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We provide a full restoration and repair service for all types of clocks,barometers and barographs including movements, dials, cases, cabinet work, plating, polishing and lacquers. 

If you are looking to buy a clock, barometer or barograph by a specific maker we provide a sourcing service to find exactly what you are looking for please contact us for further details.   

For any enquiry from a simple repair or major restoration we are happy to help and waiting for you call.

Clock & Watchmaker Research Service 

We provide information on clock and watch makers, the information we can provide is not guaranteed to be all there is to know about the maker, but it is a summary of all the information found in research, that is updated regularly.

The charge for this service is £5.99. If you wish to order a clock or watchmaker research report please click the "Buy Now" button below. You will then be asked to proceed and submit your makers name and payment.

This Service Is Curentley Unavailable


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Once your payment has been made an email with your report will be sent to your email address within 48 hrs.


L'Ange, Louis of London

L'Hopital, Jof London

L'ange, Auguste of London

La Dell, Harry Robert of London

Lacey, A of Bournmouth

Lacey, George of Portsmouth Common

Lacey, George of Portsmouth

Lacey, John of Rainhill

Lacey, Thomas of Manchester

Ladd, John of London

Ladds, William of London

Ladley, Henry of Newcastle

Ladyman, John of Liverpool 

Lages, Ernest of London

Laidlaw, Thomas of Hetton-le-Hole

Laing & Barton of Manchester

Laing & Stowell of Manchester

Laing of Glasgow  

Lait, Aof Dagenham

Lake, Edmund E of Manchester

Lake, Harry Johnson, of South Norwood

Lake, Henry Johnson, of South Norwood

Lake, Henry of Exeter 

Lake, James Arnold of London

Lake, WBentall of Romford

Lake, William Bentall of Romford

Lakin, William of Tamworth

Lalik, Victor of Rotherham

Lamb & Son of Glasgow

Lamb, Benjamin of London

Lamb, Charles R of Kingston

Lamb, George of Salford

Lamb, HT of Woolwich

Lamb, Harold James of Colchester

Lamb, Henry T of London

Lamb, Henry Thomas of London

Lamb, Henry and James of Windsor

Lamb, Henry of West Hartlepool

Lamb, Henry of Windsor

Lamb, J & Hof Windsor

Lamb, J of Bicester

Lamb, John of Horncastle and

Lamb, John of Leighton Buzzard

Lamb, John of Middlesborough

Lamb, John of Sunderland

Lamb, Richard of West Ham

Lamb, William D of Durham

Lamb, William of Glasgow

Lambe, Hof Hammersmith

Lambert, C of Brighton

Lambert, E,  of Hereford

Lambert, Eliza of Hereford

Lambert, Henry of London

Lambert, John of London

Lambert, S of London

Lambert, S of Stoke Newington

Lambert, William of Hereford

Lambert, William of London

Lambeth, John of Rotherham

Lambeth, William Henry of Rotherham

Lambie, Hugh of Liverpool

Laming, Henry of Spalding

Lammers, Charles of London

Lamprey, John of Banbury

Lamude, Reuben and John of

Lancashire Watch

Lancaster, Fraser of Liverpool

Lancaster, George Ernest of Sheffield

Lancaster, H of Liverpool

Lancaster, James of Liverpool

Lancaster, Thomas of Devonport

Lancaster, Thomas of Prescot

Lancaster, William of Plymouth  

Lancey, William of  Bromyard

Land, Thomas of Tottenham

Land, William R of Bradford

Landquist, Jack of Chelmsford

Landsbert, Henry of London

Lane, Charles Benson of London

Lane, Charles of Helston

Lane, F of Cefn

Lane, FJ of Winchester

