis, William Henry of Stratford    

Davis, William Henry of Wellington    

Davis, William of London    

Davis, William of Shifnal

Davis, William of Shrewsbury

Davison of Newcastle-upon-Tyne

Davison, E of Beaumaris    

Davison, Elizabeth of Beaumaris    

Davison, Evan of Beaumaris    

Davison, George of Wooley

Davison, J of Willington    

Davison, W & E of Kettering    

Davison, W of Kettering    

Davison, William of Baumaris   

Davison, William of London

Davy, C of Oxford    

Davy, Charles of Stockport    

Davy, Elijah & Son of Yarmouth    

Dawes of Whitehaven    

Dawes, Arthur of Fest gate    

Dawes, CG of Stoke Newington    

Dawes, James of Attlebough    

Dawes, John of Whitehaven    

Dawes, W of Stoke Newington    

Dawes, WJ of Stoke Newington    

Dawes, William Matthias of London    

Dawes, William of Gravesend    

Dawkin, J & F of Southend    

Dawkins, Fras E of Richmond    

Dawkins, Fraser of Richmond    

Daws, Richard of Devonport    

Dawson & Son of Halesworth    

Dawson, C of Colchester   

Dawson, Charles O of Cavendish, Sudbury    

Dawson, Charles O of Clare    

Dawson, Charles W of Hoddesdon    

Dawson, Charles of Boxford, Colchester     

Dawson, Charles of Collis, Clare    

Dawson, Charles of Groton, Colchester     

Dawson, Cyril of Sheffield    

Dawson, David Andrew of Oldham    

Dawson, Edward Charles of London    

Dawson, Frith George of Boxford, Colchester     

Dawson, Frith of Boxford, Colchester     

Dawson, George Walter of Halesworth    

Dawson, George of Sudbury    

Dawson, HS of Bolton     

Dawson, James of Bradford    

Dawson, John W of Sheffield

Dawson, Stewart & Co of Liverpool & London

Dawson, Stewart of Rotherham

Dawson, Thomas Henry of Oldham    

Dawson, William H of Putney    

Dawson, William Henry of Putney    

Dawson, William Henry of Stockton    

Dawson, William P of Leintwardine    

Dawson, William of Holbeach    

Dawson, William of Sheffield    

Dawson, William of boor

Day, EJ of Westcliff    

Day, Edwin & Son of Ramsgate    

Day, FW of Canterbury    

Day, Henry James of London    

Day, Henry James of Stratford East    

Day, Henry William of Braintree    

Day, Henry of London    

Day, Henry of Saffron Walden   

Day, Herbert of Cambridge    

Day, James and Son of Stratford East    

Day, John of Hadleigh, Essex    

Day, John of London    

Day, John of Rochford    

Day, John of Wakefield, Yorkshire

Day, S of Peckham    

Day, Richard T of Ramsgate    

Day, Thomas of Kensal Green    

Day, Thomas of Liverpool    

Day, Thomas of London    

Day, William Henry of Dewsbury    

Daykin, Jonathan of Skipton, Yorkshire

De Boo, Philip of London    

De Boo, William of London    

De Charmes Simone of London & Paris

De Fontaine, Louis of London

De Frece, Jacob of London    

De Frece, Jacob of London    

De La Cour, G of Chatham    

De La Fons, John of London    

De La Salle, James Thomas of London    

De La Salle, Thomas of London    

De Lannoy, Andren of London

 De Leenw, Gustave of Leyton    

De Pury, Henry Edward of London

De Raay, Franz of London    

De Raay, John H of Reading    

De la Salle, James of London    

Defontaine, LW of London    

Desolla, Jacob & Son of London    

Deacon & Son of Swindon

Deacon, CA of Lower Norwood    

Deacon, CA of West Norwood    

Deacon, E & Sons of Luton    

Deacon, Edwin of Luton    

Deacon, George& Son of Swindon

Deacon, Henry of Westbury    

Deacon, Hubert John & Son of Swindon

Deacon, John of Leicester    

Deacon, John of London

Deacon, Joshua & Son of Swindon

Deacon, Michael & Son of Swindon

Deacon, Richard & Son of Swindon

Deacon, Samuel  of Barton in the Beans

Deadman, Joseph Edward of Beckenham    

Deal, John of Richmond, Surrey

Deal, William of London    

Dean Charles of Liverpool    

Dean, Charles of Bradford     

Dean, HC & Co  of Sheffield    

Dean, Henry of Bury St Edmunds    

Dean, Henry of Stockport    

Dean, J of Walthamstow    

Dean, John of Accrington    

Dean, John of Leigh    

Dean, Richard of Leigh    

