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We provide a full restoration and repair service for all types of clocks,barometers and barographs including movements, dials, cases, cabinet work, plating, polishing and lacquers. 

If you are looking to buy a clock, barometer or barograph by a specific maker we provide a sourcing service to find exactly what you are looking for please contact us for further details.   

For any enquiry from a simple repair or major restoration we are happy to help and waiting for you call.

Clock & Watchmaker Research Service 

We provide information on clock and watch makers, the information we can provide is not guaranteed to be all there is to know about the maker, but it is a summary of all the information found in research, that is updated regularly.

The charge for this service is £5.99. If you wish to order a clock or watchmaker research report please click the "Buy Now" button below. You will then be asked to proceed and submit your makers name and payment.


This Service Is Curentley Unavailable
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Once your payment has been made an email with your report will be sent to your email address within 48 hrs.


Wacholder, D. of Hull

Wacholder, Solomon of Hull

Waddell, Andrew of Liverpool

Waddell, John of Liverpool

Waddington of Chorley

Wade, C. Rice of Aylsham

Wade, George of Manchester

Wade, S. W. of Liverpool

Wade, William Henry of Kineton, Warwick

Wadge, Josiah & Francis of Callington

Wadham, Earnest William of Frinton-on-Sea

Wadham, Earnest William of Walton-on-the-Naze

Wadham, S. of Hounslow

Wadsworth, John of Cheshunt

Wadsworth, T. of Cheshunt

Wadsworth, Thomas of Ponder's End

Waghorn, Brothers of Croydon

Waghorn. W & A. of Croydon

Wagland & Son of Windsor

Wagland, William of Windsor

Wagner & Gerstley of London

Wagner, Anthony of Hull

Wagner, E of Hull

Wagstaff, Alfred of London

Wagstaff, George James of London

Wagstaff, James of London

Wagstaff, William of London

Waight, John of Birmingham

Waight, William of Birmingham

Waight, William of London

Wain, William of Alfreton

Wain, William of Burslem

Wainman, Samuel of Leeds

Wainscott, Charles of Hereford

Wainwright, Henry of Liverpool

Wainwright, Humphrey of Bunny and later Nottingham

Wainwright, John of Nottingham

Wainwright, John of Ormskirk

Wainwright, Samuel of Nottingham

Wainwright, Thomas of Ashbourne

Wainwright, William of Nottingham

Wait, Edward B of Leytonstone

Waite, Alfred of Huntingdon

Waite, E of stratford

Waite, E.B of stratford

Waite, James Thomas of Sheffield

Waite, John T of Sheffield

Waite, John of Bath

Waite, John of Stafford

Waite, Thomas of Cheltenham

Waite, William of Cheltenham

Waite, William of Leytonstone

Waite, William of London

Waites, John of Whitehaven

Waites, Michael of Ross

Waizenker, Alfred T. of Maidenhead

Waizenker, J & Son of Maidenhead

Waizenker, J.E. of Maidenhead

Waizenker, Julius of Maidenhead

Wakefield & Co. of London

Wakefield family of Gateshead

Wakefield, Edwin of Gateshead

Wakefield, Eleanor

Wakefield, J.H. of Homerton

Wakefield, John Samuel of Hartlepool

Wakefield, John of Ayton Banks, Lumesley, Gateshead

Wakefield, John of Chester-le-Street, Hartlepool and Gateshead

Wakefield, John of Gateshead

Wakefield, John of London

Wakefield, Thomas of Willington

Wakefield, William of Lancaster

Wakelin, William of London

Wakelin, William of Northampton

Wakeman, C.J. of London

Walbrook, Ernest of Manchester

Walden, Charles of Ascot

Walden, Samuel of Ascot

Walden, Samuel of Wokingham

Walder, Thomas of Arundel

Waldfogel, Beha & Co. of Kings Lynn

Waldvogel, Anthony of London

Waldvogel, Matthew of Bury

Waldvogel, Paul of London

Wale, Francis of Reading

Wales & McCulloch of London

Walford, Charles of Kidderminster

Walford, James of Great Bardfield

Walford, John Austin of Leek, Staffordshire

Walford, W. of Brackley, Northamptonshire

Walford, W. of Brackley, Northamptonshire

Walford, W. of Buckingham

Walkden, John of Blackburn

Walker, Benjamin of Liverpool

Walker, Christopher of Manchester

Walker, Edward of Liverpool

Walker, Ernest Emery of Clevedon

Walker, Francis of Maryport

Walker, Frederick of London

Walker, George of Manchester

Walker, H.G. of Winchester

Walker, J. E. & Son of Sunderland

Walker, J. of London

Walker, J. of Nantwich

Walker, James & Co. Ltd of Poole

Walker, James & Son Ltd of Maidstone

Walker, James Fraser of Leeds

Walker, James Goldsmiths and Silversmiths Ltd of Romford

Walker, James Ltd of Canterbury

Walker, James Ltd of Chelmsford

Walker, James Ltd of Colchester

Walker, James Ltd of Dartford

Walker, James Ltd of Romford

Walker, James Ltd of Sheffield

Walker, James Ltd of Sidcup

Walker, James Ltd of Southend

Walker, James of Liverpool

Walker, James of Malmesbury

Walker, James of Montrose

Walker, James, Goldsmith and Silversmith Ltd of Gillingham

Walker, James, Goldsmith and Silversmith Ltd of Maidstone

Walker, John Nathaniel of North Woolwich