Lane, Frederick of Liverpool

Lane, Frederick of Old Colwyn

Lane, James of Liverpool

Lane, John of Crediton

Lane, MMof Dublin

Lang, Sullivan of Winchester

Lange, Christian of London

Langelaan, James of Goldaming

Langemann, A of Belfast

Langenbach, Michael of London

Langford, Albert L of Colchester

Langford, Joseph of London

Langford, Thomas of London

Langford, William of Bristol

Langley, Charles of Dover

Langley, Edward of Liverpool

Langley, John of Burton-upon-Trent

Langman, Alfred of Bilston

Langman, Joh and Son of Wolverhampton

Langmead, George of Dartmouth

Langston, Charles Frederick of London

Langton, Edward William of London

Lanman, Horace Harold of Framlingham

Lapham, HO of Winchester

Larard , James of London

Larby, Thomas of Haslemere

Larcombe, James of London

Larner, A of Camberwell

Larner, Alfred Thomas of London

Laroch, John of London

Laroche, Edwin  Hof Tooting Graveney

Lashmar Richard Marchant of Brighton

Lashmore, Alfred of Oswestry

Lasseter, Charles of Steyning

Lasseter, John of Arundel

Lasseter, W of Arundel

Lasseter, W of Steyning

Last, Frank of Ipswich

Last, James of Stalham

Last, Walter of Sudbury

Last, William Nelson of Bury St Edmunds

Last, William of Acle

Last, William of Bury St Edmunds

Latch, Robert & Son of Ferrar & Limerick 

Latham, George of Sheffield

Latham, J of Kilburn

Latham, John of Macclesfield

Latham, Thomas of Liverpool

Latham, William of Macclesfield

Lathom, George of Sheffield

Latif, A of Leytonstone

Latimer, John of Liverpool

Latten, Robert James of Kings Lynn

Latter, Albert E of Ramsgate

Latter, Thomas of Hastings

Laty, E of Beaminster

Laughton, G W of Conisborough, Rotherham

Laule, Martin of London

Laurence, Daniel of

Laurence, Edward of Louth

Lavard, Frederick of Hull

Laven, John of Sheffield

Lavine, Isaac of Hull

Law Brothers of London SW

Law Brothers of London

Law, Alexander of Errol

Law, Anthony C of London

Law, John Dudley of Salford

Law, John of Paisley and Beith

Law, Thomas & Son of London

Lawler, R of Hertford

Lawler, Ralph of Hertford

Lawley, B of London

Lawley, Bernhard of London

Lawley, Joseph of Wellington

Lawley, Theodore of London

Lawn, Edward of Brentwood

Lawn, Edward of Chelmsford

Lawrance, George of London

Lawrence, Edmund of London

Lawrence, George of Keith

Lawrence, James of London

Lawrence, John of Lancaster

Lawrence, Josiah of Chelmsford

Lawrence, Richard of Goldaming

Lawrence, S of London

Lawrence, William of Cuddesdon

Lawrinson, John of Rainhill

Laws, Ernest & Stanley of Tunbridge Wells

Laws, Michael G of London

Lawson & Co of Glasgow

Lawson, John Edward of London

Lawson, John of Bradford

Lawson, John of London

Lawson, Peter of London

Lawson, Rankin & Co Glasgow

Lawson, Samuel of Keighley, Yorkshire

Lawson, Stephen of Keighley, Yorkshire

Lawson, Thomas and Son of Brighton

Lawson, WL of Liverpool

Lawson, William J of Gateshead, Northumberland 

Lawson, William of Millwood and Todmorden

Lawson, William of Southampton

Lawson, William of Todmorden

Lawton & Co of Liverpool

Lawton, John of Sheffield

Lay, Edwin John of Swindon

Lay, Thomas Stephens of Hayle

Laycock, Joseph of Sheffield

Laycock, K of Sheffield

Laycock, Thomas of Bradford

Layzell, John of London

Lazarus & Coleman of Walthamstow

Lazarus, David of Aylsham

Lazarus, Elizabeth & Son of London

Lazarus, Hof London

Lazarus, Henry of London

Lazarus, I of London

Lazarus, Isaac of Exeter

Lazarus, Isaac of London

Lazarus, J of East Ham

