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We provide a full restoration and repair service for all types of clocks,barometers and barographs including movements, dials, cases, cabinet work, plating, polishing and lacquers. 

If you are looking to buy a clock, barometer or barograph by a specific maker we provide a sourcing service to find exactly what you are looking for please contact us for further details.   

For any enquiry from a simple repair or major restoration we are happy to help and waiting for you call.

Clock & Watchmaker Research Service 

We provide information on clock and watch makers, the information we can provide is not guaranteed to be all there is to know about the maker, but it is a summary of all the information found in research, that is updated regularly.

The charge for this service is £5.99. If you wish to order a clock or watchmaker research report please click the "Buy Now" button below. You will then be asked to proceed and submit your makers name and payment.


This Service Is Curentley Unavailable
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Once your payment has been made an email with your report will be sent to your email address within 48 hrs.


Taberner, Robert S. of Liverpool

Taberner, Robert Seddon of Liverpool

Tabraham, Arthur of Cambridge

Taffinder, Abraham of Rotherham

Taffinder, Abraham of Sheffield

Taft, Herbert E. of Manchester

Tainsh, Ernest of Weston-super-Mare

Tait, J. H. of Tow Law

Tait, W. of London

Talbot & Son of London

Talbot, Alfred Y. of Crook

Talbot, Alfred Y. of Gateshead

Talbot, George of Cambridge

Talbot, William of Wilburton, Ely

Talintyre, George Douglas of South Shields

Tallibart, Louis of London

Talpot, John of Portsmouth Common

Tander Clock Co. of Bowling Green Lane

Tanner, Charles L. of Wimbledon

Tanner, Edwin Somerset of Reading

Tanner, Job of London

Tanner, Joseph of Cirencester

Tanner, L.M. Mrs of Kingston

Tanner, Lloyd of Lower Norwood

Tanner, Lloyd of West Norwood

Tanner, Thomas of Lewes

Tanner, Thomas of Tirphil

Tanner, William E. of Redhill

Tanner, William of Hailsham and Lewes

Tanner, William of Short Street, Finsbury Pavement, London

Tansley, Thomas of Birmingham

Tansom, Thomas of Guildford

Tanton, Albert of Lyminge

Tarleton & Son of Liverpool

Tarleton, Thomas

Tarleton, William of Liverpool

Tarling, William Pipe of Dorking

Tarrant, John Frederick of Reading

Tasker, George of London

Tasker, William of Bristol

Tate family of Winterton, Lincolnshire

Tate, James of Liverpool

Tate, Richard Henry of Horncastle

Tate, William G of Winterton

Tate, William of Manchester

Tattersall, Robert William of London

Tatton of Edinburgh

Taute, Herman of Kingston

Taute, Hermann of Kingston

Taylor & Dent of London

Taylor & Son of Bristol

Taylor of Bridgnorth, Shropshire

Taylor, A. of Overton-on-Dee

Taylor, Alfred of Croydon

Taylor, Alfred of London

Taylor, Archie of Sudbury

Taylor, Arthur of London

Taylor, Charles & Son of London

Taylor, Charles William of Bury St Edmunds

Taylor, Charles of Utoxetter

Taylor, Christopher of Woodhouse, Sheffield

Taylor, David of Batley

Taylor, David of London

Taylor, E.A. of Wimbledon

Taylor, Farnk Alfred of Worthing

Taylor, Frank of Worthing

Taylor, Frederick of Leighton Buzzard

Taylor, George E. of Darlington

Taylor, George of Dover

Taylor, George of Sunderland

Taylor, George of Wolverhampton

Taylor, Harry of Spalding

