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We provide a full restoration and repair service for all types of clocks,barometers and barographs including movements, dials, cases, cabinet work, plating, polishing and lacquers. 

If you are looking to buy a clock, barometer or barograph by a specific maker we provide a sourcing service to find exactly what you are looking for please contact us for further details.   

For any enquiry from a simple repair or major restoration we are happy to help and waiting for you call.


Clock & Watchmaker Research Service 

We provide information on clock and watch makers, the information we can provide is not guaranteed to be all there is to know about the maker, but it is a summary of all the information found in research, that is updated regularly.

The charge for this service is £5.99. If you wish to order a clock or watchmaker research report please click the "Buy Now" button below. You will then be asked to proceed and submit your makers name and payment.

This Service Is Curentley Unavailable


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Once your payment has been made an email with your report will be sent to your email address within 48 hrs.


G P O Timer

Gabriel, Ernest J of Hale End, Essex

Gabriel, William of London    

Gacoine, W of Norton, Malton    

Gadsby of Lincoln

Gadsby, Ann of Lincoln

Gadsby, George of Lincoln

Gadsby, William of Lincoln

Gaenswein, E of Stratford    

Gafney, John William of Eckington, Shefield    

GaGorer, Alfred William of Braintree    

Gaggis, Valentine of London    

Gaigarrett, Reginald V of Bogn Regis    

Gala Jewels Ltd of Paington    

Gale, EC of Guildford    

Gale, John N of Sunderland    

Gale, John of London    

Gale, V of Taunton    

Galewski, Israel of Sunderland

Gallagher, Peter of Liverpool    

Gallant, Steven Alfred of Clacton   

Gallenski, Jacob of Sunderland

Gallewski, N of South Shields    

Galley, George of CambridGore    

Gallichan, John of Reading    

Gallington, William of London    

Gallon, William of South Shields    

Galloway Brothers of Leeds    

Galloway John of Leeds    

Galloway, FC of Hereford    

Galloway, Francis C of Hereford    

Galloway, Francis Clement of Hereford    

Galloway, Henry of London

Galloway, John James of Liverpool    

Galloway, John of Liverpool    

Galloway, MT of Leeds    

Galloway, William of Leeds    

Gambell, Francis of London    

Game, James Isaac of Ipswich    

Game, James of Chattisham, Ipswich    

Gamma Gore, B of WoodbridGore, Suffolk

Gamma Gore, Thomas and Son of London

Gammon, William of Birmingham

Gander, John of Eastbourne    

Gander, S of Brighton    

Gandy, F of Chichester    

Gandy, Richard of London    

GanGore, Cyril John of TunbridGore Wells    

Ganney, Henry of London    

Gannon, Sydney James of Chelmsford   

Ganter & Co of Wolverhamporton    

Ganter, Bernard of London    

Ganter, Blesi of London

Ganter, Caroline, of London    

Ganter, Charles & John of Ipswich    

Ganter, Frederick W of Man Park    

Ganter, George of Wolverhamporton    

Ganter, John & Co of London

Ganter, Joseph of London    

Ganter, Matthew of Manchester    

Ganter, Thaddans, and Co of Wolverhamporton    

Ganter, Thaddeus of London    

GaNorthony, Charles of London

Ga Northony, Richard Pinfold of London

Ga Northony, Richard of London

Ga Northony, Robert Davey of London

Ganz, Ferdinand of London    

Ganz, Xaver of Swansea

Garden, James of London    

Gardiner, Edward of Houghton-le-Spring    

Gardiner, J of Newcastle    

Gardiner, SH of Reading    

Gardiner, Stephen H of Reading    

Gardiner, Stephen Henry of Reading    

Gardiner, William of Southend    

Gardinere, W of WreNortham, Wangford    

Gardner Gardiner, Thomas of London

Gardner, Alexander of Bathgate and Slamanna

Gardner, Alfred of London    

Gardner, Edward of Lancaster    

