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We provide a full restoration and repair service for all types of clocks,barometers and barographs including movements, dials, cases, cabinet work, plating, polishing and lacquers. 

If you are looking to buy a clock, barometer or barograph by a specific maker we provide a sourcing service to find exactly what you are looking for please contact us for further details.   

For any enquiry from a simple repair or major restoration we are happy to help and waiting for you call.

Clock & Watchmaker Research Service 


We provide information on clock and watch makers, the information we can provide is not guaranteed to be all there is to know about the maker, but it is a summary of all the information found in research, that is updated regularly.

The charge for this service is £5.99. If you wish to order a clock or watchmaker research report please click the "Buy Now" button below. You will then be asked to proceed and submit your makers name and payment. 


This Service Is Curentley Unavailable
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Once your payment has been made an email with your report will be sent to your email address within 48 hrs.

Pace, Charles of London

Pace, Edmund of London

Pace, H. of Loughton

Pace, Henry of London

Pace, Henry of Loughton

Pace, John of Bury St.Edmunds

Pace, Thomas of London

Packer & Son of Newbury

Packer, Charles of Reading

Packer, J. of Newbury

Packer, John of Newbury

Packer, John of Tingewick & Buckingham

Packer, Richard of Tingewick

Packer, William of Buckingham

Packer, William of London

Packer, William of Tingewick

Pacy, P.A. Mrs of Gravesend

Padbury, T. of Chertsey

Paddon, William of Modbury

Padgett, J.W. of Sheffield

Padgett, Joseph Henry of London

Padgham, John of Tenterden

Page, Alfred of South Shields

Page, Arthur Thomas of Walthamstow

Page, Charles of Leighton Buzzard

Page, Charles of London

Page, Edward of Yoxford

Page, G of Leytonstone

Page, George & Son of Navenby

Page, George of Donington

Page, George of Guiseborough

Page, George of Navenby

Page, J. of Northampton

Page, J.E. of Bournmouth

Page, John Austin of Caistor

Page, John Edward of Hereford

Page, John Edward of Leominster

Page, John of Brighton

Page, John of Market Rasen

Page, Robert of Yarmouth

Page, Saul Bensley of Bungay

Page, Stanley R of Ilford

Page, Thomas of Caistor

Page, Thomas of Market Rasen

Page, William George of Faversham

Page, William Robert of London

Page, William of London

Paiba, Henry of Brentwood

Paillard, Vaucher Fills & Co. of London

Pailthorp, Arthur Charles, Mrs of Cleethorpes

Pailthorp, Arthur Charles, Mrs of Grimsby

Pailthorp, Charles of Louth

Pailthorp, Daniel of Grimsby

Pain & Grant of Windsor

Pain of Godstone 

Pain, G. of Dover

Pain, George Jnr of Stow

Pain, M. of Sandwich

Paine & Balliston of London

Paine, A.J & Son of Canterbury

Paine, Charles of London

Paine, J. of Banbury

Paine, J. of Chipping Norton

Paine, J.P. of London

Paine, James of Shoreham

Paine, John P. of London

Paine, Richard of Windsor

Paine, Thomas Richard of London

Paine, Thomas of London

Painter, John of Liverpool

Palethorpe, A. & J. of Rhyl

Palethorpe, Harry of Rhyl

Palfryman, William of Liverpool

Pallant, Charles Nathaniel of London

Palmer, Adam of Haddenham, Ely

Palmer, Benjamin of Bromyard

Palmer, C. of Henley-on-Thames

Palmer, C.R. of Henley-upon-Thames