Taylor, Henry of Hull

Taylor, Henry of Liverpool

Taylor, Henry of Newcastle

Taylor, Henry of Rotherham

Taylor, Henry of Windsor

Taylor, J. B. of Sandgate

Taylor, J. of Colwyn Bay

Taylor, J. of Newcastle

Taylor, James of B. W. Sunderland

Taylor, James of Liverpool

Taylor, James of Manchester

Taylor, James of Salford

Taylor, Jeannie, Miss of Manchester

Taylor, John & Bartholomew Need

Taylor, John & Co. of Liverpool

Taylor, John Edmundson of Huntingdon

Taylor, John George of Newcastle

Taylor, John and Edmund of Rochdale

Taylor, John of London

Taylor, John of M.W. Sunderland

Taylor, John of Manchester

Taylor, John of Morpeth

Taylor, John of Rochdale

Taylor, Jonathan W. of Leeds

Taylor, Joseph T. of Bala

Taylor, Joseph of Pontefract, Yorkshire

Taylor, Joseph of Wakefield

Taylor, Joseph of Wolverhampton

Taylor, Mary Mrs. of Morpeth

Taylor, R. of Southgate

Taylor, R. of Woodford Green

Taylor, Richard of Exeter

Taylor, Richard of Wainfleet

Taylor, Robert Henry of Manchester

Taylor, Robert of Hull

Taylor, Robert of Leeds

Taylor, Robert of Southgate

Taylor, Robert, Roger of London

Taylor, S of Plaistow

Taylor, Samuel of Debenham

Taylor, Samuel of Framlingham

Taylor, Sarah of Birmingham

Taylor, T.F of Leighton Buzzard

Taylor, Thomas & Son of Liverpool

Taylor, Thomas Lee of Pontefract

Taylor, Thomas of Belper

Taylor, Thomas of Bradford

Taylor, Thomas of Ellesmere

Taylor, Thomas of Liverpool

Taylor, Thomas of Manchester

Taylor, Thomas of Sowerby Bridge, Yorkshire

Thomas Taylor of Sowerby Bridge, Yorkshire

Taylor, Thomas of Worcester

Taylor, William Gayler of London

Taylor, William Norris of Kirton-in-Linsey

Taylor, William S. of Sheffield

Taylor, William T. of Liverpool

Taylor, William Thursfield of

Taylor, William of Dumfries

Taylor, William of Hull

Taylor, William of

Taylor, William of London

Taylor, William of Newcastle

Taylor, William of North Watford

Taylor, William of Salford

Taylor, William of Wimbledon

Taylor, William of Wolverhampton

Tayton, Ernest of Ilford

Teague, Thomas of Bridgwater

Teal, Samuel Jackson of Greasborough, Rotherham

Telford, Arthur William of Newcastle

Telford, Edward of Carlisle

Telford, John George of South Shields

Telford, John of Bellingham

Telford, John of Keswick

Telford, John of Wigton

Telley, Joseph of Liverpool

Temple, James of Seaham Harbour

Temple, Solomon of Manchester

Temple, Thomas of London

Tenac, John Van of Hove

Tenchio, R of Bicester

Tennant, G.J of Luton

Tennison, Reuben of Chesterfield

Tepper, H.A. of Balham

Terlizick, Edwin of Maidenhead

Terry, Alfred of London

Terry, E.M & Son of Salisbury

Terry, Edward of Sunderland

Terry, Isaac of London

Terry, J. of Newcastle

Terry, S of South Bank

Terry, Thomas of Manchester

Terry, W. & F. of Manchester

Terry, Walter F. of Margate

Terry, William & Francis of Hulme, Manchester

Terry, William of Mildenhall

Tesseyman, William of Northallerton

Tester, Wilfred L. of Sidcup

Tew, J. of Hereford

Thackray, S.K of Middlesborough

Thackwell, George of Gloucester

Tharp, James Jn. of Croydon

Thatcher, J. of Hungerford

Thatcher, J. of Wantage

Thatcher, James of Lambourn

Thatcher, James of Wantage

Theaker, John J. of Rotherham

Thelwall, Charles John of Chorlton on Medlock, Manchester

Thelwell, Richard of Manchester

Thelwell, Richard of Sheffield

Theobald, O. of Long Melford

Thevenaz Freres of London