Walker, John of Liverpool

Walker, John of London

Walker, John of London

Walker, Joseph of London

Walker, Joseph of Stratford

Walker, Joseph of Workington

Walker, Josiah of Mildenhall

Walker, Michael of Chester-Le-Street

Walker, Oliver Arthur of Ipswich

Walker, P & A of Liverpool

Walker, Richard of Burslem

Walker, Robert of Blaydon

Walker, Robert of Montrose, Angus, Scotland

Walker, Samuel of Liverpool

Walker, Sidney E. of Mildenhall

Walker, Sidney of Mildenhall

Walker, Thomas & Son of London

Walker, Thomas B. of Liverpool

Walker, Thomas of Liverpool

Walker, Thomas of Manchester

Walker, Thomas of Retford

Walker, Thomas of Strathaven, Lanarkshire

Walker, William of Keighley

Walker, William of Liverpool & St. Helens

Walker, William of Liverpool

Wall, John G. & Son of Ross

Wall, John Golding of Ross

Wall, John, John of London

Wall, S.D. of Felixstowe

Wall, Samuel D. of Felixstowe

Wall, William of Richmond, Surrey

Wallace, Richard of Limerick

Wallace, Robert of Croydon

Wallace, Thomas Black of Liverpool

Wallen, William of Reading

Waller, Charles of Drypool, Hull

Waller, Charles of Southend-on-Sea

Waller, James of London

Waller, Thomas of Preston

Waller, W. J. of Woolwich

Walley or Whalley, Richard of Liverpool

Walling, Thomas of Liverpool

Wallington, William of Abingdon

Wallis, E J of Birmingham

Wallis, Ebenezer of London

Wallis, F.G of Leytonstone

Wallis, H. I. of Peckham

Wallis, Harold of Chelmsford

Wallis, I of Leamington

Wallis, J of Manor Park

Wallis, J.W. of Camberwell Green

Wallis, James William of Camberwell

Wallis, John of London

Wallis, John of Romford

Wallis, M.A. Mrs. of London

Wallis, Robert of Jarrow

Wallis, William J. of London

Wallis, William of Rayleigh

Wallwork, Abel of Salford

Walmsley, Edward of Manchester

Walmsley, James of Buckley

Walmsley, John of Barnard Castle

Walmsley, Robert of Manchester

Walsh, Arthur Paul of London

Walsh, Arthur of London

Walsh, Henry of Reading, Berkshire

Walsh, James of Durham

Walshaw, Robert of Liverpool

Walter & Co. of Wantage

Walter Cairns of Brampton

Walter of Efford

Walter, Augustus of Wells

Walter, E & Son of Burford

Walter, E. of Witney

Walter, Edmund of Lincoln

Walter, Edward of Caterham Valley

Walter, Edward of Woking

Walter, Edwin S. of Wimbledon

Walter, H. of Ipswich

Walter, J.B of Burford

Walter, John of Manchester

Walter, Joseph of Manchester

Walter, Michael of Plymouth

Walton, B. of Chester

Walton, F. of Connah's Quay

Walton, F.J. of Connah's Quay

Walton, James of Warwick

Wangler, J.G. of Oxford

Wangler, L & Co. of Oxford

Wangler, Richard of London

Wantock, Edward of Sheffield

Warbrick, Richard of Liverpool

Warburton, John of Liverpool

Warburton, Sidney G & Son of Manor Park

Warburton, Sidney George of Manor Park

Warburton, Thomas and Son of Bollington, Cheshire

Warburton, Thomas of Liverpool

Ward & Co. of Sheffield

Ward, Abraham of Grimsby

Ward, C of Shrewsbury

Ward, Charles of Cambridge

Ward, Charles of Manchester

Ward, E. of Colwyn Bay

Ward, E.E. of Bethesda

Ward, Edward of Grimsby

Ward, Frederick of Bocking, Braintree

Ward, G. of Hounslow

Ward, G. of London

Ward, James of Liverpool

Ward, James of Stratford upon Avon

Ward, John Horace of Birkenhead and Liverpool

Ward, John M. of Chesterfield

Ward, John Thomas of Richmond

Ward, John of Liverpool

Ward, John of London

Ward, Joseph of Grimsby

Ward, Richard of London

Ward, Robert of Acle

Ward, Samuel of Strangeways

Ward, Thomas of Ipswich

Ward, William H. of Liverpool

Ward, William Henry of Liverpool

Ward, William of Liverpool

Ward, William of London

Warden and Bower of Falkirk

Warden, J. of Waltham Abbey

Warden, John S. of Waltham Abbey

Warden, Robert of Falkiirk

Wardlaw, Henry of Liverpool

Wardlow, Henry of Liverpool

Ware, E. G. of Woolwich

Ware, Edward George of London

Wareham, E of Chelmsford

Wareham, John of London

Warey, D G of Kirkburton

Waring, James of Stockport

Warley, J. of York

Warman, C of Bampton

Warmisham, John of Manchester

Warmisham, William of Manchester

Warn, William of Leytonstone

Warne, Robert & Co. of Liverpool

Warne, Walter of Plaistow

Warner & Hinds of Dublin

Warner, Ann, Mrs & Co. of Tring

Warner, Elizabeth of Evesham

Warner, J. of Bridport

Warner, John Henry of Great Berkhamstead

Warner, John Smith of Moreton

Warner, John of Kington

Warner, Robert of Pershore

Warner, Thomas of Campden

Warner, Tom of Manchester

Warner, William of Liverpool

Warr, Jarvis of Luton

Warr, William of Markyate Street

Warren, Albert of West Bromwich

Warren, G.W. of London

Warren, George of Tottenham

Warren, Henry of Kettering

Warren, Henry of Stamford

Warren, John of Attleborough

Warren, John of Ipswich

Warren, John of London

Warren, John of London

Warren, Joseph of Ixworth

Warren, Robert Gates of Woodford Green

Warren, W. of Olney

Warren, William of London

Warrington, Thomas of Manchester

Warry, John of Bristol

Warschauer, Sally of London

Warski, Joseph of Colwyn Bay

Wartski, C. & H. of Llandudno.

