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We provide a full restoration and repair service for all types of clocks,barometers and barographs including movements, dials, cases, cabinet work, plating, polishing and lacquers. 

If you are looking to buy a clock, barometer or barograph by a specific maker we provide a sourcing service to find exactly what you are looking for please contact us for further details.   

For any enquiry from a simple repair or major restoration we are happy to help and waiting for you call.


Clock & Watchmaker Research Service 

We provide information on clock and watch makers, the information we can provide is not guaranteed to be all there is to know about the maker, but it is a summary of all the information found in research, that is updated regularly.

The charge for this service is £5.99. If you wish to order a clock or watchmaker research report please click the "Buy Now" button below. You will then be asked to proceed and submit your makers name and payment.

This Service Is Curentley Unavailable


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Once your payment has been made an email with your report will be sent to your email address within 48 hrs.


H Williamson Ltd

HB & Co Ltd


Haas, Joseph of Taunton

Haberstroh, G of Taunton

Habesoh & Son of Rhyl

Habron, Charles of Darlington

Hackman, J of London

Haddon, GH of Northampton

Haderer, G and D of West Bromwich

Hadfield, Thomas of Chapel-en-le-Frith

Hadida, Joseph of London

Hadley, Humphrey of Birmingham

Hadley, Thomas of Birmingham

Hadwen, Isaac of Liverpool and Ormskirk

Hadwen, Joseph of Liverpool

Haffner, Charles of London

Hagan, Matthew of Liverpool

Hagger, AL of Ipswich

Hagger, Arthur L of Ipswich

Hague, Joseph H of Manchester

Hague, Lawrence of Sheffield

Hague, Richard of Cheetham

Hague, Roy of Lincoln

Haigh, Abraham of Manchester

Haigh, Thomas H of Sheffield

Haigh, Thomas Henry of Huddersfield

Haine, W of Bournemouth

Haines, F of Sherborne

Haines, Frederick John of Bognor

Haines, G of London

Haines, Henry of Knowle, Birmingham

Haines, J of Bedford

Haines, John of Bedford

Haines, W of Bedford

Haines, W of Chester

Haines, William of Bedford

Hair, George Bush of London

Hais, George of Walsall

Halden, William of Gayton

Hale, Charles Bert of Eye

Hale, Ernest of Jaywick, Clacton

Hale, J & J of London

Hale, William of Holyhead

Hales, Alfred Joseph of Ilford

Haley & Milner of London

Haley, Charles of London

Haley, Thomas of North Walsingham, Norwich and London

Halfhide, Alfred Edward & Co of Wimbledon

Halfhide, Alfred Edward of Wimbledon

Halfhide, George William of London

Halfhide, William of Hereford

Halford, E of Leighton Buzzard

Halford, Robert Hosier of London

Halford, William of Northleach

Halksworth, William of London

Hall, Abel of Chumleigh

Hall, Alfred of Penge

Hall, Charles Ellis of Sheffield

Hall, Charles J & Son of Bromley

Hall, Dewance of Alfreton

Hall, Edward Samuel of Liverpool

Hall, Francis of Whitby

Hall, Frederick Charles of Yoxford

Hall, George & John of Wakefield

Hall, George F of Newcastle

Hall, Harry of Burnham

Hall, Henry of Birkenhead

Hall, Henry of Sheffield

Hall, JS of Beaumaris

Hall, Jacob Dixon of Chester-le-Street

Hall, John & Co of Manchester

Hall, John of Great Grimsby

Hall, John of Grimsby

Hall, John of Sleaford

Hall, Jonathan of Manchester

Hall, Joseph & Co of Manchester

Hall, Joseph Sparling of Colchester

Hall, Joseph of Alford

Hall, Joseph of Beaumaris

Hall, Joseph of Chorlton on Medlock

Hall, Joseph of Great Grimsby Joseph Hall, of Great Grimsby

Hall, Joseph of Manchester

Hall, Joseph of Skipton

Hall, Leonard & Son of Grimsby

Hall, Leonard of Louth

Hall, Martin of Framlingham

Hall, Robert of Oswestry

Hall, Robert of Wells

Hall, TJ Jun of Northampton

Hall, Thomas of Banbury, Oxfordshire

Hall, Thomas of Bradford

Hall, Thomas of Cannongate, Edinburgh

Hall, Thomas of Liverpool

Hall, Thomas of Rumsey

Hall, Tomas Sen of Northampton

Hall, William L of Manchester

Hall, William Robert of Wanstead

Hall, William of Ipswich

Hall, William of London

Hall, William of Manchester

Hall, William of New Bolingbroke

Hall, William of Plymouth

Hallam, Edward of London

Hallam, John of London

Hallam, Thomas of Nottingham

Hallam, Thomas of Sheffield

Hallen, Walter James of Canning Town

Hallett, Harry of Tadworth, Epsom

Hallett, John of Lyme Regis

Hallett, Mathew of London

Hallett, RD of Beaminster

Hallett, William George of Bradford

Hallett, William of London

Halliwell, John of Warrington

Halliwell, Thomas of Dewsbury

Hallows, Jonathan of Liverpool

Halls, John of Nayland, Colchester 

Halpern, Mark of Brentwood

Halsall, Edward of Bristol

Halsall, Robert of Ormskirk

Halton & Slocombe of London

Halton, William of Saltburn-by-the-Sea

Ham & Son of Maker

Ham John of London

Ham, Charles John of Bedford

Ham, George Frederick of Surrey

Ham, Henry of Bodmin

Ham, John of Antony and Kingsand, Cornwall

Ham, Joseph of Liskeard

Ham, ST of Farnborough, Surrey

Ham, T of Frimley, Farnborough, Surrey

Ham, William of Liskeard

Hambley, William of Falmouth

Hambly, John of Grimsby

Hambridge, Robert U of Leigh

Hamer, Ezekiel of Sheffield

Hamer, John of Llanidloes

Hamilton of Bournmouth

Hamilton, E M of Spennymoor

Hamilton, Edward T of Bradford

Hamilton, James of Sheffield

Hamilton, John of Hexham

Hamilton, John of Owlerton, Sheffield

Hamilton, Richard Frederick of Sheffield

Hamilton, Robert of Hexham

Hamilton, Thomas of Liverpool

Hamilton, William of Whiteburn

Hamley, JO of London

Hamley, John O of London

Hamley, Osb John of London

Hammett, Benjamin & Walter of Plaistow

Hammon, James & Son of London

Hammond, Charles B of London

Hammond, E of Hoddesdon

Hammond, George & Son of Manchester

Hammond, HB & Son of Southampton

Hammond, J of Bournmouth

Hammond, John of Clare

Hammond, John of Manchester

Hammond, Thomas & George & Thomas of Manchester

Hammond, Thomas of Manchester

Hammond, William of Salford

Hamnett, Samuel of Drypool, Hull

Hamond, George of Shudehill