Palmer, Charles of Hastings

Palmer, Clifton Rodney. of Ipswich

Palmer, Edwin of Taunton

Palmer, Frank of Chelmsford

Palmer, Frank of Chelmsford

Palmer, Fred and Son of Leatherhead

Palmer, Fred of Leatherhead

Palmer, Frederick of Louth

Palmer, George of Billericay

Palmer, Henry Phillips of Leominster

Palmer, Henry of Haverhill

Palmer, Henry of Leominster

Palmer, J. of Oxford

Palmer, John Henry of London

Palmer, Joshua of London

Palmer, Robert of Cambridge

Palmer, Robert of London

Palmer, Sebastian of Chippenham

Palmer, T. of Croydon

Palmer, Thomas of Brighton

Palmer, Thomas of Croydon

Palmer, W. of Oxford

Palmer, W.E. of Montgomery

Palmer, Whitfield of Newbury

Palmer, William E. of Maidstone

Palmer, William of Epping

Panil, Philip of London

Pannett, Frank of Lewes

Panter, Frank of Manchester

Panter, George W of Bedford

Panter, George of Rushden

Panton, Bert Charles of Lincoln

Pape, John of Blyth

Pape, William of London

Pardoe, Horace E of Cheltenham

Paris, T. J. & Co. of Liverpool

Park, Henry of Barnsley

Park, James of Preston

Park, James of Salford

Parke, Joseph of Liverpool

Parker, A.H. of Sheffield

Parker, Alfred James of Swindon

Parker, Charles H. of Ilford

Parker, Charles Thomas of Withington

Parker, F. of Stratford

Parker, G. of Daventry

Parker, George of Leeds

Parker, George of Nuthurst, Birmingham

Parker, George of Sawtry, Peterborough

Parker, George of Ulverston

Parker, H. of London

Parker, Henry of London

Parker, Henry of Sheffield

Parker, Isabla, Mrs of Otley

Parker, James of Retford

Parker, James of Sheffield

Parker, John of Lindfield

Parker, John of Liverpool

Parker, John of London

Parker, Joseph of Pudsey

Parker, Philip of Limerick

 Philip Parker of Limerick

Parker, Richard of Hereford

Parker, Richard of Salford

Parker, Thomas of London

Parker, Thomas of Pudsey

Parker, William & Sons of Sheffield

Parker, William T. of South Norwood

Parker, William of Hillsborough, Sheffield

Parker, William of Manchester

Parkes, W.F. & Son of Braintree

Parkes, W.F. of Braintree

Parkes, H.A & W.F. of Braintree

Parkes, Henry A & W.F. of Braintree

Parkes, Henry of Bedford

Parkes, William of Liverpool

Parkhouse & Wyatt of Southampton

Parkhouse, S.A of Brighton

Parkin, George of Bishop Auckland

Parkin, George of Gateshead

Parkin, George of Newcastle

Parkin. Richard A. of Liverpool

Parkins & Gotto of London

Parkins, W.G. of Ramsgate

Parkinson & Bouts of London

Parkinson & Co. of London

Parkinson & Frodsham of London

Parkinson, George A. of Liverpool

Parkinson, H. of London

Parkinson, Thomas of Bury

Parlington, William of London

Parlow, -- of Montgomery

Parlow, Alfred of Montgomery

Parlsow, John Richard of Chelmsford

Parlsow, John of Chelmsford

Parmer, Charles of Bedminster, Bristol

Parnell, Frederick Charles of London

Parnell, Thomas & Henry of London

Parnell, Thomas of London

Parr, Edward of London

Parr, George Henry of Wallsend

Parr, John of Liverpool

Parr, Mary of Liverpool

Parr, William C. of Beswick

Parr, William of Liverpool

Parrish, Charles of Stokesley

Parriss, Joseph of Rugby

Parroe, T. of Kilburn

Parry & Griffiths of Pwllheli

Parry, David of Carnarvon

Parry, John of Mold

Parry, John of Rhosllanerchrugog

Parry, John of Ruthin

Parry, John of Tremadoc

Parry, John of Wrexham

Parry, O. of Barmouth

Parry, Owen of Barmouth

Parry, Owen of Pwllheli

Parry, R. of Pwllheli

Parry, Robert of Pwllheli.