Dean, Thomas of Eccles    

Dean, Thomas of London    

Dean, William of Leigh    

Dear, J G of Baldock    

Dearden, Charles of Manchester    

Dearing, F of Esher    

Dearing, FT of Kingston    

Dearing, Frederick of Claygate, Esher    

Dearling, C of Croydon    

Dearling, GW of Croydon    

Dearling, George H of Carshalton    

Dearling, George William of Croydon    

Dearling, Goodwin of Beckenham    

Dearling, Goodwin of Purley    

Deaves, Richard of Whitchurch

Debenham, Ernest of Tiptree    

Debert, Peter of Liverpool    

Debnam, C of Bishop Stortford    

Debnam, Charles William of Bishop Sorttford    

Debnam, Charles of Newport, Essex    

Debney, James of Manchester    

Debney, James of Wednesbury    

Decks, Thomas of Warboys    

Deeble, Richard of Cork

Deeley, M of Tquay    

Defries, Jonas & Sons of London    

Degan, Joseph of Balham    

Degen, Joseph of Balham    

Dehler, H of Southampton    

Delagarde, Gustavus of London    

Delander, Daniel of London

Delaour, George of Chatham    

Delasons, John of London    

Delicate, Thomas G of Esher    

Delicate, Thomas of Esher    

Dell, Isaac of Bristol

Dell, T of Harrow    

Dell, Thomas of Harrow    

Dellesser, Ellis of Liverpool    

Deloche, Constantine of London    

Delolme, Henry of London    

Delve, John of Barnstaple    

Dempsey, James of Hallifax    

Dench, William E of Horsham    

Denham, Charles of Durham    

Denham, John Barden of London    

Denise Michele Ltd of Torquay    

Denman, Edward George of London    

Denman, George Frederick of London    

Denne, John of London    

Dennett, James of St Helens    

Dennett, John of Wigan    

Dennett, Richard of Newport, Isle of Wight    

Denning & Henderson of London    

Dennis, John of Great Trington    

Dennis, John of Trington    

Dennison Watch Cases

Dent, E & Co of London 

Dent, E J & Co

Dent, Frederick of London    

Dent, James of Kendal

Dent, John George of London    

Dent, John Jarvis of Brigg    

Dent, M F

 Dent, Raymond of Sheffield    

Dent, Richard Edward of London    

Denton, Joseph of Liverpool    

Denton, Joseph of Stoke-upon-Trent    

Denton, Joseph of Winds    

Denton, Rebecca, of Windsor    

Denton, William of Sheffield    

Denz, Charles of Liverpool    

Denz, Rose, of Liverpool    

Depree, Elias, E of London

Dermont, Richard William of London    

Derwood, William of London

Des Granges, Peter of London    

Desbois & Sons of London    

Desbois & Wheeler of London    

Desbois, Daniel of London    

Desilva, William of Liverpool    

Despres, Alfred of Liverpool    

Deunett, Ann of Liverpool    

Deutch, A of Liverpool    

Devall, M of Colchester    

Devall, W M of Colchester    

Devall, William Maples of Great Bentley    

Deverell, John of Winslow

Devoto, B of London    

Dewar, J D of Newcastle    

Dewey, William of London    

Dewhurst, Thomas Firth of Hull    

Dewhurst, Thomas of Hull    

Dewhurst, William Bolton of Clitheroe    

Dewitt & Talbot of Warwick    

Dewsnap, George of Manchester    

Dexter, Charles of Market Rasen    

Dexter, James C of Boston    

Deykin Deakin, Henry of Worcester

Di-nitto, Nicola of Sheffield    

Dinitto, N CMBHI of Sheffield    

Diamond, Susannah of Harwich    

Diamondstone Mandelson of Sunderland    

Diamondstone, Mendleshon of Blyth    

Dibdin, George Michael of London    

Dibley, W of Rye    

Dickason, JT of Richmond    

Dicken of Cambridge

Dicken, William of Newcastle-Under-Lyme    

Dickinson, David T of Dovercourt    

Dickinson, Frederick C of London    

Dickinson, Henry Stanley of Chippenham    

Dickinson, Matthew of Newcastle    

Dickinson, Matthew of Nth Shields    

Dickinson, T of Amble, Acklington    

Dickinson, Thomas of Boston, Lincolnshire

Dickinson, W D of Durham    

Dickinson, Walter Arthur of Ipswich    

Dickman, John of MWShe Sunderland    

Dieck, Henry Von of London    

Diesch, A of Melcombe Regis    

Diesch, Alfred of London    

Diettinger, Edmund of Kings Langley    

Diger, William of Peterbough    