Lazarus, L of Manchester

Lazarus, Mark of Manchester

Lazarus, Morris of Walthamstow

Lazarus, Samuel of London

Le Cheminant, John of London

Le Claire Augustus of London

Le Comte, John of London

Le Plastrier, Isaac of London

Le Plastrier, William L of London

Le Roy & Son of London

Lea, James of Liverpool

Lea, James of Prescot

Lea, William of Smethwick

Leach & Furse of Rayleigh

Leach, Benjamin of Andover

Leach, C of Stratford

Leach, Charles of London

Leach, Charles of Rayleigh

Leach, Charles of Walthamstow

Leach, George of Redhill

Leach, Henry of Chorley

Leach, John of Preston

Leach, Mary Ann of Brighton

Leach, Richard & Son of London

Leach, Richard of London

Leach, T of Tottenham

Leach, Thomas jun of London

Leach, Thomas of London

Leach, William of Dagenham

Leadbeater, Henry of Congleton

Leadbeater, James of Rotherham

Leadbeater, John of Hulme, Manchester

Leadbeater, Peter Jun of Congleton

Leadbeater, Peter of Congleton

Leadbeater, Thomas of Sandbach

Leadbeater, Thomas of Wrexham

Leadbetter, Alice,  of Manchester

Leadbetter, Charles of Wigan

Leadbetter, Henry of Salford

Leadbetter, John of Kidsgrove

Leadbetter, Thomas of Wrexham

Leadbetter, William of Wigan

Leader, E of Cambridge

Leader, Elijah & William John of Cambridge

Leader, JE of Cambridge

Leaf, Henry R of Sheffield

Leah Francis James of Hungerford

Leah, Henry of Duckinfield

Leah, Samuel Henry of London

Leapman, Lewis of London

Lear, Henry of Guildford

Lear, James of Exeter

Lear, Samuel of Torquay

Leaver, Charles of Sheffield

Lecky, Gabrier of London

Lecluse, Felix of London

Lecomber, John of Liverpool Lancashire

Lecomte, E of Liverpool

Lecount, Peter of London

Leddra, John of Devonport

Leders, John of Liverpool

Ledger, Cyril of Sheffield

Ledger, Eldred of Cobham

Ledger, Sydney of Croydon

Lee, Absolam of West Rudham

Lee, Alfred of Sheffield

Lee, CG& Son of Westbourne

Lee, Charles Reginald of Sheffield

Lee, Charles of Liverpool

Lee, FW of Grantham

Lee, George & Son of Chesterfield

Lee, George of Sheffield

Lee, George of Upper Holloway

Lee, Henry of Bolton

Lee, Henry of Burslem

Lee, Henry of Hull

Lee, Henry of Liverpool

Lee, Henry of London

Lee, Isaac J of London

Lee, Isaac of Liverpool

Lee, JS of Brighton

Lee, James Griffith of London

Lee, John of Liverpool

Lee, Jubal of Hallifax

Lee, Mark of Manchester

Lee, Michael of Manchester

Lee, Nathaniel of Liverpool

Lee, Nicholas of Liverpool

Lee, Nicholson of Liverpool

Lee, Peter of Skipton

Lee, Robert P & Sons Ltd of Berwick

Lee, Robert P & Sons Ltd of Berwick

Lee, Robert Patterson of Berwick

Lee, S of Birchington

Lee, Thomas Rowe of Northampton

Lee, Thomas of Leicester  

Lee, WH of Liverpool

Lee, William of Oakhampton

Leech, RF of Littlehampton

Leech, William of London

Leeds, P of Sittingbourne

Lees, Charles of Nottingham

Lees, Edward of Broomfield

Lees, James of Middleton

Lees, John of Bury

Lees, John of Middleton

Lees, John of Wolverhampton

Lees, Jonathan of Bury 

Lees, Mark of Walsall

Lees, Samuel of Ashton-under-Lyne

Lees, T of London

Lees, Thomas of Bury

Lees, Thomas of Manchester

Lees, Thomas of Middleton

Lees, William T of Haslingden

Lees, William of Accrington

Lees, William of Haslingden

Leeson, Albert Henry of Coleshill

Leeson, George of Coleshill

Leeson, Henry of Coleshill

Leeson, William

Leete, Thomas of London

Lefever, George of Wisbech

Leffe, Benjamin & Sons of Malton

Leffer, Martin of Tipton

Leffler and Co of Tipton