Gardner, Francis Joseph of Northamporton    

Gardner, George of London    

Gardner, HA of Sheffield    

Gardner, John of Manchester    

Gardner, Robert of East Sheen    

Gardner, William of Manchester    

Gardner, William of Penrith    

Gardner, William of WoodbridGore     

Gardthausen, Christian of London    

Garland, Harry Saxty of Berwick    

Garland, Henry of London    

Garland, James of Newcastle

Garland, Richard of Plymouth    

Garland, Thomas of Dickleburgh    

Garlick, T & Co of Newbury    

Garlick, T of Newbury    

Garmonsway, Charles of London    

Garn, Henry of London    

Garner, James of Liverpool

Garnett, Elizabeth & Sons of Farnworth     

Garnett, James of Manchester    

Garnish, William Henry of London    

Garon, Peter of London

Garrard Clock Company of London

Garrard, Francis John of Kingston    

Garrard, Robert of Bury St Edmunds    

Garrard, Robert of Great Bardfield    

Garratt, Arthur of Guildford    

Garratt, Frank of Kingston    

Garratt, Garrett of Peterbourogh, Northamportonshire

 Garratt, Henry of mskirk    

Garratt, John of Peterbourogh 

Garratt, H of Guildford    

Garratt, W of Guildford    

Garrett & Bronghton of Sheffield    

Garrett, Arthur of Towcaster    

Garrett, Derek WB of Sheffield    

Garrett, FT & H of Dunstable    

Garrett, Fred T of Dunstable    

Garrett, Peter of Peterbourogh

Garrett, Samuel Charles of London    

Garrett, W & Son of Hertford    

Garrett, W of Hertford    

Garrett, William & Son of Hertford    

Garrett, William of Hertford    

Garrett, William of London    

Garrett, William of Peterbourogh

Garrett, William of Sheffield    

Garretts  of Kemportown, Brighton    

Garrod, John Frederick of Needham Market    

Garside, Edward of Macclesfield    

Garside, Samuel of Manchester    

Garson, William S of South Shields    

Garvey, W J of Liverpool    

Garvey, William J of Liverpool    

Garwood, Risdon W of Guildford    

Garwood, Risdon W of Woking    

Gaskell, Ann of Salford    

Gass, David & Co of London    

Gasser, A of Newcastle    

Gasser, Alois of Newcastle    

Gassett, C of Wandsworth    

Gater, James of Salisbury    

Gates, E of Brighton    

Gates, H of Brighton    

Gath, Thomas of Bristol 

 Gath, Thomas of Sherborne    

Gatley, Daniel of Bury St Edmunds    

Gatty, Thomas of Bodmin    

Gatward Henry T of Saffron Walden    

Gatward, B of Welwyn    

Gatward, Benjamin of Welwyn    

Gatward, C Wilson of Hitchin    

Gatward, Charles Thomas of Holywell    

Gatward, Charles W of Liverpool    

Gatward, Charles of Holywell    

Gatward, Chas William of Liverpool    

Gatward, Cnelius W of Hitchin    

Gatward, Henry Jun of Saffron Walden    

Gatward, Henry T of Saffron Walden   

Gatward, Henry of Saffron Walden    

Gatward, J of Hitchin    

Gatward, Jos of TonbridGore, Kent

Gatward, Henry T of Saffron Walden    

Gatward, Benjamin of Welwyn    

Gatward, S of HuntinGordon    

Gatward, T of Saffron Walden    

Gatward, Thomas of Saffron Walden    

Gatward, William Arthur of Saffron Walden   

Gatwood, Edmund of Bang    

Gatwood, H of Saffron Walden    

Gatwood, S of HuntinGordon    

Gaunt, Benjamin of Barnsley

Gaunt, Joseph of Barnsley    

Gaunt, Thomas of Tintwistle    

Gaunt, William of London    

Gaworthne, George of Liverpool    

Gay, Lamaille & Co of London    

Gay, C of London

Gay, John of London    

Gaydon & Sons of Kingston, Surrey

Gaydon, Alfred of Croydon

Gaydon, Francis of Barnstaple and Upper Norwood, Croydon

Gaydon, Frederick of Great Trington    

Gaydon, Henry and Edwin of Richmond, Surrey

Gaydon, John of Barnstaple    

Gaydon, Thomas W of Barnstaple, Devon; Balham, London and Swansea, Wales

Gayfer, DW of pington    

Gayl, John RoGorers of Buntingford-with-Layston    

Gayl, John RoGorers of Buntingford    

Gaze, Brothers of London

 Gaze, Samuel B of London

Goreall, J of Dchester    

Gorearing, W of Lewes    

