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We provide a full restoration and repair service for all types of clocks,barometers and barographs including movements, dials, cases, cabinet work, plating, polishing and lacquers. 

If you are looking to buy a clock, barometer or barograph by a specific maker we provide a sourcing service to find exactly what you are looking for please contact us for further details.   

For any enquiry from a simple repair or major restoration we are happy to help and waiting for you call.


Clock & Watchmaker Research Service 

We provide information on clock and watch makers, the information we can provide is not guaranteed to be all there is to know about the maker, but it is a summary of all the information found in research, that is updated regularly.

The charge for this service is £5.99. If you wish to order a clock or watchmaker research report please click the "Buy Now" button below. You will then be asked to proceed and submit your makers name and payment. 


This Service Is Curentley Unavailable


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Once your payment has been made an email with your report will be sent to your email address within 48 hrs.


FH Cartwright of Chertsey Fackler

Fagg, Jacob of Folkestone    

Fagg, John of Margate

Fagg, William of Ramsgate

 Faiers, Edward of Colchester    

Faiers, Edward of Dedham, Colchester    

Faiers, Edward of Dedham    

Fair, John of Chirnside and Berwick

Fairall, Samuel of Disley, Cheshire

Fairbairn, John of Durham    

Fairbrother, Henry James of Stockport    

Fairclough, George J of Leytonstone    

Faires, Samuel of Hadleigh    

Fairey, J of Lyme Regis    

Fairey, J of Portland    

Fairey, J of Melcombe Regis    

Fairey, John & Son of London    

Fairey, John of London    

Fairey, Richard of London    

Fairgrieve Brothers of Alnwick    

Fairhurst, John of Liverpool    

Fairweather, Bertie of Woodbridge    

Fairweather, Thomas of Gateshead

Faith, AJ of Chichester    

Faith, G of Chichester    

Faith, George of Chichester    

Faithfull, Frederick of London    

Falk, D of Newcastle    

Falk, David of Manchester

Falk, Marcus of Newcastle    

Falkston, Lewis of Falmouth    

Fall, Richard of Manchester    

Faller & Hettich of London    

Faller George of South Norwood    

Faller, A of Battersea    

Faller, Benedict of Leeds    

Faller, George of South Norwood    

Faller, Lenz of London    

Faller, P & Co of Northampton    

Faller, Samuel of Newcastle    

Fallow, Jos of Newcastle    

Fallow, Martin of Newcastle    

Fallows, John Baptist of Manchester    

Fane, John of London    

Fardon, J of New Woodstock    

Fardon, J of Woodstock    

Farebrother, James E of Liverpool    

Farebrother, William T of London    

Fargher, William of Liverpool    

Farmer Family of Stockton, Durham

 Farmer, EC of Winchester    

Farmer, R of Maidstone    

Farmer, Thomas of Stockton, Durham

Farmer, William of Stockton, Durham

Farnham, J of Bridport    

Farnham, J of Lyme Regis    

Farnham, M of Bridport    

Farnham, Thomas of Bridport    

Farnworth, John of Liverpool   

Farnworth, Thomas of Blackburn    

Farquhar, William of London

Farquharson, Donald of Perth

Farr, George Melson of Rye    

Farr, John of walsall

Farr, Thomas Joseph of Sheffield    

Farr, Thomas of Broad St Bristol

Farr, William Henry of London    

Farran, Henry W of Colchester    

Farrar, George T of Liverpool    

Farren, J of Battersea    

Farren, James E of East Molesey    

