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We provide a full restoration and repair service for all types of clocks,barometers and barographs including movements, dials, cases, cabinet work, plating, polishing and lacquers. 

If you are looking to buy a clock, barometer or barograph by a specific maker we provide a sourcing service to find exactly what you are looking for please contact us for further details.   

For any enquiry from a simple repair or major restoration we are happy to help and waiting for you call.


Clock & Watchmaker Research Service 

We provide information on clock and watch makers, the information we can provide is not guaranteed to be all there is to know about the maker, but it is a summary of all the information found in research, that is updated regularly.

The charge for this service is £5.99. If you wish to order a clock or watchmaker research report please click the "Buy Now" button below. You will then be asked to proceed and submit your makers name and payment. 


This Service Is Curentley Unavailable
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Once your payment has been made an email with your report will be sent to your email address within 48 hrs.


Saalmans, Henry & Son of Birkenhead

Saalmans, Henry C. of Liverpool

Saalmans, Henry Charles of Liverpool

Saalmans, Henry senr. of Liverpool

Sabin, Henry T of Sheffield

Sach, Edmund of London

Sach, Edward of Chelmsford

Sadd, Robert of Cambridge

Saddleton, James Parlett of Kings Lynn

Safford, Thomas Jnr of Cambridge

Sagar, A. of Newcastle

Sagar, James of Blackburn

Sagar, Michael of Liverpool

Sagar, Robert Holgate of Blackburn

Sainsbury Brothers

Sainsbury of Wiltshire, Somerset and London

Sainsbury, Ernest of Chingford and Walthamstow

Sainsbury, Richard of London

Sainsbury, William of London

Salberg Brothers & Co. of London

Salked, John of London

Salmon, Alfred of London

Salmon, H. S. of Chatham

Salmon, Henry of London

Salmon, Isidore of Southend

Salom, Bernhard of Liverpool

Salsbury, R & Son of Guildford

Salsbury, R. & Sons of Guildford

Salsbury, Robert & Sons Ltd of Guildford

Salsbury, Robert of Guildford

Salt, John Thomas of Woodhouse, Sheffield

Saltby, Alfred John of Alford

Saltby, Alfred Johnson of Alford

Salter, Henry Williams of London

Salter, Robert of Topsham

Salter, William of Salford

Saltmarsh & Co. of Chelmsford

Salveta, Fred of Sheffield

Salvidge, A.G.J. CMBHI of Paington

Salzedo, S. of Llandudno

Sambrooks Ltd of Sheffield

Sammons, A of Southend

Sammons, Frank of Southend

Sammons, Maria Elizabeth, Mrs. of Southend

Samnel, Flora of Liverpool

Samper, Maurice & Co. of London

Sample, J. of Hebburn

Sample, J. of Waterloo, Blyth

Sample, John of Whitby

Sampson, Emanuel of London

Sampson, John of London

Sampson, Thomas of Liverpool

Samson, Lazarus of London

Samuel & Co. of Liverpool

Samuel & Rogers of Liverpool

Samuel, A & Son of London

Samuel, A. & Son of London

Samuel, Abraham & Son of London

Samuel, Abraham of London

Samuel, Alexander of London

Samuel, Alfred of Liverpool

Samuel, Douglas R. of Liverpool

Samuel, Douglas Ralph of Liverpool

Samuel, Edgar of Manchester

Samuel, F & Co. of Liverpool

Samuel, Harriet of Manchester

Samuel, Henry of Liverpool

Samuel, John of London

Samuel, L.H. & Co. of Liverpool

Samuel, Lewis of Liverpool

Samuel, Louis & Co. of Liverpool

Samuel, Louis of Liverpool

Samuel, M. Mrs. of Richmond

Samuel, Moses of Liverpool

Samuel, Nathan of Liverpool

Samuel, S.H. & Co. of Liverpool

Samuel, Samuel Morris & Co. of London

Samuel, Samuel Morris of London

Samuel, Samuel of Liverpool

Samuel, Samuel of London

Samuel, Samuel. J of Liverpool

Samuel, Simpson & Co. of Liverpool

Samuel, Simpson of Liverpool

Samuel, Sylvester L. of Liverpool

Samuel, Walter of Liverpool

Samuels, B. of Brighton

Samuels, H of Reading

Samuels, H. of Croydon

Samuels, Henry of Southend

Samuels, Samuel of London

Samuels, Samuel of Louth

Sancto, Albert of Newcastle

Sancto, Alex. of Byker, Newcastle

Sanders & Co. Ltd of Winchester

Sanders, A. of  Newbury

Sanders, Alexander of Newbury

Sanders, Daniel of London

Sanders, George of Atherstone

Sanders, Henry of Stratford

Sanders, J. of Sheffield

Sanders, James & Co. of Highbridge

Sanders, James of Bath and Bridgwater

Sanders, John of London

Sanders, Joseph of Longton

Sanders, Mary, Miss of Stansted Mountfitchet

Sanders, W. of Stansted Mountfitchet

Sanders, William Frederick of Staines

Sanders, William of Stansted Mountfitchet

Sanderson, John Snr of Wigton

Sanderson, John of Dublin

Sanderson, Richard of London

Sanderson, Thomas of Dublin

Sanderson, Thomas of London

Sandford, William C. of London

Sandilands, Charles H. of Welshpool

Sandilands, Charles of Welshpool

Sandler, E of Sheffield

Sandler, J & Sons of Sheffield

Sandow, Thomas of Saint Ives

Sanger, John R of Colchester

Sansom, Charles of London

Sant, Robert of Windsor

Saphena of Chelmsford

Saphin, Peter of London

Saphin, T. of London

Saphin, Thomas of London

Saqui & Lawrence Ltd of Ipswich

Saqui & Lawrence Ltd of Sheffield

Sare, Henry Frank of Bath

Sargeant, S.A. of Clare

Sargent, J.B. of Waltham Abbey

Sargent, John of London

Sargent, Thomas of London

Sargisson, George William of Soham

Sarl, John of London

Sarles, H. of Brighton

Sarles, Henry of Hastings

Sarsons, B. & D. of East Grinstead

Sarson of East Grinstead, Sussex

Satchell, Edwin of St. Albans

Satchell, John William of Botsdale, Diss

Sattele, Albert of Lincoln

Sattele, Alois of Lincoln

Sattely, William of Sherston

Sauber, Abraham of Ilford

Saubor, Herrmann A. of London

Saum, J. & Co. of Mold

Saum, J. & Son of Mold

Saum, J. of Mold

Saum, John & Co. of London

Saum, Joseph of Mold

Saum, Matthew of Perth, Scotland

Saunders, Arthur Charles of Broadstairs

Saunders, Daniel of London

Saunders, Edward of Croydon

Saunders, G.F of Romford

Saunders, George of London

Saunders, Joseph Smith of Sheffield

Saunders, T. of Dorchester

Saunders, Thomas of London

Saunders, Walter of Brentwood

Saunders, William of Great Torrington

Saunders,Thomas of Dorchester

Saurey, James of Rugby

Sauze, Eugene of London

Savage & Vincent of London

Savage, A.J. of Paington