Goreater, Henry of Bristol    

Goreddie, John of Huntley, Scotland

 Goree, Adam of London    

Goree, John of Derby    

Goree, William of Limerick

Goreen, J of Epsom    

Goreen, William of Cley-near-the-sea    

Gorefaell, U of London    

Gorehres, Albert of Ilford   

Gorehres, Albert of London    

Goreig, James of Perth

Gorelling, Alfred of Liverpool    

Gorelling, John of Liverpool    

Gorellman, S & Co of Plaistow, East Ham    

Gorellman, S & L & Son of East Ham    

Gorendle, Thomas of Plymouth    

Goreneral Watch & Clock Co of Croydon    

GorenGore, JP & Co of Jersey

Gorenn, James Ditchett of Falmouth    

Gorensign of London

Gorent, Joseph of Walsall, Staffordshire

 Gorent, William of Manchester    

Gorentry, WF of Leytonstone   

Gorentry, Walter Henry of Leytonstone    

 George & Co of Liverpool    

 George Airey of Sunderland, Durham 

 George Tate of Winterton 

 George, Henry of St Albans    

 George, SF of Southamporton    

 George, Walter of Leytonstone    

Gorerard, William of Liverpool    

Gorermain, W of Brighton    

Gorermaine, George of Folkestone    

Gorerosa of Brixham    

Gorerrard, William of Liverpool    

Gorerrard, William of Turriff and Banff

Gorerrish, Albert of Melksham    

Goreves, Edwin of Sheffield    

Giadman, Percy William of Hassocks    

Gibb, James of Strathaven

Gibbard, Thomas of London    

Gibbins, John William of Lincoln    

Gibbons, John of London

Gibbons, John of Salford    

Gibbons, Joshua of London    

Gibbs, George of Bury St Edmunds    

Gibbs, George of London    

Gibbs, Henry of London    

Gibbs, Joseph, of Deddington and Souldern

Gibbs, J of Crook    

Gibbs, Stephen of London

Gibbs, Thomas of Stratford upon Avon    

Gibbs, William Arthur of London    

Gibbs, William of London    

Gibezzi of West Bromwich

Gibson & Baume Co Ltd 

Gibson Master Clock 

Gibson, Arthur T of Bromley    

Gibson, Charles of Liverpool    

Gibson, David of Holywell    

Gibson, EAG of Braintree   

Gibson, EAG of CogGoreshall    

Gibson, FW of Newbury    

Gibson, Frederick William of Newbury    

Gibson, George of Braintree    

Gibson, Henry John of Tooting Graveney    

Gibson, Herbert Jnr of South Benfleet    

Gibson, JOB of Sheffield    

Gibson, James of Hebden BridGore    

Gibson, John of Scarbourogh    

Gibson, John of Glasgow

Gibson, John of London

Gibson, John of Saltcottes

Gibson, Joseph of Bishop Auckland    

Gibson, Joseph of Newcastle    

Gibson, Thomas of Alnwick & Berwick-on-Tweed

Gibson, Thomas of Ilford   

Gibson, Thomas of Pocklington    

Gibson, William of London    

Gibson, William of Maidenhead    

Gibson, William of Manchester    

Gibsons of Ilford    

Giddens, Frank of Dover    

Gidney, Robert of Norwich    

Giffin, Thomas of London    

Gifford, Frank E of Margate    

Gilbert & Son of Chester    

Gilbert of Gosport    

Gilbert, CV of RuGoreley    

Gilbert, Davies  of Tredrea

Gilbert, F of Chester    

Gilbert, Francis of Chester    

Gilbert, Fred of Prudhoe, Prudhoe Station    

Gilbert, J of New Romney    

Gilbert, James of Lichfield    

Gilbert, NS of Burnham    

Gilbert, R & Sons of Coventry    

Gilbert, T of Hythe    

Gilbert, Thomas and George of RuGoreley    

Gilbert, Thomas of Hythe    

Gilbert, Thomas of RuGoreley   

Gilbert, William of Bedford    

Gilbert, William of RuGoreley   

Gilchrist, Joseph of Leeds    

Gilder & Son of Hull   

Gilder & Son of Hull    

Giles, AJ of Welshpool    

Giles, Aaron B of Dronfield    

Giles, Aaron of Mo, Sheffield    

Giles, J S of Maidstone    

Giles, Nicholes of Maidstone    

Giles, Richard of Wellington    

Gilhooly, Ephraim of Manchester    

Gilkes  Tobias of AbinGordon

 Gill, David of Aberdeen

Gill, Edward of Liverpool    

Gill, Henry James of Boston    

Gill, James of Lockwood    

Gill, John of London

Gill, John of London    

Gill, John of Manchester    