Farren, James of East Molesey    

Farrer Farrar, Jonathan of Halifax

Farrer, George Thomas of Liverpool    

Farrer, George of Tunbridge Wells, Kent

Farrer, John of Pontefract

Farrer, Thomas of Saxmundham

Farrington, Mitchell of Bristol    

Farrington, Thomas of Bristol    

Farrow Farran, S of Ashton-under-Lyne

Farrow, EW of Croydon    

Farrow, John of London    

Farrow, William of London

Farson, R of Denbighshire    

Fattini & Sons of Bradford, Leeds and Harrogate

Fattini, Innent of Skipton    

Fattini, Thomas of Skipton

Faulkener, JD of South Norwood    

Faulkner, Alfred of London    

Faulkner, Edward of Leyton    

Faulkner, G of Croydon    

Faulkner, Henshall of Northwich    

Favey, F of London    

Faville, John North of Leek    

Faville, John of Cheltenham    

Faville, William Hardy of Cambridge    

Favre, Henry of London    

Favre, Louis of London    

Fawcett, Thomas of Spalding    

Fawcett, William of Emgate, Bedale    

Fawsitt, Thomas of Manchester    

Fazakerley, John of Liverpool    

Feale, William M of Bristol    

Fear Family of Bristol, Pill & Trowbridge

Fear, Amos D of Bristol 

Fear, Daniel of Bristol, Pill & Trowbridge

Fear, George of Bristol, Pill & Trowbridge

Fear, Reginald of Bristol, Pill & Trowbridge

Fearby, A of Rhyl    

Fearn, George Hubert of Gillingham    

Fearnley Fernly, Peter of Wigan

 Feather, Edwin of Haworth    

Featherstone, Cliffd of Haywards Heath    

Fehr, Louis Phillip of London    

Fehrenbach & Co of London    

Fehrenbach of Bishops Sorttford

Fehrenbach, Adolph of Chatham & Rochester

Fehrenbach, Albin of Strood 

Fehrenbach, B of London    

Fehrenbach, Eduard of Chatham 

Fehrenbach, Emil of Chatham and Strood

Fehrenbach, Englebert of Coggeshall, Kelvedon    

Fehrenbach, Ewin of Chatham

Fehrenbach, F & O of Dover

Fehrenbach, Godfrey of East Ham    

Fehrenbach, Gottfried of London    

Fehrenbach, Herman of Chatham

Fehrenbach, Joseph of London    

Fehrenbach, Joseph of Wycombe    

Fehrenbach, L of Reading    

Fehrenbach, Lawrance of London    

Fehrenbach, Leo & Co of London    

Fehrenbach, Leo of London    

Fehrenbach, Otte of Chatham and Strood

Fehrenbach, S Jnr of Barking    

Fehrenbach, S of Barking    

Fehrenbach, Severin & Son of Barking    

Fehrenbach, Severin & Son of Upton Park    

Fehrenback, Englebert of Ipswich    

Fehrenbak & Ketterer of Plymouth    

Feis, Charles & Co of London    

Feitelson Leon of Ilford   

Feitelson, L of Romford    

Feitelson, Leon of East Ham    

Feitelson, Leon of Ilford    

Feitelson, Leon of Upton Park    

Feitelsons Ltd of Chelmsford   

Felixstowe Stone Co of Felixstowe    

Felkin, John of Kirton    

Fell Charles of Hornchurch    

Fell, Charles of Louth    

Fellows, Williamof London

 Felmingham, William of Bungay    

Feltham, William of Harleston Redenhall    

Fenn, J of Greenwich    

Fenn, Robert A of Kingston    

Fenn, Robert Albert of Kingston    

Fenn, Robert Albert of London    

Fenn, Samuel of London    

Fennell, Richard of Kensington, London

Fenney, William of Liverpool    

Fenton & Roe of Sheffield    

Fenton, James of Tamworth   

Fenton, Samuel of London    

Fenton, Samuel of Worksop

Fenton, Thomas of Bristol

Fenton, Thomas of London

Fenwick, TR of Grays   

Ferderen, John of Birmingham

Ferderer, T of White Chapel, London

Ferdinand, William of Redhill    

Ferenbach, Joseph & Co of Exeter    

Ferguson, Mark of Worark    

Ferguson, Montgomery of Mauchline

Fernbach Bros of London

Fernbank Brothers of Chatham    