Parry, T. & Son of Conway

Parry, Thomas of Conway

Parry, William J. of Penrhyn Deudraeth

Parry, William John of Liverpool

Parslow, John of Liverpool

Parson, Donald of Perth 

Parsonage, John of Liverpool

Parsons, A. of Harwich

Parsons, A.A of Harwich

Parsons, A.C. of Harwich

Parsons, Alfred Augustus & Son of Harwich

Parsons, Augustus William of Harwich

Parsons, C. of Luton

Parsons, E.G and Son of Romford

Parsons, Edward Arthur of Ilford

Parsons, Frank A. of Woking

Parsons, George Frederick of London

Parsons, J. S. of Old Brentwood

Parsons, J. of Chipping Norton

Parsons, J. of Ealing

Parsons, Joseph S. of Ealing

Parsons, T of Halesworth

Partenschlager, Joseph of London

Partington, Joseph of Manchester

Partington, William of London

Parton, William of Sunderland

Partridge, & Co. of Chadwell Heath

Partridge, C. of London

Partridge, James of Forest gate

Partridge, Robert of Chadwell Heath

Partridge, William H. of Reading

Parys, L. of Luton

Pascoe, Hodgson of Penzance

Pass, Edwin of Coventry

Passmore, Richard of Barnstaple

Passmore, Richard of Torrington

Passmore, Sns of Plymouth

Patchett, Luke of Hebden Bridge

Patching, H of Shoreham

Pateck of London

Patek, Phillippe & Co. of London

Paterson, John of Airdrie and Coatbridge

Patient, Charles of Southend

Patient, William & Co. of London

Patrick, J. of Strood

Patten, Evelyn Maurice of Southend

Patten, Percy John of Witham

Patten, Robert of Liverpool

Pattenden, Edward of Caterham, Caterham Valley

Patterson, James of Manchester

Patterson, Robert of Liverpool

Pattinson, S & J. W. Mrs of Worksop

Patton's of Guildford

Patton, Robert of Liverpool

Pattrick,Thomas of Wisbech

Paul, J.N. Ltd. of Abingdon

Paul, James Nairne of Abingdon

Paul, William G. of Croydon

Paveley, James Durval of London

Pawson, Elijah of Boston

Paxton, J. of St. Neots

Paxton, W. of St. Neot's

Payne & Co. of Bath

Payne & Son of Hadleigh, Suffolk

Payne, C. of Abingdon

Payne, Charles & Robert of Abingdon

Payne, Charles of Abingdon

Payne, E of Bradford on Avon

Payne, E.W. (Bromley) Ltd of Beckenham

Payne, F.R. of Sheffield

Payne, Fred of Cranbrook

Payne, Frederick of London

Payne, George A & Son Ltd of Bournmouth

Payne, George of Hadleigh, Suffolk

Payne, H. Mrs of Sheffield

Payne, H. of Sheffield

Payne, J. of London

Payne, James of London

Payne, John & Son of Wallingford

Payne, John Gosford of Wallingford

Payne, John of Hadleigh

Payne, Richard of London

Payne, Richard of London

Payne, T of Banbury

Payne, W.P. of Banbury

Payne, William & Co. of London

Payne, William of London

Payne, William of Ludlow

Payne, William of Wallingford

Peach, H of Griffithstown 

Peach, H. of Bridport

Peach, Henry of Beaminster

Peach, J. of Colwyn Bay

Peacock, George of London

Peacock, J. of Huntingdon

Peacock, John of Huntingdon

Peacock, Samuel of Kimbolton

Peacock, W. of Kimbolton

Peacock, William of Chatteris

Peaff, C. of Brighton

Peak, Robert of London

Peake, Thomas of London

Pearce, B. of Machynlleth

Pearce, B.M. of Corwen

Pearce, Benjamin of Machynlleth

Pearce, Benjamin of Towyn

Pearce, C. of Malvern

Pearce, E. of Leytonstone

Pearce, Edward of Bourne

Pearce, Edward of Launceston

Pearce, Edwin Roper Johnstone of London

Pearce, G. of Aberdovey

Pearce, George Weeks of Liverpool

Pearce, George of Buckley

Pearce, George of Liverpool

Pearce, George of Machynlleth

Pearce, George of Ruabon

Pearce, H.J. of Manor Park

Pearce, Henry & Sons of Grantham

Pearce, Henry & Sons of Huddersfield

Pearce, Henry & Sons of Leeds

Pearce, Henry & Sons of Leicester

Pearce, Henry of Grantham

Pearce, Henry of Huddersfield

Pearce, Henry of Leeds

Pearce, Herbert John of West Norwood

Pearce, James of Hull

Pearce, James of Redditch

Pearce, John of London

Pearce, John of St Agnes

Pearce, John of Stratford upon Avon

Pearce, K.J. of Poole

Pearce, Thomas of Bourne

Pearce, Thomas of Kew

Pearce, William George of London

Pearce, William of London

Pearce, William of Newbury

Pearce, William of Stratford-on-Avon

Peardon, John of Dalston

Peardon, Richard of London

Pearey, Richard of London

Pearkes, Frederick of London

Pearman, E. of Kings Langley

Pearman, Edward of Hemel Hempstead

Pearman, Edward of Royston

Pearman, Mary, Mrs of Hemel Hempstead

Pears, G of Coventry

Pearse & Bounsall of Tavistock

Pearse, George Thomas of Radstock, Bath