Dilger, A of Mold    

Dilger, Blasins of London    

Dilger, Emil of London    

Dilger, G of Canning Town    

Dilger, John W of Sheffield    

Dilger, John of London    

Dilger, John of Sheffield    

Dilger, M & W of London

Dillistone, Edward of Royston    

Dillistone, Harry of Esher    

Dillon, OS of London    

Dimier Brothers & Co of London    

Dimmer & Son of Chester    

Dimmock, James of Cambridge    

Dingle, WE of East Ham    

Dingley, Geoffrey Frederick of Clacton    

Dingley, Leonard of Atherstone    

Dinion, L of Newcastle    

Dinion, Louis of Newcastle    

Dinitto, Frank CMBHI of Sheffield    

Dinitto, Frank of Sheffield    

Dinsdale, George of Blyth    

Dinsdale, Robert of London    

Dipple, George Henry of Woodford Green    

Disme, Thomas of Liverpool    

Dison, Jeremiah James of Potton and Cambridge

Ditchfield, T of London    

Dittman, Theode of London    

Dixon, George of Sheffield    

Dixon, James of St Helens    

Dixon, William of London

Dixon, William of St Helens    

Dixon, William of Whitehaven, Cumbria

Dobb, Henry of Helston    

Dobbie, John of Calton, Glasgow

Dobbie, Robert of Felixstowe    

Dobbie, Thomas of Glasgow

Dobbie, W & G of Glasgow 

Dobbie, William of Falkirk

Dobbin, A of Luton    

Dobbs, Albert Edward of Hull    

Dobbson, William of Liverpool    

Dobbyn, George of Dublin

Dobell, E of Hastings    

Dobell, J of Canterbury    

Dobie, John of Tanfield

Dobson, Arlander of London

Dobson, Benjamin of Weston-super-Mare    

Dobson, J of Sheffield    

Dobson, Richard H of Leeds    

Dobson, W of Cowpen Quay,Blyth

Dobson, William of Blyth    


Dodd Brothers of Liverpool    

Dodd, E of Daventry    

Dodd, Edward of Blyth    

Dodd, Edward of Devonport    

Dodd, Joseph of Walthamstow    

Dodd, Philip George& Son of London    

Dodd, William of London    

Dodds, John of Sunderland    

Dodds, Joseph of Kirton    

Dodds, Thoms E of Heaton, Newcastle    

Dodge & Co of Manchester    

Dodge, Edward of Stowmarket    

Dodge, W & M of Manchester    

Dodson, William of Norwich    

Doe, Ronald P of Gillingham    

Doggett, Bertie Frank of Cambridge    

Doke, Richard of Liverpool    

Doke, Richard of Prescot    

Dolby, Thomas of East Dulwich    

Dold, A of Rochester    

Dold, Albert of Grimsby    

Dold, Anton of Grimsby    

Dold, Edwin of Canning Town    

Dold, George of Manchester    

Dold, Julian of Liverpool    

Dold, P of Maidstone    

Dold, Thomas of Merthyr Tydfil, Glamgan, Wales

Dold, V of Newcastle    

Dold, Vict of Heaton, Newcastle    

Dolding, Edward of East Ham    

Dollery, J of Dking    

Domaille, Charles Henry of Colchester    

Dommen, Henry P of Croydon    

Donagon, William of Cambridge    

Donald, Adam of Newcastle 

Donald, George of Newcastle

Donald, James (& Son) of Newcastle

Donald, John of Newcastle 

Donald, Robert of Newcastle 

Donaldson, George of London    

Donaldson, JF of Newmarket    

Doncaster, Samuel of Burslem    

Donisthpe, Joseph of Leicester    

Donisthpe, Richard of Loughbough    

Donkin, T of Scarbough    

Donkin/Donking, Gerard of Liverpool, Lancashire

Donking, James of Liverpool    

Donne, Lewis of London    

Donohoe, George of Southampton    

Donwth & Co of Hull    

Doodson, George of Liverpool    

Doogood, Robert of Leominster    

Dooley, James

De, Henry of Manchester    

Dey & Lester Co of Kilburn, London

Dmain, DA of Southend    

Dning, Robert of Devonpt    

Drell (Drill) Family

Drell, Francis of London 

Drell, John of London

Drell, Maximilian of London

Drell, William of London

Dvey, George of London    

Dosser, Thomas of Slingsby, York    

Dotter, Richard of Bromley    

Dotter, Richard of Chislehurst     

Dougherty, JH of Huddersfield    

Doughty, Joseph of Workshop    

Douglas, Andrew of Whitehaven    

Douglas, Daniel of Whitehaven

Douglas, James of Egham, Chertsey, Surrey

Douglas, Nathaniel of Whitehaven    

Douglas, Robert of Liverpool    

Douglas, William Henry of Stourbridge

Douglas, William of Jedburgh

Dow, Alex of London    

