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We provide a full restoration and repair service for all types of clocks,barometers and barographs including movements, dials, cases, cabinet work, plating, polishing and lacquers. 

If you are looking to buy a clock, barometer or barograph by a specific maker we provide a sourcing service to find exactly what you are looking for please contact us for further details.   

For any enquiry from a simple repair or major restoration we are happy to help and waiting for you call.

Clock & Watchmaker Research Service 

We provide information on clock and watch makers, the information we can provide is not guaranteed to be all there is to know about the maker, but it is a summary of all the information found in research, that is updated regularly.

The charge for this service is £5.99. If you wish to order a clock or watchmaker research report please click the "Buy Now" button below. You will then be asked to proceed and submit your makers name and payment.


This Service Is Curentley Unavailable
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Once your payment has been made an email with your report will be sent to your email address within 48 hrs.


Raay, Franz de of London

Raban, WR of Luton

Rabbetts, HC of Parkstone

Rabson, P of London

Race, EA of Dovercourt

Racher, Robert J of Barnard Castle

Radcliff, Charles of Liverpool

Radcliffe Brothers of London

Radcliffe, Charles of Liverpool

Radcliffe, Pollard & Co of Sheffield

Radford, Edward of Hanley and Shelton

Radford, Edward of Hanley

Radford, Family of Leeds

Radford, George W of Liverpool

Radford, George of Liverpool

Radford, Henry of Hanley

Radford, Thomas of Stoke

Radges, Joseph & Co of London

Rae, William & Co of Liverpool

Raflery, William of London

Raftery, Thomas of London

Raggett, J of Hemel Hempstead

Raggett, James of Ramsgate

Railton, RJ CMBHI of Sheffield

Railton, William J of Liverpool

Raine, Joseph of Durham

Raine, Joseph of Wolsingham

Rainer, John of Rayleigh

Rainer, John of Southend

Rainforth & Son of Bridgwater

Rains, Albert of Sittingbourne

Ralph, George of Loughton

Rampton, Charles of Farnham

Rampton, Henry H of Newbury

Ramsay, James of Dundee

Ramsbottom, John of Hall Green,

Ramsbottom, R of Crook

Ramsden, Charles William of Wakefield

Ramsey, Edward of Devonport

Ramsey, George of Billericay

Ramsey, George, Mrs of Billericay

Ramsey, James, W of Felling

Ramstein, Charles of London

Randall, Albert of Bath

Randall, George of Gravesend

Randall, Henry William of Hereford

Randall, James & Son of Erith

Randall, Jne of Holt

Randall, Richard of London

Randall, William of London

Randell, Alick of Burnham RSO

Randell, Nathaniel of Bury St Edmunds

Randell, Thomas of Cromer

Randle, John of Atherstone

Randle, William of Coventry

Range, John of Prescot

Ranger, Michael of London

Ranger, Thomas of Chipstead

Ransom of Hull

Ransome, Henry of Norwich

Ranson, George of Boston

Raper, Sidney of Thirsk

Raper, Thomas of Dublin

Rapp, A of Dovercourt, Harwich

Rapson & Son of London

Rasmussen, Audun of Sheffield

Ratcliff, Alex H of Coventry

Ratcliffe, John of Chester

Ratley, Willaim of Battersea

Ratliff, Brothers of Ipswich

Ratliff, Charles John of Ipswich

Raven, William of Sheffield

Ravenhill, Charles of Cranleigh, Guildford

Ravenscroft, George of Harwich

Raw, Francis Ayre of London

Rawe, John of Liverpool