Fernbank Fehrenbach Brothers of Chatham & Rochester

Ferran, WM of Manchester

Ferrant, F of Merthur


Ferrett, Thomas of Gloucester    

Ferris of Calne

Feser, Herman & Co of Salford    

Fesser, Hubert of Cheltenham    

Feudal Watch Company

Fewller, John of Liverpool    

Fidgett, William of London    

Fidler, Edward Sibson of Sheffield    

Field, B of Tunbridge Wells    

Field, Benjamin of Tonbridge-Wells    

Field, CN of Hitchin    

Field, John George of Kettering    

Field, Thomas of Aylesbury

Field, W of Melcombe Regis    

Field, William of Malton    

Fielders, Henry of Atherstone ,Cannock and Tamworth

Fielding, A of Greenwich    

Fielding, Enoch (& Son) of Glossop

Fielding, James of Boston    

Fielding, Walter of Manchester    

Fieldsend, James of Sheffield    

Fieldsend, Kendrick W of Rotherham     

Fietson, Andrew of Liverpool    

Fifer, Joseph of Sheffield    

Fillans, William of Huddersfield    

Fillery Family of Eastbourne

Fillinger & Co of Ely    

Filtness, Robert of Brighton    

Finan, I & Son of Bournmouth    

Finch, Arthur E of Ipswich    

Finch, Caleb & Samuel of Maldon    

Finch, Caleb & Samuel of Witham    

Finch, Harold of Maldon   

Finch, John of Wokingham    

Finch, R of Potters Bar    

Finch, Robert of Potters Bar    

Finch, Samuel of Maldon   

Finch, Stephenson of London    

Finding, George of Ampthill    

Finding, Samuel of Ampthill    

Findlay & Co of London

Findlay, George of Arbroath

Findley, George of London    

Finemark, Israel of Salford    

Finer & Nowland of London    

Finer, Hatio of London    

Finking, DG of Bournmouth    

Finlay Campbell & Co of Liverpool    

Finlay, William of Bishop Auckland    

Finnegan, P of Liverpool    

Finneme & Sons of Birmingham

Finneme, Geo & Wm of Birmingham

Finneme, William of Birmingham

Finney, Joseph of Liverpool    

Finney, Richard of Liverpool    

Finnime, William of Exeter    

Finter, Walter of Needham Market, Suffolk

Fiinger, Louis of London    

Firderer, AM of Northampton    

Firderer, John of Birmingham

Firderer, Peter of London    

Firdirer, John of Birmingham

Firmstone, JB of Mold    

Firrell & Sons of Ramsgate    

Firth, James of Leeds    

Firth, Nathan Crossley of Chester

Fish Brothers Ltd of Walthamstow    

Fish, Arthur of Hull    

Fish, Charles of Walthamstow    

Fish, FH & Son of Ipswich    

Fish, FH of Ipswich    

Fish, Frederick of Liverpool    

Fish, Henry of London

Fish, Thomas E of Ipswich    

Fish, William of Liverpool    

Fisher & Co of Ely    

Fisher & Lagiure of London    

Fisher Ltd of Newcastle     

Fisher and Clark of Stafford    

Fisher family of Preston

Fisher, CM of Rushden    

Fisher, Ebenezer of Bilston    

Fisher, Ebenezer of Walsall    

Fisher, Ebenezer of Wednesbury    

Fisher, Ebenezer of West Bromwich    

Fisher, Edmund Charles of Ipswich    

Fisher, Ferdinand & Kaspar of Ely    

Fisher, Henry of Preston 

Fisher, John Dixon of Lincoln    

Fisher, John S of Walsall    

Fisher, John of Bilston

Fisher, John of Dudley    

Fisher, John of Preston 

Fisher, John of Tipton    

Fisher, John of West Bromwich   

Fisher, Joseph Moses of North Shields    

Fisher, Richard of Liverpool   

Fisher, Richard of Manchester    

Fisher, Robert of Preston

Fisher, Samuel of Bilston    

Fisher, Thomas C of Liverpool    

Fisher, William of Huddersfield    

Fisher, William of Nuneaton    

Fishwick, James of Boughton, Cheshire

Fitch, George& Co of London    

Fitt, John of Aylsham    

Fitton, Whiteley, Samuel of Sowerby Bridge    

