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We provide a full restoration and repair service for all types of clocks,barometers and barographs including movements, dials, cases, cabinet work, plating, polishing and lacquers. 

If you are looking to buy a clock, barometer or barograph by a specific maker we provide a sourcing service to find exactly what you are looking for please contact us for further details.   

For any enquiry from a simple repair or major restoration we are happy to help and waiting for you call.

Clock & Watchmaker Research Service 

We provide information on clock and watch makers, the information we can provide is not guaranteed to be all there is to know about the maker, but it is a summary of all the information found in research, that is updated regularly.

The charge for this service is £5.99. If you wish to order a clock or watchmaker research report please click the "Buy Now" button below. You will then be asked to proceed and submit your makers name and payment.


This Service Is Curentley Unavailable 
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Once your payment has been made an email with your report will be sent to your email address within 48 hrs.



Nadal, Jean of London

Nadauld, William of London

Naftel, Thomas Andre of Guernsey

Nahim, David of Westcliff

Nahim, L. . of Southend

Nahim, Lena, . of Westcliff

Nahim, Lionel D of Southend

Naish, Theo of Bristol & Clutton

Nancollas, Anthony of Falmouth

Nargale, Philip of Wolverhampton

Nash, Albert of Reading

Nash, F.W. of Upton Park

Nash, Frederick Francis of London

Nash, George of London

Nash, Henry of Forest gate

Nash, Irving of Rotherham

Nash,  Elizabeth C of Manor Park

Nash, William J. of Liverpool

Nash, William James of Liverpool

Nash, William of Bridge and Canterbury

Nash, William of Plaistow

Nash, William of Upton Park

Nathan & Levi of Liverpool

Nathan, Asher of Manchester

Nathan, D. of Canterbury

Nathan, David of Liverpool

Nathan, Elias of Manchester

Nathan, John of Liverpool

Nathan, L & J of Manchester

Nathan, Lewis R. of Liverpool

Nathan, Mosely of Liverpool

Nathan, Philip of Liverpool

Nathan, Phillip of Liverpool

Nathan, Phineas of London

Nathan, Samuel of Bredbury

National Time Recorders Ltd.