Rawley, John of Guildford

Rawling, AJ of Croydon

Rawling, Peter of

Rawlings, CW of Margate

Rawlings, James of Farnham

Rawlings, Robert of Sutton Bridge, Wisbech

Rawlingson, George of Sleaford

Rawlinson, J & Son of Ruabon

Rawlinson, J & Sons of Rhos

Rawson, John of Penrith

Rawsthorne, John of Clitheroe

Ray, Benjamin of Grimsby

Ray, S Miss of Battle

Ray, W S of Brighton

Ray, W of Bury St Edmunds

Ray, William of Battle and Brighton

Ray, William of Battle

Ray, William of Sudbury

Rayment, John Of Huntingdon

Raymond, Edwin of Hungerford

Raymond, George of Woodbridge, Suffolk

Raymond, W Stanley of Tonbridge

Rayner, William of Manchester

Raynor, Ernest V of Sheffield

Reach, William & Son of Bournmouth

Read & Son of Coventry

Read, A H of Coventry

Read, AEJ of Uxbridge

Read, Charles Albert of Manningtree

Read, Charles of Coventry

Read, Daniel of Ipswich

Read, George of London

Read, HG of Chelmsford

Read, James of Ipswich

Read, James of Sudbury

Read, James of Weymouth

Read, John Mabyn of Helston

Read, Jonathan of Beccles

Read, R of Barking

Read, Robert Henry of Forest gate

Read, Thomas Edward of Aldbourne

Read, W of Buntingford

Read, William of Buntingford

Read, William of Camberwell

Read, William of Hulme, Manchester

Read, William of Manchester

Read, William of Thornton Heath

Reading, FL of Llandudno

Reading, FL of Prestatyn

Reading, George of Hackney

Reading, H of Llandudno

Readman, J of Stockton

Readon, John of Liverpool

Ready, Christopher W of Sudbury

Rechard, Karl L of Sheffield

Reddall, H of Eversholt, Woburn

Reddall, W, T & R of Eversholt

Redfearn, Thomas of London

Redfern, Charles Edward of London

Redgrave, Thomas of London

Redman, William of Liverpool

Redrup, Eli of Chesham , Buckinghamshire

Redshaw of Newcastle-under-Lyme

Redshaw, Samuel of Newcastle-under-Lyme

Redshaw, Thomas of Newcastle-under-Lyme

Redwood, William of London

Reece, Alfred of Manchester

Reece, James J of Portmadoc

Reed, A of Reading

Reed, Alfred of Cambridge

Reed, Benjamin of Bristol, Somerset

Reed, Benjamin of Plymouth

Reed, G of Chelmsford

Reed, George of Chelmsford

Reed, Henry C of Eastbourne

Reed, Henry of Reigate

Reed, James of Liverpool

Reed, John of Allenheads

Reed, John of Wolsingham

Reed, Nelson of Hastings

Reed, T & Son of Cambridge

Reed, Thomas of Cambridge

Reed, Vincent of Liverpool

Reed, W of Sunderland

Reeman, Albert of Southend

Rees of Llanidloes

Rees, Alexander Hugh of London

Rees, John of Machynlleth

Rees, MV of Barmouth

Rees, Robert of Rhyl

Rees, Robert of Towyn

Rees, W of Aberdovey

Rees, WH of Llanidloes

Reese & Evans of Bala

Reese, JJ of Bala

Reese, JJ of Portmadoc

Reese, James J of Tremadoc

Reese, James T of Portmadoc

Reese, John of Machynlleth

Reeve, John Jun of Leicester

Reeve, Michael of Huddersfield

Reeve, Samuel of Ipswich

Reeves ,James of Capel, Dorking

Reeves, Benjamin of Berkeley

Reeves, Charles of Hereford

Reeves, David of Dorking

Reeves, E of Lewes

Reeves, Edward Burton of Lincoln

Reeves, J of Capel, Dorking

Reeves, James of Capel, Dorking

Reeves, M of Lower Clacton

Reeves, Richard of London

Reeves, W & H of Chatham

Reeves, W of Guildford

Reeves, W of Hereford

Reeves, William & Son of London

Reeves, William of Hereford

Reeves, William of London

Regan, Herbert of Hull

Regarnez and Co of London

Register, LR of Littleport

Rehfeld, Charles J of London

Reich, FL & Son of Folkestone