Savage, James of London

Savage, John of Shrewsbury

Savage, Thomas of London

Adey B, Savory of London

Savory, Adey B, of London

Savory, Joseph of London

Savory, Thomas Cox & Co. of London

Sawdon, William of Whitby

Sawers, Robert of Edinburgh

Sawers of Edinburgh

Sawtell, Edwin of Bristol

Sawyer, Alfred George of Sleaford

Sawyer, Alfred of Sleaford

Sawyer, Francis of Bath

Sawyer, H. of Herne Hill

Sawyer, Henry James of Boston

Sawyer, John of Leeds

Sawyer, W.H. of Peterborough

Sawyer, Walter C of Peterborough

Sawyer, Walter H. of Tooting Graveney

Saxby, G.W. & Son of Margate

Sayer, Andrew of London

Sayer, James of Bromyard

Sayer, John of Bowes, Darlington

Sayfritz, Henry of Wolverhampton

Scales, Edward of Manchester

Scales, John of Liverpool

Scales, Joseph of Manchester

Scales, Joshua of Manchester

Scales, Mary of Manchester

Scales, William of Kendal

Scales, William of Manchester and Salford

Scamble, Peter of Liverpool

Scanlan, David of London

Scarcliffe, Henry of Stamford

Scarfe, Thomas of Ingatestone

Scarisbrick, Thomas of Prescot

Scarratt, Family of Worcester

Scatliffe  F of Lincoln

Scawthorpe, William of Wainfleet

Schalfino, Lewis of Taunton

Schearwood, Jac. of London

Scheible, J. & P. of Dartford

Schelble, Paul of Edmonton

Schenk, F. of Brighton

Scherer, Charles S of London

Scherer, George Frederick of London

Scherzinger, C. of London

Schewerer, Jacob of Falmouth

Schierwater & Lloyd of Liverpool

Schilsky, Joseph Henry of London

Schimitz, John of Swindon

Schindler, Maurice of Sheffield

Schindler, Paul of London

Schmault, Frederick of Walthamstow

Schmidt, Louis Jeanne of Tunbridge Wells

Schmitnagel, G. J. of Brighton

Schnabel, Louis of Croydon

Schneider, Henry of Axbridge RSO

Schneider, Perret-Gentil & Co. of London

Schofield, J. of London

Scholefield, Francis of Dewsbury

Scholfield, James of Barnsley

Schon, L. of Chester

Schoof, William George of London

Schott, M. of London

Schriber, Hironius of Kingswinford

Schuessler, Louis of London

Schulen & Boby of Ipswich

Schulen, Charles of Ipswich

Schuler, J & Co. of London

Schuler, Joachim of London

Schuler, M & J. of London

Schultis & Co. of Battersea

Schultis, S of East Ham

Schultis, Schwar & Co. of London and Pretoria

Schultis, Sebastian of East Ham

Schultis, Sebastian of London

Schultz, Gustav of London

Schun, Frederick of Liverpool

Schwar, Andrew & Co. of London

Schwar, Benitz & Co. of London

Schwarb, Joseph of London

Schwarck, D &Son of Leamington

Schwarck, Diederich of Leamington

Schwarck, Edward P. D. of Leamington

Schwartz, A. of Flint

Schwartz, A. of Holywell

Schwartz, Anthony of Holywell

Schwartz, Augustine of Flint

Schwartz, Augustine of Holywell

Schwartz, L. of Barnet

Schwartz, L. of South Mimms

Schwatz & Sons of Holywell

Schwearer, Anthony of London

Schwehr, Constantine of Wolverhampton

Schwerer, Conrad of London

Schwerer, D. of St Mary Cray

Schwerer, Edward of London

Schwerer, George of Colchester

Schwerer, J & C of Northampton

Schwerer, Joseph of London

Schwerer, Nicholas of Colchester

Schworer, Joseph of London

Schwrer, Karle of London

Scolding, John of London

Scorah, John B. of Bradford

Scorfield, William of North Shields

Scotcher, F.L. of Wrexham

Scotcher, N.S. of Wrexham

Scotcher, Nicholas S. of Wrexham

Scotcher, Nicholas Stuart of Wrexham

Scotcher, Nicholas of Wrexham

Scotchmer, C & Son of London

Scotchmer, H. of Folkestone

Scotchmer, John Davis of London

Scotson of Liverpool

Scotson, Ellen of Liverpool

Scotson, Isaac of Liverpool

Scotson, Joseph of Liverpool

Scott Cooper Ltd of Cheltenham

Scott of Ballynahinch, Ireland

Scott, Alfred of Sheffield

Scott, Austin of London

Scott, Austin of London

Scott, Charles & William & Co. of London

Scott, Charles E. of Old Colwyn

Scott, D. A. of Hartlepool

Scott, Edward of Hull

Scott, Frederick C. of Wallington

Scott, Henry of Hammersmith

Scott, Henry of Leyton

Scott, J. of Dorchester

Scott, J.G. of Heaton, Newcastle

Scott, James Galloway of Rotherham

Scott, James of Bedlington

Scott, James of Kendal

Scott, James of Rochester

Scott, Jessie, Mrs. of London

Scott, John James of Newcastle

Scott, John Joseph of Ashington

Scott, John of Hexham

Scott, John of Walker

Scott, Joseph M. of Liverpool

Scott, Joseph of Liverpool

Scott, Joseph of Manchester

Scott, Robert Clavering of Alnwick

Scott, Robert of Glasgow

Scott, Robert of London

Scott, Thomas of Gainsborough, Lincolnshire

Scott, Thomas of Jarrow

Scott, Thomas of London

Scott, William Henry of Hove

Scott, William Henry of Liverpool

Scott, William of Bedlington

Scott, William of London

Scott, William of Sheffield

Scott, Wing & Co. of London

Scotten, John of Enfield

Scourse, Jesse of Cheddar

Scovell, Richard of Newbury

Scovell, Sarah of Newbury

Screeton, G. A. of West Hartlepool

Scriven, John of London

Scrivener & Co. of Maidstone

Scrivener, Edward Keer of Diss

Scrivener, Edward M of Soham

Scrivener, J.R. of Kimbolton

Scrivener, John R of Tilbrook, Huntingdon

Scrivener, Philip of Stowmarket

Scrivener, William C. of London

Scrivener, William Camden of London

Sculley, A. of Richmond

Sculley, Arthur of Richmond

Seabrook, S. of Romford

Seager, John of Liverpool

Seale, Robert M & Co. of Lowerstoft

Sealey, Edward James of Manningtree

Sealey, William of Egremont

Sealy, Albert Robert of London

Sealy, R. of Peckham

Sear, John of Southend

Searby, Walter of Sheffield

Searle, G. Elliot of Stonehouse

Searle, George of Chudleigh and Plymouth, Devon

Searle, George of London

Searle, Joseph James Baldwin of Great Berkhamstead

Searle, Robert M. of Lowerstoft

Sears, William of Manchester

Sebber, Ann of Dover

Sebley, Edwin Charles of Cambridge

Seddon, A. of Upper Sydenham

Seddon, A. of Wimbledon

Seddon, Charles of London

Seddon, Edwin M. of Hertford

Seddon, Edwin M. of Hitchin

Seddon, Edwin Macintosh of Hitchin

Seddon, Henry William of Manchester

Seddon, Mary of Manchester

Seddon, William of Hulme, Manchester

Seddon, William of Liverpool

Sedman, John Fowler of Scarborough

Seed, John of Liverpool

Seed, John of Southampton

Seeger, Jacob of Sheffield

Seeley, George H. of Llangollen

Seeley, George of Llangollen