Wartski, Morris of Bangor

Warwick, George T. of Mortimer

Warwick, Samuel of London

Warwick, Thomas of Birmingham

Washbourn, Samuel of Marlow

Waster, Frederick of Northampton

Watch & Clock Repair Service of Torquay

Watch & Clock Repairing Co. of Billericay

Watch & Jewellery Co. of Ipswich

Waterfall, A. & Co. of Manchester

Waterfall, William of Coventry

Waterhouse and Co. of Cork

Waterlow, William Henry of London

Waters, Charles James of Epsom

Waters, Henry of London

Waters, John Henry of Gateshead

Wathew & Butt of

Wathew, John F. of Chester

Watkin, John of Widnes

Watkins, A. of Middlesborough

Watkins, A. of West Hartlepool

Watkins, Alexander of London

Watkins, Daniel of Barking

Watkins, E. of Chester

Watkins, Ernest of Bracknell

Watkins, Jno Stickley of Birmingham

Watkins, Joseph of London

Watkins, Thomas Henry of Birmingham

Watkins, William Augustus of London

Watmough, William of Southport

Watson, Charles Sparkes of Cambridge

Watson, Edward of Lincoln

Watson, Edward of London

Watson, Emerson & Sons of Newcastle

Watson, Frederick of Beverley

Watson, Henry of London

Watson, Hugo of Bradford

Watson, Inglis of London

Watson, J.W of Great Driffield

Watson, James of London

Watson, John Cooke of Hull

Watson, John of Blackburn

Watson, John of Kirriemuir

Watson, John of Manchester

Watson, John of Sunderland

Watson, Joseph of Cambridge

Watson, Joseph of London

Watson, Joseph of Market Rasen

Watson, R. of Newcastle

Watson, Robert of Newcastle

Watson, Thomas of Newcastle

Watson, Thomas of Wakefield

Watson, Walter of Altringham

Watson, William of London

Watt, James of Burnham

Watt, James of Liverpool & Southport

Watters, W of Pathhead

Watts, Edward of Poole

Watts, G.P. of Southampton

Watts, Gilford of London

Watts, Henry R of Westbury

Watts, Mary, Mrs. of Liverpool

Watts, Stuart of Boston

Watts, Thomas of Liverpool

Watts, W,G. of Wandsworth

Watts, W.E of Nottingham

Watts, William of Tenbury

Waugh, William of Liverpool

Waycott, Charles of Glastonbury

Waycott, Robert of Torquay

Wayland, Clarence Pinto of Southend

Wayland, H. J. & J. of Stratford

Wayland, H.J. & James of London

Wayland, Henry & James of West Ham

Wayland, Henry John & James of Stratford

Wayland, Sidney Ernest of Westcliff

Waylett, J. of London

Weare Family of Wincanton

Weare, Bernard Herbert of Wincanton

Weare, Charles of Sherborne, Dorset

Weare, Ernest Spencer of Wincanton

Weare, Frederick Charles of Chichester

Weare, Joseph of Wincanton

Weare, Josiah of Wincanton

Weare, Robert of Welshpool

Weare, William of Wincanton

Wearer's Jewellery Shop of Canterbury

Weatherall, Frank of Stockton

Weatherell, Joseph of Leytonstone

Weatherhead J. of Kirkby Lonsdale

Weatherhead Leonard of Kirkby Lonsdale

Weatherhead Miles of Kirkby Lonsdale

Weatherhead family of Kirkby Lonsdale

Weatherhill, Samuel of Liverpool

Weatherilt, Samuel Snr of Liverpool

Weatherilt, Samuel of Liverpool

Weatherilt, William of Liverpool

Weatherilt/ Weatherbilt, John of Liverpool

Web & Hudson of London

Web, Charles Clarke of London

Web, James of London

Web, Thomas Edward of London

Webb & Son of Newbury, Berkshire

Webb & Theobold of Walthamstow

Webb, Benjamin of London

Webb, C. of Banbury

Webb, Charles Clarke of London

Webb, D.J. & Son Ltd of Winton

Webb, E.F. of Hadleigh, Essex

Webb, Edward of Buerton

Webb, Ernest of Leytonstone

Webb, George J of Biggleswade

Webb, George James of Baldock

Webb, George James of Biggleswade

Webb, George of Barking

Webb, George of Dagenham

Webb, George of Newbury

Webb, Henry Edward of Bedford

Webb, Henry of Frome

Webb, John William & Son of Herne Bay

Webb, John of Liskeard

Webb, John of Stocksbridge, Sheffield

Webb, Joseph William of Penge

Webb, R of Plaistow

Webb, Richard of Brecon

Webb, Robert of London

Webb, Sydney of Luton

Webb, T of Thaxted

Webb, Thomas Edward of South Woodford

Webb, Thomas of Birmingham

Webb, William Daniel of Norbiton, Kingston

Webb, William of London

Webb, William of Newbury

Webb, William of Thaxted, Essex

Webber & Son of Dover

Webber, A.C. of Colchester

Webber, George of Crediton

Webber, Henry of Bideford

Webber, Henry of Ilfracombe

Webber, John of Falmouth

Webber, John of Woolwich

Webber, L, Miss. of Bury St Edmunds

Webber, Lewis J. of London

Webber, Richard of Stowmarket

Webber, S.F of Stowmarket

Webber, W.G. Ltd of Chelmsford

Webber, Walter of Gateshead

Webber, William Grose of Chelmsford

Webber, William of Frinton-on-Sea

Weber, Charles of Peterborough, Northamptonshire

Weber, Joseph V. of London

Weber, Joseph Valentine of London

Weber, Louis of London

Webster family of London

Webster, Charles Louis of Stanford-le-Hope

Webster, Charles of London

Webster, Ernest of London

Webster, George of Nottingham

Webster, Henry & Sons of London

Webster, Henry of London

Webster, James Jun. of Prescot

Webster, James of Bradford

Webster, James of Prescot

Webster, James of Shrewsbury, Shropshire

Webster, John of Edinburgh

Webster, John of Manchester

Webster, Peter of Liverpool

Webster, Thomas of Spalding

Webster, W.B. of Stoke Newington

Webster, William F.R.A.S. of London

Webster, William of London

Webster, William of Prescot

Websters of London

Weeden, Arthur F. of Surbiton

Weeden, W. of Saffron Walden

Weeden, William Farnham of London

Weeden, William of Great Chesterford

Weeks, J. of Haslemere

Weeks, Percy F. of Ramsgate

Weeks, Thomas of London

Weeks, Thomas of Wednesbury

Weeks, W. of Petworth

Weeks, W. of Trotton

Weeks, William Thomas of Lowerstoft

Weeks, William of Lowerstoft

Wegg, Nathaniel of Deptford

Wehlan, George of Baldock

Wehlen, Gustav Paul & Co. of London

Wehrle & Fehrenbach of Bishop Stortford

 Wehrle Brothers of London

Wehrle, Andrew of

Wehrle, Fabian of London

Wehrle, Henry & Co. of London

Wehrle, Otto of Barking

Wehrle, Paul of Cambridge

Wehrle, Philip of Ipswich

Wehrle, Sebastien & Co. of London

Wehrle, Stephan & A. of London

Wehrly, Theodore of Leeds

Weighell & Clidero of Middlesborough

Weightman, Edwin of Croydon

Weill & Harburg of London

Weinburg, Henry of Newcastle

Weir, James of Glasgow

Weir, Robert of Lanark

Weir, W. of Newcastle

Weissbeck, H of Scarborough

Weissbeck, L. of Llandudno