Reich, L & Sons of Tunbridge Wells Reid Family of Newcastle

Reid, A of Greenwich

Reid, Christian John of Newcastle

Reid, Christian Ker of Newcastle

Reid, Christian Leopold Newcastle

Reid, David of Newcastle

Reid, Francis & Sons of Glasgow

Reid, Robert of Bristol

Reid, Thomas Arthur of Newcastle

Reid, Vincent of Liverpool

Reider, Joseph of London

Reiner, Andrew of London

Reiner, Caspar and Co of Dudley

Reiner, Samuel of Godstone

Relf, AE of Woodford Green

Relf, Albert Earnest of Walton-on-the-Naze

Relph, George Brown of London

Renel of Eastleigh, Southampton

Renk, Charles & August of Salford

Renk, Theophila of Salford

Rennie, Alexander David of Arbroath

Rennie, JAs of Hamilton

Rennie, James of Carlisle

Rennie, William & Co of Manchester

Rennison, R L of Sunderland

Rennison, William of Newcastle

Rennolese, T of London

Renouf, Edouard of Jersey

Renton, James of Bradford

Rentzsch, Sigismund of London

Renu Watch and Clock Repair Service & Sales of Guildford

Renvoize, George of London

Rest, John Peter of London

Restell, R of Croydon

Restell, Richard of Croydon

Reuben, Jacob of Dover

Revell, E of Eton, Windsor

Revell, E of Slough

Revell, Edwin of Eaton

Revell, Edwin of Slough

Revill, William of Tickhill, Yorkshire

Revis, Thomas of Cambridge

Rews, Joseph of Dunstable

Rey, G Junior Paris of London

Reymond Brothers of London

Reyner, Fred of Redcar

Reynolds and Co of Kingswinford

Reynolds, FR of Leamington Spa

Reynolds, George W M of Sheffield

Reynolds, George of Eye

Reynolds, H of Potton

Reynolds, HW of Wickham Market

Reynolds, J of Sittingbourne

Reynolds, J of Stourbridge

Reynolds, James of Bodmin

Reynolds, John of Holsworthy

Reynolds, R of Southam SO

Reynolds, Thomas of London

Reynolds, William Jnr of Launceston

Reynolds, William of Launceston

Reynolds, William of Padstow

Reynoldson, Thomas of Hull

Rhead, William of Rugeley

Rheumer, Albert J of Colchester

Rheumer, Albert of Colchester

Rhind, James of Manchester

Rhodes, James W of Manchester

Rhodes, John of Gaythorne

Rhodes, John of Manchester

Rhodes, M & Son of Bradford

Rhodes, Manoah & Sons of Bradford

Rhodes, Richard of Manchester

Rhodes, William of Stoke-upon-Trent

Rice, Benjamin of Neath

Rice, Nicholas of Hayle

Rich, James of Bridgwater

Rich, James of Brighton

Rich, John of Manor Park

Richard Quelch of Wantage

Richard and Co of Paris and London

Richard, Henry of Llangefni, Anglesey

Richard, Henry of Llangefni, Anglesey

Richard, John of Exeter

Richard, Robert of Uttoxeter

Richards, Henry William of Epsom

Richards, JT of Abersoch

Richards, James and Son of London

Richards, John of Bala

Richards, John of Bilston

Richards, John of Manchester

Richards, John of Tiverton, Cullompton & Honiton

Richards, John of Walsall

Richards, Lewis of Bromyard

Richards, Lewis of Towyn

Richards, Lloyd CMBHI of Torquay

Richards, Owen of Bala,

Richards, Owen of Bangor

Richards, Owen of Glanrafon

Richards, Owen of Upper Bangor

Richards, Robert Jun of Uttoxeter

Richards, Robert of Uttoxeter

Richards, S of Loftus

Richards, Thomas James of London

Richards, Thomas of Manchester

Richards, William Joseph of London

Richards, William of Sheffield

Richards, William of Wakefield

Richardson, Alfred of Cambridge

Richardson, Catherine, Mrs of Manchester

Richardson, D of Stratford

Richardson, David of Stratford

Richardson, Frederick of Stockton