Fitz, P of Gateshead    

Fitzen, Andrew of Liverpool    

Fitzer, William of Liverpool    

Fitzgerald, George of Watford    

Fitzgerald, William of Limerick

Fitzsimmons, George of Liverpool    

Fitzsimmons, Richard of Liverpool    

Fitzwilliam, Harold of Ilford    

Flaggett Flagett, William of Newbury

Flaggett Flagett, William of Newbury

Flaig, Rohrer & Co of London    

Flaig, X of Leighton Buzzard    

Flanagan, Michael of Holmfirth    

Flashman, George of London    

Flashman, Joseph of Modbury    

Flaxman, E of Chingford    

Flaxman, Edward of Woodford Green    

Flaxman, M of Woodford Green    

Fleet, Edward of London    

Fleming, David of London    

Fleming, James of Liverpool    

Fleming, Richard of Liverpool    

Fleming, Thomas of Liverpool    

Fletcher, Charles of Liverpool    

Fletcher, Charles of London    

Fletcher, Charles of Retford    

Fletcher, James of Ashton-under-Lyne    

Fletcher, James of Chester

Fletcher, John & Sons of London    

Fletcher, John of Crowle, Doncaster    

Fletcher, John of London    

Fletcher, John of South Norwood    

Fletcher, John of Ulverston    

Fletcher, Robert of Chester    

Fletcher, Robert of Hockley    

Fletcher, Thomas of Barnsley

Fletcher, W of Upton Park    

Fletcher, Wm Frederick of Ashton-under-Lyne    

Fletcher,Samuel of Cambridge    

Flinn & Co of Coventry    

Flint, William of Ashford, Kent

Flitcroft, Joseph of Manchester    

Flockhart, A of London    

Flook, John of Bristol

Flinger, E of Wanstead    

Flinger, Louis of London    

Floute, LF of Farnham    

Flower, Edward of Liverpool    

Flower, Frank of London    

Flowers, Henry of Salford    

Fodem, Edward Rothwell of Manchester    

Foden, Thomas of Congleton

Fogden, Henry of Chichester    

Fogg, George William of Cringham    

Fogg, John of Liverpool   

Fold, Andrew of Lincoln    

Folkerd, Samuel of Bury StEdmunds    

Folland, William John of Exeter    

Follit, John of Lichfield

Follows Fellows, William of London

Follows, Thomas of Newcastle-Under-Lyme    

Folwell, T of Deal    

Fontana, C of High Wycombe    

Fontana, Charles of Wycombe    

Fod, James of Hastings

Foot, R of Faversham, Kent

Foot, H & Son of Botsdale, Diss    

Foot, H & Son of Ipswich    

Foot, Henry of Burnham    

Foot, William John of Southend    

Foot, William of Southend    

Foote, William Edward of St Leonards    

Fber, Edward of Liverpool

Fber, Joseph of Liverpool    

Fber, Joshua of Liverpool   

Fbes, JE of Southend    

Fbes, JE of Southend   

Fbes, John of London    

Fbes, R of Newcastle    

Fbes, Robert of Newcastle    

Fd, Alfred of Newtown   

Fd, George Sharratt of Newtown    

Fd, George Sharrett of Newtown    

Fd, Hannah of Wellington    

Fd, Harry of Redhill    

Fd, JM of St Leonards    

Fd, James of Birmingham    

Fd, John of Arundel

Fd, P of Barking    

Fd, Thomas of Liverpool    

Fdyce, I of Newcastle    

Feman, John of Bedlington    

Festier, Leon of Coventry

Ffar, CW of Llandudno    

Forge, T of Barking    

Forge, Thomas Jun of Barking    

Forge, Thomas of Barking    

Forge, Thomas of Ilford    

Forge, Thomas of Little Ilford    

Forrest, John of Islington    

Forrest, John of London

Forest, Silvester of Bradford    

Forrest, William of Chesterfield    

Forrester of Newcastle

Forshaw, Robert of Liverpool    

Forshaw, Samuel of Liverpool    

Forster, Albert of Man Park   

Forster, Alfred William of Sheerness    

Forster, Andrew of Morpeth    

Forster, H & H of Sheffield    