Weissbeck, Louis of Llandudno

Weisser, J. of Brighton

Welbourn, Edward of Mold

Welbourn, Frederick of Thirsk

Welch & Co. of Bangor

Welch, A. & Son of Ebchester

Welch, Augustus of Bedlington

Welch, C.R. of Hull

Welch, Charles & Co. of Liverpool

Welch, F. & Co. of Annfield Plain

Welch, F. of Kingston

Welch, Frederick of Surbiton

Welch, G. of Bangor

Welch, J. & Co. of Bangor

Welch, James of Houghton-le-Spring

Welch, John of Bangor

Welch, John of Sedgefield

Welch, Joseph of Newburn

Welch, W. of Kingston

Weldone of London

Weldrick, Thomas Alfred of Sheffield

Welham, George of Needham Market

Wellburn, Robert of Worksop

Weller & Co. of Croydon

Weller & Cook of Sevenoaks

Weller, G.T. of Croydon

Weller, T. of Croydon

Weller, Thomas Ernest G of Vange, Pitsea

Weller, Thomas of Croydon

Weller, W. H. of Arundel

Weller, W.A. of West Malling

Wellings, E.M. of Brighton

Wellings, E.M. of Hove

Wellman, J. of Charmouth

Wellman, Joseph of Bangor

Wells, Charles of Liverpool

Wells, Francis Gregory of London

Wells, Frederick of Merton

Wells, George W. of Wimbledon

Wells, George of Shipston upon Stour

Wells, H.A. of Greenhithe

Wells, Henry of Newport, Monmouth and Shrewsbury

Wells, J. of Acton

Wells, J. of Barnet

Wells, J. of St. Albans

Wells, J.H. of Brixton

Wells, James of London

Wells, John of Kensington

Wells, John of St. Albans

Wells, Joseph of Hadley, Herts

Wells, Leonard Arthur of Leytonstone

Wells, Nugent of Newport

Wells, R.G.A. (Horologist) Ltd of Guildford

Wells, S.J. of Billericay

Wells, Samuel J of Billericay

Wells, Stanley J of Billericay

Wells, T. of Banbury

Wells, Thomas of Cambridge

Wells, Thomas of Shipston upon Stour

Wells, W & C. of Oxford

Wells, W. of Gravesend

Wells, W.H. of Oxford

Wells, Walter & Son of Stroud

Wells, Walter James of Barnet

Wells, Walter James of Barnet

Wells, William & Charles of Liverpool

Wells, William of Horley

Wells, William of Solihull

Wells. James of London

Welsby, William of Cronton

Welsh, J. & Co of Bangor

Welsh, J.A. of Tunbridge Wells

Welsh, John James of Houghton-le-Spring

Welsh, T. C. D. of Sunderland

Wenham, D. of East Dereham

Wenham, George of Watton

Wenham, William of Newmarket

Wenham, William of Stoke Newington

Wenham, William of Wymondham

Werni, G & Son of Reading

Weslake, James of London

Weslake, John of London

Weslake, W. of Barnet

West John of Topsham

West Kenneth Arthur of Ipswich

West, C.S.W. of Twyford

West, Charles Sidney William of Twyford, Reading

West, E & Son of Twyford

West, E of Wellingborough

West, Edwin of London

West, Emma, Mrs. of Twyford

West, Ernest of Upminster

West, J. of Putney

West, James of Bolton

West, James of Manchester

West, James of Sheffield

West, John Joseph of Putney

West, Joseph of Holbeach

West, T. of Oxford

West, Thomas of Reading

West, Walter George of Guildford

West, William W of Leigh

West, William of Bolton

West, William of Wrexham

Westaway Henry of Woolwich, Kent

Westaway, J.A. of London

Westbrook, William of London

Westcombe, Harold of Chelmsford

Westhead, Benjamin of Liverpool

Westlake, John of London

Westley, James of Soham

Westmore, Robert of Preston

Westmoreland, Joseph of Haartlepool

Westmoreland, William of West Hartlepool

Westmorland, John of Hartlepool

Weston, Benjamin of Hanley

Weston, Benjamin of Shelton

Weston, George P. of Wooler

Weston, James of Ipswich

Weston, R. of Hastings

Weston, Ralph of Wolsingham

Weston, Robert of Hastings

Weston, Thomas of London

Westrap, Henry of Coventry

Westrope, Thomas of Cambridge

Westwood, Robert of London

Wetherell, Charles of Tipton

Weymss, James of Appleby

Whale, Alfred J. of Ilford

Whale, Alfred Joseph Edward of Ilford

Whale, Roger of Rugby

Whale, William Augustus of Tantobie

Whaley, John of London

Whaley, William of Hartlepool

Whalley, Henry of Wrington

Whalley, Richard of Liverpool

Whalley, Samuel of Manchester

Wham, George Snr of Ely

Wham, George of Ely

Wham, S.E & E.T. Misses of Ely

Wham, William Thomas of Beaconsfield

Wharton, A of Grimsby

Wharton, S of Grimsby

Wharton, S. Mrs of Grimsby

Whateley, Fanny, Mrs. of Lichfield

Whealan, Joseph of Kenilworth

Wheatley, Charles of London

Wheatley, George of Biggleswade

Whebie, Thomas of London

Wheel, William of Sunderland

Wheeldon, Frederick H. of Salford

Wheeler, Cornelius of Bidgnorth

Wheeler, Frank of Bridgwater

Wheeler, George of Wenlock

Wheeler, J.H. of Kettering

Wheeler, James of Torquay

Wheeler, Philip of Worksop, Nottinghamshire

Wheeler, Thomas of Preston

Wheeley, Arthur John Kent of Upton Park

Whelan, Christopher J. of London

Wherle, Julius of Cambridge

Wherle, Otto of Cambridge

Wherley, Silvester of Bishop Auckland

Wherly & Sheraton of Sunderland

Wherly, Philip of Barnstaple

Whibley, T.R. of Southborough

Whiley, George of Burgh-in-the-Marsh

Whiley, George of Burgh

Whipp, Thomas of Bacup

Whipp, Thomas of Rochdale

Whiston, George of Stafford

Whiston, Joseph of Newport

Whitaker Brothers of Parkgate, Rotherham

Whitaker, George of Rawtenstall

Whitaker, James of Guiseborough

Whitaker, Richard of Haworth

Whitaker, William of Camberwell, Surrey

Whitaker, William of Chapletown,Sheffield

Whitaker, William of Hallifax

Whitaker, William of Parkgate, Rotherham

Whitaker, William of Rotherham

Whitbread, John of Ampthill

Whitcher, John of London

Whitchurch, Samuel of Kings Wood

White, A of Woburn Sands

White, A.J. of Framlingham

White, Alfred James of Wickham Market

White, Anthony of Manchester

White, Charles Steward of London

White, Charles of Barmouth

White, Charles of London

White, E.J. of Nuneaton

White, Edward of Birmingham

White, Edward of London

White, Edward of Louth

White, Emma, Mrs. of London

White, Ernest J of Grantham

White, F C of Luton

White, F. of Lowerstoft

White, Francis W. of Liverpool

White, Francis of Liverpool

White, Fras & Son of Liverpool

White, George Joseph of Liverpool

White, George R of Brighton

White, George of London

White, Henry of Manchester

White, Herbert J  Ltd of Taunton

White, James & Son of Liverpool

White, James of Wickham Market

White, John of Hersham, Walton-on-Thames

White, John of Kirton

White, John of London

White, John of Weybridge

White, Joseph of Coventry

White, R. of Newcastle