Richardson, Henry of Manchester

Richardson, J W & Co of Darlington

Richardson, JV of Bury St Edmunds

Richardson, James M of Bedford

Richardson, John of Blaydon

Richardson, John of Bubwith and Howden

Richardson, John of Hexham

Richardson, John of Manchester

Richardson, Joseph of Hexham

Richardson, Joseph of Northwich

Richardson, R of Middlesborough

Richardson, Robert of Eastbourne

Richardson, Thomas and William of Brampton, Cumberland

Richardson, Thomas of Howden

Richardson, Thomas of Manchester

Richardson, WG of Buckley

Richardson, WG of Hawarden

Richardson, WM of Taunton

Richardson, William of Alloa

Richardson, William of Bishop Auckland

Richardson, William of Brampton

Richardson, William of Paisley

Richbett of London

Riche, William of Dovercourt

Riche, William of Maldon

Richlieu of London

Richman, Henry of London

Richmond of York

Richmond, John of Stockton

Rickards, John of Dursley

Rickards, Thomas of Wotton

Ricketts, John of Pershore

Ricks, Mortimer of Paington

Riddick, Charles of Epsom

Riddick, James N of Bromley

Riddick, James Nathan of Chislehurst

Rider, J of London

Rider, Job of Belfast, London Dublin

Rider, Richard of Welshpool

Rider, Tyrell of Manchester and Preston

Ridley, Francis of Walthamstow

Ridley, Henry & Son of London

Ridley, Henry John of Cateaton

Ridley, Henry John of Manchester

Ridley, Henry of London

Ridley, John of London

Ridley, T & Son of London

Ridley, Thomas of London

Ridley, Thomas of Woodford

Ridley, W of East Dulwich

Ridsdaly, Walter of Market Rasen

Rieder, Gebr & Co of South Wimbledon

Rieder, John Lorenz & Co of London

Riegger, Otto of Manchester

Riego, Miguel del of London

Riesle, Egidius of London

Riesle, John of London

Riess, Albert of London

Rigby & Co of London

Rigby & Rigby of Ruthin

Rigby, E of Chester

Rigby, Eliz & Son of London

Rigby, Elizabeth of Ruthin

Rigby, James  & Co of London

Rigby, James of Liverpool

Rigby, Jas & Joshua & Co of London

Rigby, John of Coventry

Rigby, Peter of Widnes

Rigby, TH of Ruthin, Wales

Rigby, Thomas of Prescot

Rigby, WD of Bala

Rigby, Walter of Sheffield

Rigby, William D of Ruthin

Rigby, William of Ashton-in-Mackerfield

Rigby, William of Coventry

Rigby, William of Leigh

Rigby, William of Liverpool

Rigby, William of Rainhill

Rigby, William of Sheffield

Rihll, William of Moreton

Rimmer, Fullerton of Liverpool

Rimmer, Robert of Liverpool

Rimmers, Henry Frank of London

Rinecker, Cajetan, A of London

Ring and King of London

Ring, George of Brentwood

Ringe, George of Brentwood

Ripley, William of Louth

Rippin, Alfred W of Spilsby

Rippin, James of Holbeach

Rippin, James of Spalding

Rippin, Mrs Ann of Holbeach

Rippon, E of Sheffield

Rippon, Edwin of Sheffield

Rippon, Edwin of Sheffield

Rippon, James of Spalding

Rippon, William of South Shields

Risagra, A of Cheltenham

Risch, Henry of Maidstone

Riseam, John of Hull

Riseam, Joseph of Hull

Risle, Alois of London

Rita of Shirley, Southampton

Ritchie, James & Son of Edinburgh

Ritchie, N of Newcastle

Riva, John of Weymouth

Rivers, David & Son of London

Rivett, T of Winslow

Rivett, Thomas of Winslow

Rivron, AH of Ipswich

Rivrorn, Domine of Ipswich

Rix Brothers of London

Rix, Florence, Mrs of Hastings

Rix, Isaac of London

Rix, Thomas Julians of London

Rix, W P of Brighton

Rizzi, A S of Newcastle

Robb, William of Seaford

Robbie, A & J

Robbins, Alfred G of Epping