Pearse, Thomas of Cirencester

Pearson, Albert of Sheffield

Pearson, Alfred Alexander of Ilford

Pearson, C. of Towcaster

Pearson, Edmund of Stony Stratford

Pearson, Edward L. of London

Pearson, Fanny, Mrs of Sheffield

Pearson, Frederick Vincent of Sheffield

Pearson, H. of Oxford

Pearson, Henry Andrew of London

Pearson, James Molesworth of Bidgnorth

Pearson, John Leigh of London

Pearson, John of Louth

Pearson, John, of Bishop Auckland

Pearson, R. of Shildon

Pearson, Thomas of Lowerstoft

Pearson, Tom of Sheffield

Pearson, William of Berwick

Pearson, William of Blackburn

Pearson, William of Sheffield

Pearsons, Earnest George of Romford

Pearsons, Thomas of Lowerstoft

Peaty, Alfred C of Castle Cary SO

Peaty, D. of Dorchester

Peaty, Frederick of Chard

Pechey, Arthur of Ipswich

Peck, F. Jun. of Richmond

Peck, Herbert S. of Southwold

Peck, W. of Sharnbrook

Peckover, Richard of London

Pedduck, Henry of Hanley

Pedley, Thomas of Derby

Pedrone, Lewis of Liverpool

Pedrone, Louis of Liverpool

Peel, James of Bradford

Peel, Robert Francis of Louth

Peers, George of Chester

Peet, R.S. of Norbiton, Kingston

Pegden, Thomas of Sandwich

Pegden, V. of Deal

Pegler, Edwin S. of Hallifax

Peirson, J. Worthy of London

Pell, A.J. of West Mersey

Pell, John of Sheffield

Pellai, Antonio of London

Pellant, William of Harpenden

Pellant, William of St Albans

Pemberton, Alexander Houston of St. Helens

Pembroke, J.E. of Bedford

Pembroke, James Earl of Bedford

Pembroke, James of Bradford

Pendergast, William of Manchester

Pendlebury, James T. of Manchester

Pendleton, John of Prescot

Penfold, J. of East Dulwich

Pengelly, John of Barnstaple

Penistan, John of Horncastle

Penlington & Hemingway of Liverpool

Penlington, John of Liverpool

Penlington, Joseph of Manchester

Penlington, Samuel of Liverpool

Penlington, Thomas of Liverpool

Penn & Knight of London

Penn, John & Son of London

Penn, Walter E of Storrington, Pulborough

Penn, Walter E. of Brixton

Pennell, Mary of Lichfield

Pennell, William Henry of Bromyard

Pennington & Typke of London

Pennington, Christopher of Kendal

Pennington, Francis of Manchester

Pennington, James of Liverpool

Pennington, Jno. of Liverpool

Pennington, John of Liverpool

Pennington, John of London

Pennington, Joseph of Liverpool

Pensotti, J. of Gravesend

Pentecost, Charles Frederick of London

Pentecost, Charles of London

Pentecost, William of Saint Austell

Penton, Charles of London

Peplow, William of Wellington

Pepper, B. Mrs of Potton, Sandy

Pepper, John of Newcastle-under-Lyme

Pepper, R. of Corbridge

Pepper, William George of Rhyl

Perangley, V. of Wimbourne

Percey, Zephaniah of Mendlesham

Percival, T. J. of Woolwich

Percy Brothers of Walthamstow

Percy, Charles of Framlingham

Percy, Charles of Walthamstow

Percy, Frederick of Stonham

Percy, John H of Stowmarket

Percy, John Hotspur of Stonham

Percy, John of Debenham

Percy, John, F of Stowmarket

Perigal &Dut(t)errau of London

Perigal, Francis & Son of London

Perigal, John of London

Perivale Clock Manufacturing

Perkin, Frederick K. of Wakefield

Perkin, John of Altofts, Wakefield

Perkins, Francis Joseph of Frome

Perkins, J.F. of Peterborough

Perkins, T. of Peterborough

Perkins, William of North Shields

Perks, Harry of Manchester

Perks, John of Wednesbury

Perren, Loie Smith of Hull

Perrenoud, F. of London

Perret Fils, D. of London

Perrett, Felix of Roadhill

Perrett, J of Cleveden

Perrett, William Edward of Weston-super-Mare

Perrier, M.A. of London

Perrin, William of Liverpool

Perring, Henry sen. of London

Perrins, A.H.L. & Son of Ipswich

Perrott, James of Bristol

Perry & Co. Ltd. of London

Perry Brothers of Southend

Perry, B. W. of Stockton

Perry, Christian K. of Liverpool

Perry, Christian of Liverpool

Perry, F. of Wimbledon

Perry, G of Bournmouth

Perry, John & Son of London

Perry, John of London

Perry, Robert W. of Manchester

Perryman, John of Barnstaple

Perthen, Edward of Canning Town

Perthen, William H. of Rainham

Peskett, S of Lewes

Petch, Alfred of Conway

Petegrew, Robert of Carluke

Peterkin, Eliz. Mrs of Sheffield

Peterkin, John of London

Peters, E.J. of Hereford

Peters, James B.G. of Liverpool

Peters, James Buchanan Graham of Liverpool

Peters, James Whyte & Co. of Liverpool

Peters, James of Cambridge

Peters, Jonathan of Bristol (03 Dec 2004)