Thew, Fred Willis of North Shields

Thick, Frank of Frome

Thick, William of Frome

Thirlwell & Bibby of Rotherham

Thirwall, Robert of Rotherham

Thitchener, T. of Chelmsford

Thitchener, Thomas C. of London

Thitchener, William of London

Thoden, Ferdinand of London

Thoermer, Adolph Ferdinand Erdmann of London

Thoma & Kammerer of London

Thoma, Conrad of London

Thomas Bowra of Sevenoaks

Thomas Brothers of Ilford

Thomas Cairns of Brampton

Thomas, Alfred of Birkenhead

Thomas, Arthur William of Surbiton

Thomas, Arthur of Birkenhead

Thomas, B. of Ruthin

Thomas, Bonner of Portmadoc

Thomas, Bonner of Ruthin

Thomas, Charles of Ilford

Thomas, D. of Stoke Newington

Thomas, David Perry of Bitterne, Southampton

Thomas, George of Liverpool

Thomas, H. of Menai Bridge

Thomas, H.S. Mrs of Bitterne, Southampton

Thomas, Henry of Barnet

Thomas, Henry of London

Thomas, Henry of Menai Bridge

Thomas, J & J of Carmarthen

Thomas, J. of Pen-y-Groes

Thomas, J.C of Ilford

Thomas, J.J. of Penrhyn Deuddraeth

Thomas, J.J. of Portmadoc

Thomas, J.R. of Penrhyn Dreudraeth

Thomas, J.T. of Penrhyn Deudraeth

Thomas, James of Chester

Thomas, James of Newton Abbott

Thomas, John C of Ilford

Thomas, John Thomas of London

Thomas, John of Carmarthen

Thomas, John of Carnarvon

Thomas, John of Chesterfield

Thomas, John of Hallifax

Thomas, John of Pen-y-Groes

Thomas, John of Redruth

Thomas, Joseph of Hanley and Shelton

Thomas, M. of Criccieth

Thomas, Margaret of Rhiwbryfdir

Thomas, Maria & Son of London

Thomas, Matthew of Shelton

Thomas, Moses of Conway

Thomas, Moses of Criccieth

Thomas, Owen of Festiniog

Thomas, Percy A. of Rhyl

Thomas, Richard B. of Tremadoc

Thomas, Richard Bernard of Portmadoc

Thomas, Richard Bonner of Portmadoc

Thomas, Richard of London

Thomas, Richard of Oswestry

Thomas, Robert of Carnarvon

Thomas, W H of Harrogate

Thomas, W. of Chester

Thomas, William A. of Llangollen

Thomas, William Alfred of Surbiton

Thomas, William Henry of Barnet

Thomas, William of Lincoln

Thomas, William of Surbiton

Thompson & Profaze of London

Thompson & Sons of Moor, Sheffield

Thompson & Vine of London

Thompson family of Darlington

Thompson, Adam of London

Thompson, Alfred H of Cambridge

Thompson, Andrew of London

Thompson, Charles of Croydon

Thompson, Christopher and Thomas of Belford

Thompson, D.E. of Sidcup

Thompson, Ebenezer of London

Thompson, Edward J. of London

Thompson, Edward of Liverpool

Thompson, Edward of London

Thompson, F.W of Sheffield

Thompson, Frederick George of Forest gate

Thompson, G. of Croydon

Thompson, G. of Kingston

Thompson, George of London

Thompson, Herbert of Liverpool

Thompson, J. of Sunderland

Thompson, James of Batley

Thompson, James of Darlington

Thompson, James of Huddersfield

Thompson, John D. of Louth

Thompson, John of Acle

Thompson, John of Acle

Thompson, John of Bury St.Edmunds

Thompson, John of Chesterfield

Thompson, John of London

Thompson, John of Moor, Sheffield

Thompson, John of Sheffield

Thompson, Joseph of Liverpool

Thompson, Joseph of Whitehaven

Thompson, Joshua of Staindrop

Thompson, M. G. of Tunbridge

Thompson, Mary, Mrs. of Chesterfield

Thompson, Matthew of London

Thompson, Philip of Woodbridge

Thompson, R. P. of Sunderland

Thompson, R. of Newcastle

Thompson, T.W of Middlesborough

Thompson, Thomas of Liverpool

Thompson, Thoms C. of Egham

Thompson, W. of Gateshead

Thompson, W.H. of Liverpool