Hampshire watch Co Ltd of Eastleigh, Southampton

Hampson & Thelwell of Manchester

Hampson, Joseph of Liverpool

Hampson, Robert of Manchester

Hampson, William of London

Hanby, Edwin of Bradford

Hancock & Falkner of Reading

Hancock, Carlton of Derby

Hancock, Cox & Co of Yeovil

Hancock, Daniel of Bradford

Hancock, John of Yeovil 

Hancock, Joseph of Manchester

Hancock, Josiah & Son of Manchester

Hancock, Luke of London

Hancock, Walter of Newbury

Hand, Fraser of Sheffield

Handcock, EF of Sittingbourne

Handcock, Edward F of Sittingbourne

Handford, Thomas of Ross

Handley, Frederick Herbert of London

Handley, G & Moore, J of London

Handley, John of Runcorn

Handman, D of Leytonstone

Hands, Daniel of Bilston

Handscomb, E of Woburn

Handy, Henry of London

Hanger, Henry of Manchester

Hankins, Jacob of Farningham, Kent and Upper Clapton

Hannah, Alexander of Bungay

Hannam, Edward of London

Hannington, William of Glasgow

Hanny, James of Shrewsbury

Hanscond & Son of Woburn

Hansford, John & Son of Illminster

Hanson, Charles of Huddersfield

Hanson, Charles of London

Hanson, W of Windsor

Hanson, William of Windsor

Hanwell, William of Liverpool

Harbin, Clifford of Liverpool

Harbinson, J F and Co of Belfast

Harbottle, Alfred of Thornaby-on-Tees

Harbour Gift Shop Ltd of Paington

Harbron, Charles of Bridlington


Hardaker & Rook of Bradford

Hardcastle, William of Manchester

Hardeman, E S of Canterbury

Hardeman, Samuel of Bridge & Canterbury

Hardeman, W of Canterbury

Harden, EM of Maidstone

Hardie & Christie of Manchester

Harding, B of Bedford

Harding, Benjamin of London

Harding, Charles of Sidmouth

Harding, Henry of London

Harding, John of Ashburton

Harding, John of Carnarvon

Harding, John of Llanerchymedd

Harding, John of London

Harding, John of Portmadoc

Hardisty, Jonathan L of Manchester

Hardman, Thomas of Manchester

Hards, Alfred of Woodford Green

Hardt, GH of Leyton

Hardt, Harry of London

Hardt, Henry of Leytonstone

Hardwick, of Eversholt

Hardwick, Richard of Ashwick, Somerset

Hardwick, Thomas of Ridgmount

Hardwick, W of Eversholt, Woburn

Hardy Brothers Ltd

Hardy Brothers of London

Hardy, Charles K of Lincoln

Hardy, George of London

Hardy, James and Son of Dorchester

Hardy, John C of Holbeach

Hardy, John of Aberdeen

Hardy, Richard of Newark

Hardy, S of St Ives

Hardy, Samuel of St Ives

Hare, Alexander of London

Hare, Austin of Newcastle and South Shields

Harfield, J of Brighton

Hargrave, John of Sleaford

Hargreaves, J & Co of Liverpool

Hargreaves, James of Morley

Hargreaves, W of Leeds

Harker, Frank of Abingdon

Harkin, Peter of Liverpool

Harkness, John of Arundel

Harland, E of Ramsgate

Harland, Henry of Chaterham Valley

Harland, Henry of Croydon

Harland, Henry of Godstone

Harland, M of Croydon

Harle, Alfred Lucas of Gateshead

Harle, Charles of London

Harling, J of London

Harlock, JE of Southend

Harlock, James of London

Harlock, Robert of Ely

Harlow, Benjamin of Bath

Harlow, Benjamin of Hanley and Shelton

Harlow, Benjamin of Lane End

Harlow, Benjamin of Longton

Harlow, William of Sheffield

Harmer, Joseph Norman of London

Harms, George of London

Harmston, George Jnr of Lincoln

Harmsworth, John of Cambridge

Harmsworth, John of London

Harper and Son of Shrewsbury

Harper, Alfred of Lincoln, Birmingham, Southampton, Winchester and London

Harper, Henry of London

Harper, Henry of Scarborough

Harper, John of London

Harper, Richard of Shrewsbury

Harper, Thomas of Shrewsbury

Harral, Benjamin of Barnsley

Harrild, Robert of London

Harrington, R of Witham

Harrington, RM of Farnham

Harrington, Robert Micklem of Farnham

Harrington, Robert of Witham

Harrington, William Thomas of London

Harrington, Willie of Coggeshall

Harrinson, Mayer & Co of Liverpool

Harris & Sons of Manchester

Harris of Morton

Harris, Abraham of Stratford East

 Harris, Alfred of Rhyl

Harris, Arthur V of York Town, Camberley

Harris, Asher of London

Harris, Baily of Westbury

Harris, CF of Sollihull, Birmingham

Harris, Charles of Liverpool 

Harris, Charles of Peterborough

Harris, Charles of Reading

Harris, Charles of Ross

Harris, Clement of London

Harris, E & Co of Liverpool

Harris, Edward & Co of Liverpool

Harris, Edward of Bromyard

Harris, Edward of Kingswinford

Harris, Ephraim of Cambridge

Harris, G of Bicester

Harris, George of Milton, Weston-super-Mare

Harris, H & Son of Witney

Harris, H of Northampton

Harris, H of Oxford

Harris, Henry & Son of Maidstone

Harris, Henry James of Manchester

Harris, Henry James of Salford

Harris, Henry of Grimsby

Harris, Henry of Truro

Harris, Hirsh of Streatham

Harris, Isaac & Son of Liverpool

Harris, Israel of Exeter

Harris, Israel of Truro

Harris, J of Brixton

Harris, J of Sevenoaks

Harris, J of Witney

Harris, JC & Son of Spalding

Harris, JJ of Brixton

Harris, James J Jun of Camberwell

Harris, James R of London

Harris, James of Camberwell

Harris, James of Liverpool

Harris, James of London

Harris, John C of Spalding

Harris, John James of London

Harris, John of Islington

Harris, John of Kirton

Harris, John of London

Harris, Joseph of Cheetham

Harris, Joseph of Grimsby

Harris, Josiah of Manchester

Harris, L of Gravesend

Harris, L of London

Harris, Lazarus of Liverpool

Harris, Lewis of Cambridge

Harris, Morris Hart of Penzance

Harris, RH of Newport

Harris, Richard of Northiam, Sussex

Harris, Richard of Wellington, Shropshire

Harris, Samuel of Gillingham, Dorset

Harris, Samuel of London

Harris, Samuel of Sheffield

Harris, Simon of Cambridge

Harris, T of Brackley

Harris, T of Bromyard

Harris, T of Hawkhurst

Harris, Thomas Robert of London

Harris, Thomas of Bromyard

Harris, Thomas of Canterbury 

Harris, WH of Chatham

Harris, WM of Uxbridge

Harris, Walt of Chatham

Harris, William M of Uxbridge

Harris, William jun of London

Harris, William of Chorlton on Medlock

Harris, William of London

Harris, William of Mildenhall 

Harris, William of Newmarket

Harris, William of Northiam

Harris, William of Woodford

Harris, William sen of London

Harrison & Son of Darlington

Harrison, Agnes of Warkworth and Morpeth