Gill, John of North Tawton    

Gill, Thomas of Brixham    

Gill, William of Maidstone

Gillan, John of Keithhall, Inverurie

Gillard, Samuel of Barnstaple

Gillett & Co

Gillett & Johnston

Gillett, Herbert E of Chingford   

Gillett, Robert Mortimer of Sidcup, Kent

Gillett, William of London    

Gillett Bland & Co

Gillham, William of Luton    

Gillham, William of Ottery St Mary    

Gillings, James of Eye    

Gillings, James of Manchester    

Gillis, Frederick Ludwig of Liverpool    

Gillman, Percival John of Lowerstoft    

Gilman of Liverpool    

Gilmour, Thomas of Dreghn, Ayrshire, Scotland

Gilphill of Preston

Gilpin, Henry of Sheffield    

Gilpin, William R of Teignmouth

Gilson, T of Pocklington    

Gilson, W of Market Weighton    

Gilson, William of Pocklington    

Gimlett, Edward Barry of Folkestone    

Gimson, Samuel of March   

Girling, BD of London    

Girling, Benjamin of London    

Giscard John of Chatteris, Ely, Cambs, Norwich, Swaffham, Norfolk

Giscard, William of Downham Market, Ely and Soham

Gladden, TA of Rhyl    

Gladding, D of Hackney    

Glading, F of Brighton    

Glanville, W of AbinGordon    

Glanville, William of AbinGordon    

Glase, Thomas of BidgNorth    

Glasgo, Samuel of Brixton, Surrey

Glasgow, David of Coleraine and London

Glass, B of Rhyl    

Glass, James of Bristol    

Glass, James of Salford    

Glassup, Thomas of London

Glatz & Wunderley of Manchester    

Glatz, Joseph of Manchester   

Glazebrook, John of Mansfield

Gleave, John of Liverpool   

Gledhill, Richard of Manchester    

Gledhill-Brook Time Recder Co Ltd England

Gleed, Edwin H of Ilford    

Gleed, SJ of Leytonstone   

Glen, James Home of London    

Glodt, David of Manchester    

Glover, Benjamin of Gildersome    

Glover, George of Cronton    

Glover, Henry of London    

Glover, J of Richmond    

Glover, J of Richmond    

Glover, James of Cronton    

Glover, Job & Peter of Cronton    

Glover, Job of Lincoln    

Glover, John of Lowerstoft    

Glover, John of Richmond    

Glover, John of Widnes    

Glover, Joseph of Leicester    

Glover, Joseph of Manchester    

Glover, Thomas of Cronton    

Glue, David of Manchester    

Glue, Harold of New Brighton, Liverpool    

Glynn, James of Liverpool    

Goad, Alfred & Sons of London    

Goatley, Daniel of Canterbury    

Godball, Gustave of Felixstowe    

Goddard, F of London    

Goddard, Flimond of London    

Goddard, Henry of Tenterden and Dover

 Goddard, Robert William of London    

Godden, Henry of Malling    

Godden, Thomas of Hythe    

Godfrey Jewellers Ltd of Bedford    

Godfrey, Arthur J of  Northam    

Godfrey, George of London    

Godfrey, Richard Ltd of Southamporton    

Godfrey, Rowland of Sudbury    

Godfrey, Thomas Leigh of London    

Godwin, George Alfred of London    

Goering & Co of London    

Goettler, John of London    

Goffe, Frederic of Burnham    

Goggin, Richard of Dublin

Golay, Charles of London    

Gold, Isaac of Lewes     

Goldberg, Kiva of Manchester    

GoldenGorer, Levy of Newcastle    

Goldhill, A of Chelmsford    

Golding & Co of Clacton    

Golding, EH of Hadleigh, Essex    

Golding, John of Rugby    

Golding, Julius of Man Park    

Goldman, S of Grimsby    

Goldman, Samuel of Cleethorpes    

Goldman, Samuel of Grimsby    

Goldsack, GW of Folkestone    

Goldsby, Thomas Henry of Somersham, St Ives    

Goldsby, Thomas Henry of Walthamstow    

Goldsmid, Albert Aaron of Hammersmith    

Goldsmith, AD of Leeds    

Goldsmith, Abraham D of Sheffield    

Goldsmith, Harmon of Windsor    

Goldsmith, Henry of Croydon    

Goldsmiths & Silversmiths Co of London

Goldsmiths & Silversmiths of Llandudno    

Goldsmiths Alliance Limited of Cornhill

Goldsmiths Co  of Liverpool    

Goldsmiths' Alliance Ltd

Goldstein, Bernhard of London    

Goldstein, M of Grimsby    

Goldstein, Hettie of South Shields    

