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We provide a full restoration and repair service for all types of clocks,barometers and barographs iIncluding movements, dials, cases, cabinet work, plating, polishing and lacquers. 

If you are looking to buy a clock, barometer or barograph by a specific maker we provide a sourcing service to find exactly what you are looking for please contact us for further details.   

For any enquiry from a simple repair or major restoration we are happy to help and waiting for you call.

Clock & Watchmaker Research Service 

We provide information on clock and watch makers, the information we can provide is not guaranteed to be all there is to know about the maker, but it is a summary of all the information found in research, that is updated regularly.

The charge for this service is £5.99. If you wish to order a clock or watchmaker research report please click the "Buy Now" button below. You will then be asked to proceed and submit your makers name and payment.


This Service Is Curentley Unavailable 
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Once your payment has been made an email with your report will be sent to your email address within 48 hrs.


M'Lardy, Samuel & Co. of Manchester

Maber, Henry Austin of Sheffield

Mabey, W.A of Southbourne

MacDowall, Charles of London

MacLennan, Donald of Cambridge

MacPherson , Normand of Edinburgh

Macbeth, John of Glasgow Macdonald

Macey, Robert of Plymouth

Macham or Matcham, Samuel of London

Machin, F.T. of Upminster

Machin, Frederick Thomas of Hornchurch

Machin, Frederick Thomas of Romford

Mack, James of Cromer

Mackellow John of Maidstone, Kent 

Mackenzie, Charles of Birkenhead

Mackie, George of London

Mackie, James & George of London

Mackie, James of London

Mackinder Family of Spilsby 

Mackinder, Townson of Spilsby

Mackinder, William of Spilsby

Mackinney, Frank Williams of London

Mackinney, H.J. of London

Mackinney, Herbert Jones of London

Macklin, Thomas of Weymouth

Mackreth, F.G of Midsomer Norton, Bath

Mackrill&Lait of Hull Mackrill&Lait of Hull

Maclennan, K & W. of London

Maclin, James & Son of Salisbury

Macpherson,  J.S. of Berwick

Maddeford, C. of Reading

Maddeford, Charles of Reading

Maddeford, Charles of Theale

Maddinson, Robert of Rugeley

Maddock, Charles of Over

Maddock, Edward of Liverpool

Maddock, George of Middlewich

Maddock, George of Tarporley

Maddock, Thomas of Frodsham

Maddox, Charles of Liverpool

Maddox, J. of Hereford

Maddox, James of Hereford

Maers, Angel Jacob of London

Maffia, A. of Hertford

Maffia, . Angelo of Hertford

Maggs, William of Bristol

Maggs, William of Forest gate

Maggs, William of Ilford

Maggs, William of London

Magnus, Edward of London

Magnus, Simon of Swansea

Simon Magnus of Swansea

Magrath, C.F. of London

Magrath, James S. of London

Magrath, James of London

Maguire, Miller & Co. of Liverpool

Mahlendorff, Edward F. of London

Mahood, Samuel & Son of London

Mahr, Wendel of London

Maidment, Arther George of Leigh

Maidment, C.F. of Bournmouth

Maier, Adolph of London

Main, Frank of Faversham

Mainsbridge, George .R. of Epsom

Maizels, Ephraim I of Hull

Major, John & Sons of Brighton

Major, W & Sons of East Grinstead

Major, William of Birkenhead

Major, William of Cheltenham

Major, William of Liverpool

Majoram, Walter William of London

Makeham, J. of Reading

Makepeace, Arthur of Margate

Makin, George & Son of Manchester

Male, James of Cambridge.

Malin, Arthur of Felpham, Bognor Regis

Malkin, John of Kirkby-in-Ashfield

Mallett& Son of Bath

Mallett, H. of Harwich

Mallett, Henry of Harwich

Mallett, John of Barnstaple.