Pethick, John Cater of Stratton

Petit, Frederick William of Hackney

Petitpierre & Co. of London

Pettigrew, C. S. of North Shields

Pettigrew, William of London

Pettit, Elizabeth, Mrs. of London

Pettit, John of Epping, Chipping

Pettit, John of London

Pettit, William of London

Petts, W. N. of Hertford

Petvin, John Finner of Street

Pexton, John Henry of Beverley

Pfaf, S. of Oxford

Pfaff, Charles of Brighton

Pfahlmer, Albert of London

Pfeuffar, Hermann of Wimbledon

Pfrangley, V. of Wimborne

Pheasant, George of Crowle, Doncaster

Phelan, Thomas of London

Philcox, George of Canterbury

Philcox, George of London

Philcox, Mervyn of West Norwood

Philcox, William of Wandsworth

Philip, Edmund D. of Liverpool

Philip, James of Callington

Philip, Richard of Oakhampton

Philips, Israel & Son of Liverpool

Philips, Israel of Liverpool

Philips, John of Bromyard

Philipson, Henry Sen. of Ulverston

Philipson, Henry jun of Ulverston

Philipson, Henry of Ulverston

Phillip, E. D. of Liverpool

Phillip, M of Banbury

Phillipp, Charles of Carshalton

Phillippo, James of East Rudham

Phillipps, S. of Forest gate

Phillips & Curtis of Hull

Phillips & Phillips of London

Phillips Brothers & Son of London

Phillips Brothers of London

Phillips, Abraham of London

Phillips, Charles of London

Phillips, H of Bicester

Phillips, Henry J of March

Phillips, Israel of Liverpool

Phillips, J. of London

Phillips, James & Charles of London

Phillips, James of London

Phillips, James of Southam

Phillips, Joel of London

Phillips, John of Rugby

Phillips, M. of Banbury

Phillips, P. of London

Phillips, Philip of London

Phillips, Phillip Solomon of Hull

Phillips, Richard H. of Chesterfield

Phillips, Richard H. of Chesterfield

Phillips, Robert & Co. of Redhill

Phillips, Samuel of Liverpool

Phillips, Sander of London

Phillips, Thomas of Ludlow

Phillips, William & Co. of East Ham

Phillips, Woolf of East Ham

Phillips-Wodey, James of Southend

Phillipson of Ulverston

Phillis, H.A. of Winchester

Philo, E. of Lambourn

Philo, Ernest A. of Hungerford

Philp, Robert James of Brighton

Philpot, Edward Charles of Sutton

Philpot, William of London

Philpott, F.W. of Faversham

Phipps, Thomas Joseph of Kilburn

Piaget, Henry of London

Piaget, Victor of London

Piccard, Joseph of London

Pick, Blomfield of Manchester

Pickard, A. of Brotton

Pickard, Joseph & Miss Sarah Ann (Geneva) of London

Picken & Peters of Liverpool

Pickering, Bernard of Tarporley

Pickering, George W of Stratford

Pickering, George of Hull

Pickering, George of London

Pickering, Hannah, Mrs of Stratford-on-Avon

Pickering, John Hunter of Stone

Pickering, John of Eccleshall

Pickering, Joseph of Liverpool

Pickering, William of Atherstone

Pickering, William of Kilburn

Pickers, Thomas Henry of Forest gate

Pickett & Pursers Ltd of Southampton

Pickett, George James of Abingdon

Pickett, Thomas of Woodford Green

Pickford, John of Liverpool

Pickford, Richard of Liverpool (05 Jul 2002)