Doward Family of Farnwth, Widnes

Doward Family of Farnwth, Widnes

Doward, William of Farnwth, Widnes 

Dowling, William of Liverpool    

Down, J G of Sevenoaks    

Down, Robert of Bideford    

Downes, Robert of London    

Downes, William of Liverpool   

Downey, John of London    

Downham, JS of Wimbledon     

Downing, Arthur of Manningtree   

Downing, David W of Manchester    

Downing, Frank of Wimbledon    

Downing, T of Colchester    

Downing, Thomas of Colchester    

Downing, William of Walthamstow    

Downs Downes, Valentine of Louth, Lincolnshire

Downs, Albert of Kemptown, Brighton    

Downs, Benjamin of Mansfield

Dowsett, Charles of Margate    

Dowsing, WA of Blyth    

Dowsing, William of Halesworth     

Dowsing, William of Waterloo, Blyth    

Dowson, T of Bishop Auckland    

Doyle, John of London    

Doyle, Lawrence Joseph of Liverpool    

Drage, John of Leighton Buzzard    

Drage, William H of Northampton    

Drake, C of Heaton, Newcastle    

Drake, C of Newcastle    

Drake, Edwin of Hallifax    

Drake, Henry Joseph of London    

Drake, Richard of Beaminster    

Drake, Samuel of Reading    

Drake, Sl of Reading    

Drakefd, Edward of Congleton    

Drakefd, John of Congleton    

Draper, Henry of London    

Draper, Henry of Manchester    

Draper, John of Maldon

Draper, Thomas of London    

Dray, Percy Thomas of Hythe    

Draycot, Thomas of Chard    

Draycott, Samuel of Burnham Market    

Drayton, J of Chard    

Drayton, James of Taunton, Somerset

Dreher, Gottlob of Ptishead    

Drescher & Son of Kingston    

Drescher Dreschler, John of Hull, Headon and Hutton

Drescher, Edward of Hull

 Drescher, Joseph A of Hull

 Drescher, K of Kingston    

Drescher, NB of Hull

Drescher, Pius of Hull

 Drescher, Simon of Manchester

Dresser, Herbert B of Manchester    

Drielsma, George of Liverpool    

Drielsma, Isaac Jones of Liverpool    

Drielsma, Maurice of Liverpool    

Drielsma, Simon of Liverpool    

Drinkwater, Alfred Henry of Coventry

Drinkwater, Charles of Manchester    

Driver, Henry of Keighley

Droyton, J of Chard    

Druce, Charles of Carshalton    

Drukker, Meyer of London    

Drummer, Edward L of Bogn Regis    

Drummon, Thomas of Liverpool    

Drummond, JM of London

Drury, Francis of Liverpool    

Drury, Frank of Sheffield    

Drury, W J of Mayfield    

Drury, William Edward of Hull    

Dryden, G of London    

Dryden, George Henry of Berwick    

Dryden, James of London    

Dryden, James of Thnton Heath    

Dryland, E of Gillingham    

Du Hamel, Isaac of London

Dubail, Monnin, Frossard & Co of London    

Ducker, Henry of London    

Duckett, Charles of Stoke-upon-Trent    

Dudgate, Richard of London    

Dudman, Thomas of London    

Duerre, Charles William R of London    

Duesbury, Samuel of Salfd    

Duff & Nephew of Liverpool    

Duff, David of Edinburgh

 Duff, James & Son of London    

Duff, James of London    

Duff, John of Manchester    

Duff, William of Liverpool    

Duffield, Francis of London    

Duffner & Son of London    

Duffner, Edmund of Manchester    

Dufner, Bennett of Coventry    

Duggins, E of Leamington    

Duggleby, WH of Scarbough    

Duke, James of Manchester    

Duke, Joseph of Denbigh    

Dukes, G of Canterbury    

Dumbell, John of Liverpool, Lancashire

 Dumbell, John of Wolverhampton    

Dumbell, Joseph of Liverpool, Lancashire

Dumbell, Joseph of Rochdale    

Dumbell, Nathaniel of Wolverhampton   

Dumbell, Samuel of Wolverhampton    

Dumbell, William H of Liverpool, Lancashire

Dumbell, William of Prescot    

 Dumville, John Winter of St Ives, Huntingdonshire 

Dumville, John of Alderley 

Dumville, John of Chelford 

Dumville, John of Nether Alderley, Cheshire

Dumville, John of St Ives, Huntingdonshire

Dumville, Nathaniel of Alderley and Wilmslow

Dumville, Nathaniel of Stockport 

Dun, James of Acrom, Scotland

Duncan, Alexander of Elgin

Duncan, Alfred Ernest of Sheffield    

Duncan, James of London

 Duncan, T of Nth Shields    

Duncan, W of Llandudno    