White, Reginald, F. of Wickham Market

White, Samuel of Beccles

White, W of Newport Pagnell

White, William S of Grimsby

White, William of Aswarby

White, William of Newport Pagnell

White, William of Tewkesbury

White, William of Walsall

Whiteaves and Reeves of London

Whiteaves, R. of London

Whiteaves, Richard of London

Whiteel, John Woodfine of Liverpool

Whitehall, Thomas Batkin of Nottingham

Whitehead & Son of Chichester

Whitehead of Bournmouth

Whitehead, Albert William of Sittingbourne

Whitehead, Benjamin of London S.W

Whitehead, E. of Sevenoaks

Whitehead, Edward of Sevenoaks

Whitehead, H. of Dartford

Whitehead, H.A. of Dartford

Whitehead, Louis H of Sheffield

Whitehead, Robert of London

Whitehead, William of Manchester

Whitehorn, T. of Hampstead

Whitehouse, F. of Horley

Whitehouse, Frederick of Burgess Hill

Whitehouse, James R of Cheltenham

Whitehouse, Samuel of Lichfield Staffs

Whitehurst & Son of Derby

Whitehurst, John of Derby

Whitehurst, William of Derby

Whiteing, George H of Grimsby

Whitelegge, S.O. of Torquay

Whiteley, Harriet, Mrs of Manchester

Whiteley, Joseph of Barnsley

Whiteley, Nathan of Sheffield

Whiteley, Thomas Jun. of Ripponden

Whiteley, William of London

Whitemore, Howitt of Bedford

Whiterow, John of London

Whiteside, James of Ormskirk

Whiteside, Joseph of London

Whiteway, Joseph & Son of Liverpool

Whiteway, Joseph of Liverpool

Whiteway, Richard of Birkenhead

Whiteway, Richard of Liverpool

Whiteway, W. J. T. of Liverpool

Whiteway, William of Liverpool

Whitfield, R. of Sunderland

Whitfield, Richard of Newcastle

Whitford & Son of London

Whitford, George of London

Whithum, John of Congleton

Whiting, Alfred E of Sheffield

Whiting, Charles F. of Sheffield

Whiting, George of Moor, Sheffield

Whiting, William of London

Whitlock, William of Blisworth

Whitmore & Son Ltd. of Northampton

Whitmore & Son of Northampton

Whitmore, H.E. of Bedford

Whitmore, Henry of Manchester

Whitmore, M & Son of Manchester

Whitmore, William of Stockport

Whitnall, James of Newcastle

Whitnell, T. of Newcastle

Whitrod, J. of Harling

Whitt, Thomas of London

Whittaker & Land of Mexborough, Rotherham

Whittaker, William of Manchester

Whittaker, William of Openshaw

Whittingham, William of London

Whittington, Henry of Bawtry

Whittington, Henry of Manchester

Whittington, Joseph C. of Manchester

Whittle, John W. of Liverpool

Whittle, Peter of Oldham

Whitwam, Samuel of Mirfield

Whitworth, George of Hull

Whitworth, J of Lussley, Lancashire

Whyatt, C.D. of Hadleigh, Suffolk

Whyte, Thomson & Co. of Glasgow

Whytock, Peter of Dundee

Wichman, William of Sheffield, Yorkshire

Wickens, A. of Bury St Edmunds

Wickes, Alfred Nelson of London

Wickes, Elizabeth & Son of London

Wickes, George James of Cambridge

Wickes, Henry of London

Wickes, J.H. of London

Wickes, John of Burwash

Wickes, Valentine of Merton

Wickes, W.G. of London

Wickham & Son of Plaistow

Wickham & Son of Southend

Wickham A.J. & Son of Plaistow

Wickham, Alfred James of Stratford

Wickland, R.C.A. of Sheffield

Widdowson, J.D. of Poole

Widdowson, John - watchcase maker of Liverpool

Widenham & Adams of London

Widenham, Thomas of London

Widmer, Gabriel of Liverpool

Widmer, James of London

Widmore, Christopher Dickinson of Lincoln

Wiehl, H. of Sunderland

Wiehl, R. of Sunderland

Wiehman, William of Sheffield

Wieland, Charles of London

Wieland, F. of London

Wieland, John of London

Wieland, William of London

Wiessner, Leopold of London

Wigg, Arthur Samuel of Newmarket

Wigg, Wiliam of Halesworth

Wiggall, George of London

Wiggan, Holes of Colne,

Wiggins, Frederick & Sons. of London

Wiggins, Sidney of Sheffield

Wigginton, William of London

Wightman, James of London

Wightman, T. of London

Wightwick & Moss of London

Wiglesworth, Thomas of Caistor,

Wigley, Henry of Dursley

Wignall, Charles of Liverpool

Wignall, Henry of Burnley

Wigston, Thomas L. of Berwick upon Tweed

Wilcocks, James Fraser of Ampthill

Wilcockson, Henry of Liverpool

Wilcockson, James of Liverpool

Wilcockson. Mrs. of Chesterfield

Wilcox, J. of Woolwich

Wilcox, Louise, Mrs. of Farnham

Wilcox, Thomas of London

Wilcox, William of Wolverhampton

Wild, Alexander of Liverpool

Wild, Alfred William of Colchester

Wild, Francis J of Dundee

Wild, W. of Brighton

Wilday, C. of Tottenham

Wilday, William of Liverpool

Wilde, Michael of Wakefield

Wilders, John of London

Wilding, William of Liverpool

Wildmore, C.D. of Swaffham

Wildmore, Christopher D Snr of Sleaford

Wildmore, Henry D. of Sleaford

Wilds, William T. of Liverpool

Wiles, Edwin James of London

Wiles, George of Hersham, Walton-on-Thames

Wiles, Henry of Newcastle

Wiles, Stephen of Chippenham

Wilkes, E.H. of Wrexham

Wilkes, George Henry of London

Wilkes, R.M. of Rhos

Wilkes, Richard M. of Wrexham

Wilkes, William Thomas of Walthamstow

Wilkie, R. of Great Stanmore

Wilkie, Robert of Cupar, Fife

Wilkie, Robert of Great Stanmore

Wilkins & Reeves of Norbiton, Kingston

Wilkins, Charles of Epsom

Wilkins, Frank of Sheffield

Wilkins, George of London

Wilkins, Samuel of London

Wilkinson, Benjamin of Windsor

Wilkinson, Brothers of Woodford

Wilkinson, Charles of Ilford

Wilkinson, Charles of Leytonstone

Wilkinson, Emerson jun. of Dipton

Wilkinson, Henry William of Leytonstone

Wilkinson, James of Manchester

Wilkinson, John Hodgson of Annan

Wilkinson, John of Cartmel

Wilkinson, John of Liverpool

Wilkinson, John of Stone

Wilkinson, Joseph of Coventry

Wilkinson, Joseph of Moor, Sheffield

Wilkinson, Joseph of Sheffield

Wilkinson, Joseph of Wigton

Wilkinson, Maurice of Nantwich

Wilkinson, Stanley of Westcliff

Wilkinson, Walter of Leyton

Wilkinson, William of Frodsham

Wilks, E.H. of Wrexham.Denbighshire

Wilks, F. of Broadstairs

Wilks, Henry of Mexborough, Rotherham

Wilks, Joseph of Liverpool

Wilks, Mrs. of Wrexham

Wilks, R.M. of Wrexham

Wilks, Richard M. of Wrexham

Willard, Jonas & Co. of Manchester

Willcot, John of Liverpool

Willcox, Thomas William of Alnwick

Willey, Frederick of Liverpool

William Bowra of Sevenoaks

William Isaac of Llanelli

William James of Salisbury

William Tate of Winterton

William W. Cartwright of

William, Edward of Ipswich

Williams & Co. of Chatham