Forster, Irvine of Heaton, Newcastle    

Forster, J of Newcastle    

Forster, J of Newcastle    

Forster, James William of Hexham    

Forster, John of Liverpool    

Forster, John of Newcastle    

Forster, John of Sheerness    

Forster, Joseph of Newcastle    

Forster, Martha of Prescot    

Forster, William Henry of Gravesend, Kent

Fort, John W of Manchester    

Forward, FJ of Woodford    

Forster, EW of Ramsgate    

Foster, G of Stockton    

Foster, George & Son of Guildford    

Foster, George John of Ashford    

Foster, H of Winchelsea    

Foster, Henry of Chorlton on Medlock    

Foster, Henry of Liverpool    

Foster, Henry of Manchester    

Foster, Henry of Molton    

Foster, Henry of South Molton    

Foster, John & Thomas of Manchester    

Foster, John of Liverpool   

Foster, John of Manchester    

Foster, John of Prescot    

Foster, John of Sheffield    

Foster, Randal Rowland of Rotherham    

Foster, Thomas of Tiverton    

Foster, W of Rochester    

Foster, WL & Son of Rhyl    

Foster, William of Appleton    

Foster, William of Cheetham    

Foster, William of Leintwardine

Foster, William of Lincoln and Oldham

Foster, William of Whitehaven

Foulger, Thomas of Epsom    

Foulks, Francis of Bakewell    

Foulsham , James of Norwich

Fountain, Alfred C of Sharnbrook, Bedford    

Fountain, Thomas of Sharnbrook, Bedford    

Fountain, William of London SW    

Fountain, William of Maldon    

Fountain, William of Newport   

Fountain, William of Saffron Walden   

Fountain, William of Streatham    

Fowlds, James of Kilmarnock

Fowle & Sons of Redhill    

Fowle & Speed of Redhill    

Fowle, E of Westerham    

Fowle, H of Redhill    

Fowle, Henry of Redhill    

Fowle, J of Reigate    

Fowle, John of East Grinstead, Sussex

Fowle, Richard of East Grinstead    

Fowle, W of Uckfield    

Fowle, William of Uckfield    

Fowler, George of  Horncastle    

Fowler, J of Chester    

Fowler, JF of Beaconsfield    

Fowler, James & Son of Liverpool    

Fowler, Joseph of Bala    

Fowler, Joseph of Chester    

Fowler, Walter of Liverpool    

Fox & Son of London    

Fox, Calvin of London    

Fox, Charles Ltd of Bournmouth    

Fox, Charles James of Beverley

Fox, Charles of Yeovil    

Fox, Edmund of Ely    

Fox, Edmund George of Ely    

Fox, Edmund George of Soham    

Fox, Jonathan of Nth Walsham    

Fox, LF of Sheffield    

Fox, Ronald DS of Bournmouth    

Fox, S of Ely    

Fox, Thomas of Swindon    

Foxcroft, James Charles of London    

Foxton, James of Mansfield    

Foy, Walter of Watchet    

Frame, George of Gateshead    

Frampton & Co of Newcastle    

France, Richard of Warrington

Francis J Kleiser of Reading

Francis, AT of Wrexham,Denbighshire    

Francis, AT of Wrexham    

Francis, E of Carno    

Francis, Edward of Caersws    

Francis, Edward of Carno    

Francis, George of Tranmere    

Francis, John of Southampton    

Francis, Joseph S of Stansted Mountfitchet    

Francis, Joseph Sawkins of Stanstead    

Francis, Joseph of Newport    

Francis, Joseph of Stansted Mountfitchet    

Francis, Keen & Co of Sheffield    

Francis, MS of Wrexham    

Francis, Percy of Leytonstone    

Francis, Richard of Wymondham    

Francis, William of London

Frank, David of Cheetham    

Frankcom & Mowat of Bath 

Frankcom, Charles of Bath

Frankland, Alfred J of Liverpool    

Frankland, Alfred James of Liverpool    

Frankland, W of Loughton    

Frankland, Wilson of Loughton    

Franklin William of London

Franklin, A of Coventry    