Mallinson, Thomas of Holmfirth

Malt, Charles E of Wisbech

Malt, Charles Edwin of Wisbech

Malt, James of Wisbech

Maltby, V.G of Swavesey, St Ives, Hunts

Malton, Jeremiah of Gaitsgill

Mammatt& Sons of Sheffield

Manchester, Thomas of Bolton

Mancor, James of Bolton

Mander, T. of Windsor

Manger, John & Co. of London

Manhood, William of Plaistow

Maniglier, John of London

Manistre, Arthur John of Woodford

Manley, J.R. of Wrexham

Manley, John of Chatham

Manley, John of London

Mann & Stephens of Coventry

Mann, John of Norwich

Mann, Matilda of Norwich

Mann, William of Gloucester and Swindon

Manning & Co. of London

Manning or Maning, James of Wellingborough

Manning, B. of London

Manning, Charles of Loughton

Mannings, James of Chichester

Mannings, W of Steyning

Mansel, Thomas of Manchester

Mansell, Algernon B of Sheffield

Mansell, J. Henry of Liverpool

Mansell, James Henry of Teddington

Mansell, William of Lincoln

Mansfield, Adrian of London

Mansfield, C. of Witton Park

Mansfield, John Martin of Shepton Mallet

Mansfield, Joseph of Shaftesbury, Dorset

Manson, W. G. of Jarrow

Mantegani, John of Wisbech

Mantua, Peter and Joseph of Luton

Manual &Brillman of London

Manwaring, Hezekiah of Wandsworth

Manwaring, R. of Maidstone

Mappin Brothers of London

Mapson, W of Plaistow

Mapson, William of Hungerford

Mapson, William of Pewsey

Mapson, William of Romford

Mapson, William, . of Romford

March, C.T & Son of Hastings

March, Charles of London

Marchand, L. of London

Marchand, Taylor & Co. of London

Marchant, William of Huddersfield

Marcus, Bernard of Liverpool

Marcus, J & B. MBWCG of Bournmouth

Margrett, W. of Hereford

Margrett, William of Hereford

Mark, J & A. of Peterborough

Markes, Charles of Plymouth

Markey & Son of Margate

Markham, J.H. of Peterborough

Markham, John of London

Markland, Alfred of Sheffield

Marks & Sons of Newcastle

Marks, A. & Co. of Manchester

Marks, A. & Sons of Newcastle

Marks, Aaron & Sons of Newcastle

Marks, Aaron of Sheffield

Marks, Charles of Plymouth

Marks, D. of Newcastle

Marks, E. of Hertford

Marks, Evan of Hertford

Marks, George of Salford

Marks, Kaufmann of Salford

Marks, L. of Petworth

Marks, Leon of Liverpool

Marks, Lewis & Sons of Hull

Marks, Lewis of London

Marks, Mark of Cardiff

Marks, Moses of Sheffield

Marks, William of Woodford Green

Markwick Markham of London

Marley, John B of Minehead

Marples, Robert Moffat of London

Marr, E of Walthamstow

Marr, Henry of London

Marriner, F. of Ovingham

Marriott, B. of London

Marriott, George Edward of Colchester

Marriott, Henry of Epworth

Marriott, Herbert Henry of Belton, Doncaster

Marriott, J. of London

Marriott, Oliver H of Ramsey, Huntingdon

Marriott, W. of Northampton

Marriott, William of Cambridge

Marsden, Samuel of London 

Marsh, Anthony of London

Marsh, Arthur Frederick of Diss, Norfolk

Marsh, H. of Dover

Marsh, Harry of London

Marsh, Herbert of Sheffield

Marsh, J. of London

Marsh, James of London

Marsh, S. of London

Marsh, Samuel of London

Marsh, T. of Dorking

Marsh, T. of Mortlake

Marsh, Thomas of Dorking

Marsh, W.C. of Barnwell

Marsh, W.J of Waltham Abbey

Marsh, Walter of London

Marsh, William B. of Shoreditch, London

Marsh, William Brinning of Hackney

Marsh, William James of Waltham Abbey

Marsh, William of Diss, Norfolk

Marshall & Son of Skegness

Marshall, Charles A. of Consett

Marshall, Edward of London

Marshall, Edward of Yarmouth

Marshall, Edwin of Manchester

Marshall, G.R. of Sleaford

Marshall, George Innes of Alnwick

Marshall, George William of Sleaford

Marshall, Gregory of Rotherham

Marshall, Herbert Alfred of Wimbledon

Marshall, Herbert P of Louth

Marshall, J. of Blaydon

Marshall, John of Leicester

Marshall, John of Sunderland

Marshall, Joseph of Lincoln

Marshall, Richard of London

Marshall, Robert of Shotley Bridge, Durham

Marshall, Robert of Sleaford

Marshall, Robert of Whickam

Marshall, W.H of Grimsby

Marshall, W.J. of Whishaw, Lanarkshire

Marshall, William & Sons of London

Marshall, William Henry of Huddersfield

Marshall, William Holmes of Skegness

Marshall, William Holmes of Wainfleet All Saints

Marshall, William James of London

Marshall, William of Grantham

Marshall, William of London

Marshall, William of Market Rasen

Marshman, A of Northampton

Marshman, Albert  of Northampton

Marshman, Robert of Walthamstow

Marshsall, Richard of Chesterfield

Marson, Edward of Rugby

Marston, Alfred Edward of Coventry

Marston, J. & H. of Coventry

Marston, Thomas of Coventry

Marten &Bishopp of London

Marten, Baskett& Marten of Cheltenham

Marten, Henry & William of London

Martin &Balchin of London

Martin & Co., of Cheltenham

Martin Family Of Coventry 

Martin, A. of Brighton

Martin, David of Coventry

Martin, F. of Tolleshunt D'Arcy, Maldon

Martin, Francis of Tolleshunt D'arcy

Martin, Frank of London

Martin, Frederick of Vange, Pitsea

Martin, G of Leytonstone

Martin, H.B & Son of Brighton