Williams & Co. of Llandudno

Williams & Pritchard of Carnarvon

Williams & Son of Ewell, Epsom

Williams & Son of Worcester Park

Williams Bros. of Dolgelley

Williams, Adrian of London

Williams, Alfred & Co. of Carnarvon

Williams, Arthur of Falmouth

Williams, Augustus of London

Williams, B.W. of Wrexham

Williams, C.O & Co. of Cardiff

Williams, Charles P of Sandy

Williams, Charles of Exeter

Williams, D.H. of Rhyl, Denbighshire, Wales

Williams, Daniel of Bangor

Williams, Daniel of Glanrafon

Williams, Earnest of Southend

Williams, Ellen of Llanrwst

Williams, F.J. of Chester

Williams, Frank of Penmaenmawr

Williams, G of Newington, Hull

Williams, G. Owen of Dolgelley

Williams, G.O. of Dolgelly

Williams, George of Bristol

Williams, George of London

Williams, George of Montgomery

Williams, Griffith Owen of Dolgelly

Williams, H. of Wimbledon

Williams, H.G. of Holyhead

Williams, H.P. of Trawsfynydd

Williams, Henry of Hastings

Williams, Henry of New Wandsworth

Williams, Howell of Trawsfynydd

Williams, Hugh of Edern

Williams, Hugh of Ederyn

Williams, Humphrey & Co. of Carnarvon

Williams, Isaac of Coed Poeth

Williams, Isaac of Penygelli

Williams, Isaac of Wrexham

Williams, J of Ipswich

Williams, J. Pierce of Abergele

Williams, J. of Beaumaris

Williams, J. of Machynlleth

Williams, J. of Wrexham

Williams, J.T. of Rhosneigr

Williams, James Morris of East Grinstead

Williams, James W. of Hulme, Manchester

Williams, James of Bethesda

Williams, James of Bristol

Williams, James of Chiddingfield, Godalming

Williams, James of Liverpool

Williams, Jane, Mrs of Bethesda

Williams, Jasper of Saint Ives

Williams, John of Abergele

Williams, John of Bideford

Williams, John of Denbigh

Williams, John of Great Torrington

Williams, John of Liverpool

Williams, John of Manchester

Williams, John of Newcastle-under-Lyme

Williams, John of Torrington

Williams, John of Wrexham

Williams, Joseph of Denbigh

Williams, Joseph of Henllan

Williams, Matthew of Bettws-y-Coed

Williams, Morris of Bethesda

Williams, N.A.G. & Co. Ltd of Chatham

Williams, Owen of Llanrwst

Williams, Owen of Port Dinorwic

Williams, Owen of Tremadoc

Williams, Peter Parry of Liverpool

Williams, R. H. of Llanrwst

Williams, R. of Denbigh

Williams, R. of Llandudno

Williams, R.H. of Llanfairfechain

Williams, Richard of Dolgellau

Williams, Richard of Dolgelley

Williams, Richard of Liverpool

Williams, Robert of Bagillt

Williams, Robert of Llanrwst, Wales

Williams, Robert of Manchester

Williams, Robert of Wrexham

Williams, Stuart of Liverpool

Williams, T. of Brackley

Williams, Thomas E. of Port Dinorwic

Williams, Thomas of Liverpool

Williams, W. of Banbury

Williams, W. of Chester

Williams, W. of Dolgelly

Williams, W. of Liverpool

Williams, W. of Llanidloes

Williams, W.D. of Hoole

Williams, W.P. of Amlwch

Williams, Walter M. of Bangor

Williams, Walter of Bangor

Williams, Walter of Liverpool

Williams, William Arthur of Forest gate

Williams, William Prichard of Holyhead

Williams, William Pritchard of Holyhead

Williams, William of Radcliffe, Bury, Manchester

Williams, William of Bethesda

Williams, William of Cheltenham

Williams, William of Dolgelley

Williams, William of Liverpool

Williams, William of Llanidloes

Williams, William of Reading

Williams, Wynn B. of Wrexham

Williamson, A.G. of Bournmouth

Williamson, C. of London

Williamson, Charles of Salford

Williamson, Christopher of London

Williamson, David J. of Clacton

Williamson, Henry of London

Williamson, Jacob of Liverpool

Williamson, John of London

Williamson, John of Warrington

Williamson, Joseph of Rochdale

Williamson, Thomas of Stalybridge

Williamson, W. H. of Newcastle

Williamson, William of Pinner

Willis, E.B. of Rochester

Willis, Ephraim of Reepham

Willis, G.W. & Son Ltd of Basingstoke

Willis, George of Northwich

Willis, George of Northwich

Willis, Henry James of Barking

Willis, T. of Dunmow

Willis, Thomas of Dunmow

Willliams, Hugh of Edern

Willliams, Thomas of Bala

Willman, C. of Norwood

Willman, C. of Upper Norwood

Willman, Joseph of Bangor

Willman, R & Co. of London

Willman, W. of Wimbledon

Willman, William of Wimbledon

Willmann, C of Norwood

Willmann, Elias of Croydon

Willmann, Phillip of London

Willmott, John of Spalding

Willoughby, Robert of Newcastle

Wills, M of Torquay

Willson, Alfred of Ipswich

Willson, Glaude V. of London

Willson, J.S of Littleport, Ely

Willson, Joseph of Sutton Mill

Willson, Robert W of Lincoln

Wilman, Joseph of Bangor

Wilmot, Frederick of London

Wilmot, Richard Frederick of London

Wilmshurst, Stephen of Odiham

Wilmshurst, T. of Chichester

Wilmshurst, Thomas of Deal

Wilsdon, William of London

Wilson & Gandar of London

Wilson & Sharp of Edinburgh

Wilson, Alexander of Bradford

Wilson, Alexander of Kelso

Wilson, Arthur of Thorpe-Le-Soken

Wilson, E of Leytonstone

Wilson, Edward of New Wanstead

Wilson, G. of London

Wilson, G. of Peterborough

Wilson, George F. of Huyton Lancashire

Wilson, George Harry of Peterborough

Wilson, George of Appleby

Wilson, GeorgeW. of Bury St Edmunds

Wilson, Gustavas of Liverpool

Wilson, Harry of Epping

Wilson, J. & E. of Newcastle

Wilson, J. W. of Newcastle

Wilson, J. of London

Wilson, J. of Newcastle

Wilson, James of Belfast

Wilson, James of Dublin

Wilson, James of Hawick, Scotland

Wilson, James of Loop, Scotland

Wilson, James of Stamford

Wilson, Jeremiah of Gateshead

Wilson, John & Edward of Newcastle

Wilson, John of Bourne

Wilson, John of Bradford

Wilson, John of London

Wilson, John of Manchester

Wilson, John of Newcastle

Wilson, John of Nuneaton, Warwickshire

Wilson, John of Peterborough

Wilson, John of Sheffield

Wilson, Joseph of Chichester

Wilson, Joshua of London

Wilson, Lucy of Lincoln

Wilson, Oliver of Heaton, Newcastle

Wilson, Ralph of Stamford

Wilson, Reuben of Ipswich

Wilson, Reuben of Newcastle

Wilson, Richard of Lincoln

Wilson, Richard of Liverpool

Wilson, Robert Emilius of London

Wilson, Robert of Nuneaton

Wilson, Robert of Nuneaton

Wilson, Samuel of Chesterfield

Wilson, Stanley of Maidstone

Wilson, T. of Ruabon

Wilson, T. of St. Ives

Wilson, Thomas F of Sheffield

Wilson, Thomas of Barnard Castle

Wilson, Thomas of Birkenhead