Franklin, Abraham of Manchester   

Franklin, Henry of Liverpool

Franklin, John of London    

Franklin, Joshua E of Kemptown, Brighton    

Franklin, Siegfried of Chesterfield    

Franks, Henry of Long Sutton    

Franks, Henry of Newcastle-under-Lyme    

Franks, John F of Dewsbury    

Franks, WH of Long Sutton, Wisbech    

Fraser, Frederick of Wrexham, Wales

Fraser, J I of Worcester

Fraser, James of Aberdeen

Frasers Ltd of Felixstowe    

Frasers Ltd of Ipswich    

Frazer & Haws of London    

Frazer, Alexander of Comber

Frazer, William John of Rickmansworth    

Frederick Douglas Hudson of Merton Surrey 

Frederick, Joseph of Harlow    

Frederick, Joseph of Sawbridgewth    

Frederick, Lead of Wolverhampton    

Frederick, Leonard of Bilston    

Frederick, Leonard of Wolverhampton    

Fredericks, Leod of Bilston    

Fredlander, J of London    

Freebody, T of Esher    

Freebody, T of Weybridge Station    

Freeman & Sons of Southampton    

Freeman, Alfred of St Neots    

Freeman, C B of Hitchin    

Freeman, C B of Welwyn    

Freeman, Charles Bailey of Welwyn    

Freeman, Emma Jane, of Southend    

Freeman, Francis John of Welwyn    

Freeman, H of Wallingford    

Freeman, HA of Leigh     

Freeman, Hect A of Leigh    

Freeman, M of Southend    

Freeman, Mark of London    

Freeman, Nathaniel of London    

Freeman, Richard of Lechlade

Freeman, Richard of Thatcham    

Freeman, Solomon of Lincoln    

Freeman, W of Rhyl   

Freeman, Wyndham Lloyd of Southampton    

Freemantle, John George of Spalding    

Freke, Daniel of Bridport

French & David of Wenvoe, Wales

French & Son of Maidstone    

French, B of Bedford    

French, Bernard of Clacton   

French, Bernard of Maldon    

French, Bernard of Walton-on-the-Naze    

French, Brooks of Bedford    

French, Brooks of Upwell    

French, J of London    

French, J of Maidstone    

French, JM of London    

French, Jacob of London    

French, James Moe of London    

French, James of Bristol    

French, Jesse of Enfield    

French, John of Felstead, Chelmsford    

French, John of Great Chesterford   

French, Luther of Walthamstow    

French, Richard Arthur of Halstead    

French, Richard Vig of Maidstone    

French, Robert of Glasgow

French, S & Apps, W of Maidstone    

French, T V of Newcastle    

French, Thomas of Norwich

French, William of London    

Frengley Brothers of Dublin

Fresle, T of Hereford    

Freston, Alfred of Ipswich    

Freud, Philipp of Manchester    

Frewin, J & S of Bristol    

Frewin, James of Hereford

Frewin, James of Hereford    

Frewin, James of Sodbury    

Frey, Emile of Folkestone    

Frey, Hugo Adolf of Richmond    

Frey, Hugo Adolph of Richmond    

Fricker, John of Coggeshall, Kelvedon    

Friday, Robert of Salford    

Friedly, Emil of Bradford    

Friedman, Marcus of Hull    

Friend, John Walter of Lyme Regis    

Frisch, Schierwater & Co of Liverpool  

Frisch, Schierwater & Co of Liverpool    

Friskney, Albert of Thnaby-on-Tees    

Frisley, John of London    

Fritsche, H of Burnham    

Fritz & Faller, Birmingham

Frodhsam, Henry of Bedford    

Frodsham & Keen of Liverpool    

Frodsham, Charles of London

Frodsham, George& William of London    

Frodsham, George Edward of London

Frodsham, George William of London    

Frodsham, Henry Herbert of London    

Frodsham, Henry of Liverpool    

Frodsham, J of London    

Frodsham, John & Son of London    

Frodsham, Thomas of Rainhill    

Frodsham, William James of London    