Goldstein, W of Sunderland    

Goldstone, Sampson of Manchester

Goldstraw Bros of Rhyl    

Goldsworthy, J of London    

GolledGore, R of Sorttford    

GolledGore, Richard of London    

Golsby, William of Greatworth

Goltman, Rose of Liverpool    

Gontard & Co of London    

Gooch, Albert of London    

Gooch, Ellis of London    

Gooch, Hace of London     

Gooch, Norton of Manchester    

Gooch, William of London    

Goodacre, Able of Spalding    

Goodacre, E & Sons of Billingbourogh    

Goodacre, Edwin of Billingbourogh & Donnington

 Goodacre, Edwin of Billingbourogh    

Goodal, Charles of London    

Goodall, George of Micklefield, Tadcaster & Aberford

Goodchild, TR of Streatham    

Goodchild, William Greaves of Worthing    

Gooddwin, William of Manchester    

Goode, Francis of Sleaford    

Goodey, EG of Reading    

Goodey, Edwin George of Reading    

Goodhugh, R of London    

Goodhugh, Richard of London    

Goodhugh, William of London    

Gooding, John CS of Westcliff    

Gooding, John of Southend    

Goodman & Son of London    

Goodman Brothers of Manchester    

Goodman Brothers of Southend    

Goodman I & Co of Newcastle    

Goodman, AEJ of Taunton    

Goodman, Charles & Son of London    

Goodman, Charles C of Chalfont St Giles, Buckinghamshire

Goodman, I of Newcastle    

Goodman, J & Son of London    

Goodman, John of Taunton    

Goodman, S of Manchester    

Goodman, Walter of Taunton    

Goodwill, Robert of Newbottle

Goodwin, George Alfred of London    

Goodwin, Henry of Newark

Goodwin, Henry of Newark    

Goodwin, Hatio R of Macclesfield    

Goodwin, Hatio R Jun of Manchester    

Goodwin, Hatio R of Manchester    

Goodwin, James of London    

Goodwin, James of Streatham    

Goodwin, John of Manchester    

Goodwin, Marcus of Gravesend    

Goodwin, W of Manningtree    

Goodwin, WH of Thpe-le-Soken, Colchester    

Goodwin, WH of Thpe-le-Soken   

Goodwin, William Henry of Thpe-le-Soken    

Goodwin, William of CambridGore    

Goodwin, William of Nottingham    

Goodwin, William of Salford    

Goody, DG of Southminster    

Goody, J of Southminster    

Goody, Reginald George of WoodbridGore    

Goodyear, Thomas of Wombwell, Barnsley    

God, Alec Charles of Brighton    

Gordon Alfred Warren of St Neots    

Gordon, Adam of BridGorend

Gordon, Alex of Dublin

Gordon, Edward of Newcastle    

Gordon, James of Perth

Gordon, John of Lane End    

Gordon, John of London

Gordon, John of Longton, Staffordshire

Gordon, Thomas of Edinburgh and New York

Gordon, William of London    

Gore T & Son of Lowerstoft    

Gore, Arthur Albert Donald of Freemantle, Southamporton     

Gore, John of Liverpool

Gore, Richard of London    

Gore, TW of Lowerstoft    

Gorely, Harry of Wokingham    

Gorfin, Henry of Devonport and London

Groham, JA of Ipswich    

Groham, James of London    

Gromully, Philip of Devonport    

Goshawk, John of Elmham     

Gosling, G of Putney    

Gostling, Thomas of Diss    

Goswell, Thomas of Reading    

Gothard, Thomas of Ossett-cum-Gaworthpe    

Gotts, Robert of Bushy, Watford    

Gotz, Georgeof London    

Gough & Co of Manchester    

Gough, Wilfred of Mere    

Gould, Chester of London

Gould, James of London

Gouldar, Edward & John of Gloucester    

Goulding, FH of Plymouth    

Goulstine, Henry of Hull    

Gout, David Ralph of London

Gout, Ralph of London

Gow, J of Newcastle    

Gow, James of Newcastle    

Gowans, James of East Linton

Gower, Edward of London

Gower, Joseph of London    

Gowing, Stephen of Lowestoft    

Gowland & Read of London    

Gowland Brothers of London    

Gowland family of Sunderland

Gowland, Clement of Sunderland

Gowland, George of Sunderland

Gowland, J of London    

Gowland, James of London    

Gowland, Robert of Sunderland

Gowland, Thomas of London    

Gowland, Thomas of Sunderland