Harrison, Charles of Limerick

Harrison, Charles of Morpeth

Harrison, E & RS of Tunbridge Wells

Harrison, E of Birkenhead

Harrison, E of Whyteleafe

Harrison, Edward of Warrington 

Harrison, Edwin of London

Harrison, Francis and William of Hexham

Harrison, Francis of Hexham

Harrison, Francis of London

Harrison, Francis of London

Harrison, Frederick of Wellsbourne Mountford, Warwick

Harrison, George F of Caistor

Harrison, George Frederick of Wragby

Harrison, George William of Wallsend

Harrison, George of Sheffield

Harrison, Henry W of Liverpool

Harrison, J of Darlington

Harrison, JW of Bridlington Quay

Harrison, James of Manchester

Harrison, Jas Park Road of West Hartlepool, Durham

Harrison, John of London

Harrison, John of Darlington

Harrison, John of Drayton

Harrison, John of Liverpool

Harrison, John of Mold

Harrison, John of Newcastle

Harrison, John of Warkworth and Morpeth

Harrison, L Apark of Guildford

Harrison, Richard of Mold

Harrison, Robert of Bradford

Harrison, Thomas of London

Harrison, Thomas of Morpeth

Harrison, W & Co of Hull

Harrison, William E of Stockton

Harrison, William of Liverpool

Harrn, Alexander of Upton Park

Harrocks, George W of Liverpool

Harrocks, George of Liverpool

Harrocks, Joshua of

Harry, John of Penryn

Harry, Samuel of Hertford

Harscher, Ferdinand of Macclesfield

Hart & Co of Barrow

Hart & Harvey of London

Hart, Charles & Sons Ltd of Taunton

Hart, Henry of Hull

Hart, John Napthali of London

Hart, Josiah of North Walsham

Hart, LM of Cleethorpes

Hart, Lewis of Liverpool

Hart, M D of Newcastle

Hart, Maurice of London

Hart, Mordecai of Liverpool

Hart, Napthali & Son of London

Hart, Nathan of Liverpool

Hart, Philip of London

Hart, S & M of London

Hart, Samuel of Devizes

Hart, Thomas of Horsley Field, Wolverhampton

Hart, William George of Norwich

Hartley, Charles of Lincoln

Hartley, Elizabeth of Manchester

Hartley, John of Liverpool

Hartley, Thomas William of Manchester

Hartley, Thomas of Liverpool

Hartman, Abraham of Sheffield

Hartmann, Otto of London

Hartnall, Thomas of Cirencester

Hartshorn, Edmund of London

Hartshorn, Thomas of Colshill

Hartshorne, Alex of London

Harvey, A of Grimsby

Harvey, Albert of London

Harvey, Charlotte, of London

Harvey, Fraser Robert of Lowerstoft

Harvey, George of London

Harvey, Henry Thomas of Wandsworth

Harvey, James Henry of Southampton

Harvey, James of Chesterfield

Harvey, James of London

Harvey, John of London John Harvey of London

Harvey, RC of Berwick

Harvey, Robert Carr of Berwick

Harvey, Thomas of Baldock Thomas Harvey of Baldock 

Harvey, Walter of Farnborough

Harwood, C of Waltham Abbey

Harwood, Cecil Charles of Shefford

Harwood, F of Enfield

Harwood, Frederick George of Waltham Abbey

Harwood, John of the Isle of

Harwood, Robert of Liverpool

Harwood, W of Littlehampton

Hasberry, Samuel J of Tunbridge Wells

Hasberry, Sidney J of Tunbridge Wells

Hase, William of Saxthorpe

Haselhurst & Son of Devizes

Haselhurst, John of Weston-super-Mare, Somerset

Haselhurst, S of London

Haskard  Samuel of Derby 

Haskell, JA Ltd of Ipswich

Haskell, James A of Ipswich

Haskell, James of Salisbury

Haskins, Robert Rd of Bedford

Haskins, Robert of Bedford

Haslehurst, Vincent A of Bexley Heath

Hassell, Harry of Haslemere

Hastings, Hercules of Burford,Oxfordshire

Haswell, A of London

Haswell, James of London

Haswell, Robert & Sons of London

Haswell, Robert of London

Hatfield and Hall of Manchester

Hatfield, William of Sheffield

Hathorn, Peter of Lancaster, Kirkby Lonsdale and Newcastle

Hathornthwaite, Peter of Kirkby Lonsdale and Newcastle

Hatton & Co of Hereford

Hatton & Harris of London

Hatton, George Cooper of Lancaster

Hatton, George of St Albans

Hatton, JY of London

Hatton, Joseph York of London

Hattrell, George P of Godalming

Haughan, Thomas of Dipton

Hausburg, Freidrich LL of Liverpool

Hauser, Philip of Inverness

Havens of Poole

Havers of Bournmouth

Havers of Winton

Haward, Edward of Walton-on-the-Naze

Hawdon & Son of Grimsby

Hawdon, CH of Grimsby

Hawdon, Charles of Grimsby

Hawdon, J F of Newcastle

Hawdon, J T of Newcastle

Hawes, William of London

Hawkes, Alfred of Manchester

Hawkings, Richard of London

Hawkins, Christopher Henry of London

Hawkins, JH of Parkgate, Rotherham

Hawkins, Philip of Royston

Hawkins, Richard of London

Hawkins, S of Chesham

Hawkins, Samuel of Chesham

Hawks, Charles Albert of Beckenham

Hawksey, Enoch of Nantwich

Hawksley, Lewis T of Liverpool

Hawksworth, JC of Scarborough

Hawley, John & Charles of London

Hawley, John of London

Hawley, WH of Coventry

Hawleys and Co, London

Hawman, John of Stockton

Haworth, Richard of Liverpool

Hawthorn, Peter of Lancaster, Kirkby Lonsdale and Newcastle

Hawthorn, Thomas of Burslem

Hawthorn, Thomas of Hanley

Hawthorne, M of Montgomery

Hawtin, Jabez George of Stowmarket

Hay, John of Leith

Hay, Peter of London

Hay, Thomas William of Shrewsbury

Hay, William of Wolverhampton and Tatenhall Wood, Staffordshire

Haydock, Joseph Eli of Manchester

Haydon, D of Hereford

Hayes, Aaron of Salford

Hayes, Christopher of Oldham

Hayes, Edward of Leigh

Hayes, George of Forest gate

Hayes, George of London

Hayes, James Henry of Oldham

Hayes, John of Grimsby

Hayes, John of Wrexham

Hayes, K of Llandudno

Hayes, Ralph of Kirkby-Longsdale

Hayford, Henry of London

Hayford, William of London

Hayhurst, John of Preston

Hayler, William of Chatham

Haylock, Charles E of Spalding

Haylor, Charles of London

Hayman, A & Co of Cheltenham

Hayman, A of Sheffield

Hayman, Arnold of Darnall

Hayman, George of London

Haythernthwaite, Peter of Lancaster, Kirkby Lonsdale and Newcastle

Hayton, D of Hereford

Hayton, Daniel of Hereford

Hayton, Daniel of London

Hayward Brothers of Swindon

Hayward, A of Woodbridge

Hayward, Edward & Son of Walton-on-the-Naze

Hayward, Edward of Ashford, Kent 

Hayward, Edward of Folkestone

Hayward, Edward of Walton-on-the-Naze

Hayward, G of Reading

Hayward, George B of Reading

Hayward, James of Bath

Hayward, James of Hertford