Robbins, Frederick James of Englefield Green

Robbins, J of London

Robbins, Joseph of London

Robbins, T of Dover

Robert, James of Halstead

Robert, Jn of Edinburgh

Robert, Stauffer, Son & Co of London

Roberto, Alfred of Buckley

Roberton, G of Henley-upon-Thames

Roberton, George of London

Roberts & Owen of Carnarvon

Roberts Bros of Penrhyn Deuddraeth

Roberts Family of Otley, Yorkshire

Roberts of Mold

Roberts, A of Maidstone

Roberts, AT of Wrexham

Roberts, Alfred T of Wrexham

Roberts, Cadwalader of Tremadoc

Roberts, Charles of East Sheen

Roberts, D of Llangollen

Roberts, David of Bymmillyn, Llanrhaiadr

Roberts, David of Llahrhaiadr

Roberts, David of Llanrhaiadr-yn-Kimmerch

Roberts, David of Rhosymedre

Roberts, EE of Barmouth

Roberts, EH of Barmouth

Roberts, Edward of Llangefni

Roberts, Edward of Llanrwst

Roberts, F of London

Roberts, H of Anglesey

Roberts, H of Llangefni

Roberts, Healen of London

Roberts, Henry F of Liverpool

Roberts, Henry of London

Roberts, Holly Foulger of Littlehampton

Roberts, Hugh of Holyhead

Roberts, Hugh of Llanerchymedd

Roberts, Hugh of Llangefni

Roberts, Isaac of Ruabon

Roberts, J of Birkenhead

Roberts, J of Folkestone

Roberts, J of Liverpool

Roberts, J of Mold

Roberts, Jacob of Stourbridge

Roberts, James of Birkenhead

Roberts, James of London

Roberts, Jesse of Ruthin

Roberts, John of Amlwch

Roberts, John of Bedford

Roberts, John of Burnley

Roberts, John of Criccieth

Roberts, John of Dudley

Roberts, John of Hipperholm-cum-brighouse, Halifax

Roberts, John of Llanrwst

Roberts, John of London

Roberts, John of Long Sutton

Roberts, John of Ruabon

Roberts, John of Rye

Roberts, Jonathan of Otley

Roberts, Joseph of Otley

Roberts, Michael of Bury

Roberts, Michael of Radcliffe

Roberts, Michael of Salford

Roberts, O of Amlwch

Roberts, O of Llanerchymedd

Roberts, OE of Llandudno Junction

Roberts, OH of Amlwch

Roberts, OJ of Sarn

Roberts, Owen E of Conway

Roberts, Owen H of Llangefni

Roberts, Owen of Amlwch

Roberts, Owen of Carnarvon

Roberts, Owen of Gaerwen

Roberts, Owen of Llangefni

Roberts, Philip W of Liverpool

Roberts, Phillip W of Liverpool

Roberts, RH of Bala

Roberts, Rees Pughe of Dolgelley

Roberts, Richard Henry of Bangor

Roberts, Robert H of Bala

Roberts, Robert S of Leamington

Roberts, Robert of Bangor

Roberts, Robert of Ruabon

Roberts, Roberts Owen of Rhuddlan

Roberts, Roger of Hempnall and London

Roberts, Roger of Liverpool

Roberts, T of Oxford

Roberts, T of Llandudno Junction

Roberts, Thomas of Derby

Roberts, Thomas of Ruabon

Roberts, W of London

Roberts, WE & Son of Canterbury

Roberts, WE of Llanfair Caereinion

Roberts, Walter James of Mold

Roberts, William of Brixton

Roberts, William of Derby

Roberts, William of Fewston, Otley

Roberts, William of Liverpool

Roberts, William of Llangefni

Roberts, William of London

Roberts, William of Rhyl

Roberts, family of Derby

Robertshaw, John Jnr of Manchester

Robertshaw, John of Manchester

Robertson, Alexander of Ipswich

Robertson, David of Airdrie

Robertson, Ebenezer of Ipswich

Robertson, Frederick of Liverpool

Robertson, Henry of Amble, Acklington

Robertson, Henry of Ipswich

Robertson, John of Manchester

Robertson, Joseph of Manchester

Robertson, Peter of London

Robeson, William of Newcastle

Robin & Sons of London

Robins, G of Sheffield

Robins, Gordon of Sheffield

Robins, John William of Upton Park