Seeley, J. of Llangollen

Seeley, Mrs of Llangollen

Seffler, Charles of Manchester

Segal S & Co. of Newcastle

Segal, B. of Newcastle

Segar, John of Liverpool

Seilwarston, Isaac of Strangeways

Selby & Co. of Frinton-on-Sea

Selby & Co. of Southend

Selby & Co. of Walton-on-the-Naze

Selby & Jackson of Scunthorpe

Selby, Arthur of Offord Cluny, Huntingdon

Selby, William & Cornelius of Wareham

Self, William of Croydon

Selfe, Fraser W. of Erith

Selfe, H. of Poole

Selfe, Henry Milborne of East Dulwich

Selfe, Henry of Bristol

Selfe, W. of Sheerness

Selfe, W. of Woolwich

Selig Benjamin of Penzance

Selig, Kaspar of London

Seligmann, Selloff of London S.W

Seligson, Jonas of Liverpool

Sellar, A. of Reading

Sellar, Alexander of Reading

Sellard, R. of Bampton

Sellers, J.D of Gainsborough

Sellman, A. of St Leonards-on-sea

Sellman, G.J of Rye

Selwood or Sellwood, William of Lothbury

Semin, Joseph & Sons Ltd of Sheffield

Semmons, Herman of Truro

Senecal, Louis of London

Senior, J. of Melcombe Regis

Sephton, Thomas of Prescot

Sergeant, Edward of Harrow

Serjeant, J. of Hammersmith

Serjeant, Thomas Henry of Liverpool

Sermin & Kaltinbach of Salford

Sermin, Joseph & Sons of Sheffield

Sermin, Joseph of Sheffield

Servard, Thomas of Barnet

Sessarego, Joseph of Hereford

Sessford Robert of Newcastle-on-Tyne

Sessford, Joseph of Newcastle-on-Tyne

Seth Thomas Clock Co. of London

Settle & Co. of London

Settle Brothers of London

Sewell, Frank of Lowerstoft

Sewell, J. of Buntingford

Sewell, John William of Grantham

Sewell, Stanley O. of Southwold

Sewell, T. of Newcastle

Sewill, Joseph of Liverpool

Sewills of Liverpool, London  and Glasgow

Sexton, Emanuel of Sheffield

Sexty Brothers of Grantham

Seyer, Andrew of London

Seyer, John of London

Shackell, Joseph of London

Shackleton, Jno of Manchester

Shackleton, Percival of Sowerby Bridge

Shackleton, William of Todmorden

Shacklock, Francis of Stanfree, Derbyshire

Shacklock, Godfrey of Bolsover

Shacklock, Godfrey of Chesterfield

Shadwell, Clarence of Cheltenham

Shafe, William of York

Shakel, Robert, Geroge & Son of Ongar

Shakenburge, George of Sheffield

Shakeshaft, Lawrence of Preston

Shakeshaft, William of Preston

Shakespear, James Henry of Leytonstone

Shakespear, James Henry of Leyton

Shakespear, William of Manor Park

Shan, Jonathan of London

Shappere, Solomon of Walsall

Sharland, John of Tiverton

Sharman, George William of Spalding

Sharman, George of Lowestoft

Sharp & Son of London

Sharp, Austin of Salford

Sharp, Charles Henry of Darlington

Sharp, George & Hadarezer of London

Sharp, George Griffin of Horncastle

Sharp, George of Horncastle

Sharp, George of London

Sharp, J. of London

Sharp, John & Son of London

Sharp, John Bunyea of Faversham

Sharp, John H. of Sheffield

Sharp, John T. of Mexborough, Rotherham

Sharp, John of Newcastle

Sharp, M. of Chester

Sharp, Mary of Gateshead

Sharp, William Henry of London

Sharpe, A.P. of Winchester

Sharpe, Charles of Salford

Sharpe, George of Sheffield

Sharpe, William of Bourne

Sharpe, William of Retford

Sharples, Henry of Manchester

Sharples, James of Liverpool

Sharples, Joseph William of Manchester

Shaw, Alfred of Liverpool

Shaw, Allan of Wincobank, Sheffield

Shaw, Edward of Wirksworth

Shaw, George Henry of Sheffield

Shaw, George of Bedford

Shaw, Hugh of Wirksworth

Shaw, John Henry of London

Shaw, John of Liverpool

Shaw, Joseph of Sheffield

Shaw, Samuel of Bilingborough

Shaw, Samuel of Spalding

Shaw, Samuel of Spilsby

Shaw, Solomon of stratford

Shaw, T.G. of Walthamstow

Shaw, William J of Moor, Sheffield

Shaw, William of Lincoln

Shaw, William of London

Shear, Harris of Dagenham

Sheard, J. of Oxford

Sheard, James of Oxford

Sheard, John James of Salford

Sheard, Nathan of Leeds

Shearer, Henry of Liverpool

Shearing, Samuel of Croydon

Shearsmith, George of Louth

Shearson, Robert of Liverpool

Shearstone, George of Sheffield

Sheffield, H. of Barking

Sheffield, James of Barking

Sheirs, George Frederick & Son of South Norwood

Sheldon, James of Birmingham

Sheldon, John of Birmingham

Sheldrake, Cecil G of Holland-on-Sea

Sheldrake, Cecil Graham of Clacton

Shell, J of Forest gate

Shelley, Frederick Charles of Margate

Shelley, Joseph Henry & Son of Hull

Shelton John. G. of Woodbridge

Shelton, John George of Botsdale Scole

Shenfield, John of Manchester

Shepheard & Reed of London

Shepheard, Jabez of Plymouth

Shepherd, Charles of London

Shepherd, D.R. of Sheffield

Shepherd, J. of London

Shepherd, John W of Eastbourne

Shepherd, William of Liverpool

Shepley, John of Glossop

Shepley, John of Hyde

Shepley, John of Manchester

Shepley, John of Stockport

Shepley, Sam of Stockport

Sheppard, Charles of Walsall

Sheppard, Thomas of Devonport

Sheppard, William of Netheravon

Shepperley & Pearce of Nottingham

Sheraton, J. of Newcastle

Sheraton, Joseph of Newcastle

Sheraton, R. & J. of Newcastle

Sheraton, Raimund & Joseph of Newcastle

Sherbird, J. of London

Sherburd, John of London

Shere, A. of Canterbury

Shergold, R. of Epping

Sherlock, Arthur T of Ilford

Sherlock, Holmes of Ilford

Sherrard, H & L J. of Belfast

Sherratt, Jabez of Wigan

Sherratt, M.F. of Flint

Sherratt, James of Stone, Staffordshire

Sherriff & Ward Ltd of Winchester

Sherring, John of Alford

Sherwin, J.E. of East Ham

Sherwin, Joseph of Burton-upon-Trent

Sherwin, Julius of Barnet

Sherwood, J. of Faversham

Sherwood, W. of Sittingbourne

Sherziner, T. of Farnborough

Sherzinger, Robert of London

Shibko, Lewis of Hull

Shiels, John of London

Shiers, George Frederick & Son of South Norwood

Shildrake, William of Norwich

Shilling, Mrs. H. of Sittingboune

Shilling, Mrs. H. of Sittingbourne

Shilling, Sydney of Milton Regis, Sittingbourne

Shilling, W.A. of Sudbury

Shimels, Tom F of Market Rasen

Shimels, Tom of Market Rasen

Shindlers of Bexhill

Shipley, James of Derby

Shipsea, Henry of Guilford

Shipton & Co. Ltd of Margate

Shipton & Co. Ltd. of Felixstowe

Shipton & Co. Ltd. of Felixstowe

Shipton & Co. of Clacton

Shipton, H. of Bognor

Shipton, A & Co. Ltd of Torquay

Shires, Martin of Newcastle-under-Lyme

Shirsk, John of Liverpool

Shirt, William of London