Hayward, James of Walthamstow

Hayward, John of London

Hayward, Robert of London

Hayward, T of Blandford

Hayward, Thomas of Hulme

Hayward, Thomas of Manchester

Hayward, W of Farnham

Hayward, Walter Charles of Surbiton

Hayward, William of Hoddesdon

Hayward, William of London

Haywood, David of Manchester

Haywood, Richard of Leamington Richard Haywood of Leamington

Hazelden, Charles Percy of Worthing

Hazelton, Edgar A of Ipswich

Hazelwood Brothers of Wisbech

Hazelwood, HH of Woodbridge

Hazelwood, Henry of Woodbridge

Hazlewood, Charles E of Croydon

Hazlewood, Giles of Steeple Bumpstead

Hazlewood, Giles of Steeple Bumpstead

Head, John of Bingham

Headsworth, Phineas of London

Headworth, A J of Ware

Headworth, P of London

Headworth, T of Friern Barnet

Headworth, T of London

Heal, Thomas of Devonport

Heald, Alfred of Wisbech

Heald, John Clarke of Wisbech

Healey, Thomas of Manchester

Healey, Thomas of Salford

Healy Thomas of London

Healy, Benjamin of London

Healy, Thomas of Patricroft

Heap, Charles of London

Heap, John of Burnley

Heap, Richard of London

Heap, Thomas of London

Heap, Thomas of Manchester

Hearn, William of Upper Norwood

Hearsey, Charles of Barnes

Hearsey, Charles of London

Hearsum, David of Thorpe- Le- Soken, Essex

Heartwell, John of Bourton

Heasman, Alfred & Son of Colchester

Heasman, Alfred of Colchester

Heasman, Walter of Lindfield, Sussex

Heater, George of Wantage

Heater, John R of Wantage

Heater, William A of Wantage

Heater, family of Wantage

Heath, H Ltd of Poole

Heath, John of London 2,

Heath, T of Great Berkhampstead

Heath, William of Moreton-in-Marsh

Heath, William of Newcastle-under-Lyme

Heathcock, George Albert of Norbiton, Kingston

Heather & Son of Reigate

Heather, Edward John of Reigate

Heaven, W of Stourbridge, Worcestershire

Hebden, Jeffrey of Hawes

Hebert, Anthony of London

Hechle, Henry Harrison of Liverpool

Heckle, Aof Liverpool

Heckle, Henry Harrison of Liverpool

Heckscher, Henry of Reading

Hector, P & Co of Ilford

Hector, P A of Ilford

Hector, Percival of Ilford

Hector, RL & Sons Ltd of Glasgow

Hedge, James of Cambridge

Hedge, Nathaniel of Liverpool

Hedger, G of London

Hedger, GH of Leamington

Hedger, George of London

Hedley, John of Durham

Heeley, Benjamin of Deptford

Heighton, T of Kettering

Heigold, Herbert of Rotherham

Heine, Wendlin of Newcastle

Heinekey, Robert of Liverpool

Heinemann, BJ of Wimbledon

Heitmann, Herrmann of West Stoke, Stoke-sub-Hamdon

Heitzman & William of Dublin

Heitzman family of Wisbech and March Cambs

Heitzman, Andrew of Ware, Hertfordshire

Heitzman, F & Co of London

Heitzman, Felix of Hastings

Heitzman, Frederick J of Cheadle and Walsall

Heitzman, George of Bloxwich, Walsall

Heitzman, James of Walsall

Heitzman, M of Walsall

Heitzman, Matthew of Burton-upon-Trent

Heitzmann Brothers of London

Heitzmann, Ferdinand of London

Heizman of Canterbury

Heizman, A of Rochester

Heizman, Rochuz of London

Heizman, Tobias of London

Heizman, W of Blandford

Hellaby, John of Rainhill

Helsby, James Gooden of Liverpool

Helsby, John Roscoe of Liverpool

Helsby, John of Liverpool

Helsby, Mark of St Helens, Lancashire

Helsby, Richard of Liverpool

Helsby, Samuel of Liverpool

Helsby, Thomas and Co

Helsby, Thomas and John

Helsby, Thomas and Sons of Liverpool

Helsby, William of St Helens

Helton, George of Chatham

Hemingway, John of Manchester

Hemins, Edward of Bicester

Hemming, William James of Liverpool

Hemsworth, Frederick C of Alford

Henbest, FJ of Totton, Southampton

Hender, Thomas Row, of East Looe

Hender, William of Callington

Henderick, John of Droitwich

Henderson, Andrew of Newcastle

Henderson, Charles W of Brigg

Henderson, Herbert Clifford of Rotherham

Henderson, John H of Manchester

Henderson, Joshua H of Salford

Henderson, MM Ltd

Henderson, MM of Coatbridge

Henderson, MM of Falkirk

Henderson, Matthew McLaren

Henderson, Matthew of Manchester

Henderson, Robert of Scarborough

Henderson, Thomas of Houghton-le-Spring

Henderson, William of Spennymoor

Hendley, Frederick of Maidstone

Hendrick, C of Dartford

Hendrick, J & P of Liverpool

Hendrick, John of Liverpool

Hendrick, John of Manchester

Hendrick, Thomas of London

Hendrie, James of Wigton

Henn, Silas of Darlaston

Henn, Silas of Tipton

Henney, Alex of Dover

Henning, Henry of Lymington

Henry Pidduck, Hanley

Henry Williamson Ltd

Henry, S of London

Henry, William of London

Henshall, David of Wilmslow

Hensler, W A & Son of Walthamstow

Henson, F of Leyton

Henson, T of Wansford

Hepburn, John H of Prudhoe, Prudhoe Station

Hepting & Ferderer of London

Hepting, L of Shepherd's Bush

Hepton, G of Thrapston

Hepton, William of Northallerton

Herbert & Payne of Forest gate

Herbert, Douglas of Croydon 

Herbert, Samuel of Liverpool

Herbert, William of Ludlow

Herbstrilt, George of Epping

Herman, George of London

Herman, Ignatz of London

Herman, Jacob of Salford

Herman, Joseph of Manchester

Hermann, Anthony of London

Hermann, I of East Dulwich

Hermann, J & Co of Salisbury

Hermann, Joseph of Manchester

Hermann, Leo of Dartford

Hern, John of Cottenham

Heron, John of Blyth

Heron, William of Newtownards and Liverpool 

Herr, Joseph of Bradford

Herrieff, Thomas of Richmond, Surrey

Herring Joseph, of London

Herron, J of Cowpen Quay, Blyth

Herron, John of Blyth

Hervey, M of Wellingborough

Herzog, Carl & Co of London

Heselton, George of Bridlington

Heskah, William - watch cap maker of Liverpool

Hesleton, James Cape of Beverley and Bridlington, Yorkshire

Heslop, Richard of Huddersfield 

Heslop, William of London

Hess, Rosetta of Liverpool

Hetherington, J of Newcastle

Hetterich, Mary, of London

Hetterich, Otto & Son of Walthamstow

Hetterich, Otto of London

Hettich, K of Oxford

Hettich, William of London

Hettick, C of Newcastle

Hewardine, George of Stilton

Hewerdine, G of Stilton

Hewett, Arthur A of Margate

Hewiit, Herbert H of Blyth

Hewit, David of London

Hewitt & Barnes of Gainsborough

Hewitt, A of Grimsby

Hewitt, Alfred of Gainsborough

Hewitt, G of Grimsby

Hewitt, George & Son of Grimsby