Martin, J of Walthamstow

Martin, J. of Faversham

Martin, Jesse of Pendlebury

Martin, John C. of London

Martin, John of Canterbury

Martin, John of Faversham

Martin, John of Southwick, Brighton

Martin, R. of Eton, Windsor

Martin, R. of Welshpool

Martin, Robert of Worksop

Martin, Sidney of Deal

Martin, Sladden Ltd of Canterbury

Martin, T. of Northampton

Martin, Theophilus of London

Martin, Thomas of Manchester

Martin, W. of Guildford

Martin, William W of Hull

Martin, William of Buckley

Martin, William of Chelmsford

Martin, William of Darlington

Martin, William of Guildford

Martin, William of London

Martin, William of Sheffield

Martin, William of Wrexham

Martin, Young of Dublin

Martindale, William of Watford

Martineau, Joseph of London

Martlew, R of Ormskirk

Mascall, A.G. of Middlesborough

Mascall, William of Histon, Cambridge

Mashford, James Chapman of Grimsby

Mason, Henry of Bisley

Mason, C. of Canterbury

Mason, C. of East Ham

Mason, Charles of East Ham

Mason, E.H. of Middlesborough

Mason, Edward of Worcester

Mason, James of London

Mason, John & Edward of Worcester

Mason, John & Edward of Worcester

Mason, John of London

Mason, John of Rotherham

Mason,  Joan of Sheffield

Mason, Richard of St Albans

Mason, Robert of Worksop

Mason, S. of Kettering

Mason, Samuel taylor of Olney

Mason, Seacome of Daventry

Mason, Thomas of Blackburn

Mason, Thomas of Colchester

Mason, Thomas of Preston

Mason, Timothy of Chesterfield

Mason, William of Daventry

Mason, William of Warwick and Leamington Spa

Masper, Charles of Manchester

Maspero, William A. of Leatherhead

Maspero, William Angelo of Leatherhead

Massey, Edmund of London

Massey, Edward of Liverpool

Massey, Edward of London

Massey, F.J. of London

Massey, Francis of Liverpool

Massey, John of Hanley, Staffs

Massey, John of Liverpool

Massey, John of London

Massey, Thomas of London

Massey, William of Nantwich

Massie, Alex, J.I. & Son of Sheffield

Massingham, George Plowright of Sheffield

Massingham, John of Fakenham

Massingham, William of Kings Lynn

Masson, H.P of Heathfield

Masters, Alexander Francis of London

Masters, Charles H of Stratford East

Masters, Charles James, . of Stratford East

Masters, E. . of York Town, Camberley

Masters, Ellen, . of Camberley

Masters, Florence, of Chatham

Masters, J. of Tenterden

Masters, John Neve Ltd., of Rye

Masters, John of London

Masters, Thomas of London

Masters, Wallace Edwin of Manor Park

Masterton, A.E of Penge

Masterton, Alfred of East Ham

Masterton, Alfred of London

Matchless Supply Co. of Cambridge

Mather, Ralph of Ormskirk

Mather, Robert of Nottingham

Mather, Walter of Manchester

Mather, William of Nottingham

Mathers& Son of Cambridge

Mathers, Thomas Alex of Cambridge

Mathewes, Robert of Ely

Mathews, Edward of Welshpool

Mathews, Joseph John of London

Mathews, William of Leighton Buzzard

Mathews, William of London

Mathison, John S of Elgin

Mating, Alfred of Liverpool

Maton, George of Cambridge

Mattews, S of Steyning

Mattex, E.E. of Saxmundham

Matthew, Edward (jun.) of Welshpool

Matthew, P. of Uckfield

Matthews, A. of Stanford-le-Hope

Matthews, A.W. Ltd of Gillingham

Matthews, Albert W. of Ipswich

Matthews, Alfred of Leighton Buzzard

Matthews, Charles of Rhyl

Matthews, E. & Son of Welshpool

Matthews, Edward of Welshpool

Matthews, Edwin of Welshpool

Matthews, Henry of Broadstairs

Matthews, J. of Rhyl

Matthews, Jacob of Bristol

Matthews, James of Ely

Matthews, John Francis of London

Matthews, John of Bishop's Castle

Matthews, John of Leighton Buzzard

Matthews, John of London

Matthews, Robert of Ely

Matthews, Thomas & Richard of Oswestry

Matthews, William of Penrith

Matthey, Henry of London

Maud, E & C. of Daventry

Maud, E. of London

Maud, John of Reading

Maughan, J. H. of Gateshead 

Maule, J. W. of Newcatle

Maule, William of Newcastle

Maunder, John of Crediton

Maunder, Michael of Bodmin

Maw, Bielby of Beverley

Mawdsley, Hargreaves of Southport

Mawdsley, John of Manchester

Mawkes, Thomas of Derby, Chesterfield

Mawman, George of Patrington, Hull

Mawson, W of Sheffield

Maxey of London

Maxwell, F. of London S.W

Maxwell, W. of West Hartlepool

Maxwell, William of London

Maxwell, William of West Hartlepool

May, H.J. of Walham Green

May, J.W. & Son of Bromley

May, John B of Bath

May, John of Ingatestone

May, John of Southampton

May, Joseph Peters of Tenterden

May, R.F. of Southend

May, Samuel of London

May, W. of Penge

May, William of Brighton

Mayell, Edwin of Liskeard

Mayer, Anthony & Son of London

Mayer, Anthony of London

Mayer, F. of Reading

Mayer, George of Oldham

Mayer, Gustave& Co. of London

Mayer, Henry of Tunstall, Staffordshire

Mayer, Joseph of Liverpool

Mayer, K. of Newcastle

Mayer, M. of Reading

Mayer, Martin of London

Mayer, N. & Son of Manchester

Mayer, N. & Son. of London

Mayer, Nathan of Manchester

Mayer, Saul of Manchester

Mayes, Edward of EarlesColne