Thompson, William George of London

Thompson, William Henry of

Thompson, William J of Colchester

Thompson, William Joseph of Colchester

Thompson, William of Chester

Thompson, William of Harrold, Bedford

Thomson & Profaze of London

Thomson, John of Coatbridge

Thomson, John of Leslie, Fife

Thomson, Thomas Robert of Bourne

Thomson, William Henry of Oulton, Lowestoft

Thorburn, Frederick Charles of Cambridge

Thorn, Frank of Croydon

Thornbeck, Thomas of Bradford

Thorndike/Thorndyke, Samuel of Ipswich

Thorne, J. C. of Witham

Thorne, James of London

Thorne, John Frederick of London

Thorne, John of London

Thorne, Josiah Cornelius of Witham

Thorneleo, Jonathan of Sheffield

Thorneloe & Co. of Sheffield

Thorneloe, Ann, Mrs of Hillsborough, Sheffield

Thorneloe, Charles of Lichfield

Thornhill, Henry Dyer of London

Thornhill, John & Son of London

Thornton, Joseph of Leeds

Thornton, Richard of Scarborough

Thornton, W. of Leamington

Thornton, William Turner of Woodbridge, Suffolk

Thorpe, J.R. of Buckley

Thorpe, John Hughes of London

Thorpe, John of Ingham, Market Rasen

Thory, John of Holbeach

Threader, William of Brentwood

Thristle, Francis of Wilton

Thristle, Joseph of Mark

Thristle, Joseph of Stowey & Stogursey

Thwaites and Reed

Thwaites, A & L. of London

Thwaites, Aynsworth

Thwaites, Robert and Robert Bell Thwaites of Barnard Castle

Tibbett, Gordon of Dunstable

Tickell, Charles P of Kingsbridge

Tickell, John N of Kingsbridge, Devon

Tidmarsh, C & S. of London

Tidmarsh, Charles & Samuel of London

Tidmarsh, J. of Twickenham

Tidmarsh, Joseph of London

Tidmarsh, Samuel of Hackney

Tidmas, T. C. of Edmonton

Tidmas, Thomas C. of London

Tierney, James of Beswick

Tiller, Alfred Frederick Low of Richmond

Tilley, James A. of Liverpool

Tilley, John of Liverpool

Tilley, Joseph of Manchester

Tilley, P.W. F of Parkstone

Tillinghast, Stephen of Liverpool

Tilsley, H & Son of Sheffield

Tilsley, Henry of Hillsborough, Sheffield

Tilsley, Leonard of Hillsborough, Sheffield

Time Jewellers of Luton

Time Recorders Ltd of Sheffield

Timecheck of Boscombe of Bournmouth

Timings, George Henry of Dudley

Timmins, G.H. of Dudley

Timmis, John of Burslem

Timmis, William of Alfreton

Timmons, James of Liverpool

Timms, Arthur of Bognor

Tims, Thomas of Smethwick

Tingle, Joseph S R of Long Sutton

Tingle, Joseph S R. JP of Holbeach

Tingle, Joseph of Holbeach

Tinker, Joseph of Dewsbury

Tinkler, John of Stanhope

Tinkler, Nicholas Watson of Newcastle-on-Tyne

Tinkler, Strachan of Newcastle and Gateshead

Tinkler, Thomas Edward of Rushden

Tinsey, George of Redhill

Tinsey, George of Wrecclesham Farnham

Tinsley, James C. of Liverpool

Tinsley, James of Leigh, Lancashire

Tinson, T. of Liverpool

Tippen, F.W. of Marden

Tippen, J. of Staplehurst

Tipping, J. of Maidstone

Tipping, James of Liverpool

Tipping, Robert of Liverpool

Tipple, E.A. of Chatham

Tisdale, C of Brighton

Tiso, H. of Bangor

Tisseman, E. of South Shields

Tissot & Bonetto of London

Titley, C. & Co, of Manchester

Tizard, G & Son of Crawley

Tobias & Levitt of London

Tobias, M.I. & Co, Liverpool

Tobias, M.J. of Liverpool

Tobias, Morris of London

Todd, Charles Louis of Newcastle

Todd, G. of Newcastle

Todd, Griffith of Hastings

Todd, Joseph of Fence Houses

Todd, Percy J. of Camberley

Todman, Ernest of Pulborough

Todman, R. of Cobham

Toft, - of Hanley and Shelton

Tole, H. of Stoney Stratford