Pickford, William of Duckinfield

Pickford, William of Stalybridge

Pickman, William of London

Pidduck, Henry & Sons of Manchester

Pidduck, Henry of Hanley and Shelton

Pidduck, W.B. of Manchester

Pidgeon, James of Walthamstow

Pidlyskyj, H. of Bedford

Pierce, D.D. of Wrexham

Pierce, Thomas of Berkley l

Pierrepoint, William of Liverpool

Pierrepout, William of Liverpool

Piers, Charles of Liverpool

Pige, Alexis of London

Piggin, John of Norwich

Piggott, Percy H.H. FSCM FIO of Worthing

Pigott, C.A. of Herne Bay

Pike & Green of London

Pike, Edward of Manchester

Pike, H.C. of Peckham

Pike, Henry Clark of London

Pike, R. Mrs. of Eltham

Pike, William of Totnes

Pikthall, Robert of Cumbria

Pilbeam, Frederick, W. of Croydon

Pilbeam, Thomas of Battle

Pilch, Robert of North Walsham

Pile, William of London

Pilgrim, Henry of London

Pilgrim, Henry of Wanstead

Pilgrim, Herbert James of Hollington, St Leonards

Pilgrim, T. CMBHI of Chelmsford

Pilgrim, T. of Chelmsford

Pilkington, Edward of Byker, Newcastle

Pilkington, Hugh Joseph of Chorley

Pilling, Alfred of Manchester

Pilling, Jonathan of Bacup

Pilot, James of Welshpool

Pindar, James J. of London

Pinder, Bertie of Northampton

Pinfold, A & G of Heckmondwike

Pinfold, George V. of Margate

Pinhey, Richard Lear of Plymouth

Pink, William of Laindon

Pinkerton, Robert of London

Pinney, Francis & Sons of Peterborough

Pinney, Francis & Sons of Stamford

Pinney, Francis & Sons of Uppingham

Pinnington, James of Liverpool

Pinnington, Thomas of Liverpool

Pinnock, Robert of Sandy

Pinzing, Martin of West Bromwich

Piolaine, Joseph & Co. of London

Pipe, Francis of Southwold

Pipe, Isaac & William of Manchester

Piper, L.H of Hove

Pirkis, G. of Strood

Pistor, -. of London

Pitchford, John of Newcastle-under-Lyme

Pitkin, George of London

Pitman, Henry C of Castle

Pitman, James of London

Pitman, Thomas of Bristol

Pitt, Charles of London

Pitt, Francis of London

Pitt, J. of Hackney

Pitt, John of Basingstoke

Pitt, John of Hackney

Pitt, John of London

Pitt, John of Tetbury

Pitt, T.S. of Abingdon

Pitt, Thomas Sargent of Abingdon

Pitt, Thomas of Abingdon

Pitt, W. Golledge of London

Pitt, William Hilson of London

Pitt, William of London

Pitt,William of Lowerstoft

Pizzi & Ortelli of Buckingham

Place, James of Preston

Plant, Robert of Bakewell

Plant, Robert of Stockport

Plant, Thomas of Tideswell

Plant, William of Manchester

Plant, William of Walsall

Plaskett, Charles of London

Plaskett, James of London

Plaskett, Peter of London

Plaskett, Richard of Ilford

Plaskett, Rueben of London

Plasketts of Hornchurch

Plater, Fras. William of Addlestone

Plater, Fraser William of Addlestone

Platman, B.F. of Leyton

Platt, George of Manchester

Platter and Collier of London

Platter, Fras William of Felpham, Bognor Regis

Platts, John of Mansfield

Player, H.R. of London

Player, Horatio J. of London

Player, Horatio of London

Player, J and Son of Coventry

Player, James of Reading

Player, John of Reading

Player, John of Wallingford

Player, Joseph of London 

Player, M.E. Mrs. of Wokingham

Playford, George Albert of Gainsborough

Playsted, Frederick Sydney of Tunbridge Wells

Playsted, William of Newnham

Pleasance & Beal Ltd of Sheffield

Pleasance, Charles Ross of Sheffield

Pleasance, Frederick of London

Pleass, William of Taunton

Plimmer, William of Tunstall

Plimmer, William of Utoxetter

Plowman, E. Mrs of Colchester

Plowman, Joseph of Chichester

Plowman, Thomas of Lancaster

Pluck, Frank of Denbigh

Plum, E. Mrs. of Maidenhead

Plum, E. of Maidenhead

Plum, S.L. Miss. of Maidenhead

Plum. Emma, Mrs. of Maidenhead

Plumbly & Parr of London

Plumbly, Charles of London

Plummer, Herbert of Liverpool

Plummer, John of Ruston (East)