Robins, John of London

Robins, Joseph William of Manor Park

Robinson & Co of Welshpool

Robinson Brothers of Haywards Heath

Robinson, A of Ascot

Robinson, Andrew of Liverpool

Robinson, Benjamin of Salford, Manchester

Robinson, Charles of Hexham

Robinson, Charles of London

Robinson, Edward & Co of Welshpool

Robinson, Fred of Wisbech

Robinson, G of Chester-le-Street

Robinson, George of Leeds

Robinson, George of Liverpool

Robinson, Henry T of Chesterfield

Robinson, Henry of Hallifax

Robinson, Henry of Reigate

Robinson, James of Bala

Robinson, James of London

Robinson, James of Warrington

Robinson, John of Burton upon Strather

Robinson, John of Chesterfield

Robinson, John of Dewsbury

Robinson, John of Liverpool

Robinson, John of Manchester

Robinson, Joseph H & Sons of Northampton

Robinson, Joseph H & Sons of Northampton

Robinson, Richard of Sheffield

Robinson, Samuel of Bakewell, Derbyshire

Robinson, Samuel of Hull

Robinson, Samuel of Louth

Robinson, T W of Newcastle

Robinson, T of Sunderland

Robinson, Thomas B of Hebburn

Robinson, Thomas B of Liverpool

Robinson, Thomas of Carlisle

Robinson, Thomas of Kendal

Robinson, Thomas of Liverpool

Robinson, William Denis of Sheffield

Robinson, William of Brigg

Robinson, William of Darlington

Robinson, William of Dudley

Robinson, William of Lincoln

Robinson, William of Liverpool

Robson, Elizabeth and Michael of Chester-le-Street, Co Durham

Robson, Frederick of New Shildon

Robson, George of Cradley Heath, Worcestershire and Rowley Regis

Robson, George of Five Ways, Cradley

Robson, George of Halesowen

Robson, J S of South Shields

Robson, James of Newcastle

Robson, John T of South Shields

Robson, Joseph of Bishop Auckland

Robson, Joseph of Houghton

Robson, Mark of Gateshead

Robson, Matthew of Belford

Robson, Peter of Uxbridge

Robson, Robert of Thirsk

Robson, Samuel of North Shields

Robson, Thomas of Darlington

Robson, W E of Newcastle

Robson, William of London

Robson, William of Newcastle

Robson, William of Rugby

Rochat, Jules of London

Rochefort, Louis of London

Rock, Conrad & Joseph of London

Rodgers & Co of Rhyl

Rodgers, Walter of Belford

Roe & Jacob of Liverpool

Roe & Son of Cambridge

Roe, GH of Cambridge

Roe, George H of Cambridge

Roe, Henry of Liverpool

Roe, John F of Dartford

Roe, John of Chesterfield

Roe, Joseph of Ipswich

Roe, William of Midhurst

Roebotham, Charles of Leicester

Rogan, Edward of Liverpool

Rogers Herbert of Chichester

Rogers, C of London

Rogers, Daniel of Saffron

Rogers, E Miss of Stevenage

Rogers, Ellen, Mrs of Liverpool

Rogers, Henry of London

Rogers, Isaac of London

Rogers, J of Cambridge

Rogers, J of London

Rogers, James of Dudley

Rogers, John of London

Rogers, Richard of Dudley

Rogers, Robert of Cambridge

Rogers, T of Wednesbury

Rogers, Thomas of Bilston

Rogers, Thomas of Manchester

Rogers, WV of Canterbury

Rogers, William of Liverpool

Rogg, Charles of Salisbury

Rolbin, Nathan of Sheffield

Rolez, Jules of Manchester

Rolfe, R of Streatham

Rolfe, Robert of London

Rolfe, Robert of Streatham

Rollings, Walter of Poole

Rollins, John G & Co Ltd of London

Rollisson, Dollif of Halton, Leeds

Romain, Samuel A of Liverpool

Romain, Samuel Anidger of Stratford

Romain, Samuel of Liverpool

Roman, J of Colwyn Bay

Romaniuk, M of Luton

Rombach & Schwab of Edinburgh

Rombach Brothers of London

Rombach, Auguste of London