Shirton, John Caspar of Manchester

Shmider, Landolin of Hereford

Shoeps Brothers of Manchester

Shole, Simeon of London

Shoolbred, Jas & Co London

Shoretell, Leonard of Coulsdon

Shorey, W. of Wareham

Shorey, William of Swanage

Shorrock, William of Pendleton, Manchester

Shorrock, William of Salford

Short, Albert of Liverpool

Short, Martin of Liverpool

Short, Samuel of Bideford

Shorter, H. of London

Shortman, Samuel of Brentwood

Shortman, Samuel of Penzance

Shorto, David of London

Shorto, Edward of Yarmouth

Shortsinger, Engelbart & Co. of Belfast, Dublin, Ballymena and Greenock

Shotter, William of Bethnal Green Road, London

Showerings of Taunton

Shrimpton, William of Haverstock Hill

Shrivel, R. of Brighton

Shrivell, Richard of Brighton

Shufflebotham, Samuel & Joshua of Coventry

Shultis, William of Grimsby

Shure, Isaac of Croydon

Shuttleworth, F. of London

Sibbald, William of London

Sibley, Charles Edward of Hampton

Siddle, James of Blyth

Sidey, J. of Walthamstow

Sidwell, Charles david of Yeovil

Siebe, Aug. of London

Siedle, A. of Greenwich

Siedle, L. of Woolwich

Siegwart K. of Ipswich

Silbrook, T of Ipswich

Silcock, Earnest of Sheffield

Silence, George of Aylsham

Silke, John of Elmstead, Kent

Sillito Thomas of Uttoxeter

Sills, William of London

Silman, H of Leeds

Silver, Barnet of Liverpool

Silver, Benjamin of London

Silver, C. F. of Southend

Silver, Charles F & Son of Southend

Silver, Charles F of Southend

Silver, Ernest Ltd of Bournmouth

Silverman, Davis of Canning Town

Silverman, Soloman & Son of London

Silversides, Henry William of London

Silverstone, Simeon of London

Silverthorne, Sidney E. of Salisbury

Silvester, Joseph of London

Silvester, Sidney Roland of Freemantle, Southampton

Simco, Charles of London

Simcock, John of Manchester

Simcock, Thomas of Warrington

Simcock, William of Warrington

Simkin, Alfred Vincent of Southend

Simkins, William of Mansfield

Simkiss, Harold William of Basingstoke

Simmonds, Alfred of Deal

Simmonds, Alfred of Guildford

Simmonds, Arthur of Crowborough

Simmonds, J of Oxford

Simmonds, J. Johnson of Hereford

Simmonds, J. of Froxfield, Wiltshire

Simmonds, Joseph Johnson of Hereford

Simmonds, Rebecca, Mrs. of Plaistow

Simmonds, W of Oxford

Simmons & Humphrey of Rotherham

Simmons, Alexander of Warwick

Simmons, E. of Stoke Newington

Simmons, E.L. of London

Simmons, Ebenezer L. of London

Simmons, Edward Mons of Canning Town

Simmons, Isaac of Manchester

Simmons, J. of Streatham

Simmons, John Saddler of Henley

Simmons, Joseph of London

Simmons, Morrice of London

Simms C.W. of Colchester

Simms, C. of Chipping Norton

Simms, Charles of Watford

Simms, Edward of Kings Lynn

Simms, Frederick of London

Simms, S. of Chipping Norton

Simner, Richard of London

Simons, E. of Leyton

Simons, George & Moses of London

Simons, George of London

Simpson & Co. of Gosport

Simpson & Roberts of Liverpool

Simpson & Son of Great Yarmouth, Norfolk

Simpson, Benjamin of London

Simpson, Caleb of Hadleigh

Simpson, Christopher of Great Yarmouth, Norfolk

Simpson, Daniel of Workington

Simpson, F.W. of Upper Tooting

Simpson, Frederick W. of London

Simpson, Frederick William of London

Simpson, G of Scarborough

Simpson, G.H. of Windsor

Simpson, Isaac of Chorley

Simpson, Isidore of Gosport

Simpson, J. of Aylesbury

Simpson, James of Aylesbury

Simpson, James of Colnbrook

Simpson, John Tidd of Hull

Simpson, John of Garstang

Simpson, John of Liverpool

Simpson, John of Wigton

Simpson, Jonathan Wortley of Preston, Lancashire

Simpson, Jonhn of Liverpool

Simpson, Joseph of Great Yarmouth, Norfolk

Simpson, Joseph of Preston

Simpson, Joseph of Wolverhampton

Simpson, Mary of Cockermouth

Simpson, R of London

Simpson, Richard of Great Yarmouth, Norfolk

Simpson, Robert William of Croydon

Simpson, Robert of London

Simpson, Robert of Poulton

Simpson, Thomas of London

Simpson, Thomas of London

Simpson, W & E of Bognor

Simpson, Walter of Park, Sheffield

Simpson, William Manley of Great Yarmouth

Simpson, William of Liverpool

Simpson, William of Rickmansworth

Sims, B of Southend

Sims, Bertram of Southend

Sims, C. of Watford

Sims, Frederick Coltonham of London

Sims, John Charles of Watford

Sims, R. of Amersham

Sims, Richard of Amersham

Sims, William of Peckham

Simson and Groombridge of Hertford

Simson of Hertford

Simson, E.A. & Co. of Hertford

Simson, Edward Augustus & Co. of Hertford

Simson, George of Hertford

Simson, M. Mrs. of Hertford

Simson, Thomas of Hertford

Sinclair & Co. of Orpington

Sinclair, Walter of London

Sinderby, Francis H. of London

Singleton, Henry of Leamington

Sizeland, J.H. of London

Sizer of Paington

Sizer, John of Grimsby

Skarratt, Elizabeth of Kington

Skarratt, John & Co. of Worcester

Skarratt, Thomas Carleton of Kington

Skee, G. H. of Bishop Auckland

Skeggs, William of London

Skellern Bros. of Rhyl

Skellorn, John of Liverpool

Skelton, E. of Hammersmith

Skelton, F. of Tooting Graveney

Skelton, George of London

Skelton, H of Sheffield

Skelton, Matthew William of Liverpool

Skelton, Robert of Malton

Skelton, T & Son of Leytonstone

Skelton, T of Leytonstone

Skelton, T. of Lower Tooting

Skelton, T.A. of Lower Tooting

Skelton, Thomas Alfred of Lower Tooting

Skelton, William of London

Skerrett, George of Devonport

Skerritt, Robert of Camberley

Skerry Brothers of London

Skerry, William of London

Skevington, William Henry of Bath

Skidmore, John of Askrigg

Skidmore, John of Tipton

Skiller, Henry of Rochester

Skillman, W.R. of Barking

Skinner, Arthur of Portslade-by-Sea, Brighton

Skinner, Charles of London

Skinner, Charles of Peckham

Skinner, Charles of Sheffield

Skinner, John of Exeter

Skinner, Martin William & Richard of Southend

Skinner, Osbert of Sheffield

Skinner, W.H. of Leamington

Skipper, Samuel of Thirsk

Skipton, James Frederick of Cirencester

Skirrow, James of Wigan

Slack, Joseph of Ipstones

Slack, Leonard of Sheffield

Slack, Samuel & Son of Chesterfield

Slack, Uriah of Chesterfield

Sladden, S & L.E. of Canterbury

Sladden, S of Canterbury

Slade, Edward of Mevagissey

Slade, John of Penryn

Slade, William of Penryn

Slark, William of London

Slater, George of Burslem