Wilson, Thomas of Bourne

Wilson, Thomas of Burton-Upon-Trent

Wilson, Thomas of Cambridge

Wilson, Thomas of Chorlton on Medlock

Wilson, Thomas of Chorlton on Medlock

Wilson, Thomas of Manchester

Wilson, Thomas of Sheffield

Wilson, Thomas of Spalding

Wilson, W of North Shields

Wilson, W. of Newcastle

Wilson, W.W. of Croydon

Wilson, William & Son of London

Wilson, William Henry of London

Wilson, William R. of Newcastle

Wilson, William Robert of Stanley

Wilson, William of Kendal

Wilson, William of Manchester

Wilson, William of Sheffield

Wilton, William Thomas of London

Wilton, William of St. Day, Redruth

Wiltshire, George of London

Wiltshire, Thomas William of Leyton

Wimble, George of Faversham and Ashford

Wimble, Jeremiah of Ashford

Wimble, John of Ashford

Wimbury, Henry of Guildford

Winch, Charles of Burnham

Winch, Charles of Maidenhead

Winch, James of Maidenhead

Winch, Richard William of Reading

Winch, W. of Reading

Winch, William Henry of Reading

Winch, William P. of Reading

Winch, William of Reading

Winchester Co. of Liverpool

Winder, J. C. of Canterbury

Winder, Thomas of Lancaster

Winder, W. of Reading

Windle, William of Stockton, Co. Durham

Windsor, James of London

Windus, John of Liverpool

Wing, James William of Canning Town

Wing, Mark of London

Wing, S. Miss. of Braintree

Wing, Sarah, Mrs. of Braintree

Winger, M Ltd of Leyton

Winger, M of Walthamstow

Winger, Mark of Walthamstow

Winkle, James of West Bromwich

Winn, George of Manchester

Winrow, David of Liverpool

Winser, A. of Brighton

Winship, Robert of Barton Upon Humber

Winsor, Thomas of Paignton

Winstanley Family of Holywell, Wales

Winstanley, Charles of Holywell

Winstanley, Edward of Holywell and Mold

Winstanley, Edward of Wigan

Winstanley, Edwin of Holywell

Winstanley, Ellen of Holywell

Winstanley, John Wood of Holywell

Winstanley, John of Holywell

Winstanley, Joseph of Liverpool

Winstanley, Richard of Liverpool

Winstanley, Robert of Golborne, Lancashire

Winstanley, Robert of Holywell

Winstanley, Robert of Ormskirk

Winstanley, Samuel of Liverpool

Winstanley, Thomas of Holywell

Winstanley, William Wood of Holywell

Winstanley, William of Flint and Mold

Winter, Abraham of Hereford

Winter, Charles Edwin of Ealing

Winter, Elizabeth, Mrs. of Bexley

Winter, George of Thornaby-on-Tees

Winter, J. of London

Winter, R. of Chieveley

Winter, R. of Newbury

Winter, Richard of Chieveley

Winter, Richard of Newbury

Winter, Robert of London

Winter, S. of Mold

Winter, Thomas of Liverpool

Winter, William C. of Sheffield

Winterbotham, W of Stockport

Winterbourne, Thomas of London

Winterhalder & Co. of London

Winterhalder & Quenett of Sheffield

Winterhalder, A. of London

Winterhalder, Alois of London

Winterhalder, Andrew of London

Winterhalder, C. of London

Winterhalder, Cirel of London

Winterhalder, George of Surbiton

Winterhalder, J. of London

Winterhalder, John of London

Winterhalder, L. of Kettering

Winterhalder, Leo of Canterbury

Winterhalder, M. of London

Winterhalder, William of London

Winterhalter, D. of Maidstone

Winterhalter, Joseph of London

Winwood, R. of West Hartlepool

Wire, William of Colchester

Wirgman, G of London

Wiright, William Henry of Manchester

Wise, William of Wantage, Berkshire

Wise, Charles Arthur of Hull

Wise, Emanuel of

Wise, Francis of Walthamstow

Wise, Herbert of Bardney, Lincoln

Wise, Herbert of Lincoln

Wise, John of London

Wise, Luke of Reading

Wise, R. of Bognor

Wiseman, Frank Edward of Ipswich

Wiseman, H.S. of London

Wiseman, John of London

Wiseman, Walter of Salford

Wish, Henry of London

Wisser, John of London

Wiswall & Co. of London

Witbill, Mrs. Elizabeth of Hotham

Witham, Henry, William of Abingdon

Witham, P. Mrs. of Abingdon

Witham, Prudence (Mrs) of Abingdon

Witham, W & Son of Abingdon

Witham, William Charles of Abingdon

Witham, William Charles of Hungerford

Withers, William of Bristol

Withers, William of London

Witherson, John of Hereford

Withington, W.B. of Devizes

Withington, William of Taunton

Withnall, Samuel of Manchester

Witt, I. of Kettering

Wittenberg, Frederick of Canning Town

Wittman, Waltfogel & Co. of Norwich

Wixley's of Southend

Wixley, A & Sons of Southend

Wixley, Alex of Lowerstoft

Wixley, Alexander of London

Wixley, John of Walthamstow

Wixleys of Southend

Wlaker, Mathew of Litcham

Wolf, Alfred of Liverpool

Wolf, George of Liverpool

Wolf, Isaac of Liverpool

Wolf, Moses of London

Wolf, Shreiner of Liverpool

Wolfe, Elias of Sunderland

Wolfe, H. of Manchester

Wolfe, Henry of Manchester

Wolfe, J.F. of Croydon

Wolff, B. Mrs. of Richmond

Wolff, David of Sunderalnd

Wolfle, J.F. of Croydon

Woller, Charles of Birmingham

Wolsey, H. of Colwyn Bay

Womersley, George of Huddersfield

Wontner, John of Shoreditch & London

Wood Charles of Whitley Bay

Wood, A & Co. of Sheffield

Wood, A.H.J & Co. Ltd of Sheffield

Wood, Albert of Rawmarsh, Rotherham

Wood, Albert of Rotherham

Wood, Alfred and Son of Ilford

Wood, Alfred of Ilford

Wood, Alfred of London

Wood, Alfred of Rhyl

Wood, Alfred of Stratford

Wood, Arthur Henry of London

Wood, Arthur of Bagshot

Wood, Charles Richard of Thornton Heath

Wood, Charles of Chelmsford

Wood, F. of Staines

Wood, Frank N of Leigh

Wood, Frank N. Mrs. of Leigh

Wood, G of Bognor Regis

Wood, George T of Crowland, Peterborough

Wood, George of Mortlake

Wood, George of Putney

Wood, George of Sheffield

Wood, H.R. of Masborough, Rotherham

Wood, Henry of Brixton

Wood, Henry of Chobham

Wood, Henry of Consett

Wood, Henry of Manchester

Wood, Henry of Sheffield

Wood, James of Llandudno

Wood, James of Neston

Wood, James of Oldham

Wood, John Bolton of Hulme, Manchester

Wood, John of Leeds

Wood, John of Little Hampton

Wood, John of Liverpool

Wood, John of Nailsworth

Wood, John of Sheffield

Wood, John of Stroud

Wood, Joseph F. of Liverpool

Wood, Joseph F. of Manchester

Wood, Joseph John of Richmond

Wood, Joseph of Bury

Wood, Joseph of Morley

Wood, Mary A. Mrs. of Leigh

Wood, Peter of Brighton

Wood, Robert of Bolton

Wood, Robert of London

Wood, Robert of Workington

Wood, Roger H Ltd of Bournmouth

Wood, Ronal Herbert of Masborough, Rotherham

Wood, Samuel of Ludlow

Wood, T. of Clapham?