Rombach, Augustus of London

Rombach, Joseph of Glasgow

Rombach, Matthias of London

Rombach, William of Swanley Junction

Rome, Henry of London

Rome, Joseph of London

Rome, William of London

Romer, Thomas of Liverpool

Romney, N of Rochester

Rompel, John Baptiste of Surrey

Rompel, Wiegand of East Molesy

Rompel, William J of East Molesey

Rooke, Frank Edward MBHI of Sheffield

Rooker, Richard of London

Rooks, Edwin of Taunton

Rooney, John & Frank of North Shields

Roots, Charles P of Ashford

Roper, Charles of Chesterfield

Roper, Martin of Penrith

Roper, R of Oakham

Roper, William of London

Rosbrook, Edgar George of Ipswich

Roscow, Robert of Liverpool

Roscow, Thomas of Liverpool

Rose & Dickinson of Bath

Rose H D of Ramsgate

Rose, C B of Tring

Rose, CV Mrs of Maldon

Rose, Charles James of Whitstable

Rose, Charles of Framlingham

Rose, Hans Frederick of Sutton

Rose, Isold of East Ham

Rose, J H of Ramsgate

Rose, Jacob of London

Rose, James of Middlesborough

Rose, John of Liverpool

Rose, Joseph of Halesowen

Rose, Robert Alban of Sandy

Rose, Sidney W of Stradbroke,Diss

Rose, William of Ascot

Rose, William of Dublin A

Rosen, Israel of London

Rosen, M of Manor Park

Rosen, Morris of Manor Park

Rosenberg, Joseph of Newcastle

Rosenbohm, Ernest of London

Rosenfeld, Jacob of Manchester

Rosenthal, A of Leeds

Rosenthal, Joseph of Manchester

Rosigne, John Henry of London

Roskell, Nicholas of Liverpool

Roskell, William of Liverpool

Ross & Peckham of London

Ross & Ross of Berwick

Ross, Daniel of Exeter

Ross, Henry of London

Ross, JH of Battersea

Ross, James of Glasgow

Ross, James of Wrexham

Ross, Joseph of Belford

Rosse, Samuel of Islington, London

Rossi, George of Norwich

Rossiter, George of Weston-super-Mare

Rossiter, George of Yatton RSO

Rossiter, J of Weston-super-Mare

Rossiter, Walter of Truro

Rosson, Wallis G of Croydon

Rosson, Walter of Kingston

Rostern, John of Radcliffe

Roswell, William Thomas of London

Roth, J & Co of London

Roth, Joseph of Canning Town

Rothan Watch Factory of London

Rothchild, Isaac of Bristol

Rotherham (& Sons Ltd) of Coventry

Rothery, Joseph of Hallifax

Rothwell, John of Ormskirk

Rottersman, D of Newcastle

Rottersman, David of Newcastle

Round, G of Charshalton

Rous, Alfred S of Stowmarket

Rouse, Jeremiah of Wisbech

Rouse, William of Cheltenham

Routledge, Adam jun of Carlisle

Routledge, Adam of Carlisle

Routledge, John of London

Routley, EG of Croydon

Routley, Edwin of Bath

Row of Alton, Hampshire

Row, Ann, Mrs of Alton

Row, John H of Portland

Row, Richard Whitefield

Row, W of Midhurst

Row, WT & Son

Row, William Harris of Devonport

Row, William Trimmer of

Row, William of

Rowden Charles John & Son of Ongar

Rowden, Charles John of Chipping Ongar

Rowden, Frederick J of Witham

Rowe John of London

Rowe, Benjamin Chalwenn of Falmouth

Rowe, Gordon C of Torquay

Rowe, John Allen of Guernsey

Rowe, John of Guernsey

Rowe, Richard of Norwood

Rowell, Henry Alan of Preston, Brighton

Rowell, P G of Brighton

Rowell, RR of Oxford

Rowell, T of Brighton

Rowell, Thomas of Brighton

Rowland, David of Aberystwyth

Rowland, Henry of Liverpool

Rowland, J of London

Rowland, John of Bangor

Rowland, Joseph of Burton-upon-Trent

Rowland, T of Dover

Rowland, T of Llanidloes

Rowland, William of Pwllhelli

Rowlands & Son of Llanfyllin

Rowlands & Son of Meifod

Rowlands, Christopher of London