Slater, George of Kidsgrove

Slater, George of Liverpool

Slater, George of Tunstall

Slater, George of Uttoxeter

Slater, James of Ormskirk, Lancashire

Slater, James of Uttoxeter

Slater, John of Burton-upon-Trent

Slater, John of Hanley and Shelton

Slater, John of Steyning

Slater, John of Uttoxeter

Slater, Joseph of Ormskirk, Lancashire

Slater, Thomas and William of Uttoxeter and Lichfield

Slater, William of London

Slater, William of Shoreham

Slater, William of Tunstall

Slater, William of Utoxetter

Slaughter, William George of Ramsgate

Sleefrig, Israel H. of Liverpool

Sleep, John of Liskeard

Sleigh, William of Stockton

Slight John of Sheffield

Slingsby, Tom of Wingate

Sloan, Ralph of Byker, Newcastle

Sloan, Ralph of Necastle

Sluce, William of London

Sly, C. Mrs. of Oxford

Sly, R. of Oxford

Sly, Samuel of Norwich

Sly, Thomas & Son of Salisbury

Slydel, E. G. & Son of Brighton

Slyth, John of Audlem

Smale, John of Exeter

Smale, Timothy of Kingsbridge

Small, George of Coventry

Small, Joseph of Perth

Small, Timothy of Kingsbridge

Smallbones, John Thomas of Chatteris

Smalley, Joseph S. of London

Smalley, Peter Marsh of London

Smalley, T. N. of Liverpool

Smalley, Thomas N. of Liverpool

Smallman's South Shields Ltd of Ashington

Smallpage, James of Leeds

Smallpage, Wilfred of Sheffield

Smallwood, John of Lichfield, Staffordshire

Smallwood, Joseph of Lichfield

Smallwood, Thomas of Lichfield, Staffordshire

Smart Brothers of Liverpool

Smart, A. of Wimbledon

Smart, Alexander of London

Smart, John of Finchingfield

Smee, E.A. & E.F. of Chelmsford

Smerdon, John of Newton Abbot

Smethurst, Henry of Stafford

Smith & Hind, of Hartlepool

Smith & Son of Croydon

Smith & Son of London

Smith & Wills of Bath

Smith Brothers of Rotherham

Smith of Sheffield

Smith, A & Co. of Huddersfield

Smith, A & Son of Sudbury

Smith, Abraham of London

Smith, Alfred of Croydon

Smith, Alfred of Huddersfield

Smith, Ambrose of Dunmow

Smith, Angelo of Sudbury

Smith, B of Canning Town

Smith, Benjamin of Stratford

Smith, Benjamin of Tong

Smith, Bolton of London

Smith, Charles Joshua of Thrapston

Smith, Charles M of Manningtree

Smith, Charles Milton of Manningtree

Smith, Charles Milton of Manningtree

Smith, Charles Roe of Bangor

Smith, Charles William of Surbiton

Smith, Charles of London

Smith, Charlotte of Long Sutton

Smith, Clement Joseph of Pewsey

Smith, D. of Reading

Smith, Daniel of Bedford

Smith, Dennis of Reading

Smith, E Trench of Huntingdon

Smith, E. S. of Sittingbourne

Smith, Edward of Barton under Needwood

Smith, Edward of Newbury

Smith, Edward of Newcastle

Smith, Edward of Richmond

Smith, Eric M. of Folkestone

Smith, Ernest A. of Dorking

Smith, F. and Son, of Southampton

Smith, F. of Blandford

Smith, Frederick of London

Smith, G. E. of Lower Norwood, Surrey

Smith, G. of Brighton

Smith, G.T. of Towcaster

Smith, Gabriel of Chester

Smith, George & Son of Liverpool

Smith, George J. of West Dulwich

Smith, George James of Ely

Smith, George of Leamington

Smith, George of March

Smith, George of South Shields

Smith, Harold F of Grays

Smith, Harry of Gateshead

Smith, Henry & Son of Reading

Smith, Henry John of Plaistow

Smith, Henry of London

Smith, Herbert of Wantage

Smith, Horatio of London

Smith, Isaiah of Cefn, Ruabon

Smith, J of Chelmsford

Smith, J of Leamington

Smith, J. of Billericay

Smith, J.A.of Chipping Sodbury

Smith, J.B. of Kington

Smith, J.H. of London

Smith, J.J. & Co. of Putney

Smith, J.W. of Mapperley, Nottingmshire

Smith, James A. of Croydon

Smith, James B. of Kington

Smith, James Barton of Kington

Smith, James R. of Lower Mitcham

Smith, James R.W. of Brackley

Smith, James and Son of London

Smith, James of Grantown, Inverness

Smith, James of Great Dunmow

Smith, James of London

Smith, James of Rayleigh

Smith, James of Saxmundham

Smith, Jason of Grimsby

Smith, John C. of London

Smith, John Samuel of Salford

Smith, John of Ashton-under-Line

Smith, John of Bathgate

Smith, John of Hulme, Manchester

Smith, John of Keighley

Smith, John of Leek

Smith, John of Liverpool

Smith, John of London

Smith, John of Macclesfield

Smith, John of Manchester

Smith, John of March

Smith, John of Newcastle

Smith, John of Newtown

Smith, John of Rochdale

Smith, John of Salford

Smith, John of Thirsk

Smith, John of Wrexham

Smith, Joseph of Bristol

Smith, Joseph of Folkestone

Smith, Joseph of Gainsborough

Smith, Joseph of London

Smith, Joseph of Sheffield

Smith, Mary Helen, Mrs. of Liverpool

Smith, Mary, Mrs. of Bedlington

Smith, Morton of Bramley, Guildford

Smith, P of Kirton-in-Linsey

Smith, Philip of London

Smith, R.D. of Croydon

Smith, Richard of London

Smith, Richard of Outwell, Wisbeach

Smith, Richard of Scarborough

Smith, Robert D. of Croydon

Smith, S. of Tonbridge

Smith, Samuel and Sons of Tatenhill

Smith, Samuel and Sons of Walton-on-Trent

Smith, Samuel of London

Smith, Samuel of Middlesborough

Smith, Samuel of Sheffield

Smith, Samuel of Walton-upon-Trent

Smith, Samuel of West Bromwich

Smith, Sidney  Ltd of Parkstone

Smith, Sidney Frank of Marden

Smith, T of Sheffield

Smith, T.W. of London

Smith, Theophilus of Wisbech

Smith, Thomas George of Dover

Smith, Thomas H. of Reading, Berkshire

Smith, Thomas William of Canning Town

Smith, Thomas of Ashbourn

Smith, Thomas of Bilston

Smith, Thomas of Burnley

Smith, Thomas of Chatteris

Smith, Thomas of Choppington

Smith, Thomas of Edenbridge

Smith, Thomas of Horsmanden

Smith, Thomas of Lincoln

Smith, Thomas of Liverpool

Smith, Thomas of London

Smith, Thomas of Sheffield

Smith, Thomas of Sheffield

Smith, Tylar of Sheffield

Smith, W. A. of Tow Law

Smith, W. of Broadstairs

Smith, W. of Canterbury

Smith, W. of Carnarvon

Smith, W. of Herne Bay

Smith, W. of London

Smith, Walter Fletcher of Lincoln

Smith, William E. of Southend

Smith, William Tylar of Sheffield

Smith, William of Bingham

Smith, William of Cambridge

Smith, William of Canterbury

Smith, William of Crowland, Peterborough

Smith, William of Epworth

Smith, William of Leamington

Smith, William of Manchester

Smith, William of March

Smith, William of Market Deeping & Crowland

