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We provide a full restoration and repair service for all types of clocks,barometers and barographs including movements, dials, cases, cabinet work, plating, polishing and lacquers. 

If you are looking to buy a clock, barometer or barograph by a specific maker we provide a sourcing service to find exactly what you are looking for please contact us for further details.   

For any enquiry from a simple repair or major restoration we are happy to help and waiting for you call.

Clock & Watchmaker Research Service 

We provide information on clock and watch makers, the information we can provide is not guaranteed to be all there is to know about the maker, but it is a summary of all the information found in research, that is updated regularly.

The charge for this service is £5.99. If you wish to order a clock or watchmaker research report please click the "Buy Now" button below. You will then be asked to proceed and submit your makers name and payment.


This Service Is Curentley Unavailable 
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Once your payment has been made an email with your report will be sent to your email address within 48 hrs.


O'Brian, J of Canterbury

O'Clee & Son of Folkestone

O'Clee, A. of Shefford, Biggleswade

O'Clee, Alfred of Shefford

O'Clee, J. of Luton

O'Connor, T. of Merionethshire

O'Connor, Timothy of Manchester

O'Connor, Timothy of Salford

O'Dell, Charles of Southend

O'Keefe, John of Liverpool

O'Neill, Thomas of Durham

O'Reilly, Michael & John of Liverpool

Oakden, Thomas of Pendleton, Manchester

Oakes, John of Liverpool

Oakes, John of Oldham

Oakley, William of London

Oberle, Adolph of Manchester

Oberle, Otto of Manchester

Oberle, Paul of Manchester

Oclee, Edwin John of Markyate Street

Oclee, John of Luton

Oclee, John of Ramsgate

Odell, Tom of Grimsby

Odell, Tom of Weelsby, Grimsby

Odgers, J.C. of Eston, Middlesborough

Odgers, William Herbert of Sheffield

Odling, William of Navenby

Offer, Edwin Arthur of Worthing

Ogden, Mary of Darlington

Ogden, Samuel of Mexborough, Rotherham

Ogden, Thomas of Oldham

Ogden, William of Eastbourne

Ogg, Alexander of Leeds

Ogg, William of

Oglesby, T.R. of Liverpool

Oglethorp, Joseph of Middleton-in-Teesdale

Ogletree, James of B.W. Sunderalnd

Ohlschliiger, Theodore of London

Okell, George of East Ham

Older, P. of Guildford

Older, Peter Upton of Guildford

Oldfield, Robert C. of Liverpool

Oldham, A & Son Rochdale

Oldham, Charles of Southam, Warwickshire

Oldham, Hurbert of Sheffield

Oldham, John of Southam

Oldham, Joseph of Liverpool

Oldham, Thomas of Hyde

Oldreive, L.R. of Herne Bay

Oldridge, Henry W. of Birkenhead

Oldridge, Henry W. of Liverpool

Oliphant, Robert of London

Olive, Frederick of Penryn

Olive, John of Falmouth

Olive, Thomas of Penryn

Oliver, Harry of Grimsby

Oliver, James of Sutton Bridge, Wisbech

Oliver, Richard James of London

Oliver, William of London

Oliver, William of Newcastle

Olling, Charles of Chadwell Heath

Ollivant & Botsford of Manchester

Ollivant, J.T. & J. of Manchester

Ollivant, Thomas & John of Manchester

Ollive, Thomas of Tenterden

Olorenshaw, Joseph & Co. of London

Olphert, Charles Robert of Barnes

Olphert, Edgar S. of Kingston

Onett, William of London

Onwood, Leopold of Romford

Opie, Phillip of Brightlinsea

Opoczynski, J. of Bedford

Oppenheim, E. of London

Oppenheim, William of London

Oppermann, Carl of London

Opwood, Henry of Cottenham

Oram George of London

Oram, A.H. of London

Oram, Alexander Frederick of London

Oram, George Jarvis of London

Oram, H. of Finchley

Oram, Henry of Finchley

Orams, George F of Manningtree

Orams, J.E. of Newbury

Orams, Jeremiah of Chelmsford

Orams, Jeremiah of Daventry

Orams, Mrs J & Son of Daventry

Orchard, Henry of Fowey

Orchard, J.M of Stratford East

Ord, Matthew of Hexam

Ordoyno, George of Nottingham

Orford, Edward of Liverpool

Orford, Robert of London

Organ, William of Bideford

Orgion, John of Stockport

Orme, Henry of Manchester

Ormes, Brothers of Walthamstow

Ormes, Edward of Stratford

Ormes, Edward of Walthamstow

Ormes, Thomas of Oldham

Orpwood, George of London

Orpwood, R.W. of London

Orpwood, William of Woodbridge and Ipswich

Orr, James of Greenock

Orrell, John of Preston

Orrell, Peter of Liverpool

Orrin, Thomas George of Grays

Ortelli, A. of Godalming

Orton, G. of Epsom

Orton, Hugh of Liverpool

Orton, John & Co. of Newcastle

Orton, John of Salford

Orton, Joshua of Sheffield

Osborn, F of Bedford

Osborn, G. of Bedford

Osborn, George of Bedford

Osborn, Henry of Bedford

Osborn, Henry of London