Plymsell, Henry Vowler of London

Podmore, Thomas William of Manchester

Poignand, Louis of Jersey

Pointon, Joel of Congleton

Poll, Philip of Bungay

Pollard, Alexander of Seven Kings

Pollard, Alexander of seven kings

Pollard, E. of Sherborne

Pollard, J of Seaton 

Pollard, J. of Canterbury

Pollard, John of Crediton

Pollard, W. of Gravesend

Pollard, William of Camborne

Pollard, William of Canterbury

Pollio, Angelo of Leeds

Pollitt, Joseph F. of Hulme, Manchester

Polston & Woolnough of Liverpool

Pomfrith, Horatio of Manchester

Pomfritt, Alfred of Manchester

Pomfritt, Horatio of Manchester

Poncy, Abraham of London

Pond, W. of Abingdon

Pond, William Samuel of London

Pond, William of Abingdon

Poney, Francois of London

Pool, James of Liverpool

Poole, Arthur G of Barton-on-Humber

Poole, James of Liverpool

Poole, James of London

Poole, John of London

Poole, T. Gibson of Darlington

Poole, T. Gibson of Hartlepool

Poole, T. Gibson of West Hartlepool

Poole, T.G of Middlesborough

Poole, Thomas G. of Stockton

Poole, W. of Whitstable

Pooley, Alfred of Ealing

Pooley, John William of Reigate

Pooley, W. of Dunstable

Pope, W. of Plymouth

Popple, John W of Horncastle

Porter Joseph Metcalfe of Northallerton

Porter, Charles of Dartford

Porter, Charles of London

Porter, Harold of Hove

Porter, Philip of Ilminster

Porter, S. of London

Porter, S. of Wokingham

Porter, Samuel of London

Porter, Samuel of Oakingham

Porter, Samuel of Wokingham

Porter, Thomas of Gainsborough

Porter, Thomas of London

Porter, W. of Great Marlow

Porter, William of Liverpool

Porter, William of Marlow

Porthouse, John of Penrith

Porthouse, Thomas of London

Porthouse, William of Penrith

Portique of Bournmouth

Portlock, Henry Arthur of London

Portman, Robert of London

Postill, Edwin Allison of Beeford

Poston, Joseph of Liverpool

Pots, Josh of Hastings 

Potter Brothers of Liverpool

Potter William of Wotton

Potter, Alex Henry of Sutton

Potter, George Augustus of Clerkenwell, London

Potter, Richard of Manchester

Potter, Thomas Wilson of London

Pottier, Joseph Augustus of Walthamstow

Potts (W) & Sons of Newcastle

Potts, A. T. of Plaistow

Potts, W & Sons Ltd of Newcastle

Potts, William of Leeds

Poulson, Edward of Newtown

Poulson, John of London

Poulton, Edward of Newtown

Poulton, James of Hetton-le-Hole

Poulton, R. of London

Pound, Harry J of Southend

Pound, Stephen of Shrivenham

Powell, Albert of Leigh

Powell, C.A. of Leigh

Powell, E. of Chester

Powell, Edward of Chester

Powell, George of Ilford

Powell, Henry James of Reading

Powell, James of London

Powell, James of Worcester

Powell, John of London

Powell, John of Manchester

Powell, P.G. of Manchester

Powell, Philip G. of Manchester

Powell, William Louis of Liverpool

Powell, William of Liverpool

Powis, Richard of London

Pownall, James of Hulme, Manchester

Pownall, James of Manchester

Powne, Thomas of East Looe

Powton, Robert of Stockton

Poynter, William & Son of Bracknell

Poynter, William of Bracknell

Pragnell, Frederick of Northampton

Prall (Winchester) Ltd of Winchester

Prall Ltd of Winchester

Pratt Brothers of London

Pratt, C. of Chipping Barnet

Pratt, Charles of Epping

Pratt, Charles of London

Pratt, George of Harlow

Pratt, J. of Bishop Stortford

Pratt, J. of Bishop Stortford

Pratt, J. of Huntingdon

Pratt, J.W. of Bishops Stortford

Pratt, James & Co. of London

Pratt, James of London

Pratt, John of London

Pratt, John of Nottingham

Pratt, Matthew of Swaffham

Pratt, T. of Canterbury

Pratt, Thomas of Ware

Pratt, W. of Harlow

Pratt, W. of Hereford

Pratt, W. of Sawbridgeworth

Pratt, William of Canvey Island

Pratt, William of Great Berkhamstead

Pratt, William of Harlow

Pratten, Joseph Thomas of London

Prebble, James of Margate

Precey, Edward of Reading

Preddy, William of Langport

Preddy, William of Totnes

Pree, Henry of South Norwood

Preece, Henry J. of Folkestone

Preece, Rodolphud of Hereford

Preiss, Edward of London

Prentis & Son of London

Prentis, Daniel of London

Prescot, George of Chester

Prescot, John of Prescot

Prescot, Thomas of Prescot

Prescott, George of Liverpool

Prescott, George, Mrs. of Chester

Prescott, Mrs. of Chester

Prescott, Thomas of Chester

Pressinger, John of London

Prest, John of Bradford

Prest, Thomas of Bradford

Prestbury William of Coventry

Preston, Francis, sen. of Liverpool

Preston, Henry Wharf of Stanford-le-Hope

Preston, Job of Prescot

Preston, John of Prescot

Preston, John of Spalding

Preston, Joseph of Prescot

Preston, Thomas & Co. of Whitby