Rowlands, David of Harlech

Rowlands, David of Pwllheli

Rowlands, E & Son of Meifod

Rowlands, EE & SA of Llanfyllin

Rowlands, EE of Llanfyllin

Rowlands, Evan of Meifod

Rowlands, J A (Mrs) of Newcastle

Rowlands, James of London

Rowlands, John of Pwllheli

Rowlands, T of Caersws

Rowlands, T of Llanidloes

Rowlands, Thomas of Caersws

Rowlands, William of Manchester

Rowlands, William of Pwllheli

Rowley, A & H of London

Rowley, Bertha, Mrs of Southend

Rowley, EH of Southend

Rowley, Henry of Liverpool

Rowley, Henry of Shrewsbury

Rowley, J & Sons of Chester

Rowley, J of Rhyl

Rowley, William of Manchester

Rowlinson, Albert of Cambridge

Rowlinson, Thomas of Liverpool

Rowntree, John of Brigg

Roworth, William of Bath

Rowse, William of Wells

Rowson, C & Son of Liverpool

Rowson, Christopher & Son of Liverpool

Rowson, Christopher of Liverpool

Roy James of Falkirk and New York

Roydon, Charles, John & Son of Ongar

Royle and Rawson of Wigan

Rubens, Reuben of Liverpool

Rudd, Fraser E of Grimsby

Rudd, Thomas of Dudley, Worcestershire

Ruddick, Mary, Mrs of South Shields

Ruddick, W of Gosforth, Newcastle

Ruddick, W of Newcastle

Ruddick, William of Newcastle

Rudge, Samuel Thomas of Swindon

Rudking, Frederick of Sutton-on-Sea

Rudolph, Henry Ethelbert of Ilford

Ruff, Albert R of Eastleigh, Southampton

Ruff, Anton & Godfrey of London

Ruff, George Henry of London

Ruff, Joseph of Stratford

Ruff, Pius of London

Ruff, SR CMBHI of Southampton

Ruff, SR FBHI of Southampton

Ruffell, William of Tunbridge Wells, Kent

Rugless, Samuel of London

Rugless, T of Bury St Edmunds

Rugless, T of London

Rugless, Thomas of London

Ruh, JG of Camberwell

Ruh, John George of London

Rule, J of Hackney

Rule, James of Hackney

Rule, James of Portsmouth Common

Rulerm William of Hull

Rumbelow, W Ltd of Luton

Rumbelow, Walter of Luton

Rumbold, John of Salisbury

Rush, Edward of Botsdale Scole

Rush, JS of Forest gate

Rush, James Stanley of Forest gate

Rush, James Stanley of Manor Park

Rushby, George of Louth

Rushden, George of Highbridge RSO

Rushton, Joseph of Colne

Russell & Snow of Newcastle

Russell's Ltd of Llandudno

Russell, Arthur of Sheffield

Russell, Benjamin Edward of London

Russell, Benjamin of Norwich

Russell, DY & Son of Boscombe

Russell, Edward of Buxton

Russell, Edward of Foulsham

Russell, George of Walsall

Russell, George of Walsall

Russell, Henry George of London

Russell, Henry George of London

Russell, James & Co of Liverpool

Russell, James of Liverpool

Russell, John of Cawston

Russell, TR of Llandudno, Wales

Russell, Thomas & Son of Liverpool

Russell, Thomas E of Woking

Russell, Thomas of Lancaster

Russell, William of Falkirk

Russells Ltd of Llandudno

Russells of London

Rust, B of Newcastle

Rust, Benjamin of Stony Stratford

Rust, Henry of London and Hull

Rutherford, Alexander of London

Rutherford, G of Harwick

Rutherford, William of Castle Town

Rutherford, William of Ipswich

Rutter, Henry of London

Rutter, Samuel of London

Ryall, Thomas of Manchester

Ryalls, Joe F of Barnsley

Ryan & Walkden of Manchester

Ryan, Charles Thomas of Stamford

Ryan, Malachy of Ferrar &

Ryder, John & Richard of Plymouth

Ryding, Walter of Sheffield

Rye, George of Ipswich

Ryland, John of Ormskirk

Ryley & Son of Coventry

Ryley, FGS of Olton, Birmingham

Ryley, William of Otley



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