Smith, William of Southend

Smith, William of Walton, Measham

Smiths English Clocks Ltd

Smiths Industries

Smithson, Robert of Newcastle

Smorthwaite, John of Colchester

Smyth, C. of Tunbridge

Smythson, Alfred George of London

Snashall, William of Marden, Kent

Sneezum, A.J. & Son of Ipswich

Sneezum, Walter of Bury St Edmunds

Snell, Albion of London

Snell, John Holder of Tavistock

Snell, William of Crediton

Snellgrove, Fred of Forest gate

Snelling, Burgess & Edward of London

Snelling, J. of Ashford

Snelling, James of Alton

Snelling, James of Newton Abbott

Snelling, John of Romney

Snosswell, William of London

Snoswell, William of London

Snow Charles J. of Worksop

Snow, John of Frome

Snow, Richard R. of Ripon, Yorkshire

Snowball, George of London

Snowden, Henry of Sunderland

Snowden, J. G. of Sunderland

 Soar, James of London

Sobey, William Rawlins of Exeter

Society of Divine Compassion of Plaistow

Soffe, F. of Burnham

Softly, Thomas of Louth

Solca, A. of East Grinstead

Solca, Joseph of Hull

Solca, Lewis of Hull

Soldano, Louis & Son of London

Soldano, Vve de J. Fils of London

Sollitt, F.N. of Portswood, Southampton

Solomon, A. of Newcastle

Solomon, Abram of Hull

Solomon, Emanuel of Canterbury

Solomon, Henry & Co. of London

Solomon, Henry of London

Solomon, L of Oxford

Solomon, Morris of Kings Lynn

Solomon, Moses of London

Solomon, P. of London

Solomon, Phineas of London

Solomon, S.C. of London

Solomon, Samuel of Lewes, Sussex

Solomon, Solomon of Newcastle

Somershall, Richard of London

Somerwill, Thomas of Taunton

Sommers, George of Ilfracombe

Sones, Benjamin Elisha of Lowerstoft

Sorg, Charles of London

Sorley, Robert and James of Glasgow

Sorrell, George of London

Sorrell, Henry Charles of Brighton

Sorrell, Herbert Woodhams of Ilford

South, G.T of Scunthorpe

South, Henry of Rotherham

Southam, C. of Coventry

Southampton Goldsmiths Co. Ltd of Southampton

Southbourne Jewellers of Bournmouth

Southcomb, W. of Liverpool

Southcomb, William of Liverpool

Southworth, E. of Carnarvon

Sowerby, Frank C of Saltburn

Sowry, James of Leeds

Sowter, J. of Oxford

Sowter, William I. of Cleethorpes

Spahn, F. of Leighton Buzzard

Spahn, Frederick of Leighton Buzzard

Spalding, S. of Croydon

Spark, James of Manningtree

Sparke, J. of Colchester

Sparke, James of Colchester

Sparkes, James of Brighton

Sparrow, Albert J of Frome

Sparrow, Ernest R. of Kingston

Sparrow, Henry Joshua of Richmond

Sparrow, Henry of Richmond

Spasshatt, J. of London

Spaul, Alex of Battersea

Speakman, Charles of Liverpool

Spears, Frederick of Liverpool

Speers, Charles of Liverpool

Spencer & Cook of London

Spencer, C & Son of Reigate

Spencer, Edward of Chelmsford

Spencer, Eli of Bolton

Spencer, Emma of Chester

Spencer, Frederick Augustus of Needham Market

Spencer, Harry of Luton

Spencer, Henry of Chester

Spencer, J.A. of Leigh

Spencer, James G. of Liverpool

Spencer, James of Stalybridge

Spencer, John of Chelmsford

Spencer, John of Liverpool

Spencer, Roger of Liverpool

Spencer, Thomas of Manchester

Spencer, W.G. of North Brixton

Spencer, William of Brackley

Spendlove, John of Thetford

Sperry, James of Sturminster Newton

Speth & Brothers of Liverpool

Spiegelbalter & Son of Malton

Spiegelhalder, Auselm of Exeter

Spiegelhalder, Ferdinand of London

Spiegelhalter, Albert of London

Spiegelhalter, G. of London

Spiegelhalter, George & Co. of London

Spiegelhalter, George & W. of London

Spiegelhalter, John N. of Bradford

Spiegelhalter, Leo of Sutton

Spiegelhalter, Otto & Co. of London

Spieglehalder, A. of Exeter

Spier, Samuel of London

Spiess, William of London

Spikins from Dent of Guilford

Spikins, William C of Upton Park

Spikins, William Charles of Guildford, Kingston

Spiller, Francis Jn of Taunton

Spiller, Joel of Wellington, Somerset

Spiller, John of Wellington

Spindler, Cyril & Co. Ltd of Colchester

Spindler, Cyril of Colchester

Spink & Son of London

Spink, George of Canning Town

Spinner, George Albert of Gillingham

Spinney, John of Blandford

Spiridion, Wladislaw of Cardiff

Spittall James Oyers of Whitehaven

Spittall John of Whitehaven

Spittall, Familyof Whitehaven

Spittle, Henry of Hathern and Loughborough

Spivey, Joseph of Milnsbridge, Linthwaite

Spratt, Sidney Walter of Forest gate

Spratt, William of Ardmillan and Saintfield, Ireland

Spreat, John Henry of Manchester

Spring, Robert of London

Springall, Isaac of Buxton

Springall, Isaac of Norwich

Springate, Henry of London

Springate, Thomas of Leyton, Essex

Springett, Charles Edward of Forest gate

Spry, William of Hereford

Spurge, C.H. of Gillingham

Spurge, J. of Rochford

Spurge, James of Billericay

Spurge, James of Billericay

Spurge, W. of Woolwich

Spurr, Frederick of Liverpool

Squire, Ephraim of Chertsey

Squire, Ephraim of Weybridge

Squire, James of Kendal

Squires, James of Chatteris

Squirrell, C. of Sutton

Squirrell, S. of Croydon

Squirrell, Samuel of Ipswich

Srawley, Tom of Liverpool

Srerner, S. of Nottingham

Srrafield, Henry of Twyford

Stace, J. of Folkestone

Stacey, Albert of Sheffield

Stacey, George of Dulverton

Stacey, George of Worksop

Stacey, John H of Wiveliscombe

Stackhouse, Richard of Hulme, Manchester

Stadden, Ernest E of Bourne

Staden & Roe of London

Stadler, J. of Ipswich

Stafford, George of Birkenhead

Stafford, George of Liverpool

Stafford, William of Dublin

Stafford, William of London

Stagg, L. of Bridport

Staight, P.L. of Leigh

Stainton, Alfred of Brighton

Stamper, Charles of Louth

Stanbury, William of London

Stancliff, John of Burnley

Standard Time Company, London

Standen, T. of Ramsgate

Standring, James H. of Bradford

Standring, Jeremiah of Bolton

Standring, Samuel of Manchester

Stanford, Elizabeth of Bridport

Stanford, J of Middlesborough

Stanger, Hugh Fisher of London

Stanger, Joseph of Maidstone, Kent

Stanhope, Arthur William of Tarring, Worthing

Staniforth, Alfred of Beighton

Staniforth, John of Sheffield

Stanley, Ferdinando of London

Stanley, Harry of Faversham

Stanley, James Hill of London

Stanley, John T. of Manchester

Stanley, John of Manchester

Stanley, John of Sheffield

Stanley, Richard of London

Stanley, Samuel Ferdinaldo of London