Osborn, John Frederick of Bedford

Osborn, John of Bognor

Osborn, T. of Banbury

Osborn, William of Kingsbridge

Osborne & Co. of Grantham

Osborne & Son of Buckhurst Hill

Osborne & Wilson

Osborne Ann & Co of Birmingham

Osborne Ann & James of Birmingham

Osborne Ann & Son of Birmingham

Osborne James of Birmingham

Osborne, Albert Sidney of Maldon

Osborne, Alfred of Buckhurst Hill

Osborne, F of Bury St Edmunds

Osborne, Henry William & Co. of Bedford

Osborne, Henry of Colchester

Osborne, John of Grantham

Osborne, Joseph of Lane End

Osborne, Joseph of Longton

Osborne, Joseph of Newtown

Osborne, Sidney Septimus of London

Osborne, Thomas of Soham

Osborne, William Henry of Bedford

Osbourn, Arthur B of Burnham

Osbourn, Francis of Bedford

Osbourn, Henry of Bedford

Osbourn, John Frederick of Bedford

Osbourne, A of Cambridge

Osbourne, Elam of Hull

Osbourne, H & Co. of Croydon

Oswald, Robert of Durham

Oswin & Co. Ltd. of Leominster

Oswin, W.H. of Hereford

Oswin, William Henry of Hereford

Otley, Jonathan of Keswick

Ottiwell, John of Ferrar & Limerick

Otto, Edward of London

Otty, Adam of Hallifax

Ousey, Frank of Manchester

Ovenden, E. of Greenwich

Ovenden, Frederick J. of Barking

Ovenden, Frederick J. of Plaistow

Ovenden, Frederick John of Plaistow

Over, John of Liverpool

Over, Thomas of Liverpool

Overton, Henry of Earlsdon, Coventry

Owen of Bethesda

Owen, C. of Newtown

Owen, Cornelius of Newtown

Owen, Daniel of Carnarvon

Owen, E. of Streatham

Owen, Edward of Birmingham

Owen, Edwin of Wrexham

Owen, Elizabeth of Llanrwst

Owen, Evan of Dolgelly

Owen, G.E. of Barmouth

Owen, Griffith Ellis of Barmouth

Owen, Griffith of Llanrwst, Wales

Owen, Hugh of Bethesda

Owen, Hugh of Llanidloes

Owen, Hugh of Llanrwst and Bangor

Owen, Humphrey of Carnarvon

Owen, Humphrey of Llanrwst

Owen, J.J. of Bethesda

Owen, J.L. of Bethesda

Owen, J.W. of Llanerchymedd

Owen, J.W. of Tal-y-Sarn

Owen, James L. of London

Owen, Jane of Blaenau Festiniog

Owen, John of Amlwch

Owen, John of Criccieth

Owen, John of Holyhead

Owen, John of Llanberis

Owen, John of Llanerchymedd

Owen, John of Llanwrst

Owen, John of Pwllheli

Owen, Lewis of Pen-y-Groes

Owen, R. of Llanerchymedd

Owen, R.P. of Dolgelly

Owen, Richard of Llanerchymedd

Owen, Robert of Carnarvon

Owen, Robert of Llanrwst

Owen, Robert of Port Dinorwic

Owen, Samuel of Ilford

Owen, Shadrach of Amlwch

Owen, Shadrach of Blaenau Festiniog

Owen, W. of Holyhead

Owen, Watkin of Llanrws

Owen, William & Son of Egham

Owen, William J. of Dolgelley

Owen, William of Egham

Owen, William of Holyhead

Owen, William of Llanrwst

Owens, Edwin of Wrexham

Owens, Griffith of Llanrwst

Owens, John of Amlwch

Owens, John of Pwllheli

Owens, Lewis of Holyhead

Owens, Owen of Amlwch, Anglesey

Owens, Owen of Liverpool

Owens, Owen of Llanerchymedd

Owens, P. of Prestatyn

Owens, Percy S. of Prestatyn

Owens, Richard of Llanerchymedd

Owens, William of Harlech

Owens, William of Liverpool

Owewn, W.J. of Dolgelley

Owston, John of Keighley

Owston, William of Malton

Owttrim, Thomas of London

Oxbrow, W. of Braintree

Oxbrow, Walter of Braintree

Oxbrow, William of Braintree

Oxford & Sons of Winchester

Oxley, Edwin J. of Manchester



 We offer the highest possible quality service in a friendly and highly efficient manner.  

Our customer's clocks are fully insured whilst in our keeping and all of our work is fully guaranteed.  

We have the experience and wealth of expertise to restore every kind of antique clock and barometer from the simplest to the most complex, we provide our customers with the highest possible standard of service. 

All our work is carried out within an agreed timescale and at the price quoted keeping you informed every step of the way. 

Customers clocks are personally collected, delivered and set up in any part of the UK and overseas. 

Having restored many hundreds of clocks we are fully conversant with making and replacing missing or damaged parts in the appropriate style and material. 

We work to a strict code of practice and ethics, ensuring that our customers have total peace of mind whilst their clock is in our care. 

We provide a locating or finding service for any type of Clock by a specific named maker or ancestor, we hold a database of hundreds of clocks for sale by maker and type of clock, in addition to receiving notification from worldwide auction houses, dealers and collectors.  

Please don't hesitate to contact us with any specific requirements you may have. 

Please call 0800 211 8925 for further detail


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