Naunton, Charles of Woodbridge

Naunton, G. of Rochford

Naunton, George of Rochford

Naunton, W.J of Woodbridge

Navey, William of Cleckheaton

Nayler, F.C. of Leyton

Naylor, Andrew of Scotter, Kirkton in Lindsey

Naylor, Edward of London

Naylor, J. of London

Naylor, J.F. of Penge

Naylor, James of Liverpool

Naylor, W.L. of Sheffield

Naylor, William of Owston, Bawtry

Neal, E.M. Miss of Northampton

Neal, E.D. of Southampton

Neal, Henry J of Bourne

Neal, Henry Johnson of Bourne

Neal, Henry of Liverpool

Neal, John of London

Neal, Roy, Ltd of Luton

Neal, William of Manchester

Neale & Simmonds of Frinton-on-Sea

Neale, George of Hackney Wick

Neale, H. of London

Neale, Henry of London

Neale, John of Liverpool

Neale, Thomas of Newtown

Neale, W. of Brighton

Neale, William of Brighton

Neale, William of Liverpool

Neame, William John of Stonehouse, Plymouth

Neat, George Thomas of London

Need, Robert of London

Needham, James G. of Rotherham

Needham, James Goodrick of Rotherham

Neely, Robert of Maghera Ireland

Neep, William Edward John of Cambridge

Neeve, Benjamin, of Saxmundham

Neighbour, W. of Tetsworth

Neilson, Robert of Liverpool

Neilson, Thomas Walker of London

Neilson, Thomas of London

Neilson, William of Tobermore

Neineger, W. of Brighton

Nelmes, Robert of London

Nelson, John of Limerick, Ireland

Nelson, Barnett P. of Liverpool

Nelson, Charles of Manchester

Nelson, Gerard of Liverpool

Nelson, Henry of Birkenhead

Nelson, James of Liverpool

Nelson, John of Bury

Nelson, John of Liverpool

Nelson, John of London

Nelson, Robert of Liverpool

Nelson, Robert of Manchester

Nelson, T. of Woodstock

Nelson, Thomas of Liverpool

Nelson, Thomas of London

Nesbitt, George of B.W Sunderland

Nesbitt, James of Sheffield

Nesham, Joseph of Sunderland

Ness, G of Kirby Moorside

Nethercott, Henry Jn of Wellington

Netherton, Arthur of Leytonstone

Nettleship, Frederick of Sheffield

Netto, J. of London

Neuens, Peter of London

Neuhoff, Theodore of London

Neuman, Levi of Dudley

Neumann, Charles of London

Neuren, D.B.D of London

Neve , Henry of London

Nevill, John of Norwich

Newall, Henry of Cleobury Mortimer

Newbery, William of Dorking

Newbitt, Charles Robert of Epworth

Newbitt, Charles Robert of Gainsborough

Newbould, John of Parkgate, Rotherham

Newbould, Willaim A of Sheffield

Newby of Kendal

Newby, James & William

Newby, Richard of Liverpool

Newby, William of Halesworth

Newcomb, W.A. & Co. of Liverpool

Newcombe, R of Henley-in-Arden, Birmingham

Newell, S.G. of Barnes

Newington, Harry of Wadhurst, Tunbridge Wells, Kent

Newington, J. O. of Hurst Green

Newland, J. of Frensham, Farnham

Newlands, John Buchanan of Paisley

Newlyn, Alfred of London

Newman, Alfred James of Guildford

Newman, Allan Edward of Croydon

Newman, Edward of Wisbeach

Newman, George of Crediton

Newman, J. of Chatham

Newman, John of Bournmouth

Newman, William of London

Newnham, Edwin of Coulsdon

Newsome,  E. of Leeds

Newson, George A. of Wokingham

Newson, NelsonWellinginton of Halesworth

Newstead, William of Repton

Newton & Boyce of Ipswich

Newton Brothers of Bradford

Newton, Francis of Norwich

Newton, H.E. . of Grays

Newton, John of London

Newton, Joseph of Liverpool

Newton, Thomas Wallace of Salisbury

Newton, Thomas of Manchester

Newton, William Frederick of Gravesend

Newton, William of London

Newton, William of Saffron Walden

Niablingate, William of Liverpool

Niblett, F of Weston-super-Mare

Niblett, F.T.Y. of Hammersmith

Nichels, H.W. of Leigh

Nichlson, Edwin of Boston

Nichol & Chadwick of Bury

Nichol, Thomas of Radcliffe

Nicholas, Caleb of Birmingham

Nicholas, J. of Daventry

Nicholas, Jeremiah of Liverpool

Nicholas, John Samuel of Daventry

Nicholas, Samuel & Son of London

Nicholas, Stephen of London

Nicholas, William of London

Nicholds, Edward of Brewood

Nicholds, Thomas of Brewood

Nicholls, Edward of London

Nicholls, H. & Co. of Liverpool

Nicholls, Hammond of Canterbur

Nicholls, Henry John of Liverpool

Nicholls, Henry of Liverpool

Nicholls, John Robert of Gillingham

Nicholls, John of Plympton-Earl

Nicholls, R.C. of Leominster

Nicholls, Richard C. of Leominster

Nichols, A.L. of Streatham

Nichols, George E of Cambridge

Nichols, Peter of Parkgate, Rotherham

Nichols, William R of Walton-on-the-Naze

Nichols, William of Cheltenham

Nicholson, Benjamin of Plymouth

Nicholson, Charles of Brighton

Nicholson, G. of Wandsworth

Nicholson, George of London S.W

Nicholson, H. of Brighton

Nicholson, James of Brighton

Nicholson, R & Co. of London

Nickalls & Knight of Reigate

Nickalls, T. of Reigate

Nickels & Son of Goodmays

Nickisson, John of Newcastle-Under-Lyme

Nickisson, S. of London