Fromant, Frank Dudley of Bourne    

Fromant, John Henry of Market Deeping    

Fromont, Frederick D of St Ives    

Frost, Adam of Handsworth    

Frost, Bertram Ellis of Parkgate, Rotherham   

Frost, Fredrick James of Seven Kings, Ilford    

Frost, John of Renwick    

Frost, L of Walthamstow    

Frost, Richard J of Leighton Buzzard    

Frost, Walter of Bury St Edmunds    

Frost, William of Bedford    

Frost, William of Exeter    

Frowd, W of Hemel Hempstead    

Froysell, GH of Newbury    

Fry, FH of Ilford    

Fry, Frederick W of New Arlesford, Hampshire

Fry, Mark of Liverpool    

Fry, William of Odiham and Southampton

Fry, Young of New Arlesford and Southampton

Fryatt, FH of Seven Kings, Ilford    

Fryatt, Frederick of Ilford    

Fryer, Alfred of Ulceby    

Fryer, John Henry of Newington, Hull    

Fryer, William James of London    

Fryer, William Juni of Leeds

Fudge, Frederick TH of Bassett, Southampton    

Fugill, Henry E of Banwell RSO    

Fulcher, Thomas N of Wisbech    

Fuller, A & Sons of Westerham    

Fuller, Hubert Cyril of Newhaven    

Fuller, Samuel of London    

Fuller, Thomas of Bury St Edmunds    

Fuller, William Crofts of London    

Fullilove, PGW of Croydon    

Fullilove, PGW of Croydon     

Funnell, C of Ipswich    

Funnell, D Richard of Henfield    

Funnell, Edward of Brighton

Funnell, G & Sons of Brighton    

Funnell, George of Brighton    

Furley, J of Huntingdon    

Furnace, Anthony of Cockermouth & Keswick

Furner, F of Rochford, Essex

Furness, Adrian of Chelmsford    

Furness, John of London    

Furnis, Thomas of London    

Furniss, George of London    

Furniss, Henry of London    

Furniss, James Frost of Manchester    

Furniss, James William of London    

Furniss, Micah of Manchester    

Furniss, Thomas of London    

Furnival, Joseph Alexander of Manchester    

Furnivel, Joseph A of Manchester    

Furrer, John & Co of London    

Furse & Son of Brighton    

Furse, C of Fest gate   

Furston, John B of Mold    

Furter, Winterhalter & Co of London    

Furtwangler, Andreas of London    

Furtwangler, F of London    

Furtwengler, Sebastian of Llanelli

Futelson, L of Leyton    

Fyfield, Joseph of Winchester   




 We offer the highest possible quality service in a friendly and highly efficient manner.  

Our customer's clocks are fully insured whilst in our keeping and all of our work is fully guaranteed.  

We have the experience and wealth of expertise to restore every kind of antique clock and barometer from the simplest to the most complex, we provide our customers with the highest possible standard of service. 

All our work is carried out within an agreed timescale and at the price quoted keeping you informed every step of the way. 

Customers clocks are personally collected, delivered and set up in any part of the UK and overseas. 

Having restored many hundreds of clocks we are fully conversant with making and replacing missing or damaged parts in the appropriate style and material. 

We work to a strict code of practice and ethics, ensuring that our customers have total peace of mind whilst their clock is in our care. 

We provide a locating or finding service for any type of Clock by a specific named maker or ancestor, we hold a database of hundreds of clocks for sale by maker and type of clock, in addition to receiving notification from worldwide auction houses, dealers and collectors.  

Please don't hesitate to contact us with any specific requirements you may have. 

Please call 0800 211 8925 for further details.