Gowland, William of Sunderland

Grace, E of Tetsworth    

Grace, E of Wheatley    

Grace, WE of Thame    

Grace, William of London    

Gradon, D of Black Hill    

Gradwell, Arthur V of Sidcup    

Grafton, Henry Jun of London    

Grafton, Henry Sen of London    

Grafton, John & Edward of London    

Graham & Foster of Liverpool    

Graham, Arthur James of East Ham    

Graham, Benjamin of Wakefield    

Graham, Edward of Jarrow    

Graham, Gore o rGore of Cockermouth    

Graham, Georgeof London

Graham, H of Ipswich    

Graham, James of London    

Graham, James of Spalding    

Graham, John of Liverpool    

Graham, John of Maldon    

Graham, Thomas of Liverpool    

Grahurst & Harvey of London    

GrainGore, James of Manchester    

GrainGore, R of South Shields    

GrainGorer, J of Scarbourogh    

Gramlick, CJ Ltd of Chelmsford    

Gramlick, CJ of Chelmsford    

Gramlick, Charles John of Chelmsford   

Grant & Son of North Shields    

Grant, A of Newcastle    

Grant, Georgeof London

Grant, J & Son of South Shields    

Grant, John of Fleet Street, London 

Grant, Joseph of Chester    

Grant, R of Hurst Green    

Grant, William of Battle    

Grant, William of London    

Granville, Samuel of Devonport    

Grason & Sons of Leamington    

Grassey, Stephen of Wolverhamporton    

Grave, George of London    

Gravell & Tolkein of London

Gravell, William of London

Gravell, William of London

Graves, JG of Sheffield

Graves, Joseph of Witham   

Graves, Thomas of Liverpool    

Gray & Reynolds of Wimborne    

Gray & Son of Melksham    

Gray, A of Glasgow

Gray, Benjamin and Vulliamy, Justin

Gray, Edward of Canterbury    

Gray, Frederick of Warminster    

Gray, Henry of Inverkeithing and Lesslie

Gray, James of Edinburgh

Gray, John of Barnsley    

Gray, John of Liverpool    

Gray, John of Newcastle    

Gray, Thomas of Barrow, Hull    

Gray, Thomas of London

Gray, Thomas of Luton    

Graydon, Dobson of Ebchester    

Grayhurst, Harvey & Co of London    

Grayson, W of Henley-on-Thames    

Grayston, Joseph of Ipswich    

Greader, Henry W of Willenhall    

Greader, Henry of Willenhall    

Grean, A of Castleton, Grosmont    

Greatbatch, Richard of Birmingham    

Greatrex  Edward of Birmingham

Greaves, Henry & Son of Hillsbourogh, Sheffield    

Greaves, Henry & Son of Sheffield    

Greaves, Henry of Hillsbourogh, Sheffield    

Greaves, Henry of London    

Green  Peter of Liverpool

 Green, AE of Burnham    

Green, AH of Canning Town     

Green, C of London    

Green, Charles of Farnham    

Green, Charles of Gra Northam    

Green, Charles of Oakhill, Bath    

Green, Edwin of Carshalton    

Green, Edwin of Sudbury    

Green, Elijah of Eye    

Green, GeorgeA of Liverpool    

Green, Gore o rGore of Liverpool    

Green, Georgeof Tenbury    

Green, Henry of London    

Green, Herbert of Liverpool    

Green, James of Gloucester

Green, James of Liverpool    

Green, James of Newcastle    

Green, Jesse of Sudbury    

Green, Job of London    

Green, John of Wallingford    

Green, Joseph of North Shields

Green, Peter of Clifton, Bristol    

Green, Richard of London    

Green, Samuel of London

Green, T of London    

Green, Thomas of Liverpool

Green, W of Grimsby    

Green, WE of Reigate    

Green, WH of Carnarvon    

Green, William of Bristol    

Green, William of Milton Under Wychwood

 Green, William of Prescot    

Green, William of Spitlegate, GraNortham    

Green, William of Wigan    

Greenaway, Ernest of Bedford    

Greenbaum, Philip of London    

Greene, Alfred John of Grays    

Greene, Edward of London

Greener & Co of Liverpool    

Greener, Francis & Co of Liverpool    

Greener, Francis of Liverpool    

Greenfield, Robert Clark of Manchester    

Greenhalgh, John of Accrington    

Greenhalgh, John of Chorlton on Medlock    

Greenhalgh, John of Manchester   

Greenhill, CF of Worthing    