Tole, Henry of Stony Stratford

Tole, J. of Newport Pagnnell

Tole, T. of Newport Pagnnell

Tole, Thomas of Newport Pagnell

Tole, Thomas of Newport

Toleman, John of Carnarvon

Toleman, John of Pwllheli

Toleman, Richard Henry of Carnarvon

Toleman, William of Carnarvon

Tolhurst, H. of Hurst Green

Tolkien & Dancer of London

Tolladay, A of West Ham

Tollady, Alfred Edward of Bury St Edmunds

Tollady, Dollar of Bury St Edmunds

Tolputt, John of Portsmouth

Tolton, John of Hull

Tomes, Henry John of Rhyl

Tomkies, Richard B. of Rhyl

Tomkins, James of Ruabon

Tomkins, T. of Leominster

Tomkins, Thomas of Leominster

Tomkinson, Joseph of Nantwich

Tomlinson, Edward of Newcastle-Under-Lyme

Tomlinson, J of Watlington, Tetsworth

Tomlinson, J. of Thame

Tomlinson, J. of Watlington

Tomlinson, John of Horncastle

Tomlinson, Thomas of London

Tomlinson, William of London

Tompion, Thomas of London

Tompson, Joseph William of London

Tompson, Joseph of London

Toms, Joseph Edward of Redhill

Toms, Thomas S. of London

Toms, W. jun of Dorchester

Tonkin, Ernest Robert of Colchester

Tonks, William Henry of Liverpool

Took, Samuel of Kings Lynn

Toole, John Edward of Sheffield

Tooley, A. of Woburn

Tooley, George Aylesbury

Tooley, Harry, John of Ware

Toomer, John of Glastonbury

Toop, John of Southend

Toop, Samuel of Caterham Valley

Toop, Samuel of Leigh

Toop, Samuel of Southend

Toop, Samuel of Westcliff

Tootell, John of Eccles

Tootell, William of Chorley

Topham, James of Nantwich

Topham, William of Ipswich

Topley, Charles of London

Topley, Frederick of London

Torkington, W.H. of Manchester

Torley, John of Bilston

Torr, Edwin Elijah of London

Torr, Eli of London

Torry, J. of Birkenhead

Torry, John of Liverpool

Tosen, John James of London

Touchon, Henry of London

Tourlain, William of London

Tovey, Frank Ivor of Bath

Tovey, William of London

Towers, Alfred of London

Townend, Alfred of Manchester

Townley, James of Liverpool

Townley, Quilliam of Liverpool

Townley, Thomas & Son of Liverpool

Townley, Thomas E. of Manchester

Townley, Thomas E. of Rusholme

Townroe, James of Sheffield

Townsend & Page of Dartford

Townsend & Sons of Dartford

Townsend, George Jnr of Canning Town

Townsend, R. of Plaistow

Townsend, Richard of Pitsea

Townsend, William Wood of London

Townson, Samuel of London

Towson, John Thomas of Devonport

Tozer, Benjamin E. of Sheerness

Trail, Edwin of London

Trail, William of Fife, Scotland

Trail, William of London

Traill, Alexander of Liverpool

Traill, William of Kirkcaldy

Trankle, A. of South Shields

Trankmore of London

Tranmer, Richard of Pickering

Tranmer, William of Wakefield

Trapp, Isaac of Liverpool

Tratchler, John of Bolton

Travers, Samuel Holt of Rainhill,

Travers, Adam of Liverpool & London

Travers, Henry of St. Albans

Travers, Henry of Upper Holloway

Travis, John Thomas of Darnall

Travis, Robert W of Kirton-in-Linsey

Travis, William of Leek

Treadwin, John of Exeter

Tree, John of Newington, London

Tree, Stephen of

Treeby, James of Richmond

Treinen, Michael of London

Treleaven, Silvester of Moreton Hampstead

Treleaven, Thomas of Bodmin

Trelegon and Turner of London

Treliving, John of Devonport

Tremearne, Maurice Rainer of Ipswich

Trenckner, William Charles of London

Trendel, George of Maidenhead

Trendell, G. of Maidenhead

Trendell, George of Maidenhead

Trendell, James of Reading

Trengove, Arthur of Croydon