Nicklin, W.G. of Guildford

Nickolds, Edward of Brewood

Nicks, John of Exmouth

Nicole & Co. of London

Nicole Nielson Ltd of London

Nicole, Nielsen & Co. of London

Nicoll, John of London

Nicoll, W. of London

Nidd,  Robert W of Grimsby

Nieuetun, of London 

Nightingale & Davies of Manchester

Nimenko, W. of Ipswich

Ninnes, J. W. of Tunbridge Wells

Nix, P.W. of Northampton

Nixon, J. of Newcastle

Nixon, S. Henry of Bridlington

Nixon, Thomas & Son of Sheffield

Noakes, G.R. of Peterborough

Noakes, J. of Battle

Noakes, J. of Hurst Green

Noakes, James of London

Nobb, W.S. of Lowerstoft

Nobbs, Alfred of Coggeshall

Nobbs, Henry C of Scunthorpe

Nobbs, William Stephen of Lowerstoft

Nobel, William of Brixton

Noble, A.E. of Bromley

Noble, Hugh James of Liverpool

Noble, J. of Brentwood

Nokes, John of Hulme, Manchester

Nolan & Wilkinson of Liverpool

Nolan, John of Liverpool

Nolloth, William H. of Bungay

Noon, Thomas of Burton-Upon-Trent

Noquet, William Benjamin of Middleton-in-Teesdale, Darlington

Norbury Clock and Watch Co of London

Norbury, John & Son of Liverpool

Norbury, John N. Liverpool

Norbury, John of Liverpool

Norcross, Frank. of Manchester

Nordmann, Jules of London

Norman, Albert of Wanstead

Norman, Charles of Peterborough

Norman, Charles of Willingham, St Ives

Norman, Edward of Sherborne

Norman, H & A of Wimbledon

Norman, Henry of London

Norman, J.P. Ltd of Southampton

Norman, James of Prescot

Norman, Ralph of Poole

Norman, Thomas of Eckington, Chesterfield

Norman, Thomas of Eckington, Shefield

Normington, David of Stokesley

Norminton, James of Hallifax

Norris & Campbell of Liverpool

Norris of Whittlesey

Norris, A of Salisbury

Norris, Alfred of London

Norris, Arthur J of Whittlesey

Norris, Arthur Thomas of Horsham

Norris, Edwin of Canvey Island

Norris, Francis of Liverpool

Norris, George Alfred of London

Norris, George of Aldborough

Norris, George of Woodbridge

Norris, H. of London

Norris, Henry J of Coventry

Norris, Henry of Liverpool

Norris, J. of Brighton

Norris, James of Whittlesey

Norris, John Alfred of March

Norris, Patrick of Liverpool

Norris, Sabina . of March

Norris, Thomas of Eccleshall

Norris, Thomas of Norbury

Norris, Thomas of Whittlesey

Norris, W. of Mortlake

Norris, Walter James of Lowerstoft

Norris, William of Liverpool

North, Alfred of Ilford

North, Charles of London

North, Henry of Ilford

North, J. jun of Great Ilford

North, James & Sons of Great Ilford

North, James of Great Ilford

North, Thomas of London

Northen, Richard of Hull

Northern Jewellers of Llandudno

Northern, Richard of Hull

Northey, John of London

Northfield, Henry J. of London

Northfield, W.H. of Ipswich

Northgraves, Denton of Hull

Northwood, James of Newport, Shropshire

Norton, C. of Tottenham

Norton, C. of Tottenham

Norton, Eardley of London

Norton, Henry of Stamford

Norton, Samuel of London

Norville of Gloucester

Notermann, Fabian Sebastian of London

Nottingham & Walsh Ltd. Torquay

Noyes, Thomas William of Bracknell

Nundy, George Espin of Stamford

Nunn, James A. of Coggeshall

Nunn, James Alma of Braintree

Nunn, James of Stowmarket

Nunn, W. of Lowerstoft

Nurenburg, Nathan of Croydon

Nurse, Richard of Snettisham

Nurse, Thomas of Kings Lynn

Nuwendam & Kluyskens of London

Nye, Edward of Pulborough

Nye, Edwin James of Cheshunt

Nye, T. of Chatham



 We offer the highest possible quality service in a friendly and highly efficient manner.  

Our customer's clocks are fully insured whilst in our keeping and all of our work is fully guaranteed.  

We have the experience and wealth of expertise to restore every kind of antique clock and barometer from the simplest to the most complex, we provide our customers with the highest possible standard of service. 

All our work is carried out within an agreed timescale and at the price quoted keeping you informed every step of the way. 

Customers clocks are personally collected, delivered and set up in any part of the UK and overseas. 

Having restored many hundreds of clocks we are fully conversant with making and replacing missing or damaged parts in the appropriate style and material. 

We work to a strict code of practice and ethics, ensuring that our customers have total peace of mind whilst their clock is in our care. 

We provide a locating or finding service for any type of Clock by a specific named maker or ancestor, we hold a database of hundreds of clocks for sale by maker and type of clock, in addition to receiving notification from worldwide auction houses, dealers and collectors.  

Please don't hesitate to contact us with any specific requirements you may have. 

Please call 0800 211 8925 for further details.