Mayes, George & Sons of Earls Colne

Mayes, George & Sons of Halstead

Mayes, George and Sons of EarlesColne

Mayes, George and Sons of Halstead

Mayes, George of EarlesColne

Mayes, John of London

Mayfield, John W of Hull

Mayhew, George Frederick of London

Mayhew, Henry of Bury St Edmunds

Mayhew, P.E. of Bury St Edmunds

Mayhew, William of Parham and Woodbridge

Mayler, W. of Llandudno

Mayler, William of Llandudno

Mayn, Benjamin of Kelvedon

Maynard, William of Exmouth

Mayne, Thomas of Stonehouse

Mayner, Felix of Reading

Mayo & Co. of London

Mayo, Henry of Liverpool

Mayo, John Dowse of London

Mayo, William & Son of Manchester

Mayo, William Edwin of Gloucester

Mayo, William of Coventry

Mayo, William of Manchester

Mayor, G. of Colwyn Bay

Mazzichi of Durham

Mazzucchi, Charles B. of Crook

McAdam, Robert of Durham

McCabe & Strachan of London

McCabe of London 

McCabe, Robert Jeremy of London, Lurgan and Belfast

McCabe, Robert of London, Lurgan

McCabe, Thomas of London, Lurgan

McCall, Arthur of Sheffield

McCall, George of Manchester

McCall, James of Manchester

McCann, Sarah, . of Liverpool

McCartney, James of Ardwick

McClacharty, Alexander of Wimbledon

McClacherty, A. of Wimbledon

McClaharty, Alex of Kingston

McClellan & Co. of London

McClellan & Son of London

McClellan, Samuel of London

McClennan, S. of Greenwich

McConnell, Ira of Manchester

McConnell, James of Manchester

McConnell, John of Belfast

McConville, Edward of Liverpool

McCourt, Peter of Dudley

McCreary, Edward of London

McCreesh, John of Manchester

McCulloch, Edgar Thomas of Manchester

McCutcheon, David of Belfast

McCutcheon, Hugh of Bangor

McDonald, G. of Newcastle

McDowall, Charles of London

McDowell, R & Co. Ltd 

McElroy, William of Manchester

McFarlane of Perth, Scotland

McFerran, William of Manchester

McGee, Michael of Liverpool

McGhan, R. of Greenwich

McGill, James of Chester

McGilp, J. . of Conway

McGilp, J. of Conway

McGilp, . of Conway

McGilvary, J of Oban

McGovern, D.L. of Sheffield

McGregor, Thomas of Ayton

McInnes, R & T of Glasgow

McIntryre, James of Liverpool

McIntyre, James S. of Liverpool

McIntyre, Joseph of Crieff

McKay, Cunningham & Co, Edinburgh

McKellen, Samuel D. of Manchester

McKenna, John of Hull

McKenny, G. of London

McKenzie, Edwin Ltd of Sheffield

McKeown, Thomas of London

McKirdy, Hugh of Birkenhead

McKnight, James of Leamington

McLachlan, Charles of London

McLachlan, Hugh of London

McLacklan, Hugh of London

McLardy, Makin & Smith of Manchester

McLeod, George A of Rushden

McLintock, S. . of Liverpool

McMaster, Samuel of Ballymena, Co Antrim

McMaster, William John of London

McMillan, D. of Kirkdale and Liverpool

McMillan, Peter of Aberdeen

McNeish, John of Falkirk

Mead, Abraham of London

Meader, G. of Ilford

Meader, John William of London

Meaders Ltd of Bournmouth

Meades, Henry of Sheffield

Meadley, John of Liverpool

Meadows, Frederick of Tunbridge Wells

Meadows, G of Camberwell

Meadows, George of London

Meakins, William of Towcaster

Mears, Alonzo of London

Mears, George of London

Mears, Henry of Wigan

Mears, Thomas Joseph of London

Measure, . L. of Hounslow

Measure, S of Merton

Mechin, Henry of London

Mecklenburg, Paul of Hounslow

Medall, Benjamin of Holt

Medcalf, George of Haverhill

Medcalf, Henry & Son of Balsham,Cambridge

Medcalf, Henry of Balsham,Cambridge

Medcalf, John of Liverpool

Medcalf, Joseph of London 

Medcalf, Townley of Liverpool

Medcraft, Charles Joseph of Daventry

Medcraft, Charles, London

Meddes, William of Newcastle

Medhurst, S.C. FBHI of Cheltenham

Medley, W Ward of Grimsby

Medlock, Charles of London

Mee, Henry of Chesterfield

Mee, William of Hull

Meek, Edgar William of Forest gate

Meek, John of London

Meek, Peter J. of London

Meek, Peter Joseph of London

Meek, Thomas of Felling

Mego Jewellers of Sheffield

Mein, William of Newcastle-on-Tyne

Melhuish, Henry L. of Wimbledon

Mellanby, Joseph of Stockton

Melling, Henry of Liverpool

Melling, James of Birkenhead

Mellor, John of Liverpool

Mellor, John of Manchester

Melson, John of London

Melton, Amos of Rotherham

Melton, Robert J of Mexborough, Rotherham

Memess, John of Garvock &Johnshaven

Menadue, William of Camborne

Menage, Ernest of London

Mendelson, Henry of Manchester

Mennie, John B. of Gateshead

Mennie, John Branett of Newcastle

Mentha, Fritz of Manchester

Menzies, John of London

Menzies, R.W. of London

Mercer, John of Liverpool

Mercer, Joseph H of Appleby

Mercer, Thomas & Sons, Coventry

Mercer, Thomas of Folkestone and Hythe

Mercer, Thomas of St. Albans

Mercer, William of Prescot

Merchant, B.H of Shepton Mallet

Meredith, Rees of Llanrhaiadr-yn-Mochnant

Meredith, Thomas of Llanfyllin

Meredith, Thomas of Llanrhaiadr

Mergin, W.J. of Upper Norwood

Meritt, W. of Canterbury

Meritt, W. of Canterbury

Merkel, A. of Newcastle

Merkel, Aaron of Newcastle

Merkel, C. D. of North Shields