Trent, Henry S. of Ipswich

Tresher, Fesser and Co. of Wolverhampton

Trevena, William of Redruth

Trevena, William of St Agnes

Trevor, A.E. of Dolgelley

Trevor, Edward of Higher Broughton

Trewinnard, Alfred of London

Trewinnard, Arthur of London

Trewinnard, Edward of London

Trewinnard, J & J. of London

Trewinnard, J. of London

Trewinnard, J.J. of London

Trewinnard, Joseph of London

Trewinnard, Joshua of London

Trezies, James of London

Tribe, Daniel of Portsmouth

Tribe, John Carr of London

Trick, William of Bideford

Triggs, John R of South Norwood

Triggs, William of Guildford

Trimnell, W. H. of Canterbury

Tring, Robert of Stoke, Guildford

Tringham, George of London

Trippet, William of London

Tripplin, Julien Besancon of London

Trist, Benjamin of Brixham

Trist, James of Torquay

Trist, Sarah of Brixham

Tristram, James of Liverpool

Tristram, James of Liverpool

Tristram, William of Carnarvon

Tritschler & Co. of Carlisle

Tritschler & Willmann of London

Tritschler, Joseph & Co, of London

Tritschler, A of Scarborough

Tritschler, E & Co, of London

Tritschler, Miller & Co. of London

Tritschler, William and Ferdinand of Carlisle

Trobe W & Co. of Newcastle

Trobe, William of Newcastle

Trotman, Benjamin of London

Trotman, Samuel of Godalming

Trott, Albert of Luton

Trotter, Alexander of Jedburgh

Trotter, Henry of Alnwick

Trotter, Joseph of Newcastle

Troup & Sons of London

Troup, Alexander of Aberdeen & Halifax, Nova Scotia

Troup, James of London

Troup, John of London

Trowbridge, E. of Staines

Trowbridge, Edward of Staines

Trower, Robert of Prittlewell

Trower, W. of Orsett

Trower, William of Orsett

Truck, Robert of Sutton

Trudgill, Jacob of Ipswich

Truin, James Bray of Cambridge

Truman, Anthony of Sheffield

Trumble, A.H. of Newcastle

Trundle, Charles of Harwich

Truscott, George of London S.W

Truscott, Joseph of Saint Austell

Truscott, William H. of Welshpool

Truscott, William Howell of Aberystwyth

Tuchman, Louis Benjamin of Birmingham

Tuck, John of Wareham

Tucker, Alice Kate & Eliza Fenella, Misses of Burnham

Tucker, Arthur & Sons of Gillingham

Tucker, Arthur of Chatham

Tucker, Elisha of London

Tucker, John Walter Tothill of Tiverton

Tucker, Robert of Bideford

Tucker, Walter James Kellaud of Exeter

Tuckfield, Joseph of London

Tuff, Arthur Robert of Romford

Tumbleton, John of Manchester

Tunks, David of Accrington

Tunnell, John of London

Tunnicliff, J.H of Leamington

Tunnicliffe, George of Derby

Tupman of London

Tupman, George and Henry of

Tupman, George of London

Tupman, James of London

Turk & Co. of Gillingham

Turk, Jack of Deal

Turk, John of Ashford

Turnbull & Bunyan of Manchester

Turnbull of Whitby

Turnbull, A. of South Shields

Turnbull, C. & Co. of Blyth

Turnbull, John S. of Blackley

Turnbull, John S. of Manchester

Turnbull, Richard of Wooler

Turner & Bonner of Colchester

Turner & Leveridge of Colchester

Turner & Sons of Surbiton

Turner's of Folkestone

Turner, A. of Welshpool

Turner, Albert of Welshpool

Turner, Alfred of Cheddar

Turner, Arthur of Langport

Turner, Benjamin A. of Ashford

Turner, Charles & Alfred of London

Turner, Charles of Oswestry, Shropshire

Turner, Cornelius of Taunton

Turner, Felix Percy of Surbiton

Turner, Frank of Salford

Turner, George of Honiton

Turner, George of London

Turner, George of Torquay

Turner, H. of Chester

Turner, H. of Colchester