Hewitt, George of Grimsby

Hewitt, J of Burnham, Maidenhead

Hewitt, J of Higham Ferrers

Hewitt, John Henry of Lincoln

Hewitt, John of Burnham

Hewitt, John of Liverpool

Hewitt, John of London

Hewitt, Joseph, Thomas & James of Prescot

Hewitt, Joshua of Liverpool

Hewitt, L of Higham Ferrers

Hewitt, LD of Wimbledon

Hewitt, Lifford D of Wimbledon

Hewitt, Michael of Chester

Hewitt, S of London

Hewitt, SF of Eckington, Shefield

Hewitt, Samuel of London

Hewitt, T of London

Hewitt, Thomas & Son of London

Hewitt, Thomas of London

Hewitt, Thomas of St Helens

Hewitt, William of Gainsborough

Hewlett, Isaac of Bristol

Hewson, Sidney of Wainfleet All Saints

Hewson, William of Lincoln

Hext, Giles of Reading

Heyes, Christopher of Oldham

Heyes, James of Rainhill

Heyes, W of Wimbledon

Heyes, William Thomas of Wimbledon

Heyes, William of Wimbledon

Heymann, J & Co of Whitby

Heywood, David of Salford

Heywood, John of Birkenhead

Heywood, Samuel of Northwich

Heywood, Thomas of Bangor

Heywood, Thomas of Birkenhead

Heywood, Thomas of Carnarvon 

Heywood, Thomas of Wrexham

Heywood, W of London

Hiams, G of Hastings

Hiart, Henry James of Prescot

Hiatt , Henry of Prescott and Liverpool

Hibbert, Henry of Manchester

Hibbert, Isaac of Manchester

Hibbert, John of Sheffield

Hibbert, Thomas of Salford

Hibbins, John of Stamford

Hicklin, J of South Dore

Hickling, John of London

Hickman, William of Stamford

Hicks, Charles of Liverpool

Hicks, Charles of London

Hicks, DA of Leigh

Hicks, George of Northampton

Hicks, John of Stamford

Hickton, Samuel of Manchester

Hide, William B of London

Hief, J R of Market Harborough

Hief, John R of Kettering

Higginbotham, Henry of Macclesfield

Higginbotham, John of Macclesfield

Higgins, George of Alcester

Higgins, John of Shipston

Higgins, T of Ashby-de-la-Zouch

Higgins, Thomas Simons of Royston

Higgins, Thomas of Gloucester

Higgins, Thomas of Shipston on Stour,

Higgins, William of Alcester

Higginson, Adam of Liverpool

Higginson, John of London

Higgs & Evans of London

Higgs, E of Newbury

Higgs, G of Liverpool

Higgs, George of Liverpool

Higgs, Henry of Newbury

Higgs, Robert of London

Higgs, W of Wandsworth

Higgs, WA of Reading

Higgs, WW of Newbury

Higgs, William Austin of Reading

Higgs, William of Ruabon

Higgs, William of Wandsworth

High, W of Bishop Stortford

High, William of London

Higham, Robert of Salford

Highfield, Alfred of Ipswich

Highfield, Edward of London

Highfield, William F of Liverpool

Highfield, William of Liverpool

Highfield, William of Wrexham and Oswestry

Highley W Reeves of Chatham

Highley, Henry of Sheerness on Sea

Highley, John of Chatham

Higho, James of London

Hilaby, Richard of Sheffield

Hilbrand, H of Walton-on-Thames

Hildesheimer, Morris of Stratford

Hildyard Brothers of Wickham Market

Hildyard Brothers of Woodbridge

Hildyard, Arthur of Southend

Hildyard, Arthur of Westcliff

Hildyard, David of Caterham Valley

Hildyard, Davis of Colchester

Hildyard, Duncan of Braintree

Hildyard, John of Lowerstoft

Hill, Arthur of Liverpool

Hill, Benjamin of London

Hill, Charles Frederick of Felixstowe

Hill, Charles J of Coventry

Hill, Charles J of Coventry

Hill, Charles of Preston Charles Hill of Preston

Hill, D of Colchester

Hill, D of Kirby Moorside

Hill, Daniel of Colchester

Hill, Elsie, of Ipswich

Hill, Eva, of Liverpool

Hill, F of Hungerford

Hill, FB of East Ham

Hill, FF of Shackleford

Hill, Frederick of Lambourn

Hill, Harry C of Ipswich

Hill, J of New Romney

Hill, Jacob of Liverpool

Hill, James Richard of Brigg

Hill, James of Tunstall

Hill, John H of Trimdon Colliery 

Hill, John K of Barton

Hill, John Spencer of Burslem

Hill, John William of Sheffield

Hill, John of Alcester

Hill, John of Burslem

Hill, John of Chertsey

Hill, John of Evesham

Hill, John of Liverpool

Hill, John of London

Hill, Jonas of London

Hill, Joseph of Bristol

Hill, Joseph of Newcastle-under-Lyme

Hill, PJ of Chatham

Hill, RW of Luton

Hill, Richard of Liverpool

Hill, Robert of Penrith

Hill, Robert of Stafford

Hill, SC of London

Hill, Samuel of Totley, Ecclesfield and Sheffield 

Hill, T & G of Hungerford

Hill, TH CMBHI of Basingstoke

Hill, Thomas of Barton Upon Humber

Hill, Thomas of Little Haywood, Staffs

Hill, Thomas of Liverpool

Hill, Thomas of London

Hill, Thomas of Rochdale

Hill, VC of Ipswich

Hill, William Henry of London

Hill, William of Walsingham and Wells Next Sea, Norfolk

Hill, William of Coventry

Hillaby, Richard of Sheffield

Hillary, Edmund of Rosymedre, Ruabon

Hillary, George of Guisborough

Hillbrand, Hermann of Walton-on-Thames

Hillier, George of London

Hilllary, Edmund of Rhosymedre

Hillman, Walter of London

Hillmoth Brothers of Dudley

Hills Brothers of Sudbury

Hills of Sudbury

Hills, Arthur of Weybridge

Hills, Edward P of Sudbury

Hills, Edward Percy of Kelvedon

Hills, Edward of Clare

Hills, Edward of Long Melford

Hills, Edward of Sudbury

Hills, Francis G of Cambridge

Hills, John of East Grinstead, Sussex

Hills, Newman Norwood of St Albans

Hills, Richard of Cambridge

Hills, Thomas of Sandwich

Hills, W of Walthamstow

Hills, William of Walthamstow

Hilsbach, Henry of Manchester

Hilton, Emanuel of Portsmouth

Hilton, John of Liverpool

Hinchcliffe, Lee of Filey

Hinchliffe, Joe of Huddersfield

Hinde, Benjamin W of London

Hinde, Benjamin William of London

Hinderwell, John of Norton and Stockton

Hindley, Henry of Wigan and York

Hindley, Joseph W of York

Hinds, Brothers

Hinds, George of London

Hinds, Harry of Croydon

Hinds, Henry of Markyate, Bedford, Luton, Ampthill, Beds & Redbourn, Herts

Hinds, Joseph of Stamford & Colchester

Hinds, Joseph of Stamford

Hinds, Richard of London

Hinds, William Henry of Aylesbury

Hine, Claude of Chatteris

Hine, Thomas of Watlington, Oxfordshire & Fleet Street London

Hines, Frederick of Camberwell

Hines, James William of Ipswich

Hinks & Radcliffe of London

Hintley, William Newcastle Under Lyne

Hinton, Thos of Spalding

Hippach, Karl of London

Hippisley, Gordon A of Ipswich

Hipwell, MG of Liverpool