Wood, T. of Sunbury

Wood, T.J. of London

Wood, Thomas D. Ltd of Margate

Wood, Thomas J. of London

Wood, Thomas James of London

Wood, Thomas James of Sunbury

Wood, Thomas of Knutsford, Cheshire

Wood, Thomas of London

Wood, Thomas of Southam

Wood, W.R. of Newtown

Wood, Walter H. of Newtown

Wood, William and William Frederick of Kingsland and Leominster

Wood, William of Bolton

Wood, William of Leeds

Wood, William of Liverpool

Wood, William of Stanningley, Yorkshire

Woodall, T.J. of London

Woodburn, Samuel of Liverpool

Woodcock of Shaftsbury

Woodcock, F. of Shaftsbury

Woodcock, Ham of Deepcar, Sheffield

Woodcock, J. of South Shields

Woodcock, Samuel of London

Woodd, Joseph of Manchester

Woodey, James Valentine of Southend

Woodey, John V of Southend

Woodfine, Robert of Liverpool

Woodfull, Richard of Corwen

Woodham, Ambrose James of Hungerford

Woodham, Ambrose of Hungerford

Woodham, Henry of Hungerford

Woodham, Henry of Lambourn

Woodham, J. of Hungerford

Woodham, James Ambrose of Hungerford

Woodham, James of Hungerford

Woodham, James of Hurley

Woodhams, T. of Sevenoaks

Woodhead, W. of Huddersfield

Woodhouse, Matthew H. of Manchester

Wooding, A of Northampton

Woodley Brothers of Llandudno

Woodley, Josiah of Henley

Woodley, W. of Newbury

Woodley, William of Newbury

Woodmancey, M.A. Mrs. of Hull

Woodmansey, Henry of Doncaster, Yorkshire

Woodroofe, Robert of Birkenhead

Woodroofe, Robert of Liverpool

Woodrow, Robert of Lowerstoft

Woodruff, C. of Margate

Woodruff, W. C. & C. of Dover

Woodruff, William J. of Margate

Woods, C.F. of Sandgate

Woods, C.R. of London

Woods, H. of Chobham, Farnborough

Woods, Joseph CMBHI of Maidstone

Woods, Matthias of Wigan

Woods, Peter of Liverpool

Woods, Robert of Norwich

Woods, Walter Samuel of Sheffield

Woodward, Bernard James of Shoreham-by-Sea

Woodward, Charles of Ipswich

Woodward, Hendry of West Croydon

Woodward, John of London

Woodward, Robert of London

Woodward, Walter John of Bath

Woof, Harry of Howden

Woog, Adolphe of London

Woog, Moses & Samuel of London

Wool(l)ey, Thomas of Chester

Woolard, John of London

Wooler, Joseph of Wolverhampton

Wooley, George of Bristol

Wooley, George of Shiffnall

Wooley, John of Codnor

Wooley, William of Tong

Woolf, Frank of Debenham, Stowmarket

Woolf, H of Oxford

Woolf, Jonas of London

Woolf, L of Oxford

Woolf, Lewis of Liverpool

Woolfall, Richard of Liverpool

Woolfe, Nathan of Liverpool

Woollard, T. of Cheshunt

Woollard, Thomas of Cheshunt

Woolley, John Thomas of Bourne

Woolnough, John of Carnarvon

Woolnough, Joseph of London

Woolnough, Joseph of London

Woolnough, Stanley of Cheltenham

Woolnought, Robert Henry of Hitchin

Woolrich, John of Wolverhampton

Woolsey, William H of Grantham

Woolsey, William of Gainsborough

Woolsey, William of Grimsby

Wooltorton, Jerome of Saxmundham

Wooltorton, Robert Woods of Saxmundham

Woosey, William of Liverpool

Wooton, John of Manchester

Wooton, John of Salford

Wootton, John of Chorlton on Medlock

Worboys, Julius Carter of Baldock

Worboys, Julius of Baldock

Worcester, Martin of Wednesbury

Wordley Bros of London

Wordley, Herbert of Shoreham-by-Sea

Wordley, James of Liverpool

Wordley, William of London

Worgan, Matthew of Bristol

Worley, Simon of Stanton

Wormald, John of Morley

Worrall, A & E of Sheffield

Worrall, John of Liverpool

Worrall, John of London

Worrallow, John of Wolverhampton

Worrell, Samuel of Wardenton

Worsfold, William of Andover

Worsley, Edwin George of Luton

Worthington, Thomas of Burton-upon-Trent

Wotner, J & Son of London

Wrapson, Charles of Midhurst

Wrapson, M. Mrs. of Midhurst

Wrathall, Henry John of Kingston

Wratten, Charles of Chesterfield

Wray, Arthur M of Boston

Wray, John of Brigg

Wray, John of Ulceby, Lincolnshire

Wray, Richard of Kirton-in-Linsey

Wreghitt, James of Hull

Wren, Frederick of Hastings

Wrench A of Leamington

Wrench, C. of London

Wrench, Charles of London

Wrench, John of Chester

Wright & Bentley of Stafford

Wright & Smith of Maldon

Wright, Alfred of London

Wright, Benjamin of London

Wright, Edward of London

Wright, G. F. of Liverpool

Wright, George F. of Liverpool

Wright, George Horace Sydney of Rotherham

Wright, George of Liverpool

Wright, J of Leyton

Wright, James of London

Wright, James of Manchester

Wright, John of Bangor

Wright, John of Liverpool

Wright, John of London

Wright, John of Manchester

Wright, John of Newcastle

Wright, Joseph R. of Sheffield

Wright, Joseph of Warwick

Wright, L.J. & Co. of Manchester

Wright, R & J of Liverpool

Wright, Richard of London

Wright, Robert of Kennoway

Wright, Robert of Manchester

Wright, Robert of North Walsham

Wright, S. of Watford

Wright, Samuel of London

Wright, Samuel of West Ham

Wright, Stanley of Halesworth

Wright, Sydney Joseph of West Ham

Wright, T. of Camberwell

Wright, Thomas F. of Birkenhead

Wright, Thomas Frederick of Birkenhead

Wright, Thomas of Dorking

Wright, Thomas of Liverpool

Wright, Thomas of London

Wright, Thomas of London

Wright, U.G. of Thornton Heath

Wright, W Ltd of Bournmouth

Wright, W. Ltd of Cheltenham

Wright, W. Ltd of Southampton

Wright, William of Cambridge

Wright, William of London

Wright, William of Maldon

Wrights Ltd. of Llandudno

Wrightson, Horace John of Ramsgate

Wulfson, Lewis of Manchester

Wyatt, Edward of Exeter

Wyatt, Lewis of Hanley and Shelton

Wyatt, Lewis of Manchester

Wyatt, Lewis of Shelton

Wyatt, Robert of Plymouth

Wyatt, Thomas of Altringham, Cheshire

Wyatt, W.T. of Blandford

Wycherley, John of Prescot

Wyke, John of Liverpool

Wyld, J. of Macclesfield

Wylder and Son of London

Wylie, David of Greenock

Wylie, Matthew of Paisley, Scotland

Wymark & Son of London

Wymark, M & Son. of London

Wymark, Mark of London

Wymark, Philip of Brighton

Wynn, J. Lawrence of Alresford

Wynn, John of Guildford

Wynn, William of Hinstock

Wynn, William of London

Wynstanley, John of Ruabon

Wyse, John of London



 We offer the highest possible quality service in a friendly and highly efficient manner.  

Our customer's clocks are fully insured whilst in our keeping and all of our work is fully guaranteed.  

We have the experience and wealth of expertise to restore every kind of antique clock and barometer from the simplest to the most complex, we provide our customers with the highest possible standard of service. 

All our work is carried out within an agreed timescale and at the price quoted keeping you informed every step of the way. 

Customers clocks are personally collected, delivered and set up in any part of the UK and overseas. 

Having restored many hundreds of clocks we are fully conversant with making and replacing missing or damaged parts in the appropriate style and material. 

We work to a strict code of practice and ethics, ensuring that our customers have total peace of mind whilst their clock is in our care. 

We provide a locating or finding service for any type of Clock by a specific named maker or ancestor, we hold a database of hundreds of clocks for sale by maker and type of clock, in addition to receiving notification from worldwide auction houses, dealers and collectors.  

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