Lefler, John Martin of Tipton

Lege, Annibal of London

Legg, AL of Eastleigh, Southampton

Legg, Henry of Brighton

Leggat, William of Liverpool

Leggatt, William of Liverpool

Legran of London

Lehmann, F of Aylesbury

Lehmann, Joseph of Bedford

Lehmann, Severin of Mold

Leigh & Davies of Chester

Leigh & Philips of London

Leigh, James of Liverpool

Leigh, Joshua of Liverpool

Leileschutz, Adolph of Liverpool

Leland, Thomas of Prescot

Lelli, Samuel of Medina, Isle of Wight 

Lellylott, John of Havant

Lemm, J of Esher

Lemmon, Charles of Brentwood

Lemmon, Charles of Croydon, Sussex

Lemmon, Henry of London 

Lemon, Henry R of Liverpool

Lemon, Henry of Willingdon, Eastbourne

Lemon, J of Rhyl

Lenggenhager, John G of London

Lennie, Thomas of Liverpool

Lennon, Edward of London

Lenton, Ebonezor of Clapham

Lenton, Edward of Liverpool

Leon, George Isaac of London

Leonard, Thomas of London

Lepine, Edwin of London

Lepine, Henry of Canterbury

Leplastrier & Son of London

Leplastrier, Isaac of London

Leplastrier, L of London

Leplastrier, Robert of Dover

Lepp, James of Liverpool

Lepp, John of Manchester

Leriche, Charles L of London

Leroy & Son of London

Leslan, Ellis of Gravesend

Lesleys of Westcliff

Leslie, Robert of London

Lester, Charles of Croydon

Lester, James of London

Lester, Percy W of Dunstable

Lester, Walter of Dunstable

Letchford, John G of Bromley

Levasseur, Firmin of London

Lever, G of London

Leversha, J of Stogursey, Bridgwater

Levett, Sylvester of Leigh

Levey, E of Dover

Levey, Emanuel of Dover

Levi, Abraham of Liverpool

Levi, Abraham of Wednesbury

Levi, Alfred of London

Levi, Barnet of Liverpool

Levi, Barnit of Liverpool

Levi, Bernard of Liverpool

Levi, Coleman of Ross

Levi, Henry of London

Levi, IM of Oxford

Levi, Isaac of Ross

Levi, John of London

Levi, Jonas & Son of London

Levi, Joseph of Smethwick

Levi, Lewis of Liverpool

Levi, Markes of Plymouth

Levi, Moses of Ipswich

Levi, Robert of London

Levien, Lewis Woolf of Liverpool

Levin, Lewis of Liverpool

Levin, Myer of London

Levitt, Isaac & Morris Tobias of London

Levitt, Isaac of London

Levitt, MT of London

Levitt, Stephen of Chelmsford 

Levy & Moss of London

Levy, A & Son of Slough

Levy, A of Eton, Windsor

Levy, A of Newcastle

Levy, Abraham M of Kingston

Levy, Abraham of London

Levy, Abraham of Romford

Levy, Alexander of Eton

Levy, Barnard of Liverpool

Levy, Benjamin of London

Levy, Charles of Truro

Levy, Henry & Co of Manchester

Levy, Jacob of Truro

Levy, Jonas & Son of London

Levy, Jonas of London

Levy, Joseph & Son of London

Levy, Joseph Solomon & Co of London

Levy, Joseph of Gainsborough

Levy, L of Bedford

Levy, Lewis of Bedford

Levy, Lewis of London

Levy, Morris of Manchester

Levy, R & Co of London

Levy, S of South Shields

Lewars, John of Kilmarnock

Lewehwaite, Edwin of Hallifax

Lewis & Co of Kingston

Lewis & Son of Broadstairs

Lewis & Son of London 

Lewis & Sons of Brighton

Lewis & Taylor of Margate

Lewis, Anthony of Coed Poeth

Lewis, David of Dolgelley

Lewis, George Samuel of Newcastle

Lewis, George of Kingston

Lewis, George of Manchester

Lewis, H of Melcombe Regis

Lewis, Henry of Frome

Lewis, J of Ewell, Egham

Lewis, J Sof Newcastle

Lewis, J of Sunderland

Lewis, John Philip of Bilston

Lewis, John of Bilston

Lewis, John of Brixton

Lewis, John of Epsom

Lewis, John of Ewell,Epsom

Lewis, John of Llanidloes 

Lewis, John of London

Lewis, Joseph Shaw of Liverpool