Hird, Henry Cook of Hull

Hirsch & Co of Gateshead

Hirsch, Pritchard & Co of London

Hirschfeild, Abraham of Brighton

Hirschfeld, A of London

Hirst Bros & Co

Hirst, Alex of North Shields

Hirst, Walter of Sheffield

Hirst, William of Heckondwike

Hirst, William of Sheffield

Hirt, M of Colchester

Hirt, Titus of Kensal New Town

Hiscocks, Zach of London

Hislop, Alexander of Liverpool

Hislop, Richard of London

Hislop, Robert of London

Hislop, William of London

Hitchcock, James of Hermitage

Hitchin, James of Wednesbury

Hitchin, Samuel of Wednesbury

Hitchinson, James of Walsall

Hitchkins, Alfred of London

Hitt, Peter of Liskeard

Hitzman, Henry of Cambridge

Hitzman, John of Cambridge

Hitzman, Joseph of Cambridge

Hobart, William of Bury StEdmunds

Hobbins, E of Sollihull, Birmingham

Hobbins, Henry of Manchester

Hobbs, Charles of Bridgwater

Hobbs, Elias of Bampton, Devon

Hobbs, FG of Leamington

Hobbs, Robert of Treeton, Rotherham

Hobday, Edgar of Clevedon

Hobdell, Richard of London

Hobley, Alfred John of Salford

Hobs, Robert Rayment of Huntingdon

Hobson, Charles J of Rotherham

Hobson, Harry of Rotherham

Hobson, Thomas Charles of London

Hoch, C of London

Hoch, Carl of Salford

Hoch, Felix of Manchester

Hoch, John of London SW

Hoch, Nicholas of London

Hochfeld, David of London

Hock, Cattfried of London

Hocking, James of Chasewater, Redruth

Hocking, John of Redruth

Hoddell, James & Co of London & Coventry

Hodge, Henry of Liverpool

Hodge, John of Plymouth Dock

Hodge, Jonathon of Helston

Hodges, Charles H of Newtown

Hodgeson, Thomas of Durham

Hodgett, AT of Colwyn Bay

Hodgett, J S of Llandudno

Hodgetts & Weissbeck of Llandudno

Hodgetts, AT of Colwyn Bay

Hodgetts, Alfred T of Llandudno

Hodgetts, J of Llandudno

Hodgson, Charles jun of Newcastle

Hodgson, J S of Liverpool

Hodgson, John S of Liverpool

Hodgson, John of Liverpool

Hodgson, Matt of South Shields

Hodgson, Samuel of Gosforth, Newcastle

Hodgson, Thomas of Durham

Hodgson, Walter of Manchester

Hodgson, William of Lancaster

Hodkinson, William of Liverpool

Hodnett, Thomas of West Bromwich

Hodon, F of Colchester

Hodsoll, William of London

Hodson, Charles of Dudley

Hoeber, Louis of London

Hoer & Haberstroh of London

Hoer, Oskar of London

Hoff Brothers of Hailsham

Hoffenberg, B of Manchester

Hoffman, Jens von of South Shields

Hoffmayer, Alexander Joseph of Liverpool

Hoffmayer, Joseph A of Liverpool

Hoffmayer, Martin of Liverpool

Hoffmeir, Martin of Chelmsford

Hoffmeyer Brothers of London

Hogan, J of London

Hogan, Joseph of London

Hogan, Thomas of Basset Thomas Hogan of Basset

Hogg & Shaw of Manchester

Hogg, George of London

Hogg, John J of North Shields

Hogg, John T of Gateshead

Hoghton, William of Houghton Lancs

Hoguet, Augustus of Birmingham

Hoile, Charles & Co of Kew

Hoile, Charles of Kew

Holden & Co of Croydon 

Holden Joseph of Liverpool

Holden, J of Great Marlow

Holden, John H of Liverpool

Holden, John Henry of Liverpool

Holden, John of Manchester

Holden, Joseph of Liverpool

Holden, W of Whitstable

Holden, William of Kettering

Holdred, T of London

Holdsworth, George of South Shields

Holdsworth, Jonas of Halifax

Holdsworth, William of Bingley

Hole, Henry of London

Holgate, William of Wigan

Holl, Frederick Richard of London

Holl, George of Buckenham

Holland, James A of Birkenhead

Holland, Samuel of Nottingham

Holland, Sidney Stanley of Crayford, Dartford

Holland, William of Birkenhead Holland

Holland, William of Brackley

Holland, William of Chester

Hollander, Victor of Folkestone

Hollands, Thomas of Brighton

Hollandson of Liverpool

Hollebon, Ernest of Whitstable

Holleyhead, Armel of Sheffield

Hollidge, Samuel of London

Hollingshead, G of Olney

Hollingshead, James of Olney

Hollinrake, James of Todmorden

Hollins, Edward or Edwin John of Coventry

Hollins, Henry of Stoke-upon-Trent

Hollins, Richard Halfpenny of Newcastle-under-Lyme

Hollins, Richard of Newcastle-under-Lyme

Hollison, Alexander of Liverpool

Hollison, William of London

Hollister, George of London

Holliwell & Holliwell of Derby

Holliwell, John of Warrington

Holliwell, William of Derby

Holloway, Neilson J & Co of London Neilson J Holloway & Co of London

Holloway, Thomas Charles Pinnell of Eastbourne

Hollowell, C of Northampton

Hollyhead, Enoch of Sheffield

Hollywood, John of Dudley

Holman, John of Lewes

Holman, M of Lewes

Holmden, John George of London

Holmden, R of Lower Norwood

Holme & Smithard of Derby

Holme, Daniel of Derby Daniel

Holme, George of Rainhill

Holme, Samuel of Liverpool

Holmes of Wolverhampton

Holmes, Alfred of Woodford

Holmes, Andrew of Lane End

Holmes, C & J of Cheadle

Holmes, Conway of Wycombe

Holmes, FJ of Ipswich

Holmes, Henry of Longton

Holmes, James of Cheadle

Holmes, John of Wolverhampton

Holmes, M Steel of London

Holmes, Matthew of London

Holmes, Peter of Liverpool

Holmes, Richard of Liverpool

Holmes, Richard of Sheffield

Holmes, Thomas Hardy of Ilkley

Holmes, W of London

Holmes, William H of Liverpool

Holmes, William Henry of Liverpool

Holmes, William of Crouch End

Holmes, of Cheadle

Holness, Wilfred Cecil of Canterbury

Holness, William Alfred of Herne Bay

Holroyd, Samuel Henry of Hull

Holt, B of Downham

Holt, George of Moss Side, Manchester

Holt, Louis of Hull

Holt, Richard of Newark

Holt, Robert of Birmingham

Holt, Robert of Upper Norwood

Holt, Walter of Hulme

Holt, William of Eastbourne & Petworth

Holtby, Alfred of Great Driffield

Holton, C & Son of Luton

Holyland, A H Humbra, Leicester

Holzmann, Fernbach of Watford

Homan, J of Colwyn Bay

Homan, Peter of London

Homes & Gardens of Cheltenham

Honderwood, James of Ayr

Hone, AJ & Co Ltd of Chelmsford

Hone, Edward Stephen of London

Honey, Thomas of Launceston

Honeybone & Pearce of Old Brentford

Honeybone, George of Fairford

Honeybone, Richard of Luton

Honeybone, T of London

Honeybone, T of Old Brentford

Honeybone, T of Old Brentford

Honeybone, of Nottingham

Honeychurch/ Honychurch of London

Honney, Cecil William of Southbourne, Emsworth

Honvells, Thomas