Merrick, Alfred of Eaton

Merrick, Arthur of Salford

Merrick, J. of Windsor

Merrick, Joseph of Eton

Merrick, Joseph of London

Merrick, Joseph of Windsor

Merrick, M.  of Windsor

Merricks, Thomas of London

Merridew, A.W. of Rhyl

Merridew, Arthur W. of Rhyl

Merridew, E. of Colwyn Bay

Merridew, F.H. & Co. of Colwyn Bay

Merridew, F.H. of Holyhead

Merridew, Fred of Carnarvon

Merrill, H. of Richmond

Merrill, John of Moor, Sheffield

Merrin, H. of London

Merrison, James of Norwich

Merritt, J.A of Newhaven

Merritt, James A of Seaford

Merryweather Francis of Birmingham

Merto, Joseph of Mold

Mertz of Ballyjamesduff Co. Cavan

Meryett, John of London

Meryett, W. of Ripley, Woking

Merz, Lawrence of London

Merz, Matthew of London

Merzbach, Lang &Feilheimer of London

Messbam, Justin of Liverpool

Messenger, Philip of Liverpool

Mesure , Anthony of London

Mesure, E. of Billericay

Mesure, L. of London


Metcalf, George Marmaduke of London

Metcalf, Henry of Balsham,Cambridge

Metcalf, James of Scarborough

Metcalf, John of Liverpool

Metcalf, Mark of Askrigg

Metcalf, Mary of Maryport

Metcalf, William of Northallerton

Metcalfe, G.M. of London

Metcalfe, Henry of Seaham Harbour

Metcalfe, R. of Newcastle

Metcalfe, Ralph of Newcastle

Meyer & Co. of Bristol

Meyer, A & Son of Hereford

Meyer, David of Abingdon

Meyer, Elias of Cheetham

Meyer, Elias of Manchester

Meyer, George of London

Meyer, Jacob of London

Meyer, Nicholas of London

Meyer, Samuel of Manchester

Meynell, J. R. of Middlesborough

Michael Marks of Cardiff

Michael, D. of London

Michael, S. of Chesham

Michaels, Abraham of Manchester

Michaels, M & Co, of London

Michaels, Maurice A. of Manchester

Michaelson, David of Manchester

Michaut, A of Stroud

Michell, Benjamin of St Austell &Mevagissey

Michell, Joseph of Penzance

Michell, William of Saint Austell

Michie, J.C. of Brixton

Michie, J.E. Jun of Lower Norwood

Michie, James Carey of London

Michie, James Carey of Lower Norwood

Michil, James C. of London

Micklefield, Jacob of Goldhanger

Middleditch, John of London

Middlemass, M. of Newcastle

Middlemiss, M. of Newcastle

Middleton, Hugh of March

Middleton, John D of Grimsby

Middleton, John of Liverpool

Middleton, T.R. of Eckington, Shefield

Middleton, W.T. of London

Middleton, William T. of London

Midgley, William of Sheffield

Midland Watch Co

Midwinter Charles of Woking

Migotti, G. jun. of London

Milburn, William of Darlington

Mildare& Co. of Newcastle

Miles, Albert E of Langport

Miles, George of Chipping Sodbury

Miles, George of London

Miles, Henry of Kingston

Miles, James of Leamington

Miles, John of Tavistock

Miles, Robert of Sheffield

Miles, S. of London

Miles, Septimus of London

Miles, Stephen of Kidderminster

Miles, W.F. & Sons of Poole

Miles, W.F. of Thame

Miles, Walter James of Willingham, Cambridge

Miles, William of Stockport

Milham, J of Ore, Hastings

Mill, William Jewell of Bideford

Mill, William of Bideford

Millar, Ernest Pryor of Sheffield

Millar, James of Liverpool

Millard, Francis of Leeds

Millard, John Watts of Gloucester

Millard, T. of Stratford

Millard, Thomas Watts of Gloucester

Millard, Thomas of London

Millbank, F.J. of Upper Holloway

Millbank, Joseph of London

Millbank, Walter E of Plaistow

Millburn, John of Leeds

Miller & Co. of Brighton

Miller & Sons of London

Miller & Stewart of Hereford

Miller Brothers of London

Miller, Anton of London

Miller, Catherine of Carnarvon

Miller, F & Co. of London

Miller, Frederick Arthur of Walthamstow

Miller, G. of Batley

Miller, J. & Son of Llandudno

Miller, J. of Bedford

Miller, James A of Penge

Miller, James of London

Miller, Richard William of London 

Miller, Robert of Bedlington

Miller, Robert of London

Miller, Robert of Perth

Miller, S of Redhill

Miller, Samuel Henry of Redhill

Miller, Samuel of London

Miller, Thomas of London

Miller, Thomas of Meadow Hall

Miller, Thomas of Salford & Manchester

Miller, William . of Hereford

Miller, William of Aberdeen

Miller, William of Dover

Miller, William of Hereford

Miller, of Stephen Kidderminster

Milleret, Paul & Co. of London

Millest, Ernest G. of Dorking

Millingen, Joseph of Chatham

Millington, John James of London

Millington, Thomas of London

Millington. F of East Ham

Millman, Arthur of Dorking

Mills, Edward of Berwick

Mills, Edward of Bungay

Mills, Edward of Liverpool

Mills, H. O. of South Bank

Mills, Harry James of Southend

Mills, Henry A. of Cheriton, Folkestone

Mills, Henry Albert of Sandgate, Folkestone

Mills, Henry of London

Mills, J. of Dolgelley

Mills, John of Ottery St Mary

Mills, S.W. of Broadstone

Mills, Sl. G. of South Molton

Mills, Thomas & Son of London

Mills, W of Maidstone

Mills, W.B of Plaistow

Mills, William C. of Watford

Mills, William of Montgomery

Mills, William of Tamworth

Millward, Joseph S. of Manchester

Milne, George of London

Milne, John of Sheffield

Milner, Thomas of Wigan

Milnes, George of Manchester