Duncan, William Rankin

Dunderdale, Charles of Keighley    

Dungey, David I of Wthing    

Dunkley, Thomas of London    

Dunn, Charles of London    

Dunn, J W of Shildon    

Dunn, Richard of Boston    

Dunn, Robert of London    

Dunn, S E of Canterbury    

Dunnett, Fitzwilliam Sparling of Southend    

Dunning, John of Great Ayton    

Dunsfd, Jas Emmanuel Baker of Swindon    

Dunsgate, Frs of Holt    

Dunstall & Co of Gravesend    

Dunstone, William of Hetton-le-Hole    

Dunswell, James of Eccleshill    

Dunwell, John of Leeds    

Duplock & Wiggins of London    

Duplock, Charles of London    

Dupree, E of London

Dupree, Elias of London

Dupree, Elie of London

Dupree, GW of Camberwell    

Dupuy, George of Canning Town    

Durden, John of London    

Durham, William of Dunbar

Durran & Carter of Reading    

Durran & Son of Reading   

Durran, BP of Daventry    

Durran, EH of Banbury    

Durran, JH of Banbury    

Durran, A of Banbury    

Durrant Brothers of Croydon    

Durrant, Arthur John of Colchester   

Durrant, Arthur of Brightlinsea    

Durrant, Henry W of Dover    

Durrant, JJ & Son of London    

Durrant, JP of Anerley    

Durrant, John Thomas of Thnton Heath    

Durrant, OP of Croydon    

Durrant, Richard of Beccles    

Durrant, Richard of London    

Durrant, SC & Son of Guildfd    

Durrant, Solomon Joseph Augustine of South Nwood    

Durrant, T of Croydon    

Durrant, William of London    

Durre, Randolph of London    

Dutch, Lesser of Liverpool    

Dutront of Beaumont

Dutterau, John of London    

Dutton of Fleet Street, London

Dutton, Abraham of Hanley and Shelton    

Dutton, Abraham of Hanley    

Dutton, CR of Chester    

Dutton, Edward of Tipton    

Dutton, Fanny of Walsall    

Dutton, Frederick N of Bromsgrove    

Dutton, George S of Manchester    

Dutton, James of Manchester    

Dutton, John of Liverpool    

Dutton, Joseph of Chester    

Dutton, Matthew of Fleet Street, London

Dutton, Thomas, London

Dutton, Thomas of Longton    

Dutton, Thomas of Walsall   

Dutton, W & Sons, London

Dutton, William, London

Dutton, William of Manchester    

Dwerrihouse & Bell of London    

Dwerrihouse & Carter of London

Dwerrihouse & Ogston of London

Dwerrihouse, Bell & Son of London    

Dwerrihouse, John of London

Dwerryhouse, James of Liverpool

Dye, JR of Lowerstoft    

Dyer, Caleb of Northampton    

Dyer, Ernest of Eastbourne    

Dyer, Harry of Eastbourne    

Dyer, James of Sutton   

Dyer, John Benjamin of London    

Dyer, John of Bath    

Dyer, William of Barnstaple

Dymond, Charles of Devonport    

Dyson, Humphrey of Manchester    

Dyson, John of Leeds

Dyson, Thomas of Sheffield    

Dyton, John of Harrow  



 We offer the highest possible quality service in a friendly and highly efficient manner.  

Our customer's clocks are fully insured whilst in our keeping and all of our work is fully guaranteed.  

We have the experience and wealth of expertise to restore every kind of antique clock and barometer from the simplest to the most complex, we provide our customers with the highest possible standard of service. 

All our work is carried out within an agreed timescale and at the price quoted keeping you informed every step of the way. 

Customers clocks are personally collected, delivered and set up in any part of the UK and overseas. 

Having restored many hundreds of clocks we are fully conversant with making and replacing missing or damaged parts in the appropriate style and material. 

We work to a strict code of practice and ethics, ensuring that our customers have total peace of mind whilst their clock is in our care. 

We provide a locating or finding service for any type of Clock by a specific named maker or ancestor, we hold a database of hundreds of clocks for sale by maker and type of clock, in addition to receiving notification from worldwide auction houses, dealers and collectors.  

Please don't hesitate to contact us with any specific requirements you may have. 

Please call 0800 211 8925 for further details.