Lewis, Thomas of Chester 

Lewis, W of Warren

Lewis, William Blyth of South Beddington, Wallington

Lewis, William of London

Lewiston, Arthur of Lancing

Lewitt, Alfred of Gainsborough

Lewns, CF of Rye

Lewns, Charles of Rye

Lewton, George of Kingswood Hill, Bristol 

Leyden, Thomas of London 

Leyland, Thomas of Prescot

Lezard & Son of London

Libbey, Daniel of Devonport  

Lickert, Henry of Cambridge

Lickert, J of Reading

Lickert, John of Reading

Lickert, Karl Henry of Sheffield

Liddel, Edwin of Stockton

Liddell, Adam of Liverpool

Liddle, E of Saltburn-by-the-Sea

Liddle, John of Middlesborough

Liddle, John of Redcar

Lidgett, James of Grimsby

Lidstone, George of Dartmouth

Lieberman, Isidor of Manchester

Lievesley, H of Dronfield, Sheffield

Lievesley, Hubert G of Sheffield

Lievesley, Miriam, of Dronfield, Sheffield

Lifford, William of West Byfleet

Lifford, William of Weybridge

Light, Henry of Manchester

Lightfoot Federick of Dunstable

Lilleker, John R of Sheffield

Lillington, L Miss of Southampton

Lilly & Willaume of Bedford

Lilly, M of Poole

Lilly, WC of Poole

Lilly, Walter Cooper of Poole

Lillywhite & Tinham of Worthing

Limbrey, John of Olney

Linahan, George of Longsight

Linaker, Henry of Liverpool

Lincoln, Benjamin Corbould of Aldborough

Lind, N of London

Lind, Nicholas of London

Lindall, Thomas of Whitehaven 

Lindley, AR of Bedford

Lindley, James of London 

Lindop, Robert J of Liverpool

Linecar, John Henry of Brighton

Lines, James B of Lowerstoft

Linfold, Thomas of Banbury, Oxfordshire

Linford, Edward of London Edward

Ling, Edward of London

Linggood, William of Southend 

Lingham, H of Maidstone

Linley, Charles Pugh of London

Linsey, Thomas B of London

Linsey, Thomas Busby & Co of London

Linsley, George of Southminster

Lintell, Cof High Wycombe

Linton, H of Byker, Newcastle

Linton, John of Liverpool

Lion, Sherwood of Bradford

Lippold, Ernest Alfred of London

Lisle, William of Exeter

Lisseter, William of Ironbridge

Lister, Frank of Grimsby

Lister, George Davy of Hull

Lister, James of Hallifax

Lister, Timothy of Bingley

Lister, William of Newcastle 

Liston, William James of London

Litherland Davies & Co of Liverpool 

Litherland P of Liverpool

Litherland, Ann of Liverpool

Litherland, John of Warrington 

Lithgoe and Bentley of Stafford

Lithgoe, J of Stafford

Lithgoe, John of Stafford

Lithgote and Bentley of Stafford

Lithgow, William of Kirkmuirhill 

Little, James of London

Little, Joseph James Gifford of Liverpool

Littlewood, James Benjamin of Sevenoaks

Lively,  of Byker, Newcastle

Livermore, Edward of London

Livermore, George of South Stifford

Livesey, Samuel of Llanfyllin

Lloyd, A of Llanfair Caereinion

Lloyd, D of Leominster

Lloyd, D of Welshpool

Lloyd, David of Hereford

Lloyd, David of Leominster

Lloyd, David of Welshpool

Lloyd, Edward of Festiniog, Wales

Lloyd, Edward of Llanfyllin, Wales

Lloyd, Edward of Ruthin

Lloyd, GLlewelyn of Towyn

Lloyd, H of Bangor

Lloyd, J of Hereford

Lloyd, James of Guildford

Lloyd, James of Liverpool

Lloyd, James of Sutton

Lloyd, John of Brecon John Lloyd of Brecon

Lloyd, Payne & Amiel of Manchester

Lloyd, Payne & Amiel of Shudehill

Lloyd, R of Carnarvon

Lloyd, RE of Barmouth

Lloyd, Richard of Bridgnorth

Lloyd, Robert Ellis of Carnarvon

Lloyd, Samuel of London

Lloyd, Thomas of Rushholme

Lloyd, V& Son of Newtown

Lloyd, Vincent & Alfred of Llanfair

Lloyd, Vincent & Alfred of Llanfyllin

Lloyd, Vincent of Llanfyllin