Milward, J. of London

Milward, John of London

Minchin, John of Moreton in the Marsh

Minchin, John of Stow

Minchull, John of Ashton-under-Line

Minett, C of Chingford

Minett, C of Leytonstone

Minett, G. of Ross

Minett, George of Ross

Minikin, Thomas of Manchester

Minors, G. of Woolwich

Minott,  J of Sheffield

Minshul, John of Denbigh

Minter, Charles J. of Penge

Minter, P.A. of Brightlinsea

Miroy Brothers of London

Miroy, Ernest of London

Misell, Woolfe of Liverpool

Mitchell, Alexander of Glasgow

Mitchell, Alexander of Irlams-o'-th'-height

Mitchell, Barwise of Cockermouth

Mitchell, Charles of Liverpool

Mitchell, Charles of London

Mitchell, Frank of Stamford

Mitchell, Frederick Horace Henry of Clacton

Mitchell, George of B.W. Sunderland

Mitchell, H. of London

Mitchell, Isaac of Manchester

Mitchell, J. G. of North Shields

Mitchell, J. of Wimbledon

Mitchell, James of Liverpool

Mitchell, James of Plymouth

Mitchell, James of Stamford

Mitchell, John of London 

Mitchell, John & William of Glasgow

Mitchell, John & William of London

Mitchell, John of B.W. Sunderland

Mitchell, John of Wakefield

Mitchell, R. of Birkenhead

Mitchell, R.J. of Plymouth

Mitchell, Richard John of Plymouth

Mitchell, Richard of Lane End Staffordshire

Mitchell, Robert of Sunderland

Mitchell, Thomas of London

Mitchell, William J. of London

Mitchelson, Walter of London

Mitcheson, J.G. of North Shields

Mitcheson, J.G. of South Shields

Mithchell, Harry Colin of West Byfleet, Weybridge

Mithchell, J. of Wimbledon

Mitschke, John of West Hartlepool

Mitzman, Sara . of Hove 

Moevius, E of Liverpool

Mogg, William George of London

Mogg, William George of Peckham

Moginie  & Co. of London

Moginie, Cornelius  & Co. of London

Mojon, Montandon& Co. of London

Mold, J of Daventry

Molenkamp, Douwe of Canningtown

Molenkamp, John of Barking

Moles, George of Woodbridge

Moller, Jens Peter of London

Molyneux, Henry of London

Molyneux, John of Rainhill

Molyneux, Robert & Sons of London

Moncas, John of Liverpool

Moncas, Thomas of Liverpool

Money, Frank of Lowerstoft

Money, Henry & Son of London

Money, S & Son of Lowerstoft

Money, Samuel of Lowerstoft

Money, Sl of Lowerstoft

Monk William of Berwick Saint John

Monk, George of London

Monk, John of Bolton

Monk, Samuel of Wrexham

Monkhouse, John of Darlington 

Monkhouse, Thomas of London

Monkland, Thomas of London

Monks, Francis Albert of Lower Norwood

Monks, George Frederick of Whyteleaf

Monks, George of Prescot

Monks, Louis Philp of Sutton

Monks, Louis of Sutton

Monks, T. of Camberwell Green

Monks, T.W. of Brixton

Monks, Thomas W. of Camberwell

Monks, Thomas of London

Monks, W of Peckham

Monks, Walter of London

Monneret  of London

Monnier, John of London

Monnoa, M Alexander of Faringdon

Monro, Benjamin of London

Monro, William of St. Helens

Mons, W. of Maidstone

Montana of Bournmouth

Monti, A of Canterbury

Monti, Alfred of Balham

Monti, P. of Sandwich

Moody, Matt of Cambridge

Moon, Christopher of London

Moon, T. of Sutton

Moon, T.E. of Kilburn

Moon, W.E of Gravesend

Moon, William of London

Moor & Son of Hastings

Moor & Son of Hastings

Moore, Alfred of London

Moore, Arthur of London

Moore, B. K. of Gateshead

Moore, Charles of Tottenham

Moore, Clement C of St Ives

Moore, D. of Colchester

Moore, Daniel of Coltishall

Moore, Daniel of Coventry

Moore, David of Colchester

Moore, E.H of Tolleshunt Major, Witham

Moore, E.T. of London

Moore, Edward H. of Maldon

Moore, Edward H. of New Malden

Moore, Edwin Lock of London

Moore, Francis M of Belfast & Dublin

Moore, Francis of Ferrybridge, Yorkshire

Moore, Frederic of London

Moore, G. of London

Moore, George & Son of London

Moore, George of London

Moore, Henry of London

Moore, J. of Putney

Moore, J. of Tottenham

Moore, J. of Wandsworth

Moore, John Curtis of Worthing

Moore, John Hassell of Birmingham

Moore, John Rutherford Lane of Benwell, Newcastle

Moore, John of Norwich

Moore, John of Putney

Moore, John of Warminster

Moore, Mark of Hilborough, Norfolk

Moore, P. of London

Moore, Thomas of Belfast

Moore, Thomas of Ipswich, Suffolk

Moore, Thomas of London 

Moore, W. B. of Worthing

Moore, William of London

Moore, William of Putney

Moore, William of Walthamstow

Moore-Marshall, Albert of Colchester

Moorehouse, Robert of Padiham

Moorhead, Samuel of Harpenden

Moorhead, Samuel of St. Albans

Moorhouse, George of Sheffield

Moorhouse, Samuel of Heeley, Sheffield

Moorhouse, William of Liverpool

Moorhouse, William of Preston

Moorwood, Elizabeth Ellen of Sheffield

Moraller Brothers of London

Morat, Joseph of Leeds

Morath, Fedele& Brothers of Liverpool

Morath, John of Liverpool

Morath, Michael of London

Morath, Thomas of London

Morcom, Edgar J of Colchester

Mordue, John of Newcastle

Mordue, S. of Newcastle

More, Alexander of London

More, Ann, . of London

More, C. A. of Leytonstone

More, Charles Alexander of London.