Stanley, Samuel of London

Stanley, Thomas of Rainhill

Stanley, William of Manchester

Stannard, Noel of Ipswich

Stansall, Frederick William of Salford

Stansfield, H. of Prestatyn

Stansfield, W.J. of Corwen

Stansfield, William James of Corwen

Stanton, John of March

Stanton, Nathaniel of Jarrow

Stanton, Thomas of Oswestry

Stanton, W. of Ampthill

Stanton, W. of Fenny Stratford

Stanton, William of Ampthill

Stanton, William of Buckingham

Stanyar, John of Chester

Staples, James of Odiham, Hampshire

Staples, John of Boston, Lincolnshire

Stapleton, Thomas H. of Battersea

Starey, Robert of Ledbury

Starfield, Samuel of Grimsby

Stark, J. of Croydon

Starkey, Richard of Birmingham

Starkie, William of Salford

Starley, William Henry of London

Starr, William James of London

Startridge, John of Lymington

Stauffer, Julius of London

Stauffer, Son & Co. of London

Stauton, William of Buckingham

Stead, George of Leeds

Steadman, William Henry of Wellingborough

Steane, J. of Abingdon

Steane, Jabez of Abingdon

Steane, Sarah, Mrs. of Abingdon

Stearns, Henry of Manchester

Stedman James Walker of Petworth

Stedman John S. of Herts and Hampshire

Stedman Mrs Ann of Petworth

Stedman Sone of Midhurst

Stedman, C. S. Mrs. of Godalming

Stedman, C. S. of Midhurst

Stedman, Charles Hawthorn of Chelmsford

Stedman, Charles of Chelmsford

Stedman, J. of Stonington

Stedman, J.S. of Godalming, Petworth

Stedman, Richard of Godalming, Surrey

Stedman, W.H of Clacton

Stedman, W.H. & Son of Clacton

Stedman, William Hawthorne of Clacton

Stedman, William Hawthorne of Colchester

Steel, Abraham of Manchester

Steel, Alexander Y. of Whitley Bay

Steel, Alfred John of Norwood

Steel, Samuel of London

Steel, William F. of London

Steel, William Francis of London

Steele, Alfred John of Norwood

Steele, Frederick of Hull

Steele, George Edward of Chester-le-Street, Co. Durham

Steele, Joseph of London

Steer, Frederick of Croydon

Steer, John of Burton-upon-Trent

Steer, M.D. of Beccles

Steer, William of Beccles

Steiert, Martin of London

Steinbach, Charles of London

Steinbach, Mary, Mrs. of London

Steinberg, S. of Sunderland

Steiner, Leon of London

Steinmann, Daniel of London

Stembridge, George Percy of Sheffield

Stenhouse, J. of Newcastle

Stening & Son of Brighton

Stening, C. of Hove, Brighton

Stenlake, Benjamin of Tavistock

Stephens, Ambrose of Tooting Junction

Stephens, Edward Riley of East Molesey, Kingston

Stephens, Henry of London

Stephens, Richard of Bridgnorth, Shropshire

Stephens, Richard of Leek

Stephens, William of Godalming

Stephenson & Farrow of London

Stephenson or Stevenson, Charles of Congleton

Stephenson, C. of Leiston

Stephenson, Charles of Haywards Heath

Stephenson, Cyril of Aldeburgh

Stephenson, George of Warminster

Stephenson, J.W & Co. Supply Stores of Shepton Mallet

Stephenson, Thomas White of Hull

Stephenson, William of Dorchester

Stephenson, William of Leiston

Stephenson, William of Saxmundham

Stephenson, William of Yoxford

Steptoe, James of Hitchin

Sterk, William of London

Stern, Jacob of Manchester

Sternberg Brothers of Manchester

Sternberg, Nathan of Manchester

Sterry, William O. of Lowerstoft

Steuert, Lambert of London

Stevens, Alfred A. of Manchester

Stevens, Daniel J. of London

Stevens, E. of Newbury

Stevens, Edward of Boston

Stevens, Edward of London

Stevens, Edwin of London

Stevens, Ezek. of London

Stevens, Frederick of Heathfield

Stevens, George William of Tunbridge Wells

Stevens, J of Weston-super-Mare

Stevens, Mark of London

Stevens, Richard of Leicester

Stevens, S. of Woodside

Stevens, Solomon of Gainsborough

Stevens, T. of London

Stevens, W & J of London

Stevens, W. P. of Hounslow

Stevens, William G. of London

Stevens, William Paul of Hounslow

Stevens, William jun of London

Stevens, William of London

Stevenson & Co. of Sevenoaks

Stevenson of London

Stevenson, William of Nottingham

Steward, William of London

Stewardson, J of East Ham

Stewart Brothers of North Shields

Stewart Oscar of Liverpool

Stewart, Alexander & Co. of London

Stewart, Alexander of London

Stewart, David of Stirling

Stewart, Henry of Liverpool

Stewart, Jas of Glasgow

Stewart, John of Liverpool

Stewart, Joseph Henry of East Ham

Stewart, Robert of Glasgow

Stewart, T. of Gravesend

Steyert, J of Loftus, York

Stickler, Henry Charles of Frome

Stiebel, B. of London

Stier, Michael & Son of Bath

Stigner, J.M & Son of Guildford

Stigner, Jean Michael of Folkestone

Stinson, Arthur of Worksop

Stirling, John of London

Stock, Charles of Street

Stock, Jabez of London

Stockall Marples & Co. Ltd of London

Stockbridge, Arthur W. of Ipswich

Stockdale, T of Great Driffield

Stockford, Joseph of Thame

Stockton, George of South Shields

Stockwell & Co. of Woodford Green

Stoddart, Charles of Morpeth

Stoddart, J. of London

Stoddart, James of London

Stoddart, Joseph of Huddersfield

Stoddart, Robert of London

Stoessiger, Alex G. of Royston

Stoessiger, Alex and Co. of London

Stoessiger, Frederick of London

Stoker, Henry of London

Stoker, William of London

Stokes, J. of Bocking, Braintree

Stokes, John jun of Braintree

Stokes, John of Braintree

Stokes, John of Congleton, Macclesfield and Knutsford

Stokes, John of Macclesfield and Congleton

Stokes, William of Stourbridge

Stokes, William of Walton

Stolz, Matthew of London

Stone, Charles Henry of Salford

Stone, Charles of Liverpool

Stone, Earnest of Ilford

Stone, Edwin of London

Stone, Frederick of Bristol

Stone, Frederick of Cottenham, Cambridge

Stone, H. of Maidstone

Stone, John James of London

Stone, John of Exeter

Stone, John of London, Thame and Aylesbury

Stone, R.W. of Wallsend

Stone, Robert & Son of Manchester

Stone, Robert W. of Wallsend

Stone, William Henry of Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham

Stonefield, L Ltd of Sheffield

Stonefield, Louis of Sheffield

Stonehouse, Christopher of Cullercoats, Whitley

Stonehouse, Richard of Whitby

Stones, George of Blackburn

Stoppard, J.E. of Sheffield

Storer, Charles of London

Storer, James of London

Storer, R & Son of London

Storer, Robert G. of South Shields

Storer, Walter P. of London

Storey & Sedman of Dewsbury