Hood Robert of Blandford Forum, Dorset

Hood, Arthur of Royston

Hood, J of Melcombe Regis

Hood, John & Son of Colchester

Hood, William of Atherstone

Hook, G of Clacton

Hook, George of Clacton

Hook, John of Midsomer Norton, Bath, Somerset Hook

Hook, of Clacton

Hooke, Thomas of Lyme Regis

Hooker, AW of Brighton

Hooker, William of Lewes

Hooper, George of London

Hooper, John of Winchester

Hooper, S & Son of Mere

Hooper, William London

Hooson & Roberts of Wrexham

Hooton, George of Scawby-cum-Sturton, Brigg

Hopcraft, James Baker of Grays

Hopcraft, James C of Grays

Hope, John Lawton of Strangeways, Manchester

Hope, William of Hexham

Hopkin or Hopkins, Abraham of Bourne

Hopkin, Abraham of Bourne

Hopkins, E of Woodstock

Hopkins, FH of Old Colwyn

Hopkins, Frederick Charles of Dagenham

Hopkins, R of London

Hopkins, R of New Brentford 

Hopkins, William E of Redhill

Hopkins, William of London and Tenterden

Hopley, W of Dover

Hopley, W F of Dover

Hopley, William of Dover

Hopley,James of Manchester

Hopper, William of Durham

Hopwood J C & Son of Colchester

Hopwood, J C of Colchester J C Hopwood of Colchester

Hopwood, Son & Payne of Colchester

Horden, William of Rothwell, Kettering

Hordern, John of Leamington

Horley, Alfred of London SW

Horlick, James of Wantage

Horlick, SJ of Botsdale, Diss

Hornblower, William of London

Hornby, George of Liverpool

Hornby, Gerard of Liverpool

Hornby, James of Liverpool

Hornby, John of Liverpool

Hornby, Richard & Son of Liverpool

Hornby, Richard of Liverpool

Hornby, Robert H of Alford

Hornby, Robert of Liverpool

Horne & Thornthwaite of London

Horne, John of Canterbury

Horne, William & Son of Leyburn

Horne, William of London

Horner, Wilfred of Masborough, Rotherham

Horrocks, F of Rochdale

Horsefield, William of Bradford

Horseman, William of Bromyard

Horstmann Gear Co Ltd of Bath & Weston-super-mare

Horstmann, Gustav of Bath & Weston-super-mare 

Horstmann, Henry of Weston-super-Mare

Horstmann, Otto G of Bath

Horswill, A of Gainsborough

Horswill, Albert of Sheffield

Horton, Arthur of London

Horton, J of Newcastle

Horwitz, Max & Co of London

Hoskin, Richard Augustus of Callington

Hoskin, Thomas John of Hull

Hosking, John of Camborne

Hosking, William Luce of London

Hoskins & Bird of London

Hoskins, George of London

Hoskins, LA & Son of Bromley

Hosmer of Tonbridge

Hotton, F of Colchester

Hough, Frederick of Coventry

Hough, William of Salisbury

Houghton, Charles Arthur of Newport

Houghton, J of London

Houghton, James of Liverpool

Houghton, James of London

Houghton, John of Tillingham, Maldon

Houghton, Stephen of St Helens

Houghton, Thomas of Liverpool

Houghton, William S of Liverpool

Hounsom, James of Liss, Hampshire

Houston, James of Johnstone

How, Edward of Holford

How, J of Bromley

How, James N of London

How, P of Woolwich

How, S S of Tunbridge

Howard, Alfred of London

Howard, Charles of London

Howard, Christopher of Donington

Howard, Edward of London

Howard, George Edward of Bedford

Howard, J of Liverpool

Howard, James of Liverpool

Howard, James of Manchester

Howard, John Bird of London

Howard, John of Manchester

Howard, Thomas of Liverpool

Howard, W of Enfield

Howard, W of Ponders End

Howard, William of Dunstable

Howard, William of Liverpool

Howard, William of Ponder's End

Howard, William of Redbourn, St Albans

Howarth, James of Liverpool

Howarth, Richard of Salford

Howe, Ernest of Sheffield

Howe, Frank of Hull

Howe, Frederick of Hereford

Howe, George of Rochdale

Howe, J of Deal

Howe, John of Wigton

Howe, Robert of Cheetham

Howe, Samuel of London

Howe, William H of Sudbury

Howell & James of London

Howell or Howells, William of Bristol

Howell, Charles B of Chester

Howell, Davies of Coedpoeth

Howes, Benjamin of Downham Market

Howes, Henry of Ballingdon-cum-Brundon

Howes, JP of Wallingford

Howes, John of Wallingford

Howes, Martin of Chatteris

Howes, Suckling of Downham Market

Howlett, John of Cheltenham, Gloucestershire

Howorth, Hartley of Bacup

Hoy, Damien John & John of Mattishall

Hoy, Edward of Whissonsett

Hoyle, Alfred J of Huddersfield

Hoyle, Joseph of Stalybridge

Hoyle, William of Rochdale

Huband & Bevis of Evesham

Huband, Charles James of Evesham

Huband, James of Evesham

Hubbard, A & W of Ipswich

Hubbard, Arthur George & William Samuel of Ipswich

Hubbard, Edward of London

Hubbard, Ernest J of Dorking

Hubbard, John of Bury StEdmunds

Hubbard, John of London

Hubbard, Richard of Alford

Hubbard, Tomas of Dorking

Hubber, Raymond of London

Hubble, D of Maidstone

Huber, Conrad of Bedford

Hubert, James of London

Huckbody, Walter of Manchester

Hucker, C of Slough

Hudson, George of Manchester

Hudson, John of Otley

Hudson, R & Son of Upper Mitcham, Surrey

Hudson, W of Hereford

Hudson, W of Sunderland

Hudson, William of Hereford

Hug, William of Dublin

Huggett, J of Ramsgate

Huggin, Thomas of Wolverhampton

Hughan, Margaret of Liverpool

Hughe Bros of Prestatyn

Hughes & Co of Carnarvon

Hughes & Son of Denbighshire

Hughes & Son of Llangollen

Hughes & Son of Wrexham

Hughes & Sons of Wrexham

Hughes , J of Chirk

Hughes Bros of Bala

Hughes Bros of Flint

Hughes Bros of Prestatyn

Hughes Thomas of London

Hughes of Pwllheli

Hughes, Ann of Carnarvon

Hughes, C of Chirk

Hughes, Charles of Manchester

Hughes, David of Festiniog

Hughes, David of London

Hughes, Edward E of Carnarvon

Hughes, Ezekiel of Machynlleth

Hughes, HE of London

Hughes, Henry & Son of London

Hughes, Henry E of London

Hughes, Hugh of Caernarvon Gaerwen, Llangefni, Llanrhyddlad,

Hughes, J of Chirk

Hughes, J of Machynlleth

Hughes, John O of Amlwch

Hughes, John of Carnarvon John Hughes of Carnarvon

Hughes, John of Festiniog

Hughes, John of Nevin 

Hughes, John of Pwllheli

Hughes, Jonathan of Liverpool

Hughes, Joseph of Machynlleth

Hughes, Lewis of Liverpool

Hughes, OH of Aberdovey

Hughes, OH of Bala

Hughes, OM of Prestatyn

Hughes, Owen H of Bala

Hughes, Richard P of Llanrwst

Hughes, Richard Pritchard of Llanrwst

Hughes, Robert of Llangollen

Hughes, Robert of Ruabon

Hughes, Samuel of Llangollen