More, Charles of London

More, John of Hull

Moreland Thomas of Chester

Moreland of Chester

Moreland, Miss of Chester

Moreland, S.J. & Sons of Liverpool

Morely, Ernest & Sons of Mildenhall

Morely, Ernest of Mildenhall

Moreton, M.K. of Ipswich

Moretti, Rocco of Cardiff

Morgan of Newtown

Morgan, E.H. of Newtown

Morgan, Edward Herbert of Newtown

Morgan, Edward of Newtown

Morgan, Frederick J. of Ledbury

Morgan, Frederick John of Ledbury

Morgan, Frederick of Ledbury

Morgan, George Henry of Acton

Morgan, George of London

Morgan, John Jnr of Bristol

Morgan, John Varley& Charles of Liverpool

Morgan, John Varley of Liverpool

Morgan, John of Aberystwyth 

Morgan, John of Cambridge

Morgan, John of Liverpool

Morgan, Louis E. of Herne Bay

Morgan, Robert of Gravesend

Morgan, Robert of London

Morgan, Thomas of Chorlton on Medlock

Morgan, Thomas of Edinburgh

Morgan, Thomas of Manchester

Morgan, W. of Portland

Morgan, W.L. of Hereford

Morgan, William of Pontypool

Morganti, John Baptist of Brighton

Morice, D & W. of London

Morice, David of London

Morison, Alexander and Arthur of London

Morley, Charles H of Halstead

Morley, Edward of Fordham, Soham

Morley, George of Burwell, Cambridge

Morley, George of Fordham, Soham

Morley, H.  of Mildenhall

Morley, Henry of Mildenhall

Morley, Martin of Hallifax

Morley, William of Cropton, Pickering

Morrin, H. of London

Morris & Co. of Ilford

Morris & Co. of Stratford

Morris and O'Meara of Newcastle

Morris, Annie, . of Stratford

Morris, Edward H. of Berkhamstead

Morris, Edward H. of Great Berkhamstead

Morris, Edward of Stone

Morris, F. of Leytonstone

Morris, George Henry of London

Morris, George of Liverpool

Morris, Gustave of Liverpool

Morris, Harris of Walsall

Morris, J of Walthamstow

Morris, J. W. of Faversham

Morris, J.W. & Co. of Margate

Morris, James of Manchester

Morris, John of Bristol

Morris, John of Market Deeping, Lincolnshire

Morris, Joseph of Newcastle

Morris, Louis of London

Morris, Mary of Bolton

Morris, Maurice of Sheffield

Morris, N. of East Ham

Morris, Nathan of Canning Town

Morris, Robert of Bala

Morris, Robert of Stone

Morris, Roland of Guildford

Morris, Samuel of Windsor

Morris, Sarah M. . of London

Morris, Tobias & Co. of London

Morris, W. of Eastbourne

Morris, W.R. of Carnarvon

Morris, William of Birkenhead

Morris, William of Eastbourne

Morrison, Charles Sutton of Plaistow

Morrison, Edward of Liverpool

Morrison, John of Liverpoo

Morrison, John of London 

Morrison, P.G. of St. Albans

Morrison, William of London

Morrison, William of Walker

Morroll, O of Eastbourne

Morrow, John of London

Morse, B.T of Watford

Morse, Benjamin Samuel of Watford

Morse, Fredk Mark of Swindon

Morse, Henry of London

Morse, J & Son of Hailsham

Morse, John of Malmesbury and Lynham

Morse, Richard of London

Morss, Samuel of London

Mortifee, John of Taunton

Mortimer, David of Hereford

Mortimer, William of Heckondwike

Mortimore, Robert of Dartmouth, Devon

Mortlake, William of Clare

Mortlock, Martin of Clare

Morton, G.J. of Chingford

Morton, George of Liverpool

Morton, Thomas of London

Morton, Thomas of Manchester

Morton, Thomas of Salford

Morton, Thomas of St. Helens

Moscow, S. of Newcastle

Moseley, George of Surbiton

Moseley, Robert & Son of London

Mosely, Ephraim of London

Mosely, M. of Brighton

Mosely, Maurice of Brighton

Mosely, Moses of London

Mosely, Robert & Son of London

Moses, Abraham of Brighton

Moses, E. of London

Moses, Edward of London

Moses, Gilbert of Lincoln Moses

Moses, Joseph of West Auckland

Moses, Morris of London

Moses, Moses of Dover

Moses, T. & G. O. of Spennymoor

Moses, Thomas & George Oliver of Bishop Auckland

Moskow, S. of Newcastle

Moskow, Samuel of Newcastle

Mosley, Charles of London

Mosley, John of Penistone, Yorkshire

Mosley, John of Tideswell, Derbyshire

Moss, David of Hull

Moss, George of Carlisle

Moss, James Dennet of Liverpool

Moss, John of Rochdale

Moss, M. of Barking

Moss, Thomas of Frodsham

Moss, Thomas of London

Moss, Thomas of Widnes

Moss, William S. of Manchester

Moss, William Selby of Manchester

Mosser&Wehrle of Devonport

Mosson, E Ltd of Cleethorpes

Mothersole, Thomas of Bury St Edmunds

Mott, William of London

Mottram, Thomas of Salford

Mottu Brothers of London

Mouland, J. of Mitcham

Mouland, J. of Upper Mitcham Green

Mouland, James of Upper Mitcham

Mould, Charles James of Towyn

Mould, William of Towyn

Moulder, John Charles of Luton