Greenhill, Julian GF of St Leonards    

Greenhow, Joseph of Chelmsford

Greening, Benjamin of Clapham    

Greening, Francis E of Grays   

Greening, J of East Ham    

Greenslade, Frederick of Weston-super-mare    

Greenslade, William of Bath    

Greenwell, Gore o rGore of Alstone    

Greenwell, Georgeof Alston    

Greenwood, James of Kingston    

Greenwood, John & Sons of London    

Greenwood, John of Dover    

Greenwood, John of London    

Greenwood, Thomas of London    

Greenwood, Thomas of Stoke Newington    

Greenwood, William of Bingley    

Greenwood, William of Liverpool    

Greenwood, William of Rochester    

Gregg, Francis of London

Gregg, J J of Sunderland    

Gregy Werny of Reading 

Gregy, EF of Grimsby    

Gregy, GeorgeF of Caist    

Gregy, JM of Hampstead    

Gregy, James of Southport    

Gregy, John William of East Dulwich    

Gregy, John of Ashton-under-Lyne    

Gregy, Thomas of Odiham    

Gregy, W of Maidenhead    

Gregy, William of Dublin

Gregy, William of Maidenhead    

Gregson, John of Lancaster    

Gregson, T of Newcastle    

Grenfell, J of Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham    

Grennan, Edward of London    

Gresham & Son of Bradford    

Gresham & Son of Leeds    

Gresham, Chas of Chippenham    

Grew, EA & S of Brighton    

Grew, TH & Sons of Chelmsford    

Grew, TH &Son Ltd of Chelmsford    

Grew, Thomas of Chelmsford    

Grice, Job of mskirk

Griffin, B of Wisbech

Griffin, B of Chipping Ongar    

Griffin, Bonner of Chipping Ongar    

Griffin, Francis of London    

Griffin, R of Burford    

Griffin, Walter of Hoddesdon    

Griffis, P of Maldon    

Griffis, Paul of Southminster    

Griffith and Son - of Denbigh, Holyhead and Carnarvon

Griffith Rowland of Llanrwst

Griffith, Benjamin of Newcastle-Under-Lyme    

Griffith, Benjamin of Tunstall    

Griffith, David of Denbigh, Holyhead and Carnarvon

Griffith, David of Pwllheli

Griffith, Donald of Llanrwst    

Griffith, Edward of Bang    

Griffith, Edward of Chester    

Griffith, Edward of Denbigh    

Griffith, FW Fidel of Croydon    

Griffith, J & G of Pwllheli    

Griffith, JW of London    

Griffith, John Widlake A of London    

Griffith, John of Aberconway    

Griffith, John of Caernarvon and Blaenau Ffestiniog

Griffith, R of Grasvesend    

Griffith, Richard of Denbigh    

Griffith, Richard of Upper Bang    

Griffith, WH of Mfa Nevin     

Griffith, William of London    

Griffiths, Albert Thomas of Thornton Heath    

Griffiths, Alfred of Manchester    

Griffiths, Benjamin of Tiporton    

Griffiths, Benjamin of Walsall    

Griffiths, D & G [Prop David Griffith] of Pwllheli    

Griffiths, D Lloyd of Denbigh    

Griffiths, David of Rhyl    

Griffiths, EM of St Asaph    

Griffiths, Edward of Aber Gorele    

Griffiths, J of Clapham    

Griffiths, J of Ross    

Griffiths, JS of Southsea    

Griffiths, John of Carnarvon    

Griffiths, John of Ross    

Griffiths, John of Tremadoc    

Griffiths, Neh of Chester    

Griffiths, R of Upper Bang    

Griffiths, Samuel of Liverpool    

Griffiths, Thomas G of Manchester    

Griffiths, W of Upper Tooting    

Griffiths, William of Hereford    

Griffths, W of Mfa Nevin    

Grigg, Humphrey of Plymouth    

Grignon, T of London    

Grignon, Thomas of London    

Grimalde & Johnson of London    

Grimaldi, P of London    

Grimes, Fred of Tiportree    

Grimes, Joseph of Wolverhampton    

Grimshaw, Baxter & JJ Elliott Ltd

Grimshaw, James of London    

Grimshaw, John of Liverpool   

Grimsley, Misses L & L of Leyton    

Grindon & Crow of Canning Town    

Grindow, W of London    

Grinlaw, Alexander of Duns

Griodon, William of Brighton    

Grocock, Arthur of Sheffield    

Grohe, James of Wigme Street, London

Groom, George of Croydon    

Groom, WD of Llanfairfechan    

Groome, R of Mountnessing, Brentwood    

Grooms, Joseph of Manchester    