Lloyd, William J of London

Lloyd, William John of London

Lloyd, William of Sheffield

Lloydd, Robert E of Dolgelley

Loaffier, Leopold & Co of London

Loafier, Albert of London

Loafler & Co of London

Loat, Henry of Wrexham

Lock, Frederick of Bromyard

Lock, J of Camberwell

Lock, John of London

Lock, John of London

Lock, Walter of Taunton

Lock, William S of Leyton

Lockhart, A of London

Lockhart, A of Stoke Newington

Lockhart, Adam Robson of Asbington, Morpeth

Lockwood, Denis of Sheffield

Lockwood, Frederick J of West Norwood

Lockwood, Robert of Ipswich

Lockwood, Robert of Needham Market

Lockwood, William of Huddersfield

Lockyer, AE of Tonbridge

Lodder, Willam A of Southend

Lodder, William Alfred of Southend

Loder, John of Basingstoke

Lodge, George of Barnsley

Lodge, John & Sons of Hull

Loeffler, U of Greewich

Loffler, George of London

Lofthouse, B of Manchester

Loftus, John of Liverpool

Logan, T of Dorchester

Logan, Thomas of Dorchester

Logan, Thomas of Maybole, Scotland

Logan, William of Glasgow

Lomas, James of Blackburn

Lomas, Samuel of Blackburn

Lomax of Blackburn the Lomax or Lomas

Lomax, George of Brecon

Lomax, James of Blackburn

Lomax, John & Son of Manchester

Lomax, Samuel of Blackburn

Lombardine, Francis of Totnes

London & Ryder of London

London Clock Co

London Watch Co of London

London, J of London

London, James of London

Long, C of Hailsham

Long, Joseph of Salford

Long, Robert of Saint Austell

Long, S of Putney

Long, S of Kingston

Long, Theodore of Gateshead

Longden, William of Waltham Abbey

Longdon, W of Edmonton

Longdon, William of Edmonton

Longley, Ernest Arthur of Sheffield

Longley, Frederick William of Sheffield

Longmore, William of Manchester

Longsworth, Peter of Liverpool

Longworth, James of Liverpool

Longworth, Peter of Liverpool

Loof, E F of Tunbridge Wells

Loof, William of Tunbridge Wells

Loom, Caleb of Croydon

Loosley, George of Canning Town

Loosley, Henry George of Canning Town

Loosley, Richard of London

Loraine, James of Newcastle

Lord, Henry of Liverpool and Manchester Henry

Lord, Tom of Rotherham

Lord, William of Liverpool

Lorimer & Edwards of London

Lorimer, William of London

Lormier, William of London

Lorriman, John of London

Lose Brothers of Southbourne

Lotinga, A of West Hartlepool

Loudan, William of London

Loughborough, John William of West Hartlepool

Loughborough, John of Durham

Loughlin, Felix Joseph of Farncombe, Godalming

Loughlin, Felix of Farnham

Louis, Abraham of Birmingham

Louth, Walter of Spalding

Lovatt, Joseph of Audley

Lovatt, Joseph of Newcastle-Under-Lyme

Lovatt, Joseph of Tunstall

Loveday & Sons Ltd of Chelmsford

Loveday & Sons of Chelmsford

Loveday, & Son of Chelmsford

Loveday, Frederick W of Bishops Stortford

Loveday, Frederick William of Maldon

Loveday, James of Wakefield

Loveday, W & Son of Chelmsford

Loveday, William of Chelmsford

Loveday, William of Witham

Lovegrove, H of Slough

Lovejoy, T of Wimbledon

Loveland, Henry of Leyton

Lovick, Robert of Bury St Edmunds

Low, James of Errol, Scotland

Lowdan, William of London

Lowe & Sons of Chester

Lowe & Sons of Llandudno

Lowe, F & Co, Wholesalers of Rotherham

Lowe, F & Co of Rotherham

Lowe, Francis & Sons Ltd of Rotherham

Lowe, Francis of Rotherham

Lowe, Fras of Rotherham

Lowe, Frederick J of East Grinstead

Lowe, Frederick of London

Lowe, George Cliff of Manchester

Lowe, George of Chester

Lowe, George of Gloucester

Lowe, George of Llandudno