Mouling, Charles of Liverpool

Moulinie, J.F. & Co. of London

Mount, W. H. of Ramsgate

Mountain, Alfred of London

Mountstephen, A.J. of Chatham

Mountstephen, A.J. of Gillingham

Mouse, Richard of London

Mowat, Alex of Bath

Mowcar, James of Bolton

Mowday, S. of Great Berkhampsted

Mowrie, John George of Liverpool

Moxhaam, H.J of Scotter, Kirkton in Lindsey

Moxham, Henry of Scotter, Kirkton in Lindsey

Moy, W. of Hornsey

Mozard, James of London

Much, Nathan of Rainhill

Muckarsie, George James of London

Mudge, George of London

Mudge, H of Bognor Regis

Mudge, Thomas & Dutton Fleet Street, London

Mudie, David of Forfar 

Mudon, John of London

Mueller &Leuchs of London

Mueller, Johann Heinrich of London

Muir, William of Falkirk

Mukle, Nicholas of London

Muler, J.G.M of Oxford

Mules, William of Stratton

Muller Brothers (Geneva) of London

Muller Brothers of London

Muller, Berthold of Twickenham

Muller, Charles of London

Muller, Theodore of Horley

Mumford, W.R & Son of St Leonards

Mummery, T. of Dover

Mummery, Thomas of Dover

Munby, Jos of Heighington

Muncaster, Charles of London

Muncaster, John of Ulverston

Muncaster, William of Egremont and Douglas, Isle of Man

Muncey, P. of Clapham

Munday, Thomas H of Leighton Buzzard

Mundy, Frederick Charles of Vange, Pitsea

Munford, Edward of Yarmouth

Munford, John of Crewkerne

Munk, James of Tenterden

Munn, W. of Sheerness

Munns, J. of St. Albans

Munro, Benjamin of London

Munsey, David of Cambridge

Munster, George of Bristol

Murch, John and Matthew of Honiton

Murch, John of Honiton. 

Murch, Matthew of Honiton

Murfitt, J. of Cottenham

Murfitt, John of Cottenham Cambridge

Murfitt, Rayment of Cottenham, Cambridge

Murfitt, Robert of Littleport, Ely

Murphy, J.H. of Leigh

Murphy, James William of Leigh

Murphy, Robert of Appleton

Murray & Co. of London

Murray & Mitchell of London

Murray & Strachan of London

Murray Family of Longtown, Scotland

Murray, Andrew of Bellingham

Murray, David of Edinburgh

Murray, Frederick of London

Murray, J. jun of Hastings

Murray, James of London

Murray, James of Rothbury and Sunderland

Murray, John W. of Newcastle

Murray, John of Aberdeen

Murray, John of Longtown and Dumfries

Murray, Joshua Joyce of London

Murray, Joshua of London

Murray, Robert of Bellignham and Richmond, Yorkshire

Murray, Willam of Liskeard

Murray, William of Edinburgh, Dumfries, Longtown, and Bellingham

Murray, William of Longtown, Bellingham and Rothbury

Murray, William of West Jesmond, Newcastle

Murrell, Henry of Putney

Murrell, William John of Brandon

Muscutt, James of Nuneaton

Musgrave, Richard of Maryport, Darlston

Musgrove, James of Burton-Upon-Trent

Musgrove, John of Keswick

Musgrove, Joseph of Burton-Upon-Trent

Muskett, Frederick Thomas of London

Mussell, F.E of Crowborough

Mussell, John of Hove

Mussell, T. of Middlesborough

Musson, Balthazar and George of Louth

Muston and Gath of Bristol

Muston, Charles of London

Muston, George of London

Mutch, John of Prescot

Mutter & Herr of Liverpool

Mutter, Julius of Salford

Muzzell, Cornelius of Horsham

Myall, Charles of Framlingham

Mycock,Thomas of Waterfall

Mycock,Thomas of Waterhouses

Myer, Abraham of Hereford

Myer, Israel of Sheffield

Myers, Abraham of London

Myers, Daniel of London

Myers, John & Co of Chaux de Fonds

Myers, John & Co of London

Myers, John of London

Myers, Joseph of Manchester

Myers, Mary of London

Myers, Richard of Darlington

Myers, Solomon of London

Myers, Thomas Henry of Birkenhead, Cheshire

Myers, Thomas of Sheffield

Mylbourne, Samuel of London

Mylne, George E. of London

Mylrea, Basil of Hulme, Manchester

Mylrea, Basil of Manchester

Mylrea, Edward A. of Manchester



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We have the experience and wealth of expertise to restore every kind of antique clock and barometer from the simplest to the most complex, we provide our customers with the highest possible standard of service. 

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We work to a strict code of practice and ethics, ensuring that our customers have total peace of mind whilst their clock is in our care. 

We provide a locating or finding service for any type of Clock by a specific named maker or ancestor, we hold a database of hundreds of clocks for sale by maker and type of clock, in addition to receiving notification from worldwide auction houses, dealers and collectors.  

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