Turner, H.E. of Leigh

Turner, Henry C of Oswestry

Turner, Henry C. of Colchester

Turner, Henry of Colchester

Turner, Herbert P. of Kingston

Turner, J of Chipping Ongar

Turner, J of Leek, Staffordshire

Turner, J. of Kimbolton

Turner, James of London

Turner, James of Sheffield

Turner, John of Chipping Ongar

Turner, John of Kings Lynn

Turner, John of Leytonstone

Turner, John of Manchester

Turner, John of Southwell

Turner, L. of Kingston

Turner, R.G. of Caergwle

Turner, Richard of Lewes

Turner, Victor G. of Horham

Turner, William of Caterham

Turner, William of Coventry

Turner, William of London

Turner, William of Nayland, Colchester, Essex

Turpin of London

Turrell, John of Burnham

Turton, Matthias of Leeds

Turton, Nathaniel of Manchester

Turville, Thomas of Northampton

Tuson, H.J. & Sons Ltd of Bournmouth

Tustin, Horace C. of Whitstable

Tutin, John Allen of Leeds

Tutton, E. of Richmond

Tuxford, Thomas Haynes of Boston

Tuxford, Weston Ingram of Boston

Twaites, John of London

Tweed, James of Liverpool

Tweedy, William of Newcastle-on-Tyne

Twigg, Thomas of Sheldon

Twinn, James George of London

Twist, H. of Welshpool

Twist, Henry Clement of Sheffield

Twist, Joseph of Ormskirk, Lancashire

Twist, Thomas J. of Sheffield

Twyford, Robert of London

Tyacke, George of Breage, Cornwall

Tyas, John of Salford

Tyass, John of Salford

Tydeman, George of Stowmarket

Tydeman, James of Bildeston

Tye, Robert of Spalding

Tyler, Charles of London

Tyler, Edward Jun of London

Tyler, Edward of London

Tyler, Ernest Gabriel of Hale End

Tyler, George of London

Tyler, Henry Alfred of Shepherd's Bush

Tyler, John William of London

Tyler, Richard of Wallingford

Tyler, William of Romford

Tymms, Henry of London

Tymms, William Robert of Cheltenham

Tyrell, H. of Hastings

Tyrell, Walter of Hastings

Tyrer Brothers of Sheffield

Tyrer, H. of London

Tyrer, Henry J. of Sheffield

Tyrer, James Henry of London

Tyson, Henry of Egremont

Tyson, Henry of Whitehaven

Tyson, Thomas of Bolton

Tyte, Cornelius of Wells, Swansea and London

Tyte, George William of Wells



 We offer the highest possible quality service in a friendly and highly efficient manner.  

Our customer's clocks are fully insured whilst in our keeping and all of our work is fully guaranteed.  

We have the experience and wealth of expertise to restore every kind of antique clock and barometer from the simplest to the most complex, we provide our customers with the highest possible standard of service. 

All our work is carried out within an agreed timescale and at the price quoted keeping you informed every step of the way. 

Customers clocks are personally collected, delivered and set up in any part of the UK and overseas. 

Having restored many hundreds of clocks we are fully conversant with making and replacing missing or damaged parts in the appropriate style and material. 

We work to a strict code of practice and ethics, ensuring that our customers have total peace of mind whilst their clock is in our care. 

We provide a locating or finding service for any type of Clock by a specific named maker or ancestor, we hold a database of hundreds of clocks for sale by maker and type of clock, in addition to receiving notification from worldwide auction houses, dealers and collectors.  

Please don't hesitate to contact us with any specific requirements you may have. 

Please call 0800 211 8925 for further details.