Storey, Arthur of Birchington

Storey, Benjamin of Tuxford

Storey, Edward of Cartmel

Storey, James of Bury St Edmunds

Storlands, John of Lancaster

Storr, Marmaduke of York and London

Stott, Eli of Wakefield

Stott, James Thomas of Rothbury

Stow, Edward of Camberwell

Stowbridge, Henry of Chudleigh

Stowbridge, Henry of Dawlish

Stoy, G. of Colchester

Stradling & Sons of Newbury

Stradling, Alfred & Son of Newbury

Straham, William of Barton Upon Humber

Straiton, A. of London

Strange, C. Mrs. of Croydon

Strange, C. of High Wycombe

Strange, Charles of Wycombe

Strange, F. of Croydon

Strange, F. of Croydon

Strange, T. of Banbury

Strange, Thomas & Son of Wycombe

Strange, W of Banbury

Strange, William of Kingston

Strap, O.A. of Cambridge

Stratford, James of London

Stratford, William of Cheltenham

Strath, Benjamin of London

Stratton & Strickland of Oxford

Stratton, G. of Oxford

Stratton, John B. of Southend

Stratton, John Bennett of Southend

Stratton, John of London

Straub & Hebting of London

Straub, Ferdinand of Camberwell

Straus, Morris of Faringdon

Street & Co. of Newcastle

Street, G.W & Sons of Hove

Street, R. of Hitchin

Street, Richard of Bidgnorth

Street, Robert of Evesham

Street, Robert of Hitchin

Streeter, Edwin W. FRGS of London

Streeter, Ernest & Daughter of Petworth

Streeton, Gustavius of Luton

Stretton, William of London

Strickland, Alfred William of Bury St Edmunds

Strickland, Charles of London

Strickland, William of London

Strickland, William of Tenterden

Strigel, G.P. of London

Stringer, Frederick of Bilston

Stripling, Thomas & William of Lichfield

Stripling, Thomas of Lichfield

Stripling, William of Lichfield

Stripp, William of East Grinstead

Stripp, William of Lingfield

Stromier, Joseph of Glasgow

Strond, Henry of London

Strong, J. of Parkstone

Stroud, D.G. of Taunton

Stroud, E. Mrs. of London

Stroud, G. of Brixton

Stroud, George of London

Stuart, C.S. of Bournmouth

Stuart, G. of Newcastle

Stuart, George of Newcastle

Stuart, H. & Co. of Liverpool

Stuart, Henry of Liverpool

Stuart, R.V. Ltd of Bournmouth

Stubbs, F.B. of Ipswich

Stuber, C. of Bedford

Stubington, Henry of London

Stubley, Benjamin of Liverpool

Stubley, John of Liverpool

Stubley, Samuel of Liverpool

Stubley,Abraham of Liverpool

Stuck, Frederick W of Brighton

Stunt, Charles of London

Sturges, Thos. of London

Sturgess, C.B of Nuneaton

Sturips, William Henry of New Malden

Sturrock, R of Bournmouth

Sturrock, William of Edinburgh

Sturt, George H.F Burley of Brighton

Stuttard, Richard of Bradford

Style, T of Cambridge

Suddens, Benjamin of Kenilworth

Suffolk, Samuel of London

Sugden, John A of Sheffield

Sugg, Walter of Tolworth, Surbiton

Suggate, George of Halesworth

Suggett, John of Little Walsingham

Suggett, William of Stockton

Sulivan, Frank of Barking

Sulley, Richard of Nottingham

Sullivan, Charles of Croydon

Sullivan, Charles of Norwich

Sullivan, G. of Greenwich

Sullivan, Richard of London

Sullivan, W. of Upper Norwood

Sullivan, William of Anerley

Sullivan, William of Norwood

Sulman, Alfred of Wilburton, Ely

Summerfield & Son of Newcastle

Summerfield, David of Newcastle

Summerfield, Isidore of Newcastle

Summers, James of Hamilton

Summers, Joseph R of Bedale

Summers, W. F. of Bedford

Summersgill, Robert of Preston

Summerton, John Henry of Coventry

Sumner, George of Northampton

Sunderland, Prince M of Sheffield

Sunter, Robert of Bradford

Sutcliffe, Henry of Salford

Sutcliffe, John of London

Sutcliffe, Joseph T. of Moor, Sheffield

Sutcliffe, Thomas of Elland

Sutton, Alfred W. of Herne Bay

Sutton, Charlotte of Tonbridge

Sutton, F. W. of Arundel

Sutton, John of Burton-Upon-Trent

Sutton, John of Burton-upon-Trent

Sutton, John of London

Sutton, Robert of Barton Upon Humber

Sutton, Robert of Whitehaven

Sutton, Thomas of Maidstone

Sutton, William of Liverpool

Swaine, Alfred of Cleckheaton

Swaine, Richard of Stratford upon Avon

Swan, George Edward of Lowerstoft

Swan, H & G of Westcliff

Swan, H & Son of Southend

Swan, H of Southend

Swan, H.F. of Southend

Swann, George of Lowerstoft

Swearer, G. of Colchester

Swearer, John of London

Sweetman, William of Liverpool

Swift, Charles of Leeds

Swift, G. of Sheerness on Sea

Swift, Henry M of Braintree

Swift, Thomas of Manor Park

Swift, William of Scarborough

Swinburn, Jobb of Durham

Swinburn, T. of Newcastle

Swinburne, E. Mrs. of Gateshead

Swinburne, T. of Wallsend

Swinburne, T. of Newcastle

Swindells, - of Macclesfield

Swinden, John B. of Chesterfield

Sykes & Williams of London

Sykes, David & Co. of Manchester

Sykes, Henry of Gainsborough

Sykes, James of Huddersfield

Sykes, Samuel of Golcar

Sykes, T.H. of Huddersfield

Sykes, William Henry of Heckmondwike, Yorkshire

Sylvester, Joseph of Hogsthorpe, Alford

Symes, Frederick of Folkestone

Symington, Andrew of Kettle, Fife

Symonds, Benjamin of London

Symonds, C.G. of Rushden

Symons, Benjamin of London

Symons, James of Totnes

Symons, John of Hull

Syrett, George of London



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We have the experience and wealth of expertise to restore every kind of antique clock and barometer from the simplest to the most complex, we provide our customers with the highest possible standard of service. 

All our work is carried out within an agreed timescale and at the price quoted keeping you informed every step of the way. 

Customers clocks are personally collected, delivered and set up in any part of the UK and overseas. 

Having restored many hundreds of clocks we are fully conversant with making and replacing missing or damaged parts in the appropriate style and material. 

We work to a strict code of practice and ethics, ensuring that our customers have total peace of mind whilst their clock is in our care. 

We provide a locating or finding service for any type of Clock by a specific named maker or ancestor, we hold a database of hundreds of clocks for sale by maker and type of clock, in addition to receiving notification from worldwide auction houses, dealers and collectors.  

Please don't hesitate to contact us with any specific requirements you may have. 

 Please call 0800 211 8925 for further details.