Lowe, Henry of Lower Norwood

Lowe, JB of Barmouth

Lowe, JBO of Barmouth

Lowe, Jesse of Darwen

Lowe, John Alex of Guildford

Lowe, John of Chester

Lowe, John of Sarn

Lowe, Joseph of Bawtry

Lowe, Robert of Preston

Lowe, Thomas of Dartford

Lower, Thomas of Colchester

Lower, Thomas of Sudbury

Lowes, J of Consett

Lowes, John W of Rotherham

Lowin, Frank of Eastbourne

Lowman, Jeremiah of Ramsgate

Lownds, John of London

Lowry, George of Ashton-under-Lyne

Lowry, James of Manchester

Lowry, Samuel of London

Lowson F & G of Bridlington Quay

Lowson, Robert of Bridlington Quay

Lowson, Robert of Tamworth

Lowther, Robert of Openshaw

Lucas, AW of Winton

Lucas, E of Leytonstone

Lucas, Joseph of London

Lucas, Stephen of Chatham

Luck, Thomas of Haywards Heath

Luckhurst, A of Leytonstone

Luckhurst, Wof Dover

Lucus, Joseph of South Norwood

Ludbrook, Daniel of Berkhamstead

Ludbrook, Daniel of Chelmsford

Ludbrook, John of Soham

Luddington, Edward of Ely

Ludgate, George Frederick of Lincoln

Lulman, Alfred of London

Lum, Joseph of London

Lumber, James of Chester

Lumley, Mary of Bury St

Lumpkin, Thomas of London

Lums, Joseph of Chelmsford this

Lunan, Charles of Aberdeen

Lund and Blockley of London 

Lund Brothers of London

Lundy, AJ of Grimsby

Lundy, Emily, of Sheffield

Lundy, James Freer of Grimsby

Lundy, Joseph of Sheffield

Lundy, S  of Pocklington

Lunn, Arthur of Newington, Hull

Lunn, JH Ltd of Belfast

Lunnon, Frederick John of Newbury

Lupton George of Altrincham

Lupton, Clifford of London

Lupton, John of Altrincham

Lurie, J of Stratford

Lutz, Anton of Merton

Lyddon, William of Molton

Lyon & Son of Ilford

Lyon, Charles of Walthamstow

Lyon, Edward of Manchester

Lyon, Henry of Manchester

Lyon, J & Co of Croydon

Lyon, J of Peckham

Lyon, John of Liverpool

Lyon, Judah of Plymouth

Lyon, Lewis of London

Lyon, Maurice & Samuel of London

Lyon, Thomas of London

Lyon, W of Walthamstow

Lyon, William of London

Lyons, Charles of Newmarket

Lyons, Edward of London

Lyons, Florence Gertrude, of Stratford

Lyons, Henry of London

Lyons, W & Co of Canning Town

Lyons, William of Walthamstow

Lythgo, Joseph of Rainhill



 We offer the highest possible quality service in a friendly and highly efficient manner.  

Our customer's clocks are fully insured whilst in our keeping and all of our work is fully guaranteed.  

We have the experience and wealth of expertise to restore every kind of antique clock and barometer from the simplest to the most complex, we provide our customers with the highest possible standard of service. 

All our work is carried out within an agreed timescale and at the price quoted keeping you informed every step of the way. 

Customers clocks are personally collected, delivered and set up in any part of the UK and overseas. 

Having restored many hundreds of clocks we are fully conversant with making and replacing missing or damaged parts in the appropriate style and material. 

We work to a strict code of practice and ethics, ensuring that our customers have total peace of mind whilst their clock is in our care. 

We provide a locating or finding service for any type of Clock by a specific named maker or ancestor, we hold a database of hundreds of clocks for sale by maker and type of clock, in addition to receiving notification from worldwide auction houses, dealers and collectors.  

Please don't hesitate to contact us with any specific requirements you may have. 

Please call 0800 211 8925 for further details.