Hughes, T & J of Wrexham

Hughes, Thomas Roger of Manchester

Hughes, Thomas of Ruabon

Hughes, WC of Bethesda

Hughes, William Charles of Bethesda

Hughes, William E of Bethesda

Hughes, William of Llanberis

Hughes, William of Rhos

Hughes-Jones, J of Abergele

Huguenin, A & Son of London

Huguenin, Amie of Liverpool

Huguenin, Sarah of Liverpool

Huguenin, Son & Hall of London

Hukins, G H of Tenterden

Hukins, GW of Tenterden

Hukius, James of Tenterden

Hulbert, Ben of Bath

Hulbert, Benjamin of Marshfield

Hulbert, Henry A of Lowerstoft

Hulbert, Henry A& Sons of Lowerstoft

Hulbert, Percival W of Felixstowe

Hulbert, Percival Walter of Lowerstoft

Hulbert, WH of Lowerstoft

Hull Brothers of Manchester

Hull, Henry of Southend

Hull, John Charles of Hull

Hull, John K of London

Hull, Percival John of Woodford

Hull, Robert of Newmarket

Hulm, David of Coventry

Hulman, L of Bangor

Hulme, Richard of Liverpool

Hulme, Richard of London

Hulme, Thomas of Manchester

Hulse, Henry of Manchester

Hulse, John of Buckhurst Hill

Hulse, John of Pitsea

Hulse, Robert of Bury

Hume, J of Newcastle

Hume, John of London

Hume, John of Newcastle

Hume, Samuel of Durham

Humel, D of Brighton

Hummel Brothers of London

Hummel, Frederick of London

Hummel, John & Sons of Pangbourne, Reading

Hummel, John of Reading

Hummel, Leonard of Reading

Humphrey, Benjamin of Steeple Bumpstead, Haverhill

Humphrey, David of Machynlleth

Humphrey, T of Hurstpierpoint

Humphrey, Walter Scott jun of Hetton-le-Hole

Humphrey, Walter Scott of Sunderland

Humphreys Brothers of Croydon

Humphreys, Andrew of Runcorn

Humphreys, John of Thrapston

Humphreys, Joseph of Liverpool

Humphreys, Samuel of Taporley

Humphreys, Thomas of Barnard Castle

Humphreys, William of Hartlepool

Humphries & Edwards of Bedford

Hunns, JA of Whittlesey

Hunot, Samuel M of London

Hunt & Roskell of London

Hunt, C of Staplehurst

Hunt, Frank of Richmond

Hunt, HAJ of Rayleigh

Hunt, Isaac of Prescot

Hunt, J of Oxford

Hunt, James of Upwell, Wisbeach

Hunt, John of Barnstaple

Hunt, Peter of Hutton Rudby, Yarm

Hunt, Peter of Wingate

Hunt, Thomas of London

Hunt, William & Son of Yarmouth

Hunt, William George of London

Hunt, William of Manchester

Hunter & Edwards of London

Hunter & Son of London

Hunter, Alexander of New Cumnock, Ayrshire, Scotland Alexander Hunter

Hunter, JT & Son of Clapham

Hunter, James of Liverpool

Hunter, John of Bridlington

Hunter, Peter of Alloa 

Hunter, Peter of London

Hunter, S of Clapham  

Hunter, Samuel sen of London

Hunter, T of Blyth

Hunter, Thomas of Liverpool

Hunter, Thomas of Ramsgate

Hunter, W D of Ramsgate

Hunter, William of London

Hunwick, Edwin H of Bungay

Hurcombe, WE of Haslemere

Hurdley, Henry of Rotherham

Hurlock, Albert of Clacton

Hurrell, Derrick R of Southampton

Hurrell, Henry F of Ilford

Hurrell, Henry F of Seven Kings

Hurren, A of Yoxford

Hurren, Simon Carew of Yoxford

Hurricks, Frederick of Gillingham

Hurry, Jeramiah of Whittlesey

Hurry, John Jnr of Whittlesey

Hurry, John of Whittlesey

Hurst, Arthur James of Ilford

Hurst, Arthur John of Ilford

Hurst, James of Beaconsfield

Hurst, Job of Midhurst

Hurst, Moses of Middleton

Hurst, Stephen William of Basingstoke

Hurst, William J of London

Hurst, William Joseph of London

Hurst, William of London

Husband, Charles James of Evesham

Husband, Thomas of Hull

Huskisson, JC of Leominster

Hussey, Henry T of London

Hussey, Henry of London

Hussey, Thomas & Co of Liverpool

Hussey, William of London

Huster, John of Sheffield

Hutchings, Henry John of Sandwich

Hutchins, T of Shepton mallet

Hutchinson, Cuthbert of MW Sunderland

Hutchinson, G & Co of Clapham

Hutchinson, G of Clapham

Hutchinson, George of London

Hutchinson, John of Appleby

Hutchinson, John of Darlington

Hutchinson, John of Hulme

Hutson, Percy of Loughton

Hutton & Imray of London

Hutton, Charles of Burslem

Hutton, John of London

Hutton, SE of Llandudno Junction

Hux, J & Sons of London

Hux, James of London

Hux, John of London

Huxtable, Henry of Barnet

Huxtable, John of London

Huxtable, William Randle of London

Huzzey Morgan & Sons of Luton

Hyam , David & Co of London

Hyam, D & M of Manchester

Hyams, Benjamin of Wolverhampton

Hyams, Joshua of London

Hyams, N of Brighton

Hyams, Samuel of Liverpool

Hyams, Simon of Liverpool

Hyatt, Edward of Wolverhampton

Hyatt, Frederick of Southwick, Sunderland

Hyatt, John of Chester

Hyde & Son of Sleaford

Hyde & Sons of Sleaford

Hyde Ann of Sleaford

Hyde John of Sleaford

Hyde T & S of Stamford and Market Rasen

Hyde Thomas of Sleaford 

Hyde, J and Sons of London and Paris

Hyde, John of Sleaford

Hydes, Wilfred H of Rotherham

Hyland, John of London

Hyman, Henry M of Benwell, Newcastle

Hyman, Joseph of Bangor

Hyman, William of Rusthall

Hynam, Robert of London 



 We offer the highest possible quality service in a friendly and highly efficient manner.  

Our customer's clocks are fully insured whilst in our keeping and all of our work is fully guaranteed.  

We have the experience and wealth of expertise to restore every kind of antique clock and barometer from the simplest to the most complex, we provide our customers with the highest possible standard of service. 

All our work is carried out within an agreed timescale and at the price quoted keeping you informed every step of the way. 

Customers clocks are personally collected, delivered and set up in any part of the UK and overseas. 

Having restored many hundreds of clocks we are fully conversant with making and replacing missing or damaged parts in the appropriate style and material. 

We work to a strict code of practice and ethics, ensuring that our customers have total peace of mind whilst their clock is in our care. 

We provide a locating or finding service for any type of Clock by a specific named maker or ancestor, we hold a database of hundreds of clocks for sale by maker and type of clock, in addition to receiving notification from worldwide auction houses, dealers and collectors.  

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