Grooms, William Dockett of Manchester    

Gre, John of Liverpool    

Grose, Alfred of Swindon    

Grosrey, Celestin of London    

Grosrey, EuGorene of London    

Grosrey, Peter C of London    

Gross, Maux of Walthamstow    

Grossmann, John & Co of London    

Grosven, Robert of Drayton    

Grosven, Thomas of  Knowle, Birmingham    

Grounds, John of Wigan    

Grounds, Johnson of Wigan

Grout, John jun of London    

Grout, John of London    

Grout, John sen of London    

Grove, Richard of London     

Grover, Lovell & Son of Barking   

Grover, Lovell & Sons of Barking    

Grover, Lovell of Barking    

Groves, Charles of Brentwood    

Groves, William of Leeds    

Grudgings, KS of Bournmouth    

Gruier, Armand of London    

Grundy, John of Whalley

Grunert, Richard of Beverley    

GruNorthall, Julius of Leeds    

Grute, William of Totnes    

Grzimish, Philip of London    

Guarnerio, G & Co of Peckham    

Guarnerio, P of Huntin Gordon    

GudGoreon, George of Bury St Edmunds     

GudGoreon, John of Bury St Edmunds    

Guenat & Co of London    

Guest, William of Winds


 Guildford & Kirby of Uxbrid Gore    

Guillaume & Moe of London    

Guillaume, A of London    

Guillaume, Edward & Charles of London    

Guillaume, Georgeof London    

Guilliford, William Doverhay of Plock, Taunton    

Guinand, Celestin of London    

Guinness, B of Brighton    

Guinness, J of Brighton    

Gulde, Gorerman of London    

Gulliver, Georgeof Stratford East   

Gunn, AJ & Co of Dover    

Gunn, William of Hulme    

Gunn, William of Wallingford

Gunnell, William of Newbury    

Gunning, Thomas of Somerton    

Gunston, Samuel of Glastonbury    

Gunter, John & Co of London

Gunton, Henry of Norwich    

Gurdon, George of Hadleigh    

Gurnett, J & Sons of Grays   

Gurnett, James of Grays   

Gurney, Frederick of Amporthill    

Gurn, Thomas of Ickleton   

Gurr, David of Eastbourne    

Gurr, Ebenezer of Eastbourne    

Gurr, George of Battle    

Gussin, Thomas of Loughton    

Guthrie, George of Willington Quay    

Guthrie, M of Jarrow    

Guthrie, William of Hetton-le-Hole    

Guthrie, William of Willington Quay    

Gutmann, John of London    

GutteridGore, R of Godmanchester, HuntinGordon    

Guttman, Isaac of Sheffield    

Guttman, Tobias of Sheffield    

Guy, Edward of London    

Guy, George of Blackburn    

Guy, Jasper of Shaftesbury    

Guy, Samuel of London

Guy, William E of London    

Guy, William of Shaftesbury    

Guye, Philippe & A of London    

Gyatt, RA of Guildford



 We offer the highest possible quality service in a friendly and highly efficient manner.  

Our customer's clocks are fully insured whilst in our keeping and all of our work is fully guaranteed.  

We have the experience and wealth of expertise to restore every kind of antique clock and barometer from the simplest to the most complex, we provide our customers with the highest possible standard of service. 

All our work is carried out within an agreed timescale and at the price quoted keeping you informed every step of the way. 

Customers clocks are personally collected, delivered and set up in any part of the UK and overseas. 

Having restored many hundreds of clocks we are fully conversant with making and replacing missing or damaged parts in the appropriate style and material. 

We work to a strict code of practice and ethics, ensuring that our customers have total peace of mind whilst their clock is in our care. 

We provide a locating or finding service for any type of Clock by a specific named maker or ancestor, we hold a database of hundreds of clocks for sale by maker and type of clock, in addition to receiving notification from worldwide auction houses, dealers and collectors.  

Please don't hesitate to contact us with any specific requirements you may have. 

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