Preston, William of Lancaster

Prestwidge, Thomas Pierson of Southwold

Prevost, Adolphe S. of London

Prew, Thomas of Tewkesbury

Price John of Kennington and Ashford, Kent

Price, Charles Edwin of London

Price, Charles of London

Price, Frederick W. of Barnsley

Price, G. of Hereford

Price, George of Hereford

Price, J. of Wrexham

Price, James of Ashford

Price, John of Burslem

Price, John of Eckington, Shefield

Price, John of Wrexham

Price, Joseph of Chatham

Price, Nathaniel of Hulme, Manchester

Price, Nathaniel of Manchester

Price, Nathaniel of Wolverhampton

Price, P. of Chester

Price, Paul of Chester

Price, Peter Darrington of Liverpool

Price, Robert of Gaythorn

Price, Robert of Manchester

Price, T. R. of Maidstone

Price, T. of Ashford

Price, William H of Ilford

Price, William of Reading

Prices of Southend

Pridden, Joseph Thomas of Shipley

Pridden, Joseph of Keighley

Pridham, Arthur W. of Manchester

Pridmore, A of Luton

Pridmore, Alfred of Luton

Pridmore, Enoch of Luton

Priest, George of Norwich

Priest, John of Liverpool

Priest, Jonas of Liverpool

Priest, William Jnr of Grantham

Priest, William Owen of Boston

Priest, William of Boston

Priet, James & John of Newark

Priet, William of Newark

Primavesi & Co. of Wareham

Primavesi, A.C. of Reading

Primavesi, George of Reading

Primavesi, J. of Poole

Prince, Albert of Wantage

Prince, G. of London

Prince, Isaac of Wantage

Prince, Issac of Faringdon

Prince, J. of Hammersmith

Pringle, D. of Gateshead

Pringle, Thomas of Sunderland

Pringle, William of Sunderland

Prinsky, Elec. of South Shields

Prinsky, Louis of Stockton

Prior, Ambrose H. of Ascot

Prior, Edward of London

Prior, Thomas Rhea of South Shields

Pritchard, B. of Epsom

Pritchard, D. of Wrexham

Pritchard, David of Carnarvon

Pritchard, F. of Dover

Pritchard, George of Handsworth

Pritchard, George of London

Pritchard, J. of Edmonton

Pritchard, John of Chichester

Pritchard, R.J. of Portmadoc

Pritchard, Richard of Carnarvon

Pritchard, Thomas of Leominster

Pritchard, Thomas of Runcorn

Pritchard, William of Birmingham

Pritchett, F. of Croydon

Probert, Mark of Barking

Probert, Mark of Southend

Probin, Thomas of London

Procter, C.S. of Newcastle

Procter, Charles S. of Newcastle

Procter, Sarah of Ross

Proctor, T. of Ross

Profaze, George of London

Profazi, Constantine of London

Prout & Orr of Hull

Pruce, James of Swindon

Pryor, E. Mrs. of London

Pryor, Robert of London

Puckeridge, J. of London

Puckeridge, John of London

Puckridge, Alfred J. of London

Puckridge, J. of London

Puckridge, John of London

Pugh, R. of Barmouth

Pugh, Richard Dyke of Liverpool

Pughe, Lewis of Liverpool

Pugsley, William of Bristol

Pullen, Sidney James of Leyton

Pulman, Philip of Axminster

Pumbly, James of London

Pumfrey, William of Polegate

Purchase, Richard of Yeovil

Purden , John of London

Purkis, E. Miss of Newmarket

Purkiss, Isaac of Newmarket

Purnell, John of London

Purser, J & Sons Ltd of Southampton

Purser, Richard Stephen of London

Putley, F. of London

Putley, F. of St Albans

Putley, Francis of London

Putley, Frederick W. of Dover

Putman, Norris of Walthamstow

Putnam, N. of Walthamstow

Putnam, Norris of Walthamstow

Putnam, William Norris of Walthamstow

Puttick, W.G & Son of Worthing

Pybus, William of Wisbech

Pye, H.A of Canterbury

Pye, Thomas of Liverpool

Pye, William J. of Canterbury

Pyefinch, Edwin Henry of Grays, Thurrock

Pyefinch, F & H. of Dartford

Pyke, James George of Bury St Edmunds

Pyke, William of Birkenhead

Pyne, William of Reading

Pynock, William of Ely

Pyott, James of London



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Our customer's clocks are fully insured whilst in our keeping and all of our work is fully guaranteed.  

We have the experience and wealth of expertise to restore every kind of antique clock and barometer from the simplest to the most complex, we provide our customers with the highest possible standard of service. 

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We work to a strict code of practice and ethics, ensuring that our customers have total peace of mind whilst their clock is in our care. 

We provide a locating or finding service for any type of Clock by a specific named maker or ancestor, we hold a database of hundreds of clocks for sale by maker and type of clock, in addition to receiving notification from worldwide auction houses, dealers and collectors.  

Please don't hesitate to contact us with any specific requirements you may have. 

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